PLAYSKOOL Baby Care by CVS/pharmacy: Because anything that saves us time and money is a good thing!

09/04/2007 at 03:16 PM ET

Update: The winners are Katie, who loves her Mei Tai baby carrier, Kristina S., who wondered if Gerber Graduates Puffs counted, and Chelsea, who loves "a great, comfy pair of maternity jeans… the kind thatactually still give you a figure but still manages to show off thatbeautiful curvy belly." 

Playskool_logoAll moms have one thing in common – we’re busy, and always on the lookout for ways to streamline our daily routines. With over 80% of its customers being women – and most of them, moms – CVS/pharmacy understands that we’re pressed for time. In response, they’ve introduced a new line of PLAYSKOOL Baby Care products, available only at CVS, meaning moms can now stock up on all their baby needs while picking up prescriptions and purchasing other essentials, all in one place.

The line is filled with more than 40 fun, colorful products – from diapers and wipes to sippys, ergonomic bowls, teething toys and grooming sets – designed with the attention to quality and detail that you’d expect from PLAYSKOOL and CVS.

Here are a few product highlights:

Cup9ozCupsoftspout8ozAs I mentioned over on CBB, my first purchase was the Insulated Flip Top Cup ($4.99), myabsolute favorite item in this line. There are so many reasons why Ilove this cup, from the flip top design that keeps the soft siliconestraw clean in between drinks, to the insulation that keeps drinks niceand cool, to the colorful little GLOWORM design. The best part: thiscup DOES NOT LEAK – liquid only comes out when your child sips on thestraw. I never hesitate to toss it into my diaper bag or purse, because Iknow the liquid is going to stay inside the cup where it belongs.

CVS has included a ton of great sippy cups in the PLAYSKOOL line. For introducing your child to the world of sippy cups, theSoft Spout Trainer Cup ($4.99) is great because its two side handlesare the perfect size for little hands, and the sippy spout is nice andsoft, so you don’t need to worry about your child hurting her gums andteeth on a hard plastic spout. They also have three other sippy cups- one without the flip-top and two straw cups with flip-top lids, insulated and non-insulated.  I prefer the insulated ones because it prevents the cup from sweating and getting the other stuff in your bag wet.

Cottonycloths As I mentioned on CBB, Anya loves the packaging of the travel version of the Cottony Cloths baby wipes. They’re the only brand of baby wipes that are made with real cotton, and I can’t believe they don’t cost more! The cloths have a thick, cushiony texture and are super soft, strong and stretchy (A little known fact about cotton: it gets stronger when it’s wet!). This means you get to use less wipes, and there’s no risk of icky finger poke-throughs during change time. Another thing I really like about these wipes is that they come in soft-sided packaging. The 16-ct travel pack ($1.99) fits perfectly inside my purse, and the larger 80-ct packs ($3.29) fit really nicely inside diaper bags, unlike those hard plastic containers. You can also buy bigger packages (160-ct and 240-ct, $5.49 and $7.49) to refill your changing table box. They come in both scented and unscented versions, though I prefer to use unscented products whenever possible.

EasygripbowlxIf you love sleek, modern designs (or even if you don’t!), I highly recommend the Easy Grip Bowl ($4.49). The bowl is fun and colorful, and has a comfy, ergonomic thumb hole that allows for an ultra-stable grip during mealtime. A thoughtful touch: it’s designed to work for both righties and lefties. The bowl’s lid has a built-in steam vent so you can transfer easily from fridge to microwave. Another cool feature: the bowl comes with a color-changing heat sensitive feeding spoon that lets you know if the food is too hot. The heat sensitive spoons are available separately too- soft spoons ($3.99 per 3-pk) and metal spoons with soft coating ($3.49 per 2-pk).  Now that Anya is feeding herself, she likes using the bowls to eat her cereal out of (her favorite is EnviroKidz’s Gorilla Munch which is essentially an organic Kix).

TeethingkeysI wish I had a set of the Ice Gel Teething Keys ($3.99) when Anya was cutting her teeth. This teether is dual surfaced – the top of each teething key is made of soft, textured material with lots of bumps and ridges to help teeth come through, and the bottom of each key is filled with non-toxic Ice Gel. The Gel stays soft even when placed in the freezer (no more chewing on a hard block of ice), stays colder longer than water-filled teethers, and doesn’t evaporate over time.  Anya likes to play with them now because they look like keys.

Grooming_kit You wouldn’t think it, but it’s tough to find a good grooming set for little ones. The Infant/Toddler Grooming Set ($6.99) comes in a nice little carrying case and includes a specially designed nail clipper with a curved cutting edge for infant nails, a pair of nail scissors with a rounded safety tip and easy to hold plastic handles, fine grained emery boards for shaping delicate nails, and a little comb to style your baby’s hair. I have to confess, I keep this set in my bag for my own purposes – it doesn’t take up any space, and it’s perfect to have on hand when you chip or snag a nail.

