Angelina Jolie takes Zahara and Pax to the playground

09/06/2007 at 09:49 AM ET

Angelina Jolie, 32, spent yesterday morning at a park playground in New York Upper East Side with her two middle children Pax, 3 1/2, and Zahara, 2 1/2. More pictures available at JustJared and INF Daily.

Photo by INF.

101791_14Zahara is wearing Stride Rite Guppy stage 3 sandals in brown ($39).

Stride_rite_paxPax wears Stride Rite SuperBall Z Strap in black/silver ($54).

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Destiny on

I understand why Angelina carries her younger children; in her situation I would probably do the same. But DANG…two at a time!!! She is stronger than she looks. Even if she only carries them for a short period of time, this is still an extremely hard task for kids their size. My props to her.

Natasha on

This is really weird but I don’t like Pax’s shoes, LOL. he’s like the cutestttt kid!! Look at that jacket!

Campbell on

I agree, I’d carry them also. Particularly thinking of THEIR perspective of the outdoors. Also, It seems that AJ has adopted a love of skirts. She’s in them alot. Love the fam.

Tracy on

Pax really seems to have settled in perfectly! He looks like he’s always been in her arms! That’s wonderful!

And as for Z, well she is just too cute for words! They always talk about how big her personality is and Z makes it very clear with every little look she gives!

stephanie on

It’s funny how celebrities the tabloids are most “worried” about wasting away seem to be even stronger than me! Victoria Beckham can carry her five year old in super high heels and now Angelina is giving her a run for her money. Kudos, ladies 😀

Jo Ann v. on

Destiny, I was thinking the exact same thing! These parents have arms!! :O

Malya's Mommy on

why hasn’t anyone mentioned that we finally have a pic of zahara in pink lol.Aww zahara looks so cute in pink angie should definitley add more pink to her wordrobe not that she’s not cute in other colors.

gabriella on

Zahara looks like a young vivica a fox IMO. Same shape eyes and forehead.

SJ on

I live in the heart of London, and the high street is very busy, bustling with people. I still made my children walk, because had I have done what Angie and Brad do, I’d have made my children lazy.

Pax and especially Zahara are going to be very lazy. Maddox was never carried around as much.

FC on

Aww, Z gave up her penguin for a pink bunny. 😉

But, love the photos. Angie totes them around like it’s nothing. She’s a modern day superwoman…or supermom, in her case.

Autumn on

Good for Angie, being able to carry two preschoolers at once! Not a fete easily achieved by most moms, I’d imagine! lol!

As far as her outfit, I think she’s still the spokeswoman for St. John’s, so if I’m not mistaken I believe that’s she’s just wearing some of their gear as an unofficial promotional ad*.

(Actually speaking of ads from an angle like that, if that shot of Angelina & her kids had been taken with a black & white filter, that could’ve been a St. John’s ad representing the “21st Century Career woman & mother.”)

Nancy on

Okay, I live in NY and it was around 85 degrees yesterday. Why dress them like its cold out?? They must be dying!!

Sarah’s note: The pics were taken pretty early in the morning, maybe that made a difference?

Diane on

Do these children walk anywhere??? They always seem to be carried about like dolls.

Sarah’s note: Yes, they were playing at the playground and running around there. Angelina picked them up to go back to the car when they had to pass the paparazzi, and that happened to be the best pic of the three of them, so it’s the one we bought.

shannon on

AWWWW Pax looks like a little Brad with his jeans and jacket LOL. Z is cute as a button as usual!

Crystal on

Wow Autumn! The color change to black and white makes all the difference! That really does look like an ad!

Leigh on

Yeah, her strength is impressive! I have a hard enough carrying only my 18-month-old niece with both hands! Heck, I had a hard time carrying her when she was 9 months for any more than a few minutes at a time!

Laura on

Okay, not to be mean but they pay $18,000/yr for Mad’s education but they cannot hire a nurtitionist or someone to help Angie with her weight issue? She just looks awful. She seems to be getting more skinny every time there is a picture of her. It is really hard to look at her. it looks like someone who has anoxeria. She used to be so healthy looking. I really wish she would get help.

mike on

I still don’t see her spending even part of the time she does with her adopted children as she does her birth child. What she said about her and Brad’s baby girl still rings in my head each time I see a picture of her spending her “Mommy time” with the others, pretty much leaving Brad to spend time with their daughter. Gee, even the pics where I see them all together, Brad’s pretty much the one carrying the baby.

estrell on

Anyone can just yank those kids, that’s why I guess she carries them instead letting them walk in public special around crowded papparazis. At least they don’t put a leash on them like other parents. Brad and Angelina are protective parents. They are making sure that all the kids are by their sides and only their trusted bodyguards can help carry their kids. They are awesome parents.