Bridget Moynahan takes John out for a walk

09/04/2007 at 02:05 PM ET

Actress Bridget Moynahan, 36, takes son John Edward Thomas, 2 weeks old tomorrow, out for a walk in Santa Monica on Monday. Bridget was joined by her mother, who’s currently staying with her. More photos are available at x17 Online.


Photo by x17; specifically for use on the Celebrity Baby Blog, Inc only. Use on other sites is prohibited without purchase.


Bridget pushes Orbit Baby’s Orbit Infant System in mocha/khaki ($900). Instead of the carseat, which we’ve seen most celeb parents using, Bridget has the bassinet (which comes with a cradle base as well — $240) attached to the stroller.

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J on

She looks very pretty and very tired. 🙂 Congratulations!

Catherine on

She looks amazing!
Does anyone know if she’s releasing pictures of the baby to any of the magazines?

Sarah’s note: Not that we’ve heard from our magazine sources. There would be definite interest if Bridget wanted to, but nothing has come up yet that we’re aware of (despite what the Herald gossip column had said).

Tracy on

She is always so beautiful! She has so much grace that she’d never let on if there was any tension between her and Tom. I can’t wait to see the baby!

Cindy on

Awwww…I only wish we could see his face. Great job, CBB & Sarah!! She looks FAB! Except for the boobs, one would never guess she’d just had a baby, er…..OK, the stroller is a dead giveaway, but you get my drift. LOL. Good luck Bridget, now and forever!

gabriella on

She looks great, lost all the baby weight it looks like.

jenny on

What kind of stroller is she pushing?

Sarah’s note: Orbit. I was in a rush to get the picture posted and am still adding info. 😉

Heather on

She does look amazing! Wow! She also looks very happy. 🙂

Karen on

im wondering if it will be awhile before we see the baby…she seems very private…and he sure is…….Ben and Jennifer din’t let us see Violet until she was older…wonder if it will be the same here…..she does look tired..but i remember when i had babies…you are tired…and it looks like with the help of grandma…she is doing it..and i betch she is breatfeeding….but boy did she get her figure back…..i think she is happy with her baby…..

Sarah’s note: She’s definitely nursing.

meghan on

sigh – EVERYONE has the orbit now. and we are going stroller shopping this weekend and it looks like the one we’ll be getting. i wish there was a brand new cool stroller to buy. 😦

JK on

She looks Happy and fantastic figure for 2 weeks post partum.
Congratulations Bridget.
She has class and has kept her self respect throughout.

daphneesmith on

She looks so happy!

So tired of seeing the Orbit and the Bugaboo already. They are so unnecessary, but I guess I shouldn’t judge. $800/900 for a stroller though? It had better get up during the night to feed the baby for that price.

The Bugs and Orbits just strike me as helping parents keep up with the Joneses. Ugh.

tink1217 on

Bridget looks great!!! Especially for being just 2 weeks post csection!! I couldn’t even stand up straight for a week! She looks so happy too. Hope she lets us get a glimpse of the baby soon!

Dawna on

Whoa, is that what 2-weeks postpartum looks like? Dang, I’ve never looked like that in my life and I’ve never been pregnant!

You know what, I see those fancy prams all over the city, and I did not realize how much they cost until I started reading this web-site. Holy toledo!

My parents pushed me around in those cheap plastic U-handle strollers that you fold up and throw in the trunk. Probably cost them like $25 at the time. I turned out okay, I think! Hehe.

