Brad Pitt says he and Angelina Jolie are ready for fifth child

09/02/2007 at 06:24 PM ET

Us_only_pitt_jolie_09017_20_1_2Actor Brad Pitt, 43, and his partner, Angelina Jolie, 31, may have four kids but that doesn’t mean that they are not ready for number five. Brad was in Venice today promoting his new film, The Assassination of Jesse James, when he was asked whether were ready for number five.  Brad replied,

Yeah we’re ready.

The pair are currently raising sons Maddox Chivan, 6, and Pax Thien, 3 1/2, and daughters Zahara Marley,  2 1/2, and Shiloh Nouvel, 15 months. Having four small children isn’t easy, but Brad loves it. He said,

It’s the most fun I’ve ever had and also the biggest pain in the ass I’ve ever experienced. I love it and can’t recommend it any more highly — although sleep is nonexistent.

Source: Yahoo News

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michelle on

I love and adore them. And if it is a biological or adopted child, it will be a great addition to their family and they are doing a great job. Good luck and cant wait to hear further news. They are so lucky to be able to do this for themselves and their children. I would be adopting kids if I could. Good luck!!!!

Lynn on

This family grows awfully fast! Good luck to them, and I mean a lot. Jolie looks really thin lately. I don’t think another kid will help with her health.

J.J. on

Yay!! Great to hear that they’re planning to add more little ones to their family!!! All four of their children are so beautiful and have wonderful personalities!!! Can’t wait to hear more baby news!!

tink1217 on

That is great!! I am betting another biological child might be next! I would love to see a little boy between them! Shiloh is so adorable, a little boy would be too! But, if they decide to adopt again…thats great too! All their kids are so sweet and so different, but they are such a beautiful family!

SJ on

Sorry but I think neither of them are ready. They have four children at the age of 6, 3, 4 and 1. Adding another one means the others will feel some neglect. Pax needs more time to settle in. They need to be reminded that the children they have, have to be ready for a new brother and sister.

LaurenT on

Congrats to them on being ready to add to their family. It strikes me as odd that they are so singled out for wanting a larger family. There are plenty of celebs with larger (than the current average) size family. When we get pictures of the actor from Grey’s Anatomy with his large family, no one questions whether he can love all of them. No one seems to worry that Steven Spieldberg’s children feel neglected and unloved. Mel Gibson has eight children (if memory serves). Those are just the ones that spring immediately to mind. The whole policing of when other adults decide to expand their own family completely confuses me. The children this couple currently have seem to be healthy, happy, and well attended. I can’t think of a reason to deprived another child of those same circumstances. Plus, it wasn’t all that long ago that bigger families were the norm, not the other way around. I love my big family and can’t imagine someone telling my parents or grandparents that they couldn’t equally love all of their children just because they had more than two or three.Just my opinion though.

Grayson's Girl on

Amen LaurenT! Brad and Angelina are intelligent and capable adults, if they decide they want another child then they have every right to have one. From what I’ve seen those kids are all happy, healthy, and very loved. They have the financial means, the time it takes, and obviously more than enough love to go around. I don’t blame them for wanting to have their kids close in age to grow up together, with all the media attention it’s probably not as easy for them to make and keep permanent friends. With a family that large you have more friends and siblings than you know what to do with. I’m offering early congrats to them on the addition of the fifth Jolie-Pitt to an already stunning brood !

ang on

people from grey’s anatomy don’t have the public image/fascination/paps/logistical nightmares this mob do tho.

if they can do it,great-why not a south american kid or 2-many poor children there.

if they can’t do it,i guess they’ll have fun trying.

i doubt angelina will have another biological child but time will tell, as always.

good luck to them-they will need it, as the other poster said, a LOT of luck. i glanced at their imdb pages yest-angelina has 5 movies in the pipeline this year and 2008 and brad has jesse james 1 just opened and 6 more coming this year and next incl benjamin button 1. 5 kids and 11 movies coming in next 1yr and a bit?

good lordy. hope it’s a kid who can walk-really fast.

Nausicaa on

YEEEEES!!!! I can’t wait for the new arrival! Adopted, biologicial, it doesn’t matter! I’m just so eager to see what lucky kid will be blessed with these wonderful parents next.

ang on

sorry 1 is for 2009.

ma74 on

It would be great for them have another kid.It’s hard but they seem to be really fantastic parent.They do all these things together and individually.The kids look very happy.But it must be so exhausting at the same time.

gabriella on

A bio child would be great, that way shiloh doesn’t feel left out since the other kids are all adopted. And angelina has said she wants to adopt someone for zahara to feel bonded with, and now maddox and pax have each other. They should slow down a bit though, they get a new kid like they are buying a new LV bag every few months lol.

ang on

sorry me again! brad is also serving as producer on 8 projects in next 2 yrs. summary-11 movies and 8 producer roles btw them.

