Paris Hilton wants children by next year, will delay goal for right partner

09/04/2007 at 10:50 AM ET

38891_elle_october_122_478loUpdate: Sarah’s note: I removed the rumor part of this article.

In an interview with Elle UK, Paris Hilton claimed she recently began preparing her body in an effort to have children by next year. The 26 year-old heiress said she visits a trainer six times a week, and works out two hours a day in an effort to get her body ready to conceive.

I want kids next year, so I’ve got to get my body ready.

However, when asked by Elle if she would consider having a child on her own if she does not find someone in the next five years, Paris demurs, saying,

I [wouldn’t think about having a baby on my own] because I wanna have a family and a guy. Y’know, it just upsets me because I’m not anything like what people say about me, and the cartoon character they’ve made of me is just completely false…I don’t get it.

Children aside, Paris will be busy with her career in the upcoming months: she reportedly signed to star in a London stage production of the cult Australian TV show Prisoner: Cell Block H.

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Amanda on

oye…”the best way to be more responsible is to become a mother?”

This girl seems to be trying hard to fix her life but this statement is ignorant and immature, in my opinion.

Being a parent is about getting something or being anything. Being a parent is about giving, unconditionally.

Paris needs to go away from the spotlight for a long while, stop doing photoshoots and stop doing red carpets.

Maybe then people would lose the cartoon-image of her.

Ashley on

…I don’t know that you can decide to have children in order to become responsible. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Annabel on

Paris, honey, I’m sure there must be more to you than your image in the media, but you’re the one who created that monster.

MommyX1 on

Dear lord. I hope that she doesn’t get pregnant for a looooooong time. Has she even ever HAD a stable, long-term relationship?

gabriella on

She might be a good mom, nobody knows her personally. If nicole, christina, can do it, and they were both a bit wild in their time, I’m sure paris could. Even on her reality show she seemed to love kids, I’ve always heard her say she wants to be a mom on interviews. Angelina jolie had a wild past, and she settled down when she adopted maddox, so people do change and grow up. A lot of celebrities have had an interesting past to say the least, but some of them end up being good parents.

DivaStar on

Being a parent doesn’t make everyone responsible. I know parents who aren’t responsible. Hope she doesn’t treat like she does her dogs, dress them up for a minute and then you don’t see them anymore.

tink1217 on

i really hope she waits awhile before getting pregnant. Maybe actually have a relationship that works out first. I know being married is insignificant as far as having a fmialy goes(just look at pitt -Jolie). But, she hasn’t really had much of a stable relationship, she just spent time in jail, just sold her home. Get your life together FIRST Paris!! Please!!

levnette on

sheesshh… paris, babies are not accessories.. *sigh*

daphneesmith on

Why does anyone devote any time to stories about this chick? She is non-newsworthy. Consumerist culture at its best.

Jen on

Oh wow, I hope someone talks to her about babies and how they are not a quick fix to change your image for the media.

After Nicole Ritche announced she was pregnant, I was waiting to hear this kind of news from Paris. 😦

FC on

It all has to do with money and people’s odd fascination with her, Daphnee. At least that’s what I think. Some magazines are only about what will sell and for some reason she does. *shrugs*

But I would rather she be responsible adult now before she ever decides to have a baby. Having a baby to be responsible isn’t how it works. But, of course, this is Paris Hilton I’m talking about. She does things her way, even if it’s the wrong way, or some skewed version she came up with as being right in her own mind.

Susie on

That’s interesting that she needs to get her body ready to have a baby by working out 6 days a week with a trainer. I stopped working out about 6 months before I got pregnant, and then lost the baby fat 100% about 9 months after pregnancy. Yes, working out is good, but definetely not necessary to have a baby.

perfectsadie on

She doesn’t get it????? Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! Proof she is as shallow and stupid as the image she has “created”!

I hope many years pass before this desire to become a parent is realized. She can’t be like this forever, can she?

Aleah on

Sounds to me like she’s jealous Nicole’s getting all the attention now that she’s pregnant.

J.M. on

I agree. This could all just be jealousy over the fact that Nicole seems happy and with child. However it’s no reason to just go out and have a baby. People like her and even Britney think the “idea” of a baby sounds good and the “idea” of being a young mom will suit them however if these young girls just think before they jump into it they’ll realize they’ll be much happier people by finding that right person to complete their family.

I can’t picture Paris as a mother. Sorry but I would feel really sorry for this child bc I don’t thinki Paris will ever tame her wild ways.

ma74 on

waow.That is such a weird statement.I hope she knows what taking care of a child is like.It’s not a chihuahua.

