Christina Aguilera out to eat on Monday evening

09/04/2007 at 01:49 PM ET

Songstress Christina Aguilera, 26, was spotted going to dinner at Georgio Baldi restaurant last evening. Her first child is due in early January. More images available at x17 Online.

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vixen on

Do you guys think she looks like she is going to have a baby!I love her make up ,I thing he looks vey pretty.

Heather on

She looks smaller in these pictures than the last ones I saw! She is doing a really good job of hiding her bump! Of course, clothes and picture angles can really make a huge difference. I can’t wait until she totally pops out and can’t hide it anymore!

Tracy on

I agree Heather! She does look smaller now… Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

alyhannaa on

You two are verry mean talking about her like that

PSB on

Where is she hiding that baby??? Barely a bump at all.

gabriella on

She is very small for 5 months, she looks great though. She probably won’t get very big, even towards the end.

Mylie on

She looks pretty in purple.

Julie on

I think she had a miscarriage that’s why she looks smaller than before and sadder.

Sarah’s note: Not true.

Elizabeth on

Does she know what she’s having yet?

tink1217 on

i keep seeing people on other blogs speculating that Christina had a miscarriage. I know you guys at CBB have an “inside” with Christina somehow…has anything happened???

Sarah’s note: Nope.

Kaley on

She looks so small for being about 5 months pregnant. Announce it already, Christina! Even Britney had announced her second pregnancy when she was about this far along and she was huge.

tink1217 on

thanks sarah, I appreciate that! I hate to see that kind of speculation!!

morgan on

I think its the shape of her dress. Lot of flowy fabric can either enhance or hide a bump very easily. The last time i saw a ‘bump’ ic of her was a week ago and she looked very tiny there as well. everyone grows at different rates!

gabriella on

Wonder when she is gonna confirm it. She is already like 5 months, and even the most private ladies like halle, salma,bridget, etc confirm it at least after 3 months. She looks cute though.

kim on

The boobs are the only thing that gives it away..

Campbell on

I feel like she “confirms” her pregnancy loud and clear by her clothing. She is adorable.

ZaraB on

I can’t see any bump! Is she really five months along? The only time I’ve seen her looking vaguely pregnant was when she was wearing that white jumpsuit in concert, and even that looked like it could have been the result of a big lunch. But that seems like weeks ago, and she was bigger than she looks now…

tink1217 on

why does she have to confirm??? seriously, it is their business and although I love hearing news about celebs expecting, I don’t feel I am entitled to hear it from them. She will either confirm or not. And, if she doesn’t? Well, we will all know when she has a bigger bump pop out!

Lorus on

She does look small for 5 months but it’s her first and she could have really strong abs holding in her uterus. The baby can also be sitting in a low position so she looks smaller.

I’m due a couple weeks before Christina but it’s my second so I’m VERY pregnant looking. My belly changes sizes every day depending on where the baby is sitting.

finnaryn on

Little Suri played “hide and seek” while Katie was pregnant. I think that is what is happening here. Fabrics, wind, lighting angles and a squirmy baby could all account for the “missing” bump.

Susan on

Sarah, Have Christina’s people confirmed this pregnancy? If they haven’t, why don’t you say “alleged” or “rumored”?

Sarah’s note: Because we have inside sources. We know it’s not a rumor so it seems silly to post that. We put the rumor heading on things we are unsure about. Also, her mother confirmed the baby news last month, I’m not sure if you would consider her Christina’s ‘people’ or not…

Annoynomus on

I honestly don’t understand why so many people are insisting on hearing the baby news from Christina herself before believeing that she’s pregnant.

I admit, I do enjoy hearing celebs confirm their pregnancies, but I understand why some choose not to. And I want to point out that, contrary to what gabriella said, not all of the “most private” celebs do confirm their pregnancies.

For example, I am fairly certain that Michelle Williams never formally announced her pregnancy with Matilda (somebody please correct me if I’m wrong about this!). Also, as CBB mentioned in a recent post, Casey Affleck and whatever his wife’s name is (I can’t remember at the moment) never made a formal annoucement about their pregnancy with their son Indiana either (they apparently never even made a formal annoucement about his birth!).

Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me all that much that Christina hasn’t confirmed anything. Personally, I don’t that she is required to do so just because she is a celeb. If she wants to keep her pregnancy to herself (well, at least as long as possible. Obviously she won’t be able to hide her pregnancy once she is a bit further along!), then we should let her!

As for Britney confirming her pregnancy with Jayden when she was about three months along…Keep in mind that Jayden is her second child. Christina is currently expecting her FIRST child. It seems to me that celebs tend to wait longer to announce their pregnancy if it is their first.

Erin on

She’s pulling the dress out slightly to hide the bump…I understand not coming out and saying something, though and really respect her for not doing so. It’s really not our business in the first place and she probably feels very protective, understandably.

Autumn on

Yeah I’d say just like some of the rest of you, Christina’s dress has a lot to do with it. If she was wearing a clingy, form-fitting dress (like Nicole Ritchie’s been wearing lately) you probably would see her belly a lot clearer.

I think she probably is pregnant, and is still rather small, at least compared to her boobs. lol! Katie Hoolmes’ pregnancy seemed to “come & go” with her outfits, and so I think it’s the same here for Christina.

As far as comparing Christina’s pregnancy to Britney’s last year, Britney got pregnant with Jaden only 3 months after Sean was born, so her belly was far more elastic and showed her second pregnacy sooner than she probably did even for Sean the year before.

Mary on

Heh, so many people are saying she looks smaller in this pic. I however think she looks bigger. I was even starting to doubt her pregnancy because she always looked so thin. I actually clicked on the link to this expecting not to see anything and finally ask about it. I was gonna be like “Are you sure she’s pregnant? She’s too skinny”

I actually see the bump now. I didn’t even see one in that jumpsuit she wore on stage. Even though everyone else was all “Oh she’s huge!” I was like “No. No she isn’t.” LOL

terri on

If some people choose to hear from Christina before believing that she’s pregnant that’s their prerogative. And I don’t think anyone here is demanding that she confirm it.

emily on

i think she confirmed it in a way at her concert by pointing at her growing tummy. i hope everything goes ok, she’s looking great another stylish mommy like gwen stefani