Scott Baio: Daughter-to-be is 'cosmic payback'

09/04/2007 at 06:41 PM ET

Actor Scott Baio, 45, and his fiancee Renee Sloan are expecting a daughter in early December — and the fact that they’re having a girl was a bit of a shock to Scott, who believed it was a boy.

All my life I had wanted a son. Of course we are getting a girl. It wasn’t disappointing, but it wasjust something to adjust to because I had been 100 percent sure we werehaving a boy.

However, he believes that being granted a daughter is the universe’s joke for all of his womanizing in the past.

It’s just like that great Rolling Stones song, you don’t get what youwant, you get what you need. I needed to have a girl. It may be cosmicpayback a little bit, but it needed to happen.

Renee herself takes a relaxed approach to Scott’s past and their current relationship, saying,

I am 100 percent not worried about him. I would rather be with a guy who has sowed all of hiswild oats with a lot of people and know that he is ready. He has beenthere and done that, and this man is ready for a different chapter in awhole entirely different book.

For now, however, Scott is focusing on how his physical attributes will work on his little girl — particularly his face. He jokes,

We just went to get the 4-D imaging this week, and I saw her for thefirst time. She is a girl and she has my head! I gotpissed off about it because I have seen myself in drag for televisionand I am an ugly women. Why couldn’t she have my wife’s head? She’sbeautiful! As soon as [the baby] comes out I am sending her to plastic surgery!

Scott and Renee expect their daughter in three more months. She will join Renee’s 18-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.


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tink1217 on

he seems like he is finally settled and gonna be a great dad! I have loved him since Happy Days. I think he was my first real celebrity crush!

gabriella on

Renee looks good, pretty small for 6 months pregnant. Scott is still so hot, I loved him on happy days and charles in charge. He seems the type of guy to want a boy, just because scott seems like your macho type guy to wanna play sports and stuff with a son. My grandmother always says though the guys that date a lot of women they end up with like 2-3 daughters, it’s like god’s karma to teach you, learn how to treat women lol. Can’t wait to see his baby and the 2nd season of his show.

Nicole on

Ha-ha, I laughed when he said that he was getting a girl because of his previous womanizing ways…my husband told me that we would have girls when we had children because “men who have played the field” gets girls as payback…meaning they will have to keep their girls away from boys/men like their father used to be! Needless to say we have 2 girls and I don’t think he would have it any other way! Babies are a blessing…congrats to Scott & Renee!

Brittany on

I am so happy for them, they look great!

Traci on

Scott, don’t worry~ They never end up looking a thing like those ultrasound pictures. 🙂 I PROMISE.

Do we get a season 2 now? Scott Baio is 46 and a first time dad?

Wait… Did he say his WIFE?

jen on

In case anyone wants to know, Renee’s shirt is from American Eagle.

Charity on

LOL! Of course Scott & Renee are having a girl. I’m sure she’ll be beautiful and Scott will have to protect her from guys like him. 😉

I’m looking forward to the next season of his show!

Rye on

i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope he is completely joking. This poor girl might one day read this and think, “Gee, my dad really was a NICE guy!” lol. He called his kid ugly before she was even born!!! I hope he learns a lot from having a little girl and gets over the macho, “i want a boy” thing.

Nicole on

Actually, my son looked just like his 4D picture! 🙂

And, what does he mean “wife”?!?!?!

Ginger on

Their Babies-R-Us registry has them as Renee Sloan-Baio and Scott Baio. They must have gotten married!! Good for them!! Hope they have the giggliest little girl there ever was.