Halle Berry shows her baby bump; due date rumors begin

09/06/2007 at 09:42 AM ET

Actress Halle Berry, 41, who recently confirmed that she is three months pregnant, showed her baby bump on a shopping spree in Los Angeles yesterday. Father-to-be is her boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, 31.

Tabloid magazine In Touch Weekly apparently has inside sources who claim Halle is due February 14th — which would make her currently 4 months along. They also rumor that she has been receiving fertility treatments since February, and visited an OB specializing in high-risk pregnancies on August 24th (Halle has diabetes). Please note that the above paragraph, except for the diabetes info, is rumored information from a tabloid!

Halle’s ex-husband Eric Benét, 40, released a statement regarding her pregnancy, saying,

I wish Halle and her partner a healthy baby and all the happiness in the world.

Eric and Halle were married in 2001, separated in 2003 and were divorced in 2005.

Sources: TMZ; People.com

Thanks to CBB readers Mary Beth and Amanda.

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Sara Watson on

awww.. iam so excited for her!!! I read on here yesterday she was expecting i was like o0o yayay! i wish her the best of luck!!!

Megan on

Oh Halle looks absolutely adorable…love her little baby bump–pregnancy definitely agrees with her =)) Can’t wait to watch her progress and to meet this little one =)

Lissette on

I’d say she’s definitely more than three months along! And why does Eric Benet feel the need to release a statement about this? In my opinion, I think he can wish her well privately.

meghan on

BIG bump for three months!

Michelle on

In response to Lissette, everyone carries differently. I think she looks adorable. I’m excited to see that bump! It’s so fun that she’s not hiding it.

Stacie on

She looks totally adorable. I definitely think she’s farther along than 3 months though. Not just because her belly is pooched out so much, but because it’s awfully high up too. That doesn’t happen by 3 months. Regardless though, I hope she has a very happy and healthy 9 months!

Steph on

I agree I think she is further along than 3 months. I’m so happy for her. She looks great!

lulusass on

For someone so tiny and a first baby, i’m sure she’s further along. Maybe it’s just the angle, maybe it’s just the way she’s carying but it looks like it could be closer to 5 months!!!…maybe! Whatever, she does look beautiful there’s nothing like being pregnant with your first baby…
I hope she’s still close with her step daughter they seemed to have such a close bond. She didn’t really seem like a step daughter to her i’d heard her say several times she was as close to her as her own daughter.

yaosa on

She looks glowing and great! I love her dress too.

I agree that she looks a little more than 12 weeks=3 months to me. She seems closer to 4 months or 16+ weeks.

I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Princess on

The first thing I thought was “awwww”. She looks so beautiful and that baby is going to be gorgeous. Have u seen that “man pretty” partner of hers (lol). Both of those genes combined will be… out-of-this-world gorgeous.

Campbell on

She COULD be further along of course, however, Halle seems to want to really share this pregnancy w/ the world, so for now I’ll take her word for it. When I became pregnant w/ my first child, it seemed I was showing pronto! hehe. What I think is adorable about this pic is that Halle WANTS THE WORLD TO KNOW SHE’S PREGNANT…. she’s wearing a VERY form fitting outfit and dang proud of it! I love it… She is soooooo proud and happy to be pregnant. I don’t know if anyone saw Access Hollywood last night, but a clip was shown of Nancy ODell interviewing Halle when Nancy was about 8 months pregnant, and Halle had a VERY obvious yearning look on her face, it was precious, and so telling of her long deep desire to carry her own child. I am just sooo very thrilled for her.

natalie on

i am happy for halle and gabriel, but i wish they were married or will get married before they have the baby. halle says she will never get married again, but for her child’s sake, i think it is important to get married. i think it is important for a child to have two legally committed parents because it gives them identity and security as a child knowing their parents will always be there for them as a couple and as parents. unfortunately in hollywood, it seems that every baby born to a couple that isn’t married ends up breaking up (heath and michelle, for example). it is really sad. i feel sorry for the children.

Aleah on

For someone who’s 3 months pregnant, she’s sure showing a lot.
Congrats to her, though, I’m sure her baby will be gorgeous.

