Michelle Williams and Matilda out on Monday

09/04/2007 at 08:21 AM ET

Actress Michelle Williams, 26, and her daughter Matilda Rose, 22months — sporting Band-Aids on her elbow and thigh — were spotted out in their Brooklyn neighborhood on Labor Day.

Photos by Splash News; Flynet.

Pi_16915Matilda wears Picaflor’s Julia peasant dress in seafoam/sage ($37; 6-18 months, 4T only).

Matilda is wearing Gap’s fisherman sandals (no longer available, check eBay!)

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cj on

matilda looks SO much like her dad!!!

Lita on

Wow, she’s very big!
And she’s the copy of her dad!

crazynlove on

She looks just like Heath!

Jami on

Where is Matildas bag from??? Have been looking for one!

Susan on

Matilda is so gorgeous – she looks just like her dad.

Bella Mama on

she’s an absolute beauty!

Lola on

LOL I agree with all the comments above.

MommyX1 on

Does she ever look like her dad! I see absolutely none of her mommy in her at all. She’s so big. I think maybe it’s just because Michelle is tiny, but she looks HUGE for her age. Even their heads are almost the same size! lol. She is adorable.

Ann on

It’s so sad that Michelle and Heath split up. They were one of my favorite celebrity couples.

Natasha on

I didn’t even really notice michelle & heath together, so it doesn’t really bother me that they broke up. Anyways, she’s adorable and looks just like her Dad!

paula on

I’ve never seen Michelle more smiley than in the last few days. And it’s rare to see Matilda carried by either of her parents, most of the time she sits in her stroller. Matilda is cute, i wonder what she did to have all those bandages. Michelle’s outfits are SO great!

stephanie on

Michelle looks like a fifteen year old carrying her sister, haha. She looks even younger than she was in Dawson’s Creek!

Shawna on

Oh wow, she looks JUST LIKE her dad!

gabriella on

Matilda looks just like her dad.

Susie on

Mathilda is so cute, she is def the spitting image of her dad! Wow, she is a big girl! Her dad must be pretty tall, too. I also love her bag.

tink1217 on

Matilda, to me, looks like a perfect combination of MIchelle and Heath. I see a bit more of Heath in her, but I see Michelle too. And, I agree with whomever said Michelle looks happier now than in many months. Maybe the split is a good thing for her.

jenny on


Why is she PRETENDING to be nice now? She shouldn’t bother……we all know she isn’t, and that’s why Heath dumped her.

Sylvia_Plath_Fan on

I seriously can’t get over how much Matilda looks like her father. It’s nice to see Michelle looking happy despite of what has recently happened between her and Heath.

Natalee on

Well, I too, was going to comment about Matilda’s size and resemblance to her father, but you all beat me to it! LOL! I wonder if the boo-boo on Matilda’s thigh is from shots?

Also, I LOVE Michelle’s new darker ‘do! Does anyone know if it’s for a role, or just a post-breakup makeover?

jenny on

It’s the eyes, she has her dad’s eyes. And I personally am not surprised to hear about the split, how often did we ever see them together without the baby?

J.M. on

Wow that’s the first I think I’ve seen Michelle smile when out with her daughter. I know Heath despises the paparazzi but they both always seemed so miserable. Maybe she is in a much happier place right now. Matilda does look a lot like her daddy!

ma74 on

Like you all said.It’s scary how much she looks like her dad.She’s a cutie.Her mom looks happy

Rebecca on

Is it just me or does that look like a cloth diaper Matilda is wearing? The yellow doesn’t match her dress, so it can’t be a diaper cover and I don’t know of any yellow disposable diapers.

Sarah’s note: She may. Heath and Michelle use Seventh Generation usually.

Campbell on

Well…..*sigh* I was gonna say she looks EXCACTLY like her dad, but…… lol

Laurie on

Wooooow I really don’t need to ask who’s child this is! she’s big but cute! finally a normal hollywood-couple, who give their kid a normal name and normal cothes 😉

Southern girl on

Cute…and Matilda is almost as big as Michelle (well, you know what I mean)…that is what people said to me after my first, but now that I’ve had three…yeah, not so much! Ha…anyway, Matilda is too cute for her own good! 🙂

mk on

I thought the same, she does look very big, but michelle is tiny so who know. Matilda looks alot like heath.

Doreen on

Matilda is the spitting image of Heath, wow is she ever!! Esp in that 2nd photo, I think it’s her eyes and just overall facial expression!

becky freitas on

I think the dress she is wearing is by Picaflor… I carry the line in my store and it is so cute!!!

terri on

I like Michelle’s hair. She looks great, as does Matilda.

Carolle on

Isn’t she going to be 2 on the 9th of Sept? That would make her 23 months old.

Sarah’s note: Nope. Her bday is the end of October. Ava Phillippe’s 8th birthday is on the 9th…

Autumn on

I was going to mention too how Matilda looks like she takes after her father’s side more than her mother’s, but you all beat me to it! lol!

As far as all of her bandaids, I think she probably only needed just one, but then Michelle probably indulged her when she thought they were “pretty” and probably wanted “more.” LOL! (I guess Michelle figured she could afford part of a box of colored bandaids, if it entertains/appeases her daughter.)

Sasha on

I love Michelle’s look! It’s interesting that the first pics after the split announcement show her smiling and carrying her daughter, a departure from other pics.

Rhonda on

She’s definitely wearing Picaflor — sooooo cute!