Iman and daughter Alexandria walk dog in NYC

09/04/2007 at 10:51 PM ET

Model Iman, 52, and her daughter Alexandria Zahra, 7, were spotted walking their dog in NYC earlier today. Dad is rocker David Bowie, 60. Iman also has an older daughter, Zulekha, 29, from her first marriage.


Photo by INF.

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ally on

Wow, it shouldn’t be at all surprising given who her parents are but Alexandria is absolutely beautiful (and so tall!).

Roger on

Talk about perfect timing. Someone was just asking for a photo of Alexandria in another recent thread. (I think it was one of the Jolie-Pitt posts.) Beautiful girl…

Ekaterina on

Oh my god she is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous child. The two of them together is just so beautiful. I remember hearing about Iman’s struggle to have a second child years back and looking at Alexandria is just amazing.
On a side note, my mother was remarking the other day how Zahara Jolie-Pitt was going to be another Iman- in other words a statuesque, beautiful African woman.

gabriella on

Alexandria is really pretty, nice name too.

Kelly on

That little girl is GORGEOUS!!! I love how she is dressed as well, very appropriate as one would never believe that she is so young.

yaosa on

What a stunningly beautiful mother and daughter!

Iman doesn’t look a day over 30!

Kaley on

She is so beautiful! I don’t see a lot of David Bowie in her though.

Lola on


Grayson's Girl on

WOW she’s a gorgeous child! She’s stunning and tall, I’d say she chose the genes she took from each parent REALLY well!

Angela on

That looks like a Tibetan Terrier.

Maya on

I’m sorry, but I must comment on the other adorable “baby” which seems to me to be a Shitzu. My first baby is also a Shitzu and I love her to death! cutest dogs ever!

preesi on

She looks like David, totally. The Mouth especially.

Megan on

She’s all David. Look at the mouth and eyes.

Tammy on

What a beautiful girl! And the doggy doesn’t look like a Shitzu to me, it looks almost exactly like my Havanese…only mines cuter of course! 😉

FC on

Aww, nice to see Alex again! She’s a gorgeous little girl, and Iman is just a timeless beauty, really. She puts to shame girls half her age and then some.

kily18 on

52 years? Iman doesn’t look her age! she still looks like shes 40.

Last time I saw an Alexandria pic, she was a baby! times fly…

susan on

Beautiful Mum and daughter!
What kind of dog is that?? He’s adorable, and my two little boys are dying to get a pup!

Stephany on

Alexandria is just gorgeous! Wow.

terri on

They’re both beautiful. The daughter could well be a model when she gets older as well.

Rachel on

I’m glad I finally found this recent pic of her. She’s beautiful, but again, look who her parents are. I have pics of her as a baby on my web site (David Bowie fan site) Please see URL if interested. The link is near the bottom. They’re of David and Iman with her (they’re so cute!)

JaneSay on

What a beautiful girl, OMG!! I’m not why I’m shocked by that but she is just amazingly gorgeous. And she DOES look like David. Look at her mouth. She was probably born singing “Black Country Rock”! She’s a beautiful combination of both parents, and I’mm guessing, even at age 7, her life is far more interesting than mine will ever be!!

Natasha on

I hope to have a beautiful child like that some day. Absolutely Stunning! David must be so proud:)

joanne davis on

lexi is so cute. and iman looks like a teenager. boy, can’t believe she is 52. joanne

Jess on

I’m not surprised she’s soo beautiful and tall. A mini-Iman has to be the cutest thing to ever walk the planet. She has David’s eyes, nose, lips, forehead. She is David.

Can’t wait for her to hit the runway!!

Cindie on

Both mother and daughter are stunning! May God bless the entire family — David, Iman, and Lexa!

Kashfia on

Alexandria Zahra looks exactly like David Bowie. She has David’s eyes, nose, lips, eye color, skin color, etc. She is very tall for her age. She will probably be 6’0″ with a size 12 feet! Alexandria should dye her hair blonde and bleach her skin white. She should get long blonde layered hair like Bowie had in 1971 when she is 22. Alexandria should cut off her beautiful long blonde hair and cut it into a mullet and dye it red when she is 24.

Kashfia on

Alexandria Zahra should get a red mullet like Ziggy Stardust when she is 25.

ellena on

WOW. They’re both so gorgeous! Iman is always amazingly beautiful. her daughter is going to be one of the most beautiful of her generation, I can tell

Jackie on

To Kashfia,
Why would you encourage a child to dye her hair and bleach her skin? She is of mixed heritage and should be proud of who she. People like you would cause kids to have a complex about what they look like and that is not good.