Leigh on

Yeah, she does look big for only 3 months. She looks bigger than Christina and about the same as Nicole IMO, and they are both 2 months further along. I don’t know why she would lie about only being 3 months if she was further along (maybe thinking she will get more privacy toward the end if people think she’s not due for another couple months?) But everyone’s different, so perhaps she’s just an “early bloomer” with pregnancy.

lena on

wow she really is big for three months..and so are her boobs, lol. You never know, she might have stated three months to throw the press off, that way she can make it to the hospital smoothly and safely around her due date without having the paps camping outside of her house

Kelly on

She looks hot. She is for sure more than three months!!! Time will tell!!

Robyn on

If she is really only three months along, then perhaps she’s pregnant with twins. She does look awfully big for three months. It’s also possible she had fertility treatments (she is 41, right?) which, as we know, often results in multiples. She looks great!

Becky's Daughter on

Awww…cute! She definitely couldn’t be mum about this pregnancy any longer!

ab on

I too think she is definitely more than 3 months along — I’d be shocked if that turns out to be true. A smart move, perhaps, if she’s hoping to keep down a little of the hype around her actual delivery time. I’ve never been as small as she is normally, but still tall and thin, with my first I didn’t have a bump like that until at least 20 weeks. Even at 18 weeks now with my third I’m not looking like that. I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Wishing her well!

gabriella on

She is defintley more than 3 months along, more like 4-5. I read she is due around valentines day, and I also remember that tabolids for the last 2 months saying she was pregnant. Considering she just confirmed it, she is probably just out of her 1st trimester IMO. She looks super cute, and I think she will have a boy for some reason. I’m so happy for her.

Rebecca on

This isn’t the 1950’s, Halle and Gabriel do not need to be married to show that they are committed to each other and their baby. Look at what happened with Halle’s ex, Eric. They were married and he chased a lot of skirts. A piece of paper doesn’t mean you’ll be together forever and it doesn’t mean keep spouses from cheating. You also don’t know that Heath and Michelle wouldn’t have broken up if they had gone out and had a shotgun wedding.

FC on

She looks great, and I love her baby bump.

And, Natalie, that doesn’t always happen with unmarried couples. And marriage isn’t always the answer to everything. You can still raise a family together even apart, too. Bruce and Demi sure have it worked out. There are many examples, but…that’s for another time.

Either way, you can give your child a loving home no matter what, marriage or no.

MuffThumb on

I bet you it’s a girl! Halle’s HUGE for three months!

Diana on

huh, I don’t know anyone who was showing like that at only 3 months, including me. Maybe 4 months? I really popped out around 16 or 17 weeks.

Rhian on

Ahhhh im happy for her….i hope too that she is still close to her ex step-daughter India, does anyone know if Halle still see’s India???

Michelle on

For anyone who thinks she is too big for three months. Check out babygaga’s website at http://pregnancy.baby-gaga.com/photos/ if you look at the pregnancy models there are some who show quite a bit at 3 months. Halle could be trying to throw off the press, but it is very likely that is a baby bump at 3 months pregnant (anywhere between 12 and 17 weeks can be considered 3 months depending on your doctor). I was showing like that at 3 months.

tink1217 on

if she is 3 months she HAS to be having twins. My ex sister in law had twins and that is exactly how she looked at 3 months!! I don’t think parents have to be married to be committed to raising children together. Look at Goldie and Kurt or Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. I think it works for some and not for others. After all Halle has been through(David Justice and Eric Benet) I don’t blame her for not wanting to get married again.

wavybrains on

I’m super happy for Halle, and I love how happy she seems, but that dress is just not flattering IMHO. I hope part of her shopping was a maternity clothing & bra shopping spree–she deserves to look super cute in maternity clothes that fit well. I think that’s part of why she’s looking bigger than 3 months.

DWS on

I agree, she does look further along than 3 months. I am a few days shy of 10 weeks with my second baby and I am no where near that size. But maybe it’s because she is petite?? There is only so much room. I on the other hand am more Amazonian in nature! 🙂

Autumn on

I’m one of the few to agree with Natalie, but I’ll leave it at that.

With the exception that, other than the reasons she gave for why they should be married, there’s also the fear that some unmarried couples could pull a “Heath & Michelle” and break up before they ever marry…but of course that sadly happens far too often to married celebrity couples too. (Either way, it means that the kids get shuffled from parent to parent, as result of a divorce or pseudo-divorce.)

cats on

My guess is that she is 18-20 weeks along. Best wishes to Halle and Gabriel.

steph on

not a well known fact, but Halle has diabetes. THat makes a baby a bit larger than someone who does not have the disease. Im sure she is probably a few weeks off of the due date… I mean who wants to have their water break in front of the paparazzi?

