Jolie-Pitt family take a water taxi ride in Venice, Italy

09/03/2007 at 07:49 PM ET

Actors Brad Pitt, 43, and Angelina Jolie, 32, take their four children on a water taxi ride in Venice, Italy. The couple have four children; Maddox Chivan, 6, Pax Thien, 3 1/2, Zahara Marley,  2 1/2, and Shiloh Nouvel, 15 months. An additional photo is available at The Daily Mail; many more available at Just Jared.

Photos by Bauer Griffin.

101791_14 Zahara is wearing Stride Rite Guppy stage 3 sandals in brown ($39).

Shiloh’s dress is by Bonpoint (from last year’s collection — Zahara originally wore it for Shiloh’s first photo shoot) and is no longer available. You can find a similar style in size 18-24 months in Feather Baby’s angel dress in periwinkle ($58).

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Robin on

Shiloh is absolutely beautiful! She has adorable siblings, gorgeous parents and is a world traveler! What more can that genetically blessed child want. I wanna be adopted by Brad and Angie too!

April on

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family. But seriously, how does she wear white? With one child as soon as I put on anything white, he’s got to dirty it in less than a minute. I can’t imagine even trying with four or more.

Sarah’s note: Seriously! I wore white capris today and had a blueberry handprint on my thigh within the first five minutes. 😉

Jennifer on

They love to travel. Everytime I come here they are in a different place. I wonder if they will ever settle down somewhere. Shiloh is beautiful; if looks like she has lipstick on, LOL.

Heidi on

I love Shiloh’s dress. Does anyone know where it’s from?

Annoyomus on

Awww, Shiloh is such a cutie! I can’t believe how grown up she looks in the photo from the Daily Mail! Her siblings are adorable as well. I love seeing pictures of this family!

Lauren on

April and Sarah, I feel your pain. I adore white-it looks so fresh and clean-but I swear that there are some white things-mainly tops-that I have to wash every time I wear it. Argh! But I love that the girls usually wear white; they both look beautiful in it, and it especially look striking against Z’s skin tone.

Shi kind of looks like she has piggies with the way her hair’s blowing in the first pic!

alex on

i have the same penguin Pax is holding in the other picture…lol..and Shiloh is just beautiful.

mafg on

there are more pictures at – adorable family. z’s penguin is photographed almost as often as she is, like other little ones, it’s a much loved friend. this family seems as normal as you can be exposed to this level of interest. I think it’s extremely smart of them to ask for some distance but not fight the inevitable, think it keeps the kids laid back…instead of bringing tension and anger into the mix.

FC on

Love the first one. Angie’s smile is beautiful, glowing. Love this family, I seriously do. 🙂 And I just want to pinch Shi’s cherubic cheeks!

gabriella on

Shiloh is beautiful, great combination of both parents.

Mon on

Soooo cute. Shi is gorgeous. Its nice to finally see more of her. They always look very clean these kids lol. Never a mark on their clothes.

Melea on

I don’t think some of these photos do Shiloh justice. Not the cutest photos I’ve seen of her but she is a pretty little baby, I can’t wait until they really do put pigtails in her hair.

About the white, we don’t do white. It just doesn’t work for us either. I would like one of the questions for Angie be, “how do you keep your kids clothes clean when they wear white?”. Maybe she knows something we don’t… LOL!

lily on

I was watching Legends of the Fall yesterday and Shiloh looks just like Brad. I see a bit of Angelina but mostly she’s a mini-Brad w/bigger lips. She is so cute and I wish they would adopt me too! Or, no, wait…I think I’d just like to be Shiloh! Lol

ht on

OMG, the first photo of the entire family is just adorable. Also the additional photos at justjared are just beautiful…especially the last photo.

peta on

They are such a cute family!

I’m pretty sure Shiloh’s dress is this one from feather baby

i just LOVE their clothing, it’s so beautiful 🙂

stephanie on

Shiloh’s dress looks like a hand-me-down from Zahara, the one she wore in Shiloh’s first picture, this is the second time she wears it, I think. I remember someone pointed it out before.

lola on

What a happy happy amazing family!!!!

Marie on

Best dressed baby in the world goes to… Shiloh!!