One small touch that I like are their helpful mom tips on each package that are great for new parents such as, "Babies who are often resistant to diaper changemay need a few minutes to connect with you before you start. Whilemaking eye contact tell the child what you are going to do and slowlymove into the business at hand. A few minutes of connecting can saveyou ten or fifteen minutes of struggling." It’s kind of common sense but it’s a nice reminder.

Cvsplayskoolbabycarebasketofprodu_2This is just a taste of what the CVS/pharmacy-PLAYSKOOL Baby Care line has to offer. You’ll have to visit your local CVS or to check out the entire line. Or, you can enter to win one of three fabulous gift baskets we’re giving away this week (pictured left).

To enter to win one of three baskets of CVS/pharmacy-PLAYSKOOL Baby Care products, post a comment with the answer to this question:
What baby product can’t you live without and why?  Also tell us if you win, if you’ll keep the basket for your family or give it to a pregnant friend/relative.  (Giveaway closes Thursday, September 6 at 10 am EST.)

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Delia S on

I love the teething key chain, my baby can not leave the house with out this and it was hard to find one he likes!

Amanda on

Teething rings they sooth sore babies gums and keep them busy

Luciana on

The baby product I can’t live without is the SASSY DIAPER DISPOSAL BAGS DISPENSER… what an amazing idea, to carry around a nice, pleasantly smelling diaper disposal bag around at all times… no more making Grandpa’s trash smell like my Diaper Genie! LOL 🙂

… and I’d keep the basket for my family: I have a 15-month old, so sippy cups and toys are always welcome!

Katie Jacques on

the Boppy pillow

I will keep the basket – it sounds great!

meghan on

well – as our baby is still in utero – i cannot say which product i cannot live without. but there are a few that i have purchased that look pretty awesome. the bought the rainforest lights and melodies gym that is adorable and the bumbo seat seems pretty cool. plus – any bottles without bisphenol A are pretty important to us. we bought the born free bottles…

if we win we will keep this gift for our new bean.

mandy on

i can’t live with out baby wipes i use them for everything . I would keep the basket for personal use ..

Lynn on

I would have to go with the no spill sippy cups. As a babysitter, I know how messy babies/toddlers are. What a great idea!!

I’d keep the basket for me – my first baby is coming in December!!

mandy on

i can’t live with out baby wipes i use them for everything . I would keep the basket for personal use ..

mandy on

i can’t live with out baby wipes i use them for everything . I would keep the basket for personal use ..

mandy on

i can’t live with out baby wipes i use them for everything . I would keep the basket for personal use ..

Terry on

I can’t live without the 16-count travel pack wippies. I am a mother of five children; ages 5, 4, 3 and 1 year old twins(expecting my sixth child in three weeks) and am always in constant need of a wipie.

Natascha on

I can’t live without Balmex. That is the ONLY diaper rash cream that works for my kids.

I would keep the basket since I have 20 month old daughter.

Melissa Ortiz on

I couldn’t live without the Ocean Wonders bouncer. We dragged that thing everywhere… feeding time, nap time, play time… my son lived in that thing!!

My best friend is pregnant with her 3rd kiddie and she’s paranoid b/c they’re very tight on cash right now and living with her mother in law while they try to get on their feet. The basket would definately be given to her to help take some stress off the new arrival.

angie on

I cant live w/o my nursing pillow. i had 2 w/ my daughter so i could use one at night and 1 during the day. and now that i am prego again i have already bought 2!

Amy on

I could not live without my HotSling, my little one slumbered in it at restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, you name it! I would keep the basket b/c I love playskool products too – the wipes are one of my favs!

Trin on

Boppy pillow. I use it for nursing my 6 1/2 month old and we also used it on the airplane for her to sleep on. She uses it to help her sit up too. I would definitely keep the basket for myself – my daughter just started solids and her first tooth started coming in on Saturday so she would love those teething keys! And the wipes would come in handy after eating peas 🙂

Monika on

Well we’re waiting on baby, but the one baby product I can’t live without are baby wipes! Seriously, I buy those things like they’re going out of style. We (myself and husband) use them in the bathroom, in the car, on trips, at the office…I can keep going.

If I won, I think I’d be nice and share this with my sister in law, who has a 20 month old, and baby #2 is due on Sept. 8. Not that I’d be regifting or anything, but I think extra baby care products can’t hurt!!

Emily on

Right now, I could not live without my double stroller! I’m a mom of two under two and we are constantly on the go. If I won the basket, i would keep it for family use – my parents and sisters are very involved in my kids’ lives, so we would share the items with them!

stephanie on

The baby product I cant live without would definetly have to be the Chicco clip on caddy high chair. I dont trust restaurant high chairs, and I am one of just a few who have babies, so none of my friends homes are baby friendly. This helps me out sooooo much, and its easy to tote everywhere. I just keep it in my trunk.
I would give this to my godmother who is adopting a baby in the next month. Thanks!

Carrie on

I cant live without my Johnny Jumper! My 8-Month old LOVES it! Plus, it is hilarious to watch him jump around like a crazy man! LOL

Ashley on

I can’t live without anything that keeps my children occupied for just long enough for me to use the restroom. I have two sons and going to the potty is the hardest part of my day. If I won, I would keep the basket for myself and I would be shocked seeing as I NEVER win anything haha!

