Angelina Jolie takes Maddox and Zahara out in Venice

09/03/2007 at 06:01 AM ET

Actress Angelina Jolie, 32, takes Maddox Chivan, 6, and Zahara Marley, 2 1/2, on a boat ride and around the city on Sunday in Venice. They are in town so that daddy, Brad Pitt, 43, can promote his new film The Assassination of Jesse James.

Photos by Ramey Pix.

Chick_chat_zahara_dressZahara’s dress is by Chick Chat — available in aqua, earth, watermelon and pink (sizes 2-14) ($23).

101791_14Zahara is wearing Stride Rite Guppy stage 3 sandals in brown ($39).

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Nicole on

Check out Mad’s fake tattoo! Awesome.

All of them are gorgeous as usual – I love Z’s dress.

emma on

You see you can look glamourous, stlyish and chic and not wear stupid high heels! (of course it helps that you’re angelina jolie!)

ME on

They’re so cute, although I’m not a fan of her shoes.

brannon on

Mad is getting so tall! And wow – Z is gorgeous! Look at that photo! I can’t wait until they add to their family! Love them!

Melissa on

Zahara’s dress is by Chick Chat clothes. It’s from their spring 07 line. I bought one for my daughter – it washes so well and is sooo cute. It’s on sale now, too, at

popi on

Z is so pretty!I love how she is dressed in the 2nd pic!Maddox is cute too!Angelina is simply gorgeous!

mon on

Z looks amazing in the blue. she’s going to be such a stunner. and maddox is as cute as ever. A always looks amazing.

Spot on

Based on these photos and Brad’s comments the other day it wouldn’t surprise me if Angie is pregnant again and yes I hate pregnant-watch and don’t usually participate but this time I really think I am right.

Evie on

I agree, nice tattoo on him. It might jsut be what he’s wearing but I think he’s had a growth spurt.

I love what Z’s wearing. She looks really cute.

delia on

Don’t her arms hurt? She has a habit of carrying her kids until they are like 5. Let them walk!

Kate on

Zahara looks like she has such attitude! Very sassy.

Sarah on

yep ME you’re right, I don’t like the shoes either.
on the other hand i like her glasses. and little Z is too cute for words!!!

tink1217 on

Spot, I was thinking the same thing! The comments Brad made and the way Ang’s shirt looks…time for bump watch! LOL! I love this family. Z is so precious and Mad is growing up so fast!!!

Aleah on

Zahara is gorgeous!

greenmtx on

I love Z’s dress too…she’s gorgeous! And now I want some ice cream…

kily18 on

Z is so pretty!!! Lovely eyes and unique expression.

CandiceC on

Agh! I hate when Ange wears those nude colored shoes (she does often, it seems). It always looks like she’s barefoot and just doesn’t have any toes. It creeps me out.

Anyways, Z and Mad are precious as always. Love, love, LOVE Zahara’s dress!

Ariadne on

I don’t think Angelina looks pregnant. I think it’s a combination of an ill-fitting dress, and the fact that she’s leaning backward to support her daughter’s weight.

She looks gorgeous (as usual), but she really could stand to put on about five pounds, to put her safely back in “healthy” territory. But she knows that, so we can only hope that it’ll happen soon.

Kristen on

What? Where’s this bump? I was thinking how scarily skinny she looks while looking at these photos. I don’t think she has an eating disorder or anything, but she definitely needs to eat more of that ice cream!

ME on

hey how come my comment has been edited without notice??!!?? that’s not really fair, i wasn’t being rude, i just said that Angie’s shoes were ugly and that she could buy new one, is that a crime??
i don’t want to sound disrespectful, i think you are doing a good job watching that nothing bad is said here, but come on, i was just talking about shoes.

Sarah’s note: We always edit comments if they are negative so that they don’t sound so harsh. I was away for the weekend and Shannon must have edited yours. I changed it to reflect that you don’t like her shoes, but I don’t know what it originally said. We prefer to keep posts positive.

Julia A on

I never thought Zee looks like Angelina before, but in that second pic she really does look like her mother IMO.

Marla on
If you scroll down there is a gorgeous pic of brad and angelina with all their kids, also made in Venice I think

AM on

Awwe, I really hope they add to their family soon. All of their children are gorgeous! But, I do think it’s kinda funny, everytime I see a picture of Angelina in those shoes I have to do a double take because it looks like she has no toes lol. But she is still very stylish!

Autumn on

Yeah based on the comments going around how “Brad’s ready for a fifth child…” and all, I wouldn’t be surprised if Angelina is pregnant again, but we’ll have to see. lol!

(It’d be cool if Brad & Ange had a biological son too, but we’ll just have to see. 🙂 )

I just hope they can keep up with all of their kids, but anyway it looks like they’re having fun here! 🙂

J.M. on

I know they say black is thinning but wow Angie looks really skinny (and not in a good way)!

I love Z’s outfit.

Mel on

Is it just me or do they look really happy lately. Just about every pic of Angie she is smiling and looking like she is having fun. That should slow down all those nasty rumors. Plus it is great that they genuinely seem so happy together.