Kelly on

Paris needs a child like she needs a hole in her head! She is so ignorant. So who is she gonna use for the daddy?? One of her many ex boy toys? ugghh I cant stand this girl and she does need to disappear for a while, Im sick of seeing her stupid self.

tink1217 on

ma74, that is just what i was thinking! its not a dog, its a baby!! Not that a pet is less important, just different. I also agree with some of you about Paris being a bit jealous over Nicole and her pregnancy.

Candace on

Oh, heaven forbid that woman to have children for a LLOOOONNGGG while!!!

preesi on

Paris? wait til Nicole HAS had the baby and all it comes with and then see if you want that…

Elies on

I totally agree with Gabriella! We don’t know her & she could be a great mom.

preesi on

Id really appreciate it if Angie and Brad would take these celebutarts to the Sudan or Darfur for a week…
Or take them to the Afghani refugee camps in Pakistan where women have to choose between Maxi Pads or feeding their families more each month…
They need a reality smackdown!

Amélie on

Does she want a baby because she think it will be great as an accessoire or does she just want one because nicole is having one. I would agree with gabriella and elies if she didn’t act like she has totally no clue about anything that happens in real life. And I may sound old fashioned but damn having a baby within the next year means getting it from a guy you barely know, this just prooves once again what a spoiled litlle brat she is (I want it know!!!) and prooves at the same time that she’s probably not mature enough to take care of a baby.

But if she would get pregnant I wish her the best

Lynn on

God help us all if Paris has a baby next…

Amélie on

I retreat my words I don’t agree with gabriella all I meant was that who knows she might surprise us (I would be very surprized) I she were a responsible parent

melanie on

I’m not a fan, but I do think she has as much of a right as anyone to have a baby. Good luck to her!

jellyroll on

And God help that baby!

november on

gabriella – yes, angelina jolie has changed and i will agree with you on that one. however, there’s a difference with her change as opposed to nicole and christina. christina toned is down for love because she found a man that would prove her previous experiences wrong. she took it slow with jordan and well, now they’re married and it’s only natural to want to have children with the man you loved; i have more faith with her raising a child. nicole just went through a dui incident and she just so happen to get pregnant; that kid was not planned, trust! there are women who calm down during pregnancy, but once that baby pops out, who knows! look at britney! to me, there were no red alerts while she was carrying sean preston and looked at her now, two children later and she hardly takes care of her child.

i’m not saying that paris should never have children, but she needs to take her life slowly and maybe try and make people take her seriously because i certainly don’t. the thought of her having a child scares me not because i think she would be a horrible mother in terms of neglecting her child, but more in the sense that she would care foro that child as if it were one of her chihuahuas or a doll. we already have enough narcassistic people in this world and the last thing we need is for someone to raise a child that going to be another materialistic, limelight yearning person. i think that’s where everyone’s roll of the eyes comes from.

Renee on

You don’t have to be with a guy to have a baby. A family can just be a mom and a child or just a father and a child. Sometimes I think people just get married to have kids to people they don’t even really love. I’m not going to judge whether she will be a good mom or not but if you don’t meet the right person, instead of waiting, if you can afford it, why not have a baby by yourself.

PSB on

Renee, I think that’s a pretty sad statement.

Anybody who has had a baby knows that it is EXTREMELY difficult to raise a child on your own and a child deserves to have two parents to raise it, whenever possible–even if the parents are no longer together. Anybody who has ever had a bad day or a cold knows how helpful it is to have another partner around (or nearby) to help out with the baby while you recover. Single moms don’t always have this luxury and even the best live-in nanny is not a substitute when a baby is sick or crying for mommy.

You could be the best single mom in the world, but you are still working your a$$ off twice as much as a married/partnered mom. Trust me, I know many wonderful single moms, and they would never have planned it this way if they could have avoided it.

Anybody who would plan for this scenario when it’s not a last resort (ie- if you’re nearing the end of your fertility and are desperate to have a baby or if you get a divorce) is selfish IMO.

She just wants to have a baby so somebody will love her unconditionally – this is why she has so many tiny dogs. She also seems desperate to get attention from the press now that her show ended and Nicole is pregnant. Honestly, I used to not care about Paris at all, but this interview actually is making me feel a little ill.