Carrie on

I cant live without my Johnny Jumper! My 8-Month old LOVES it! Plus, it is hilarious to watch him jump around like a crazy man! LOL. I would keep the basket for my son, Ben.

Carla on

I couldn’t live without the sling. It allows me to carry the baby and free up both hands more to chase after big brother age 2. If I won I’d keep the basket, baby deserves some new stuff after all of big brothers hand-me-downs.

Cindie Bacon on

The baby product I can’t live without are baby wipes. I keep a container in every room of the house, and they are great for cleaning faces and hands after eating, softly cleaning runny noses, and in a pinch they do a great job on the bathroom counters when company unexpectedly drops by!

If I were to win, I would keep the basket for myself as I am 17 weeks pregnant. Thanks!

Shannon on

I cannot live without my MomSpit. That stuff is AMAZING. How many times are you somewhere where there is no water or soap. All I do is pull out the bottle and rub it on my little ones hands or face and messes are gone. MomSpit works WONDERS for those annoying Kool-Aid mustaches.

If I won the basket I’d keep it for my little Caydence.

Jennifer on

Its a toss up between baby wipes-like most other moms out there, and a good supply of sealable snack containers. They come in handy not just for snacks, but also any other little items you are packing around-barretts/ponytails, change, or as a container for a scavenger hunt with your little ones. I would be keeping the basket for myself, as I am due October 9th, and it looks like a bunch of great finds!

E Anne on

I cant live without plain old washcloths. You can use them for anything and everything; as a burp rag, a washcloth (of course), a toy, a teether, cleaning up after they eat, as a baby wipe, just about anything. They are multipurpose and you can take them anywhere. I put a pack of them in ALL of my baby care packs for expecting mothers and tell every mother I know that plain washcloths are a lifesaver, always carry a couple. They are cheap and inexpensive and easily disposable or washable. FANTASTIC!

eve on

Cottony Cloths baby wipes are the best. They’re soft and gentle on my baby’s bottom plus with three little ones that are always needing a cleaning here and there these are truly the best things ever made.

If I won this basket I would definately use it for myself and children.

Colleen on

I can’t live without the baby swing. My DD naps in the swing every day, it’s the only place she will nap for me! If we win the basket, we will keep it for sure!

winkster on

I can’t live without baby wipes. They have so many uses. They are a staple in our home.

bonnie franz on

As a babysitter, I loved the wipe warmer- made changing her much more pleasant for her, so for me too!

I would keep the basket- I’m hoping to adopt from foster care so any little bit helps!

Susie on

I can’t live without baby wipes. From changing diapers to cleaning baby’s mouth, wiping his hands and feet to wiping baby’s eating utensils in a restaurant. Also wiping high chairs and tables at restaurants and tons of other uses! Especially handy for my allergy-prone husband’s frequent allergy/sneezing attacks.

Susie on

Oops, I forgot to add that I will probably keep this product for myself for my next baby!


We are waiting for our baby but I can’t live without baby wipes. Even though my niece is about to turn 6 they are great to have for her sticky fingers! I would keep the basket for our little one.

sadie on

the baby item I couldn’t live without is a Maya Wrap sling. It enabled me to get so much more done while still feeling close to my baby, and made shopping a breeze.
If I win, I’ll give the basket to a pregnant friend, a Kindergarten teacher who is expecting her 2nd baby.

Lori Manning on

I can’t live without babywipes. I’ll keep the basket for me. 😉

Angi on

I CAN NOT live without baby wipes! My son is 5 and 1/2 and I am pregnant with our second and they are the GREATest thing ever. I used them for him and myself. Whoever came up with them is a genius!

Jenny Pelagio on

I cant live without my nursing pillow. I used it everywhere, it was comfortable for me as well as my children. I have 2 daughters and one due in November. If I won, I would use the basket for our new baby.

andrea on

I could not survive without our BOB revolution stroller. I can’t tell you how many miles we’ve walked with it over the past year, but it hands down beats out any other stroller we own or have tested.

Heather on

Baby wipes are something that I would be able to go without! I even make my 10 year old use them on his face and hands! I would probably use the basket myself for my youngest, but my niece is also pregnant so maybe I would give it to her.

abby on

My tot’s kid-sized nail clippers. He’s usually mellow, but nail trimming turns him into a squirming, twirling wall of motion! If we were stranded on a desert island, I could only hope that my infant care kit washed ashore with us. 😉

Mandy on

I can’t live without my son’s exersaucer. We take it with us pretty much anytime we go to visit. If I win, I’ll keep the basket for myself ( and well, lol the baby)
What a great giveaway!

abby on

My tot’s kid-sized nail clippers. He’s usually mellow, but nail trimming turns him into a squirming, twirling wall of motion! If we were stranded on a desert island, I could only hope that my infant care kit washed ashore with us. 😉 I’d split the basket with my two neighbors – one is due next month, and one has a two-week old!