Lily on

Yeah AJ does look quite thin but i deffo think there will be a bump in there soon! It looks just how it did when she was pregnant with Shiloh, wasn’t she carrying Z and M to cover the bump then?

And with Brad’s comment, it’s gonna happen soon if it hasn’t happened already!

Lilybett on

I think she looks better than she has in a while. The tops of her arms are filled out. Her legs are a little skinny, but she’s eating icecream and on her way back to normal, I think.

I like that she wears boring sensible shoes. Can you imagine tottering around on high heels, carrying a child in VENICE? They’re getting on and off all kinds of boats all day… I’d prefer ugly shoes to seeing Z accidently pitched over the side into that gross water.

gabriella on

I don’t think she looks pregant at all, she looks super skinny especially her legs. And yea those shoes aren’t cute, they look like for an older woman IMO.

Renee on

I don’t think she is too thin. Angelina has always been a thin person even in younger pics of her. I think she may have had more muscles back then but if she can carry two toddlers at the same time, she is okay 🙂

Amber on

I love Z. She is my favourite Celeb baby.

Didn’t Ang say she never wanted to be pregnant again? If they want a 5th child she doesn’t have to be pregnant for it, they’ve proved that enough times.

Sarah’s note: From what I’ve read, she is planning to be pregnant again as they want another biological child.

FC on

Love the photos! Z looks precious in that little dress and her black slacks underneath. Cute! And Maddox does seem to be growing up quite a bit, literally and figuratively. 🙂

Can I have some gelato now? 🙂

Adore1a on

Where do people get these false b/s info from. Amber, Angelina has NEVER said she doesn’t want to be pregnant again. In fact in the RD interview she said more bio and more adopted. In MC, she made it clear how much she LOVED being pregnant. So i really dont get where u got your mis information from.

Further more, even though people LOVE to repeat the LIE about her never ever having a bio child, at the time she was not in a relationship and said at this time NO, adoption was the route she was gonna take, but she never said she was NEVER gonna have a bio child.

Aaron on

What on earth would make people think she has a bun in the oven? She’s like…20 pounds underweight! Please! It’s good to see her eating ice cream. I’d be more than willing to take her to Cold Stone and get her the biggest size of the Peanut Butter Cup Perfection. Now THAT would be a happy event.

KarenK on

Aaron, two words for you:

Nicole Richie

jen on

Zahara’s sandals are from Stride Rite. I think they’re mainly for boys, but girls wear them too.

Annoyomus on

KarenK- Yes, Nicole was quite underweight when she got pregnant, but that doesn’t mean that EVERY thin woman who appears to have a but of a “bump” is pregnant! Also, Nicole’s bump has always been MUCH more obvious than Angelina’s supposed one is.

Adore1- ITA! I don’t understand why so many people seem convinced that Angie and Brad will never have another bio child! Like Adore1 said, Angie herself has stated in a few recent interviews that she and Brad definently plan to have more adopted kids AND more bio kids!

Anyway, I don’t think she is pregnant right now, but I have a feeling she might be soon. However, I also won’t be surprised if they adopt an African girl first. 🙂

Lauren on

I have really softened to Angelina after seeing the lovely photos of her and all the kids over the past month or so, but to be frank, she has the most blatantly obnoxious fans I’ve ever come across. I have never seen people get so fanatically defensive over a celebrity, particularly on so strong-willed as Angie. People against my favorite celebrities all the time, and I don’t run around like a lunatic all over the Internet biting peoples’ heads off and making people feel like total idiots for simply stating their opinions.

On another note, Mad has gotten so tall, and I love Zahara’s dress and little bracelet. They’re both adorable.

Annoyomus on

Ariadne- ITA! A few months ago, people were speculating that Jen Garner was pregnant after some very similar pictures of her were posted on CBB. Just like Angie is doing in these pics, Jen was leaning back to support her daughter’s weight. As we all know, Jen recently announced that she is “absolutly not pregnant”. Therefore, it obviously was just the fact that she was leaning back to support Violet’s weight, possibly combined with a baggy shirt, that made people think she was pregnant.

All of that said, I have a feeling that it is the same with Angie: She is leaning back to support Z’s weight, and that possibly combined with an ill-fitting shirt is making her appear, at least to some people, to have a bit of a bump (I, personally, can’t see it).

Keep in mind that she also may still have some baby fat left over from Shiloh (not to mention the fact that Shiloh was born via C-section, so Angie’s abdominal muscles underwent some major trauma). Also, the fact that she has been carrying Z, Shiloh, and sometimes Pax a lot doesn’t mean a thing. While I am not denying the fact that she did use Z to cover her bump while pregnant with Shiloh, we need to remember that Angie ALWAYS carries Z, Shi, and sometimes Pax. It’s not like she suddenly started carrying them.

Anyway, as I have said before, I do think she might get pregnant again soon, but I don’t think she is right now.

Lauren on

“I have never seen people get so fanatically defensive over a celebrity, particularly on so strong-willed as Angie. People against my favorite celebrities all the time…”

The above should read, “I have never seen people get so fanatically defensive over a celebrity, particularly one as strong-willed as Angie. People speak against my favorite celebrities all the time…” Sorry for the atrocious grammar.

