Rumor: Kylie Minogue considering possible future fertility procedure

09/02/2007 at 05:19 AM ET

Australian singer Kylie Minogue, 39, is apparently considering undergoing a new fertility procedure “in the near future,” in order to get pregnant. Kylie reportedly received two IVF treatments in 2005 before discovering she had breast cancer; however, chemotherapy left her too exhausted for a family. According to a close friend of the singer, Kylie’s improved health renewed the star’s interest in having children.

She knows that time isn’t standing still and wants to start a family sooner rather than later. She’s been taking advice on whether she’s physically fit enough now, and whether medical science is advanced enough, for her to consider going ahead with the operation.

She adores children and has always wanted her own family. Her 40th birthday next year and the birth of her first nephew last year have brought that home to her more than ever.

Kylie ended a long-term relationship with French actor Olivier Martinez earlier this year, and reportedly plans to raise a possible future child as a single mother.

Source: The Sun


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ZaraB on

I am Kylie’s biggest fan – I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her, and would be so delighted if she was able to fulfil her dream of becoming a mum.

Is she planning to use a sperm donor, or planning to get back together with Olivier? I’m not sure which would be best, as Olivier has treated her so badly in the past… I’ve always felt that he didn’t deserve her.

Anyway, I’ve just started TTC, and I’d be totally thrilled if I was pregnant at the same time as Kylie!!

Please keep tabs on this story – I’ll be dying to hear what happens. I think Kylie would be a wonderful mother!!!

Ann on

Nice post! You have said it very well. Keep going.

PSB on

Does she have a stock of fertilized eggs that she made with Olivier? Will she be using those? I wonder how he feels about this if it’s true.

I hope she considers adoption at some point. Even though I would love for her to have a bio baby, I think it’s probably risky to her health to use hormones and fertility treatments.

Jo Ann v. on

It was said on French (gossip) TV that she’d ask her ex to father her child since they know each other so well.
Don’t know if it’s an hoax or something.

ang on

as a fellow Australian, kylie always has and always will be close to many people’s hearts here.i wish her all the best and hope that the future is much brighter for her than the last few years.

gabriella on

I wish her luck, she seems sweet

Macdonald on

There was no suggestion Oliver donated eggs.She has slivers cut and stored on ice.She needs man to fertilse him and it is doubtful, despite rumours of “reunions” without a shred of evidence to support these tales, it is Olivier.

The success rate so far of this new medical process is only 1 % and at her age even slimmer.

IF it is what she wants..good luck to her but i am far from convinced as medical records etc are confidential and Kylie herself has made no such statement or announcements.So taken with a pinch of salt.

emma on

i thought she had got back together with Oliver.

Janet on

Lucky women! i wish her all the best and future life.

Helene on

She can definitely conceive and have a baby at age 39, but she has to seriously address the issue, really focus on her health, eliminate stress from her life, choose a stable partner with whom she will raise the child. After 35 there is little margin for error with fertility in women … unfortunately, no shortcuts. IVF is a possibility but it’s not usually effective if the person doesn’t have an underlying foundation of health. If she puts all the pieces together to be as fertile as she can be, we might have a little Kylie. If not, maybe not. I wish her the best, I have a real soft spot for her.