Renee on

I don’t see it being selfish or sad. There aren’t enough men for every woman and not all women are straight.I never said it would be easy.Raising a kid with two parents isn’t easy either. I just see it as an option and not a bad one. There are plenty of single mothers/fathers who do just fine.Also when you say two parents, I’m thinking you are talking about a mom and dad and not including gay couples.Plenty of women raise kids by themselves some by choice, some cause of divorce,etc.I guess I’m rare cause I don’t see it as a bad thing.I guess I’m a modern thinker and dislike traditions

ang on

no one would have pegged tori for a mama 10yrs ago either. she stopped going to clubs around her mid-twenties, she got tired of them i guess and started just going out for dinner or movie with friends instead. people mature as they get older, even paris.

whatever she wants out of life, i hope she is doing it for the right reasons. i believe there is a good person in there somewhere and i hope she is on the path to a much more boring life. that is the only way the press will get tired of her and those cartoon images will go away.

brannon on

PSB – I am a single mother – by choice – and I love it. It works for me. I am neither selfish nor working twice as hard as I would be if married. To make such statements is extremely ignorant without first-hand knowledge – not to mention offensive. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I urge you to be more understanding of others and the decisions that they make. Nobody could be happier than me – or my son – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

PSB on

I just mean that she seems really cavalier about it. If you know the hard reality of raising a child alone, and still want to do it, then go for it. I just cannot imagine a woman in her 20’s making this decision, unless she has extraordinary circumstances, like early menopause in her family. Paris Hilton is a beautiful, rich woman who obviously has no problem finding guys. I think if she waited another five years to find the right man to start a family with, she’d give her child a better life than just jumping into parenthood because everybody else is doing it.

I am not a traditionalist – I don’t care if the parents are gay, straight, divorced, married or not – I just really feel parenthood is the toughest job out there and should not be done alone if you can at all avoid it. You should want to give your child the best, and the best is having two parents who love them. I just think Paris’s whole approach smacks of immaturity.

Maddie on

My sister was a total party girl before Anabel was born and now she’s the perfect specimen of a mommy. Nothing comes before that little girl!! I never thought I’d ever see anything like it!! I never like to judge anyone about their ability to be a parent before the baby comes. I know that I’ve never seen any more profound a change in someone than when that person becomes a parent. Let’s hope that if Paris becomes a mom, she’ll act like one! Good luck girl!!!!

gabriella on

I see your point november, but I also don’t think it’s fair to say trust you nicole richie’s baby wasn’t planned lol. Unless you are her or joel madden, you don’t know if her baby was planned or not. And at 25 I’m sure she knows how to protect herself, and nicole herself said many times she wanted babies in her 20’s, so there’s a very good chance her baby was very much planned. The same way paris has spoken of wanting kids. I’m not making excuses for nicole, paris, etc, but I just don’t think any of us have the right to say when and what age any of them should have children, because we don’t know them personally and nobody has any idea what type of parent they will be. I’m sure all of them will make mistakes at one point or anther with their children, but truthfully same will all of us here, because whether we have kids at 25 35, or 40 yrs old, none of us are perfect parents, even though some of us might think we are. I could go on and on with list of celebrities that have party images or have say dated a lot, pam anderson, madonna, angelina, so I don’t see how anybody knows what type of mom paris, nicole or anybody else will be.

Kim on

Babies are not like little dogs you can dress up in fancy dress and use as ‘handbags’. If she can’t get responsible in any other way than to have a baby than I wouldn’t want her to have a baby any time soon. Babies are precious bundles of joy, real human life that you can’t mess with like that just on a ‘oh I think it’d be cool to have a baby’ whim. I think just because Nicole is pregnant Paris is losing some spotlight and really reminds me of schoolgirl fighting “I want what she’s got”. Babies are not just smiling, happy little things that you can occasionally tickle to make laugh and look all cute. They vomit – everywhere at times, they need nappy changes few times a day, you need to wake up and feed him/her every 1-3 hours when they are first born, you need to think twice about going out because you have your baby to think of, you get to have food splattered round the room when they start to eat solids, their clothes need changing like twice day because of various ways to dirty their clothes (haha), and thats not even counting if they have reflux or colic! But wait, silly me, that’s what a NANNY is for! LOL 🙂

Scarlett Brewer on

It would be different if she were in a serious relationship but she isn’t. She is going to try to find someone to have a baby with by next year? To have a baby by next year she would have to be pregnant by the end of this year or by early next year.

lucy on

Jeez you guys, maybe Paris doesn’t want a baby to prove a point maybe Paris wants a baby to love and to help its way into life, maybe she loves them and wants one for HER not the press. The camera only catchs what shes like partying it doesnt catch her responsible side because that isnt interesting is it?

jesmoi on

Please do not post anymore stories on Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie.

crystal on

Paris really should wait to have kids until she is “mature and responsible”
I guess she sees everyone getting pg and thinks its some kind of new style lol

Valerie on

why does Paris need kids by next year? if anybody DOESN’T NEED A BABY, IT’S HER!! why does she even need to get pregnant? she can just buy, i mean, adopt a baby from somewhere like Brad/angelina?