Dana on

I can’t live without baby wipes. We use them several times every day without fail and not just for diaper changes! I’d keep the basket…I’d love to try all those great things!

scrappinseminole on

Well, the only thing I still used once the baby wasn’t a baby was wipes, so I guess it’s those. We use them to wipe the table, clean spills from the floor, etc.

Doreen on

Baby wipes all the way! 🙂 I would give this gift basket to my Cousin, Angie who is expecting her 1st child w/her hubby, a lil girl… this Nov! Please, please…I would really love to gift her with this wonderful basket of goodies for her child.

Chelsea on

I wish I could say that I had a baby product that I couldn’t live without, but seeing as I never got to take home my baby (she had complications that lead to her passing shortly after birth.) I am however pregnant again, hoping for the best. I guess since I don’t know what my favorite baby product would be, I guess I can just say what my favorite maternity product is (I hope this is okay) I really love a great, comfy pair of maternity jeans. You know the ones, the kind that actually still give you a figure but still manages to show off that beautiful curvy belly. As for the actual prize, I would probably keep it, I need to learn all about baby gear, so why not learn with some cool, highly approved products!

Sandra on

There is actually 2 things I can’t live without with little Christopher – Kleenex (esp. the travel pack) and diaper wipes. Since he is always drooling, or spitting up, I’m always looking to wipe his mouth, and since he puts almost everything in his mouth and crawling, I’m always trying to clean his hands! I would probably keep some of the products and give some of the basket to my girlfriend, who is due in March!

danielle on

binkies…it always did the trick with soothing my son…and i am due any minute with another boy so this basket would be great!

Makisita on

I love the Playskook Wipes because it’s thick and big with price is reasonable.

Kassandra on

I know once my baby is born I will not be able to live without baby wipes and dipers.
Im due in dec so the basket would be great!

Erin on

Well, my ‘baby’ is 2 now but, the product I couldn’t have lived without was my bouncy seat! Both of my kids lived in it when they were tiny…I don’t think I would have ever gotten a shower without it:)
The basket would definitely go to my sister-in-law. She was just put in the hospital due to placenta previa and anything would help right now!

Jenn on

I absolutely cannot live without the flip top insulated cup. It is the only one my dd will use since she is so picky. She loves the straw. It is the best too since it doesn’t leak and has saved my carpet from many stains, but not from her lack of trying to shake her juice all over my carpet. It’s such a lifesaver and I love that it stays cold no matter where we are. Especially since we’re always running.

Kayli on

The baby product I can not live without RIGHT NOW is my Ergo Baby Carrier! I can do things around the house, take walks, and shop with him safely snuggled against me.

Another great thing is at night when he is fussy and I just can’t seem to get him to relax and go to bed, i just put him in his little “kangaroo pack” as I like to call it and walk around the house. Before I know it he is sound asleep, and it is so easy to him out without waking him!

I am definitely a fan!!

shimmala on

Hands down, it has to be my Bjorn. My 10-month-old has gotten excited when she sees it ever since she was 3 months old!

Julie on

I can not live without baby wipes. As a mother of now four I use them all the time. Even though my new baby is 2 months and my last child I had is six we have always kept them around. They are great for everything from cleaning hands to wiping up spills. All of my children use them on a daily basis. They are GREAT for field trips!!!
I would keep the basket since I am starting from scratch with suprise baby number four.

Amanda on

One of the products i could NEVER live without are BABY WIPES!!!! From cleaning my lil ones bottom, his food covered face, his dirty hands (after a fun playground visit), to cleaning up after my somewhat clumsy (when it comes to ice cream eating)husband…baby wipes are ALWAYS needed and we seem to be running out of them all the time.
If I were so lucky to win this pretty cool basket, I would keep some of the things (like the sippy cup, bowl and of course WIPES) for my son, and give the rest my best friend, who is expecting her little girl any day now.

atsirk17 on

BABY WIPES! I can’t live without baby wipes. I have them at work, in the kids’ bag, the kitchen, the changing table, and in the car. They clean up so much more than for what they are intended, and they get stains and spills out of clothes.

If I win the basket, I will keep the basket as we are expecting baby #3 in March!

Erika on

The wipes of course!!! I still carry them around in my purse eve though my son is potty trained! They work better than Shout wipes for treating and getting out stains in little ones clothes and Mommy and Daddy clothing too! I recommend them to all my friends, even the ones without kids since I know how well they work!!!

jennifer trussell on

The one baby product I could not live without is my Baby Bjorn. I adored it. Especially with baby number 3 on the way we will get another round of use with it!

ab on

If I won, I’d keep it for our baby on the way!

As for what item I can’t live without — other than the one in my tummy, my next youngest baby is about to turn 5 — so none are really jumping out at me! As others have said, baby wipes are always a big one and useful for everything! A sling or carrier were big favorites for us too!

Rebecca on

We couldn’t live without our Nuby sippy cups. They were a great way to wean off a bottle and don’t have too many parts to deal with.

Nancy T. on

I can’t live without my Miracle Blanket! My son wouldn’t be able to sleep without it. We’ve tried other swaddle blankets but somehow he always manages to wiggle loose. The MB let’s him get lots of Z’s day or night.