Annoyomus on

Lauren- Whoa! I see your point, but I don’t think that Adore1 did anything wrong, nor do I think she was trying to make it seem like she knows Angie’s every move. She was just stating what she DOES know, which is what we have heard from reliable magazines and other sources.

I do agree that the “Where do people get these b/s information from….” line was a bit strong, I think that Adore was just trying to say that it frustrates her when people act like the info they recieve from tabloids is fact.

I, too, have become quite annoyed that people are always assuming that Angie won’t have any more bio babies, and that everyone seems to think she didn’t really want Shiloh (when in fact she confirmed a few months ago that Shi was indeed planned) because she apparently stated that she never wanted bio kids.

I don’t mean to make assumptions or be mean, but here is my opinion:

I think that some people are still angry that Angie got pregnant with Brad’s child so soon after he broke up with Jen. I also think that people feel that Jen should have been the mother of Shiloh and any future bio children of Brad’s instead of Angie. Basically, I think that the people who state that they don’t think Angie will ever have another bio child actually don’t WANT her to have another bio child because, in their minds, Jen’s the one who should be having Brad’s bio babies.

Amy on

Has anyone else ever noticed that they are always feeding their kids ice cream? Everywhere they take them they are buying them ice cream treats. I hope that doesn’t sound critical…I am just wondering if anyone else noticed it. I think it’s fine for kids to have treats and to get to be kids 🙂

tary on

“Adore, we get that you incessantly follow Angie’s every move 24/7 and know everything about her. Sorry we can’t all be as up-to-the-second on her life as you.”

Jeez Lauren, don’t attacking other CBB readers, it’s not necessary. Passive-aggressive sarcasm isn’t called for. I didn’t particularly feel that Adore1 said anything to warrant that.

Kat on

well, Angie had said they wanted to have another bio child once she put on some weight.

going by her arms and this side profile, I’d say she’s put some one… she doesn’t look so underweight anymore.

So we might see her pregnant soon.

sinclair on

wow. angie must REALLY love those shoes. yikes. let them air out a little!! i’m sure she can afford it.

as for the ice cream–ITA here. way too much. every time the kids are out, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream. sheesh. Whatev. They’re Angie’s kids, so…..

lena on

I don’t think AJ even looks pregnant, this ‘bump” that people keep mentioning is just that, i think it’s just her tummy, she not perfectly flat, you can still be slim and have a tummy and she does have organs. I also think they will adopt next time, only because she got another asian child for Mad to identify with, I think she will get another african/black child for Z to identify before they have another biological child, IMO

Adore1 on

tary, well if u/others don’t know stuff about the woman then maybe one shouldn’t comment and stop spreading false info about her. The person who made the statement about her never being pregnant again could have made their point without resorting to lies. Any positive post, certain people NEVER post on said thread, but anything negative the are on said thread speading lies.

jen on

I’m sorry to say that Lauren is always attacking other readers. I’ve said this before and she is still allowed to do so. WHY???

Sarah’s note: Yes, that post was a bit much, although usually we find Lauren’s posts to be fine. That’s not something I would have published without editing. I will go back and take care of it now.

preesi on

If Jennifer Aniston had wanted babies like she keeps saying, she could have adopted or gotten IVF by now…

Brad and Jen just werent as compatible as Brad and Angie…
Jen did NOT support Brads hobbies and Angie does, Angie moved into the house that Brad had designed (Jen didnt like his designs) and it was Angie who kidnapped Brad and took him to FallingWater in Pennsylvania for his birthday (Jen didnt think of that in their 7 years together?) It was Angie who took Brad to another architectural vacation in Panama a year ago. NOT JEN.

Brad and Ang are more compatible, PERIOD!

People have to get over it!

Tary on

“tary, well if u/others don’t know stuff about the woman then maybe one shouldn’t comment and stop spreading false info about her. The person who made the statement about her never being pregnant again could have made their point without resorting to lies. Any positive post, certain people NEVER post on said thread, but anything negative the are on said thread speading lies. “

Adore1 – you nutter, I was defending YOU, lol! Go back and read it again. 😉 I agree, Angelina attracts a lot of unnecessary vitriol.

Campbell on

I went and listened to Brad’s full answer about more children in his Italian interview, he said “yes, we’re ready, we’re just getting started”. I haven’t seen that second part published anywhere. Also, I made a statement in another post on this subject, saying that an Indian or Chinease child would certainly add to the overall diversity of their family. Well, reading Winipeg(winipeck, wickepeg or whatever the heck that blamed site is called, you all know what I mean…LOL!) it was mentioned that BP was permanently banned from China after a film he did, (and his costar). Of course, AJ could certainly go there, or Japan, or any other Asian country for that matter, I guess. AJ being 32 she certainly has age on her side for plenty more bio babies if they so choose. I think we can all count on one thing for CERTAIN…. they will have more children. I find it all so fascinating. I wish her the very best health so she can birth all the potential babies she desires. And I wish her the very best health so she can adopt all the children she desires (BP too). THEY ARE GONNA NEED IT! 🙂