Precilla on

Either she gets twins or she is more then 3 month along… Whish her the best!

Monika on

natalie, a married couple isnt a guarantee, people that think everything revolves around marriage are living in a dream world. no matter hwo a child comes into this world, its a celebration and a joy

Marilyn on

I heard she’s due Feb. 14 but we’ll see. She definately looks more than 3 months pregnant.

Rachel on

If you read the entire post, it says she is due February 14 that would put her at 17 weeks just over 4 months. Good luck to Halle.

Sarah’s note: I added the In Touch info to Kaisa’s post later, so the original posters didn’t see that. Sorry, should have made a note of it. 😉

Leigh on

I agree with Natalie’s view on marriage in general, but I don’t think it’s my place to tell someone they should get married. Personally, I would never have a baby with someone I wasn’t married to (because I won’t have sex with someone I’m not married to), and I would never marry someone unless I could honestly commit to staying married the rest of our lives no matter what and not give up when it gets rough but trust in God that we will make it because our priorities are God, each other, and our families…not work or money or freedom, etc. I know sometimes divorce is truly the only option and as such there are provisions for it in the Bible, but those cases should be extremely few and far between IMO.

Anyway, I could go on and on about the topic but this is not the forum for that! My intention was to let Natalie know she is not alone in her views, but at the same time they are personal choices and I am in no way meaning to imply with my post that everyone else should agree with me or that I have the definitive answer on what’s right or wrong. I try to express my viewpoint without doing so in a way that offends or attacks others…I hope that’s how I come off anyway!

Wow, what was this post originally about now? Oh yeah, Halle Berry’s pregnancy! Congratulations and good luck to her and sorry for getting so far off topic!

anon on

From what I remember Halle and Eric separated shortly before they got divorced, not the same year they got married.

lis on

1. I didn’t know Halle has diabetes. I hope the pregnancy goes smoothly, I know diabetes can throw a wrench into things sometimes.

2. Leigh, I want to thank you for expressing your opinion in a very respectful manner that in no manner impedes on anybody else’s opinion. While I disagree with your opinion of marriage, I agree with your opinion of allowing others to decide what is right & wrong, and what their personal path ought to be.

Renee on

Who cares if she gets married or not? I also find bringing god into this kind of wrong. IT’s none of your business if they choose to get married. Some of the longest lasting couples in Hollywood are not married! This isn’t the 50’s people…it’s 2007. Deal with it! Anyhow, Halle looks beautiful. I don’t know if that is really her bump…I think it’s just the way the wind is blowing. There is a pic of Reese where she looks pregnant but it was the way her dress was.

Leigh on

Anon is right, they didn’t separate until October 2003 according to everything I’ve read.

Suz on

I am so excited for her to finally be pregnant! That baby will be beautiful.

By the way, three months is from 13 to 17 weeks, and her bump looks to be in that range to me, so I don’t think she is lying about how far along she is.

Molly on

I LOVE the fact that she is pregnant. She really needed something like this in her life. And they way she just is out there loud and proud about being pregnant is wonderful. Shes really not the type that just wants a baby because its “trendy”.

PS Love the “two legally committed parents”… because there are tons of committed parents out there who rock the worlds of children, making them loving, caring, upstanding people in this world who are willing to fight for what they believe in, but cant ‘LEGALLY’ *be* committed…

So I think that line is just a joke.


Congrats Hallie… I’m sure you, your Boyfriend and your wonderful step daughter are on cloud nine with the news. I’m sure that baby is gonna be gorgeous too! congrats!!

annoynomus on

Given the fact that, as other posters have pointed out, Halle seems to really WANT to share her pregnancy with the world (and also seems thrilled about doing so), I really don’t think she is having twins. If she was, I have a feeling she would have announced it.

morgan on

i think it is sort of rude for people to assume that she MUST be having twins because she looks farther along then you think she should. Could you imagine being 3 months pregnant and a strangers saying “WOW you MUST be having twins, your HUGE!!” it’s not cool, its insulting!

i actually think she looks quite tiny and compact.

PSB on

I think she’s farther along than three months or having twins. Maybe she waited until after a CVS or amnio to announce her pregnancy? MANY women in their late-30’s and above do this because of the increased risk of fetal abnormalities. She may have wanted to wait until she knew the baby would be healthy before telling people. If she waited until the amnio, then she’s 18-20 weeks pregnant, which looks about right.