Beth Ramirez on

I cant live without baby wipes! With a recently turned two year old, she is a mess all the time, even right after I wipe her so wipes are essential and I go through a ton. The trick is finding a wipe that is strong, yet gentle on my daughter’s skin and the Cottony Cloth wipes are the best at both jobs. I used them once from a friend and couldnt imagine using anything else:)

Beth Ramirez on

Oh and I would keep it for myself:) All of those things would come in handy for a two year old!

Sarah on

Our baby is still growing in the womb, so I’d say my favorite product would be the Diaper Genie or baby wipes. And I’d keep the basket for myself because it would be a great start to the multitude of baby products we still need to purchase!

Kristi on

I can’t live without my Peanut Shell. I wish I would’ve had one with my daughter. My son wants to be held all the time, and the sling lets me hold him and still get stuff done. I would keep the basket for my son if I won.

Amber on

We are boring, but we couldn’t live without our saline drops! My kid spent his first year with off and on sniffles so we have been through bottles of the stuff!

If I win, I’ll probably give *most* of it away, as my kiddo is a toddler now and I’ve got TONS of friends popping out brand new babies!

Mia on

I can’t live without the flip top cup! My son loves to drink water or lemonade and about halfway through his drinking, he loves to make “waterfalls” byt inverting the sippy cup. No matter where we are when he’s at the halfway point, the waterfalls start. With the flippy lid and straw, no more embarrassing waterfalls in his carseat, in restaurants, on church pews, or the pretty kitty at his friend’s house. Now if someone could invent a “dribble-stopper”, I’d probably like that more.

If I win this great Playskool set, I am keeping it! My second baby is due at Thanksgiving and will need some of his/her own things that big brother hasn’t worn out yet.

Katie on

My essential baby item is the Mei Tai baby carrier — I can’t get anything done unless she’s strapped in! I will keep the basket for myself because I love trying new products.

Sherry on

I could not live without Dr. Smith’s Baby Ointment for diaper rashes. It is a bit more expensive than some others however it certainly clears up the diaper rash in no time which is definitely a plus.

Sherry on

I could not live without Dr. Smith’s Baby Ointment for diaper rashes. It is a bit more expensive than some others however it certainly clears up the diaper rash in no time which is definitely a plus.

Marcia De Paz on

I have a 3 yr-old boy, and cannot stop using baby wipes. I do use paper towels for some things, but baby wipes still rule!!!

Erika on

All this talk of Anya makes me want to see some recent pics of her and see what she’s wearing for the fall 🙂

Tiffany on

I couldn’t have lived without Boppy’s. I have 22 month old twins, and for the first 12 months that was how I gave both of them their bottles at the same time. I also LOVE munchkin snack holders. My girls can get their snack without me having to continuously fill their trays when we are out and about…and they don’t spill! Books books books too! Preferable Elmo fabric ones that don’t rip, and they love! 🙂

Jennifer on

I couldn’t live without my Diaper GenieII. It is great. You don’t smell the dirty diapers at all.

Jennifer on

I cannot live without the exersaucer. I adopted my 21 month old nephew who was developmentally delayed so he could not walk. It was not around with my kids 17 and 20 years ago. he eats in it, plays in it and loves watching “Rescue Pets” in it as well.

R on

I am sad to say I don’t think we could have made it without the paci. My little guy loved his even if my little girl showed no interest! I would probably keep some of the basket for myself and share the rest with friends! Coincidentally, CVS is actually one of my favorite places to shop!

Katherine on

I could not live without my double stroller. With four children under 4 including two twins that are three months old, I can not leave my house without my double stroller. If I did not have a double stroller I would never be able to leave my house.

Heather on

My favorite baby product is diaper wipes. I am a nanny full time to 5 children ages 2, 4, 5, 7, and 10 and we’re always using diaper wipes for anything and everything. From cleaning up spills, getting dirt and stains out of the kids clothes, and of course changing diapers. They always come in handy. And I especially love them because they get stains out of my clothes too!

If I won the basket, I’d give it to my cousin because she is pregnant and due on January 26th.

Jenn Hack on

I would not survive without wipes. I have a very messy 1 year old and a curious 3 year old! I also loved my sling- I miss having the little ones in it. I would likely give this to my friend who is pregnant with her 3rd.

Jenn Hack on

I would not survive without wipes. I have a very messy 1 year old and a curious 3 year old! I also loved my sling- I miss having the little ones in it. I would likely give this to my friend who is pregnant with her 3rd.

Jenn Hack on

I would not survive without wipes. I have a very messy 1 year old and a curious 3 year old! I also loved my sling- I miss having the little ones in it. I would likely give this to my friend who is pregnant with her 3rd.

Jenn Hack on

I would not survive without wipes. I have a very messy 1 year old and a curious 3 year old! I also loved my sling- I miss having the little ones in it. I would likely give this to my friend who is pregnant with her 3rd.

Andrea Woodard on

I cannot live without baby wipes! I have a 5 year old, and they are a life saver especially when we are out and about. I have them in my car and home for when I need them. If I won this, I would keep it for my little boy due on December 26th.