Evie on

I love the extra pics at Just Jared, they really look like their enjoying the water taxi. Does anyone know if Z’s penguin is a Happy Feet penguin or not?

Ella on

these are some really gorgeous pics and those are some real gorgeous kids.
love Shiloh’s dress…

binababy on

I love these! The ones on JustJared are adorable too. I love how Brad & Ange dress the kids to their personality – Shiloh is always dressed so girly and Z is usually in jeans and t’s. Brad seems more bothered than usual by the paps in these shots, though.

tink1217 on

they are so sweet! Shiloh is just amazingly beautiful. I absolutely love her dress and white pantaloons!!! I love Angelina’s sense of style.

jacy on

Hey Angelina and Brad

Please adopt a disabled, thin lipped child next. Your “desired physical attributes” (as is currently and legitmately asked of any adoptive parent when being “matched”) are becoming so obvious it is nauseating.If you are really both serious about helping disadvantaged kids through adoption, less on the perfect examples please and more of the ones that get left behind because they aren’t “beautiful” enough.

Chloe on

I don’t think Shiloh’s dress is the Feather Baby one, it seems to have a different pattern on the bib. As others have said, it looks more like the Bon Point dress Zahara wore at the same age. Angelina was photographed shopping at Bon Point in early 2006 in Paris, just before the newborn photo spread. Unfortunately the dress is no longer on their website since it was part of the 2006 collection.

Bee on

I love this family and I think it is so nice to see a hollywood family focused on thier children, but does anyone else think it is wrong to take four small chilidren on a boat with no life jackets.

Anne on

I love this family they are so good looking. Sarah I was wondering if you have any pictures of Iman and David Bowie’s child.
I can’t seem to find any. Thanks, Anne

Sarah’s note: Not that I’ve seen. Sorry.

Nausicaa on

I can’t get over how gorgeous and wonderful this family is. They travel all over the world, see and do amazing things… And their children attain such knowledge of having travelled everywhere. I love this family so much I could burst.

How adorable is Zahara? Just look at the photoes at JustJared: she’s glaring at the paparazzi and holding up her hand like she’s saying, “What!?” She’s mastered the art of the killing look. She’s easily the cutest of all of them.

Annabel on

Have to say, it’s pretty cool to see these two movie stars dressing their kids in each other’s perfectly good hand-me-downs, instead of all overly expensive new designer baby clothes. Very normal … and way to be green 🙂

Kaley on

Shiloh seriously is the perfect combination of both her parents. She is such an angel 🙂 There is a really cute picture at Just Jared of Angie kissing Shiloh!

Natalee on

I totally agree w/Annabel. I love it how the kids wear the older sibling’s hand me downs. Of course, Maddox has the advantage of being the oldest, and therefore, always scores the new clothes!

I think this represents how down-to-earth this family can be despite their celebrity status and globe-hopping lifestyle.

FC on

Anne, here’s a site that has some photos of Alexandria. Old photos but still of Alexandria. I know that there had been a photo of her with David out in NYC published in a magazine last year, but I can’t remember which one it was.

SJ on

It seems a coincidence that we only see this family and hear about their love for one another when there is a movie to promote. It’s sad really.

madd on

one more from US Weekly

J.M. on

I just love how this family recycles clothes! That’s an awesome down to earth kind of family. I love them more and more each time they’re out and about!

essie on

Bee, they are on a water taxi in Venice. No life jackets necessary because the ride is usually no more than a couple of minutes from point to point and the taxi’s are very safe.

preesi on

Essie? there are a hundred so Water Taxi deaths a year. Google “Water Taxi Deaths.”

Carrie on

I WANT her jacket!!!!!!

trixie on

This family is so so so totally cute.

Gabbie13 on

So not only is this family absolutely gorgeous, but they conserve too! I love the fact that their kids wear hand-me-downs eventhough they could afford 50 of those dreses!

Annoyomus on

preesi- Of course it’s possible for water taxi accidents to happen, but the fact of the matter is that they ARE very safe. Like Eesie pointed out, the ride only takes a few minutes.

All of that said, there is a very good chance that there either were no lifejackets on board, or that they are kept in a compartment on board the water taxi in case of emergencies. I myself took a water taxi ride in Chicago once, and nobody on that water taxi was wearing life jackets either. There were, however, life jackets stored on the taxi, just in case.