Brad Pitt and Spike Lee bring sons to Yankees game

09/04/2007 at 10:44 PM ET

Yankee Stadium was the place to be on Tuesday, September 4.  Brad Pitt brought along six-year-old son Maddox Jolie-Pitt to watch the New York Yankees battle the Seattle Mariners.  Sitting right next to the father/son team were director Spike Lee and his 10-year-old son, Jackson. Both boys left with souvenirs as Yankees’ player Derek Jeter handed over baseball bats to each. If you click here, you’ll see Maddox has lost both his front teeth!

Source: Yahoo; NY Post

Inky_dink_tee_notorious_maddox_2 Maddox is wearing Inky Dink’s "Notorious" t-shirt ($30).

Thanks to CBB readers Nicole and Jennifer.


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Jo Ann v. on

Eish! I travel a lot and need to rest between departures. But I don’t travel as much as the Jolie Pitt (gimme the money, I could!), and wonder in awe: do they *ever* rest? Like, there’s jetlag right? :/

Dawna on

Wow, first they’re taking a water taxi ride in Venice, Italy, and now they’re at a baseball game in NYC! I thought the Concorde was retired as that was one fast flight across the Atlantic!

Ah, to be a celebrity and get a baseball bat from a Yankee player at a game.

guli on

OMG–this is so lovely. I bet both of the boys and the dads (maybe more so) had a ball at the ball game.
I hope Spike and Brad make a movie together, I think it would be awesome.
BTW-Derek Jeter is a great guy, I didn’t know him much before but kudos to him…

emay on

Spike’s little boy is adorable… looks just like him. From what I remember he also has a daughter that’s the spitting image of his wife. They have mini-mes!

Weren’t the Jolie-Pitts just in Italy?? I hear you on the jet lag. Boy, that’s a busy family.

Rachel on

Monday, September 4 ? The 4th was a Tues.

Sarah on

uhm..Don’t the kids have to go to school soon? Or shouldn’t they have started already? Or are they homeschooled, seeing that they’re traveling around the world..?

levnette on

yup, there’s a new pix of brad, angie bringing maddox to school..

Grayson's Girl on

There’s an awesome shot from this set I saw where Brad is explaining something to Maddox about the game. I could just hear Brad going “son, what happens is………and then they………which causes…….that’s what we just saw”, it’s a beautiful picture. It’s so wonderful to see fathers like Brad and Spike spending quality time with their kids, if people are going to follow the celebrities this is one trend I hope they choose.

Corky on

Well my Mariners got killed at that game but at least something good came from it; Pictures of cute kids with their dads! Brad and Angie travel so much the kids: Z, Pax and Mad probably dont have jetlag because they dont have a clue what time zones are and sleep on the planes. This is possibly why whenever they land somewhere like the first week in New York we didnt see Shiloh because she was probably recovering from flying and they kept her at home.

sil on

OMG how sweet is the first picture??!!

Christine on

ok, while i think its great that they were at the game and all, pics are great… did Derek Jeter really think it was necessary to give these boys who have more money than we could ever imagine, game-used bats just for being celeb babies… what about the children who go to every game and idolize these players day in and day out and aspire to be like them!!! sorry, but I just feel bad for the kids who were around them :(.. its not fair to single out the rich ones.. JMO

FC on

That first photo just melts me. And Spike’s son is a little cutie. Love that grin when Derek came by to give them the bats. 🙂

Chiara on


disko2k on

awesome. Mighty big of Jeter to give the the rich, overly-priviledged children of celebrities some souvenirs. i’m sure the kids of average joe’s in the stands were very happy for them. What a douche!

terri on

Spike’s little man is so adorable!

Annoynomus on

It amazes me that people are so concerned about whether or not the Jolie-Pitt kids go to school, for these two main reasons:

1. There were TONS of pics here on CBB of Brad and Angie bringing Maddox, Pax, and Zahara to school in Prague late this spring, and there have been other pictures of Maddox being taken to school in New Orleans, so obviously the kids DO go to school.

2. Techinically, Maddox is the only Jolie-Pitt kid who is school-aged (yes, we have seen pics of Pax and Zahara attending some sort of pre-school, but the fact of the matter is that it wouldn’t be that huge of a deal if they didn’t attend school at all yet)!

As for the issue of them just being in Italy and then suddenly being back in NY….Keep in mind that Brad is still filiming his movie in NY. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that they were able to stay in Italy only long enough for the premire of Brad’s latest movie. Also, Maddox (and possibly Pax and Z) may have had to be back yesterday for school. Anyway, I am sure the J-P’s know how to deal with Jett-lag. 🙂

Campbell on

Just adore the pics. Anyone remember that children’s tv show that used to be on about 15 years ago… “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago”? hehe. Kinda like the Pitts.

Sara on

I think I might get some slack for this but here goes … out of all the kids in the stands, who maybe get to go to one or two ballgames in their lives, Superstar Derek Jeter gives autographed bats to the two kids who sit in the front row at every game and travel all over the world by age 1. Just doesn’t seem fair.