Megha Bist on

I have twin girls and I cannot live without just plain old wash clothes. They sleep with tons of them in the crib to soothe them. It would be nice to get a cup that doesn’t leak. I am going to check out the playskool.

I will split the basket with my sister. She has a 2week old and I have two 20 months old.

Julia Schuck on

Can’t live without our monkey blankie buddy and our GlowE stuffed dog. The little man in my life loves to cuddle his buddy and fall asleep to the soft and colorful changing glow of his stuffed dog.

Nicole on

I wouldn’t be able to live without my niece’s swing. It plays music it softly rocks her and her face lights up whenever you put her in it. I get hours of fun watching her swing in it, smiling. There is great joy in seeing her smile and having fun so to live without this product that makes her so happy would be weird.

I would give the basket to my sister. She gave birth to my first and only (so far) niece. She is my only sister and I spoil my little niece so much, these products would be a wonderful surprise for my sister 🙂

k place on

Wipes are also my most utilized product at this time. I have a 3 year old and 16 month old boys who always seem to have something on their face, hands, or other areas of their body.

Ashley on

I personally can’t live without a binky (pacifier) for my son. He has been obsessed with it since he was born and is now 22 months and still needs it to fall asleep. He goes to my in-laws or other places and will stash them in the most random places and find them the next time we visit. I even find them in my purse when I’m not with my son, so I always have one! This basket is wonderful. I could use a lot of the stuff now with my son and then save the teething toys and such for our new baby due in April.

Shan on

I cannot live without cloth diapers. We used them as burp cloths when our daughter was a baby, and now that she is toddler, she can’t sleep without one. We stash them everywhere to make sure we always have one on hand.

I would give the basket to my friend who is expecting her first child and always asking what products I use.

Jody S. on

I am the mother to 6 1/2 month old twin girls, and two invaluable items I have found are our binkies for soothing cranky babes/sleep time and simethicone drops for gas (Ovol, Infacol).

I would keep the basket for my little ones.

Kacey C. on

I definitely cannot live without baby wipes! They always come in handy, from my 4 1/2 year old to my 16 month old. My 3 year old daughter loves to “clean” with them! We would keep this basket as we also are expecting our fourth child in February!

Erlin A. on

The baby product I probably can’t live without would be diapers. I wouldn’t want to be like my uncles who would use a piece of cloth as a diaper when no diapers are found. If I were to win the basket I would give it to a friend of mine who is expecting a baby girl in the end of the month. She is only 17 and having a baby at such a young age can be tough. I beieve this basket will be a good start for her and her baby. By the way the babies name is going to be Eva Victoria.

Kristina S. on

What a lovely gift basket! If i’m lucky enough to win this, I would keep it for our personal use.

I’m not sure if this is considered an “item” but I can’t live without Graduates Puffs! I’m a mom of 15 month old twins, and they live on this stuff. Definitely can’t live without one of those bouncy seats to keep them preoccupied so I can take a shower!

Katariina on

Well, I think it would be pacifier, or diapers. And I would definately keep the basket for myself!

brandy walleshauser on

i can’t live without the spill proof sippy cups. my two girls love them. and no mess.
i’ll keep the basket myself.
my third child is due in december

Susannah Walker on

My 5 months old daughter loves the teething rings. We bring them every where we go. My toddler also likes to play with them…they keep two children occupied at once.

Natalie on

I love the cottony cloth diaper wipes. They are great but so are alot of their products.

Shannon on

There are a few things we cannot live without in my household. 1 would be the Nuby silicone top (No Spill) sippy cup. My son would not use any cup we gave him until a friend suggested we try these. He loves them. The other item would definately have to be Butt Paste.

Chastity G on

I cant live without the wipes…they are great and have multiple uses, not just for diaper changes…..I would give the gift to my cousin who is pregnant with twins right now!

Jill on

I would have to say the disposable bibs. They are so great when we are out and I have to feed him. We just toss them when we are done.

I would keep the basket for my son. He is teething so bad and those keys would be great!

Amy Jo on

I could not live without baby wipes to clean up anything and Bag Balm for sore little booties. My brother and his girlfriend are expecting so, as much as I would love to keep the basket for myself, they will definitely need it more that me.

Lisa on

I couldnt live without diapers. They are like air!

Denise on

I could not live without my baby’s Soothie Pacifier that we received at the hospital (which you can luckily now buy at Babys-R-Us. Our daughter does not use it as much as she did when she was a newborn, but more for a teething toy now that she is 5 1/2 months old. I would love to win the basket and keep it to use myself, as most of the items in the basket I will be able to use very soon!!

Melanie on

The number one baby product – Cheerios! They provide an infant long minutes of entertainment and quickly soothe a screaming toddler. They’re safe, healthy and taste great. And, if you add them to new foods, you can coax a picky toddler to try almost anything. What mom could do without Cheerios? I munch on them myself.

We would keep the gift basket. Our 19month old loves sippy cups and we’ve got #2 on the way.

