Elisabeth Hasselbeck thinking of boy names

09/04/2007 at 10:20 PM ET

Since she’s two months shy of her Nov. 11 due date, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is naturally thinking of potential baby names. While she and husband Tim don’t know the sex of their second child, the View co-host tells the audience during a commercial break on today’s show that a brother for 2-year-old Grace is on her mind.

I’ve only been thinking of boy names in my head for some reason, but it could potentially be a girl.

As for how else they’re preparing for the birth, Elisabeth, 30, says they didn’t take any classes, but loves the idea of them.

We didn’t do a birthing class, but we thought it’d be fun.

Source: OK! Magazine

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Alicia on

I think she’ll have another girl.

H on

I don’t know…she showed off the belly today and it looked like a boy belly…

gabriella on

It’s a boy IMO, and she already knows the sex I think.

Annoyomus on

gabriella- It has been made pretty clear the Elisabeth does NOT know the sex. Here is an excerpt from a previous Elisabeth post here on CBB:

“The couple are currently expecting their second child, due Nov. 11, and have not found out the sex because Elisabeth, 30, lives for that moment of surprise:

‘I don’t want to find out. I didn’t find out with Grace. It’s different for every woman, but I prefer that moment of ‘It’s a boy!’ or ‘It’s a girl!’ I love that moment.'”

All of that said, it is very possible to have a gut feeling about what gender your baby is going to be without knowing the sex. Elisabeth isn’t even the only celeb that has mentioned having a strong hunch as to the gender of her unborn baby. For example, after Suri’s birth, Katie reported that she and Tom had not found out the gender prior to the birth, but that she had “been craving pink the whole nine months”. In otherwords, she strongly felt that Suri was going to be a girl….and she was right!

gabriella on

Annoyomus I know exactly what was posted on CBB, and that they say they don’t know the sex. I feel just like with grace, she knew the sex back than and knows it now. I remember reading abouut her shopping in nyc for all girl clothes when pregnant with grace, and even when her co-hosts would say they think she was having a boy, to me it looked like she knew the sex already. And I personally believe she knows the sex now, but wants to keep it a surprise. Not every celebrity says everything, a lot of them don’t say their exact due dates, baby names, etc. So my opinion is she does know the baby’s sex, but if she doesn’t oh well than it’s a surprise for her lol.

Tami on

Elizabitch sucks!!!!!!! She’s republican right wing scum!!

gabriella on

Oh I wanted to add, just like say nancy grace and marcia cross don’t say if they used donor eggs, celebrities can say they don’t know the sex and really not wanna share it, because they wanna keep it private. So my feeling just like with grace, is that she knows the sex, but will keep the name and sex of the baby quiet, until she gives birth and announces it on the view for november sweeps. She looked good pregnant today on the view, she is all belly.

Diana on

Yeah I agree just because she thinks it might be a boy doesn’t mean that she knows. I think most mothers tend to go one way or another regardless of whether they know.

Although I have to say I have noticed that A LOT of celebrities lately have said they didn’t know the sex, And to me it just doesn’t seem that common to not find out the sex, (I am due with my first and not finding out the sex and when I tell people that most are so surprised!) so it makes me wonder if they just aren’t telling. Which of course would totally be their right, I can understand why they wouldn’t want to tell the whole world!

Sarah’s note: I agree! Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen admitted later on that they flat out lied when they said they didn’t know what they were having with Sam or Lola, haha.

Ones I can think of of the top of my head that for sure did not know were Rachel Weisz, Gwen and Gavin, Naomi and Liev and now Samantha Harris and Gabby Reese/Laird Hamilton. Isla Fisher says she and Sacha don’t know, but they’ve been VERY private always so I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually know.

Ginger on

“Jack” goes well with Grace…I think I know two sets of Jacks and Graces as well as two sets of Jacks and Ellas, LOL!

Campbell on

I did not know what the sexes were of my first two babies. Son born in 1985, daughter in 1987, yet for some reason I felt boy first, then girl. I got gender friendly clothing in both cases so it didn’t matter. It’s so odd, when pregnant w/ my daughter Alexandria Eevin in ’87, I didn’t even have a boy name on the radar screen! Crazy. Now when I was pregnant w/ my last and third baby Gabrielle Sophia (Sophi) in 1998, I found out the sex. I didn’t know that Tom and Kate didn’t KNOW the sex of Suri beforehand. Cool. I would imagine that Elisabeth wants to experience raising both genders. Has anyone heard if they want more than 2?

Kate on

Campbell: Elisabeth has been saying for the last few years that she wants about 4 or 5 kids. But then a few months ago, she said that she thinks now she might want 7, and that the number of children she wants seems to go up all the time.

Crystal on

Oh I can’t wait to find out what it is and what it’s name will be. I hope the baby winds up being a boy.
I know I definitely want one of each… I just hope it works out because we only want two. I wonder what will happen lol…that won’t be answered for several more years 😥 I have to wait to get out of school…

J.J. on

I’m thinking Baby Hasselbeck #2 is going to be a boy by the way Elizabeth is carrying and how she can only think of little boy names. I hope it’s a little boy anyway since they already have their beautiful little girl, Grace.

suri on

I’ll be glad when she goes on maternity leave. She is sooooo annoying.