Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman shop at Fred Segal

09/07/2007 at 09:08 PM ET

Singer Christina Aguilera, 26, and husband Jordan Bratman, 30, shop at Fred Segal in West Hollywood on Friday. Their first child together is due in January.


Photos by Flynet; Pacific Coast News.

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gabriella on

Christina looks very cute, she is anther one who has great style IMO.

strippedfan on

She is so pretty and has great skin. I see a little bump!

legemc on

I love seeing her looking more natural! She is a gorgeous woman, but all that heavy makeup (in the pic of her from the other night going out to dinner) made her look slightly drag-queen!

Keila on

I can’t believe she still hasn’t officially confirmed it!

Vanessa on

I wish she’d confirm the pregnancy…also, does she ever smile?

Andre Magalhaes on


jane doe on

she does not have to announce it to the world,
shes keeping her personal life PRIVATE!!

christina is living her life out of the tabloids.

Brandy on

I see no bump!

Ashley Young on

Christina Aguilera is my favorite singer ever, I love this little lady, and babies so I’m so excited for her to be a new mama, just like my sister is- her 1st child was born today! (: <3

diego on

yeah she had confirmed it already…

tink1217 on

Christina always looks amazing! I can’t wait for her to pop!!! And, why does she have to “announce it”????? I could give a crap!!! We’ll all see soon enough anyway!!

Young Mommy on

I really like that she is not announcing it. It’s not like you can’t tell by looking at her and it’s her private life. i think it shows what kind of parents they’ll be. they are already protecting their child by separating their fame from their real life.

Karen on

Where is the outrage about her still bleaching her hair? Isn’t that suppose to be bad for pregnant women?

She’s always loved her alcohol. Anyone checking to see if that’s a rum and coke?

Kim on

I don’t think she needs to say anything, I don’t think its anyone’s business but her and her man. U all will know when she blows up like a balloon or has given birth. Go Christina!

sandy on

I SEE the bump! Finally!

Campbell on

She looks terrific. Hair, makeup, clothing, great style. Looks like a smile and a laugh in the vehicle!! I FOUND OUT TODAY THAT MY DAUGHTER(WITH HER HUSBAND IN GERMANY, I LIVE IN TENNESSE)IS ABOUT 6 WEEKS PREGNANT!!! WE ARE ALL OVER THE MOON! Just a tad bittersweet tho, cause I won’t be able to reach and touch the ever growing belly! Thank God for email, facebook, etc! You bet we’re saving every penny for plane tickets!! YEA! Due May 10… can you all tell I’m giddy?!

gabriella on

She looks cute. I think she is gonna announce it on t.v or something like that. I don’t think she is being quiet just to be private, there’s only so much you can be private when you are pregnant in the media lol , and actually she is getting more attention like this than just saying yea i’m pregnant like everybody has done. Even the most private people like salma hayek that didn’t reveal baby’s due date or even done interviews while pregnant, confirmed her pregnancy.

Gen on

“I wish she’d confirm the pregnancy…also, does she ever smile?
Posted by: Vanessa at Sep 8, 2007 12:06:59 AM”

Vanessa you are so right! Christina is a beautiful, sophisticated woman who has never been afraid to show her emotions. However, and this is IMHO, she looks perterbed or just not into the pregnancy!

I apologise if my comments have upset any CBB readers, but c’mon – you’re pregnant, a blessing from above!

Nicole Richie is LOVING her body and showing off her maximum boobage and growing tummy. Christina, please smile! Yes I saw she was smiling in one of the pics, but it looks a tad forced to me. Again, JMO.

I wish Mother, Father and Baby all the best!

legemc on

Congratulations Campbell!! That is so exciting! Will this be your first grandchild?

Mary-Helen on

I think it’s very tactless to say she’s not excited about her pregnancy because she doesn’t smile and wave to cameras. I was over the moon with my pregnancy last year but didn’t walk around on the street screaming “Hey, guess what? I am pregnant and sooooooo happy!”

I know I don’t walk down the street perpetually happy and I certainly didn’t pregnant.

Sher on

She is the most miserable looking pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. How can you not smile at some point?

Campbell on


morgan on

Congrats campbell! You DO seem just a tad giddy 🙂 hehe

Katie on

I’ve been a Christina fan for a long time… and one thing I’ve noticed is she’s never been one to smile, wave, or be friendly with the paparazzi. That’s just how she is.