Jenn M on

I would have to say i couldnt leave the house without sippy cups.
I would give the basket to our friends who just had their first baby!

Robyn H. on

I’m a mom-to-be (we’re waiting for our baby to be escorted from Korea) and I’m already excited about the Snack Trap feeding cup. It’s a cup with a soft lid, perfect for letting baby’s hand in without spilling the snacks inside!

Bridget on

We couldn’t live without our flip-top sippy cup. As you said, you can throw it in your bag and go without worrying about it leaking. Unfortunately ours isn’t insulated but my nephew won’t drink out of anything else.

If I won, I’d keep some items for my nephew and give the rest to our babysitter, who just had a little boy of her own and my friend’s daughter, who is expecting her first child this winter.

Angela on

The one babyb product I cannot live without, is the backpack that has a chain attached, I dont know the name of the product, but my baby does not like the stroller she loves to walk, she’s only 14 motnhs but she runs faster than the speed of light. Even though this basket its great, I would give it to my best friend who’s expecting her first baby early next year, because she’d been kind of wippy, cause her mother die, and she is not able to share this with her.

Nicole on

The baby product I cannot live without is my sling. I love the feeling of having my son close to be and being able to sooth him just by putting him in the sling, but I also love the convenience of it. I love being able to just run into the store or farmer’s market, or anywhere for that matter, and having both my hands free to get things I need, or if we’re at home to cook dinner, to clean, etc. I think every mother should be taught the benefits of babywearing, I know I’m glad I did my research.

I would most likely keep the basket for myself as we are planning to be pregnant with #2 very very soon.

Fenella on

Well I am currently pregnant with twins, so can’t say which item I can’t live without yet! I’ve been told the Podee bottles are the greatest thing ever, especially if you have twins, since it allows one of your babies to self feed while you feed the other baby.

I’ll keep the basket for my twin boys!

Amanda on

I agree with most everyone, the baby product I can’t live without are baby wipes. They are great for just about anything. I have them on-hand at all times to clean up after my 4 and a half year old and 7 months old: at home, in the car, during meals, and anything in between!
If I win the gift basket, I would probably split it between me, my sister, and my sister in law. There are five kids between us, and there’s plenty of goodies for all of them in there.

Amber H. on

When my daughter was an infant, I loved the Sassy Formula Dispenser. It was big enough to hold formula for four bottles and made it so easy to pour the powder in the bottle while on the go. I also love all the travel size things…we have a tiny bottle of Purel, sunscreen and a Paci Pod hanging on our diaper bag! We will probably keep the basket because we can always use sippy cups and I hope to have another baby in the next year or two. 🙂

Kelly on

I could not live without a bouncy/vibrating chair when my daughter was little. I loved that it was so portable that I could pick it up and take it into the bathroom with me in the morning when I was getting ready for the day. I also took it to work with me as I was lucky enough to bring my newborn daughter with me for a couple hours at a time. She slept while I worked!
BTW – Now that my daughter is three, I LOVE the Insulated Flip Top Cups as I fill them with water and take it with us on our errands. Hailey feels like she is using a Big Girl Cup, and I don’t have to worry about spills. And if I get thirsty I don’t look too strange taking a sip from her cup!

NTE on

I’m going to go with the Nuk pacifiers… When the babies were babies, god forbid we’d forgotten that!

Nicki on

The teething keys are supercute!!! I’m definitely going to have to pick up the grooming kit though!

Thank you for your reviews!

autumn on

I can’t live without the Cottony Cloths baby wipes, like everyone said they are great for everything. I would keep the basket for myself.

megan on

As a soon to be mom it sounds like baby wipes are the thing to have so I’ll say I can’t live without those. And I love the basket so I would keep it and maybe use in baby’s room.

Megan on

My favorite baby item is my Boppy. It’s just right for nursing and tummy time. I couldn’t live without it.

As for the basket, my little one is 6 weeks old, so I would probably keep it for myself.

Melissa 7/7/78 on

Definitely can’t live without baby wipes! I also use them for everything including myself.

If I won, I would keep the basket for myself because we are trying to get pregnant again by the end of October.

Heather on

I have to say the no spill sippy cup. My son just turned two and so far no sippy cup has survived him!!

As for the basket, one of my closest friends is expecting her first child in December, so I would give it to her (because as all moms know, every little bit helps when having a new baby.)

Natasha on

The product I cant live without, like most, is the baby wipes. I have them in every room, every baby bag, and always make sure I have plenty to spare. I have an 11 month old, so if I won, I would definitely keep the basket for myself. All of the products would definitely come in handy.

Amanda on

Wow, it’s hard to pick just one product that I couldn’t live without. But it would probably have to be the sippy cup. What’s funny, is she likes the cheap ones best! Right now her faves are Target’s Circo brand no-spill sippy cup and the no-spill soft straw bottle. Ok, one more thing I also love are cotton cloth wipes. Target brand Sensitive & Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Organic Cotton are my faves.

