Jolie-Pitt family take a boat ride in Italy

09/02/2007 at 04:15 AM ET

Actors Angelina Jolie, 32, and Brad Pitt, 43, take their four children on a boat ride in Italy. Angelina carries Shiloh Nouvel, 15 months, Brad carries, Zahara Marley, 2 1/2, and a bodyguard carries Pax Thien, 3 1/2. Maddox Chivan, 6, was present but not pictured. The couple and their family are in town for the Venice Film Festival.

Photos by Ramey Pix.

101791_14Zahara is wearing Stride Rite Guppy stage 3 sandals in brown ($39).

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AshM on

Oh look at Zahara in her seersucker jacket – how cute! Angelina sure seems to like dressing Shiloh in white. It looks nice but I bet she’d look great in some bright colors!

I want to go for a boat ride in Italy! Gosh, that sounds nice right about now! I think those children are just so fortunate to be seeing so much of this world.

deedle on

is Shiloh wearing tiny white Uggs? whatever they are, they’re adorable, as are all the kids.

Sadie on

Ok so Prague, to France, to Chicago, to New York, to Venice…have I missed anything? these kids must have full passports by now!

KD Griffin on

Okay so who’s going to tell me where to get Z’s coat? It’s so cute.

levnette on

aww.. adorable! erm.. angie, she’s 32, right??

Sarah’s note: Yes she is, I’ll edit Shannon’s post.

emma on

I can’t keep up with this family!! They are all over the place it’s incredible really as i’m taking my 1 yr old daughter on a long haul flight this november and i’m already getting worried about how the jet lag will effect her.

J on

Angelina looks so chic…

gabriella on

Shiloh is so pretty

michelle on

Zee has the best facial expressions. She looks like Brad when she does that. A little one I watch does her dads expressions and it cracks me up. And Shiloh is getting blonder and blonder everyday. Love the whole family. My very favorite family ever. Well, after mine of course. 🙂

Kristen on

I love this family, but they tucker me out! I have no idea how they can travel so frequently with four children. It seems like they’re somewhere new every few days. As great and as educational an experience travel is, have they ever publicly discussed how they’ll handle the kids’ formal education? Maddox is 6, so normally he would be heading to school full-time now. I know they often take the kids to school at the American embassy wherever they are, but I imagine that’s more of a pre-school type thing. Will they employ a tutor to travel with them to make sure Maddox meets educational standards for his age?

Brenda on

It seems like this family never stays in the same time zone for more than a week. I can’t imagine that kind of a life for my 15 mo. old . . . she loves her crib and sleep schedule. Vacations are hard enough!

Judy on

Awwww… Z looks so cute with her little coat outfit.

FC on

The family looks color coordinated. Don’t know why, but that’s just cute. 🙂

Belle on

I never see fashion roundup for Brad and Angelina’s girls. I love how they dress Zahara and Shiloh – where can I find their outfits?

gabriella on

Shiloh is so pretty, nice mix of both parents.

mamabear on

I love how Angelina’s latest thing is dressing her little girls all in white!

Shiloh and Zahara always look so cute!

Kylie on


Maddox goes to a un international school. This means that the cirriculum is the same wherever they go, making it might easier to move from place to place.

Sorry I couldn’t give you a better explanation, this is all I know…

Shanequa on

Michelle: Fact- you love the Jolie-Pitt family more than your own and wish you were traveling with them.

tink1217 on

love this family! The girls are always dressed so feminine and the boys so well, “boy”!! They are just so cute!!!

brookefan on

Because they have access to private plane(s), the hassles the rest of us experience in flying are spared them. Which is great, and why they can travel so much. I think these children are thriving. THis is a beautiful family, and I don’t mean the clothing!!

Esme on

About the education….Mad has a private French tutor and an white apple computer he works on as well. I can’t remember which mag I read this in, but the children are being educated. Quite well if I say so myself.

Sadie on

“Quite well if I say so myself”?? Esme – are you their tutor? Do you know them personally? How exactly do you know? Lol. I’m sure they’ve got the kid’s education under control, but they’ve all probably had to develop a few adaptation strategies to cope with being shuttled from one school to the next. Still, they’re young, they can probably get away with it for a while longer…

Esme on

I’m saying that if mad has a french tutor the education he’s getting can’t be awful. and i know college students who use apple computers for their classes….mad’s 6. just sayin. and i’m not their tutor. neither are you. calm down. geesh u want to insult people if they compliment the family and insult people if they don’t. maybe you want to re read my post. nothing in it was offensive to the jolie-pitts. 🙂

terri on

Angelina looks so chic!

AshM on

Esme, I don’t think Sadie was trying to attack you or anything. It’s just the expression you used, “If I say so myself” would usually be said by someone who personally knows. I kind of thought the same thing Sadie did when I read your comment. I know you were just complimenting the Jolie-Pitts though, don’t worry!!