Adam on

Bridget is a nasty manipulative bitch. She got pregnant after 3 years of baby free sex knowing her relationship was going South. They broke up, by her own admission, in late November, having the baby in late August – Tom did not know, but even if he did, he had every right to walk since he did not love her enough to marry her. Even IF it wasn’t a trap, and that is a big damned IF, she is just as responsible for getting pregnant. Face it, she is b-list and wants to be a-list. She is desperate for fame and she wants it no matter what the cost including explioting her pregnancy and now baby son. NO WAY paps are waiting around for Bridget ‘who knows her name outside of Tom Brady’ Moynahan to get pics. She has her people stages these little appearances over and over again. She is disgusting! She had to react to Tom and Gisele’s NYC and Boston lovefest weekend by walking the baby. Tom and Gisele are a classy couple. Tom is a good guy who is in a terrible situation. She names him as the Dad to the World in Page 6 and now wants him out of their sons life. Sorry Bridget, doesn’t work that way, Tom will be a Daddy to John like it or not since you called him out to the World (again for media attention)!

jean on

When I paid $375 for a Peg Perego 12 years ago I thought I’d lost my mind! $900? plus the attachment of $250? Wow!

To be up and exercising at two weeks, she’s in better shape than I thought. All those pre-baby workouts really helped! She looks so healthy and proud. Someday soon we hope to see a nice man walking with her when her Mom has to go back home to MA. Can’t wait for that.

I guess just seeing this is enough for me. Don’t need to see the baby, that will come when the baby is front-facing on a stroller! I personally would like it better if she didn’t sell her pictures to any media.

Charity on

My first thought was “She looks happy!” Good for her. Great that she has her mom to help.

So what if she has a $900 baby stroller? She can afford it plus still have money left to give away (if she so chooses).

Grayson's Girl on

She looks amazing for a woman 2 weeks postpartum! She looks really happy too! I can’t wait to see the darling, I bet he’s gorgeous.

As for the $900 stroller, she can afford it so why not? Better John get it than the government in taxes lol.

laurie on

Bridget looks amazing she is such a good actress and such a class act.

ab on

She is amazing and beautiful!!!

lj on

Love Bridget, Hope we get to see the baby pics soon!

She looks wonderful!

Alice on

She has really held her head high, good for her. It’s hard enough going through a pregnancy, much less going through it alone and with all the media attention and speculation surrounding her situation. I hope the baby is healthy and thriving. She looks great.

Autumn on

Bridget looks about like I thought she would post partum, almost entirely back to her pre-pregnancy shape even only 2 weeks post. I wonder how easily she’ll be able to loose all of her belly since she had a c-section, although she’ll probably work on it until it’s all gone…(then resort to plastic surgery if she still has a slight belly. lol)

It’s cool that she took her son out for a walk, even though the public really didn’t see much more than just his fancy stroller.

Also imho, if her son wants to someday follow his father’s footsteps and become a football player or some other type of athlete, Bridget shouldn’t discourage him because of her relationship with Tom, since altheticism is no doubt in his genes! lol!

Lisa on

I’m sorry but I have to be the negative comment…you are NOT supposed to be out walking 2 weeks after a c-section no matter what shape you are in … you’re not supposed to drive a car, walk up steps, etc
They don’t even suggest exercise walking after vaginal for up to 6 weeks.
I mean geez, give your body a rest for 6 weeks…it goes by fast!
I’m a physician’s assistant and when we see people rushing to get their body back they end up coming in with ripped stitches, etc.

But besides that she does look great and I’m definitely on ‘Team Bridget’.

RN on

Not exactly true Lisa. All post-op patients are encouraged to be up and ambulatory as soon as possible after any surgery. Start with gentle short walks of 20mins and increase as tolerated. you can climb stairs in your home etc. You can’t lift more than 10lbs. Bridget looks like she is out for a walk, and I am sure her MD has told her what she can & cannot do.
She is looking great and seems to be in no distress from this activity.

Karen on

I had a hip replacement…they had me walking the next day…and i was home in 43 days…now adays..they send you home…and tell you not to lift snything heavy…..she looks better after 2 weeks…than i did..when having babies……after a year…….i guess the secret is excerise………i have this feeling….those of us …wanting to see the baby…are in for a long wait……i think she is going to be very protective…and a sly shot from a ” prazz”… the only way we will get to see him…until he is older…..and he is harder to hid……