I would probably keep some of the products and give some away as gifts 🙂

Melissa on

My favorite product is actually the feeding stuff right now, spoons and bowls (I have a 6 month old). We are constantly trying new spoons to see which ones drip the least! I would probably be most interested in these items for my baby – but would probably share many of the items with friends. Love the little basket – would make a cute doll baby cradle for when my little princess gets older!

Lorelis on

I cannot live without baby wipes! I have 2 boys ages 9 and 6 and another baby boy on the way. My boys still use baby wipes in the potty and I use them to wipe their hands and for spills around the house. If I win, I will keep the basket for my newest baby boy due in December!

Sarah on

I can’t live with out spill proof sippy cups. I’m pregnant with triplets, so I’ll keep the basket.

Suzanne H. on

Baby Wipes! They’re a lifesaver.

I would keep the basket for myself.

IG on

I can’t live without Babby Buddies — I can attach my daughter’s sippy cup or straw to her stroller with them! I would keep the basket for myself.

Lois on

Sippee cups!

HeatherBoulware on

I have 3 kids and I could not live without sippy cups. my son is 6 and we still use them in the car. They make life so much cleaner

Cindy on

I currently have a 1 yr old and will have my second child in December. I think the one baby product i could not have done without was his “bouncy seat.” He was so happy whenever we placed him in it and although our next child was a surprise we decided before we found out that it was the one baby product we were going to keep “just in case.” If i won i think i would keep the gifts for myself and my children.

Amanda on

My whole family can’t live without Avent pacifiers. Both of my girls used them until we took them away at age 2. We are expecting our third in less than four weeks and will be ready with new pacifiers in case this one needs them too! I would love this basket for the new baby.

Beach Boy's Mom on

The baby product that I could not live without is DISPOSABLE DIAPERS. I don’t like poop on the floor and I refuse to “save” something that has poop in/on it. I give cloth diaperers a lot of credit. I couldn’t do it.
If I won the basket, I’d probably keep some stuff and give some away. I have a 16 month old and am trying for a second.

Meghan on

The thing I could never live without was my baby pouch. I use it almost every day.

Meghan on

PS I will keep some products and give some to friends.

Tracey on

The item I can’t live without is the breast pump. It keeps my baby nourished when I’m away from my dear daughter during the day.

And I’d keep some of the items for myself – I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the Easy Grip Bowl!

Amy on

I cannot live without baby wipes! I seriosly use them for everything. I have them in my kitchen to wash dirty hands and faces after eating, to clean up spills, and to wipe the table/highchair tray. I also keep some in my car in case we need to clean our hands or something spills. They are also great for stains. If we spill something on our clothes, we simply clean it with the wipe and it works perfectly! I also love these particular wipes because they come in a handy dispenser with a nice closing top.
If I won this basket, I would probably give most of it to someone who really needed it. My daughter is 20 months old, so she doesn’t need everything that’s in it. Not to mention, it’s fun to share surprises!!!

Tamara on

I love my Amby hammock bed because my baby started sleeping throught the night at 7 weeks in it, and now at 7 months, and in his crib he still sleeps through the night. It was worth every penny.

I will keep the gift basket for my little guy.

KF on

I love, love, love my pouch slings and cannot live without them! Granted, I cannot use them much at the moment because I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant with our second child, but I used them with my 2 year old daughter up until it wasn’t comfortable anymore, and I plan to use them with our next child, too – they’re a lifesaver. So easy to slip into a purse or diaper bag for stroller-free outings (pull it out when she needs a break from walking), or to use on public transit, or even just around the house when she wants “up” but I need my hands free or my arms are just tired. They’re also great because you can use them with infants all the way up to a 30-35 pound toddler (depending on which sling you get), and they’re really quick and easy to put on / take off. And best of all, my daughter loves being in them!

If I win, I will keep the gift basket for our new baby boy, due in early November :o)

Tisha on

The baby product I couldn’t live without was my Miracle Blanket. It was a great way to keep my son swaddled for his naps when he outgrew traditional swaddling blankets. When he’d get fussy and crying, swaddling was the way to go to quickly quiet him down along with using Dr. Karp’s method of the 5 S’s to further sooth him.

I would keep this basket for my next child.

Danzel on

I love my Maya Wrap sling. I love the long tail, in order to breastfeed discreetly. I love how snuggly it is, especially when we’re out and about and a certain someone is getting sleepy. It’s just so much more convenient than a stroller, in my opinion. My little girl turns 2 tomorrow, and until very recently I still carried her in it when she was very sleepy. The only reason I’ve stopped is I’m a very big 7 months pregnant! Which is why…

if I win, I’m keeping the gift basket!

Reva on

The baby product I can’t live without is the Shampoo Rinse Cup by S.C. Products, that has a rubber edge–prevents the soapy water from getting in your child’s eyes when you are rinsing out the shampoo. Even if the shampoo is ‘no-more-tears’, many kids still hate the sensation of the water & suds in their eyes and on their face. My 21-month old happily plays while I rinse her hair & no screaming! Wish we’d had this when my 12-year old was little.

We would share any gift baskets with some friends of new babies.

Rachel Bierman on

We van’t live without baby wipes. & I would keep this basket for me.