RE: Natalie

I don’t really care if Halle is married or not, but it always amuses me when people claim they aren’t ready to commit to marriage but then have a baby together. Isn’t a baby a much much bigger life-long commitment? Marriages can be dissolved, but a baby connection is for life. It’s one thing if you don’t believe in the legal bonds of marriage, and choose to “marry” in your own way— but to not feel ready to marry but feel ready to have a baby with somebody is really weird.

gabriella on

For me personally I believe in marriage because I’m a bit old fashion, but the way the divorce rate now is especially with celebrities, I see nothing wrong with halle at 41 having a baby with a bf she has been with for 2yrs and a child she has wanted for a very long time. Even if they don’t work out halle still has her baby and I heard gabriel grew up in foster homes and was always looking forward to being a dad, to share a family bond, so i’m sure both of them will raise their child the best they can. There is no guarntee just because they would marry they will stay together, and they maay never marry yet stay together, look at goldie hawn and kurt russell. Brad and angelina aren’t married, and people don’t ask in their posts why do they keep having kids without marriage, they just say what a beautiful family.

Annoyomus on

PSB- Halle never said that she “doesn’t feel ready” for marriage. She simply said that she will “never marry again”. Keep in mind that Halle has been married twice before. Therefore, she obviously knows what it’s like to be married. I am guessing that she doesn’t want to go through all the pain that she went through with her first two marriages all over again.

As for the comments about Halle possibly having twins…Keep in mind that, toward the end of Naomi Watts’ pregnancy, nearly everyone was sure she was having twins…But she only had the one baby! Like a previous poster stated, every woman carries differently.

Also, as another poster has stated, Halle DOES have diabetes, and women with diabetes often give birth to bigger babies than women who don’t have diabetes. Anyway, I feel kind of sorry for Halle right now. If I were her, I’d hate to hear that people think I’m so huge, I MUST be having twins!

Milla on

PSB, I think it’s not an issue of them ‘not being ready’ but rather them shunning the institution of marriage. After her two failed marriages, I find it somewhat understandable she would have no desire to do so. Halle looks incredible, I’m so happy for her and Gabriel(who is so very good looking!)

emily on

Great point PSB, about the baby being just as big a commitment. Leigh, I agree with your entire post, and am glad you chose to say so in a non-confrontational manner.

Morgan – I agree that a lot of these comments seem a little rude. When I was halfway through my pregnancy, I was in China, and the little Chinese ladies kept saying to me, “Are you sure you’re only having one?” “You’re ONLY 4 months?” etc. I was in tears after my trip. What pregnant woman (or ANY woman for that matter) wants to hear from perfect strangers that she’s looking bigger than they think she should be?

I think Halle looks great. She’s got a cute little bump, and the rest of her is still very trim and toned. And good grief the woman is beautiful!

Diana on

Natalie – It is none of your business if that get married. Getting married is not a guarantee that the couple will stay married. In fact from I have seen in hollywood it almost seems MORE likely that a couple will stay together if they aren’t married. I wonder what the divorce rate is in hollywood? The Divorce rate in general is something like 50% or something, I bet it is higher in hollywood. If I could name the couples that have stayed together the longest in hollywood I would say the unmarried ones!

No matter what the choose though it is their business.

PSB on

I didn’t mean that Halle wasn’t ready for a commitment, I was more referring to people like Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams who decided to have a baby right away and then were engaged forever but couldn’t go through with it. Maybe they were wrong for each other, but shouldn’t they have taken some time to figure that out before having a baby together? I’m sure some of these pregnancies were surprises, but some of them weren’t (obviously Halle has been planning her baby for years).

Anyway, my comments were not directed towards Halle at all – she has made it clear she does not want to be married again.

Chelsea on

cnn.com says shes due in march…and so am I!

Taylor on

If you believe in Jesus, (which obviously most of you don’t) then having a baby out of wedlock is spiritually wrong. It’s Hollywood that makes it ok for the rich and famous, but when pregnancy happens to the less fortunate, it paints a different picture. Halle does know the pain of being divorced (twice I might add), but is she basing those failed marriages on what she thinks might happen again with she and Gabriel (who cares)?. She’ll have the same pain (I hope she doesn’t) if something were to happen to them; just won’t cost her anything financially.