Rachel K on

I think that they have a beautiful family and any future children will no doubt be just as beautiful (I think all children are!) but I have to agree that Angelina needs to think about her health and put weight back on before she even thinks about adopting or having another child.
She said herself only about a month ago that her weight problems have stemmed from emotional stress over the loss of her mother and from raising four children and breastfeeding… she said herself she was having problems getting her nutrition back on track.

Sometimes I think it’s important to step back and take care of yourself first and angelina needs to do so before even considering bringing another child into her family especially if she’s considering going the biological route this time. And, because it wouldn’t be fair to leave him out, as her husband and the father of her children, Brad should be putting her health first as well.

Sadie on

Lauren – I don’t see anyone here singling them out? People are merely discussing that when you adopt a child who doesn’t speak English and needs to be made comfortable and secure in a new family and a new country, it’s wise to think carefully and take it slowly when considering adding another. I don’t see any of the above comments actually criticising large families – it’s more about making sure their family built in a way that’s comfortable for the four they already have. 😉

Annoyomus on

SJ- You got two of the kids’ ages wrong. Their actual ages are: 6, 3 1/2, 2 1/2, and 15 months.

LaurenT- ITA! I also want to add that I don’t understand why they are so singled out for having and wanting to have their kids so close in age. Heidi Klum and Seal’s kids are also close in age (if I am remembering correctly, they are all a year or less apart), but I rarely ever see them being critcized for it.

Also, I highly doubt that the kids they already have will feel neglect when they add a fifth one. Angelina stated in a recent interview that the way they planned to gauge when they are ready for a fifth kid is to make sure that they have enough time for the four that they already have, and making sure that they can give all five kids the attention they need if they have another one.

All of that said, the only ones who really know if Brad and Angie are ready for a fifth child are Brad and Angie themselves. We also have no way of knowing whether or not Pax needs more time to settle in. From the looks of things, he appears to have adjusted to his new family extremely well.

Anyway, keep in mind that it will be at least nine months until they have a fifth kid (i.e. If Angie were pregnant right now, but I doubt that. If another bio child is what they are planning on right now, I am guessing it will be at least a few more months before Angie gets pregnant. Just because they feel ready doesn’t mean they are going to start trying immedietly). If they decide to adopt next rather than have anothe bio kid, it will probably be even longer before they have their fifth kid, as it usually takes about a year to adopt. Therefore, Pax and the other kids will have at least another nine months to become ready for a new sibling, and my guess is that it will probably actually be at least a year before the next Jolie-Pitt kid arrives.

Kate2 on

SJ: Only Brad and Angelina can know if they and their children are ready for a new addition. It’s not up to anyone but them to decide if they are ready, and it’s incredibly arrogant of complete strangers to try to decide what is right for someone else’s family.

LaurenT: Great post. ITA.

I’ve been noticing lately that when someone has a lot of biological children (Chris O’Donnel for instance who just announced that he and his wife are having their fifth child in 6 or 7 years) all the comments are positive. But when it comes to families that are formed involving adoption people jump in and start making rude comments about how they’re not ready. It’s sad that there’s such a double standard with this family.

sigh on

The Romneys and the Kennedys have large families, too, and I never hear them bashed for that. It must disappoint the Angie-haters terribly any time there are new photos and/or news of her with her wonderful family, eh?

I’m excited (and feel so nerdy for it LOL) for the Jolie-Pitt family. I’m just bummed that it’s probably going to be about another year before we see the new little guy/girl!

Charity on

Well put, LaurenT! If Brad and Angie want another child, go for it! Their kids always look so happy in pics and clearly they adore their kids, their relationship seems stable, so why not? Shouldn’t they be the ones determining whether or not they should expand their family?

Plus, if they adopt they have to go through adoption agencies who should be looking into whether or not they can provide a stable home for the child.

I wish they could adopt me. 😉

Leigh on

They have said they want to retire soon and they are with those kids all the time so I really don’t think any of them would feel neglected. I do worry a little bit about Angelina’s weight taking a toll on her with all those young active kids around, but she appears healthy enough. And I do believe these 2 were born to be parents so I wish them the best of luck. I know they have said before they wanted another African child so Zahara could have a sibling that looked like her, like Maddox has Pax. So I think they might go that route first, and them maybe another biological one after that but who knows! I am from a family of 6 kids so I like seeing other large families!

Renee on

If they had gave birth to all of their kids instead of adopting four of them, no one would say a thing. If they have the money to provide care for another child, who are we to tell them they shouldn’t have another one.The ones they have are loved and each get their own time with mom and dad. We also forget that in a year or two most of their current kids will be in school. I say good luck to them on having another child!

FC on

I know I said some things about the Duggars and their brood of 17, but again, it was for different reasons. Still, I’m only using them for example since I’m sure they had those children because that, a big family, was what they wanted, didn’t matter what anyone else thought. And in the end, it’s their family to raise, love, and care for. Nobody else’s.

Same for Brad and Angelina and they only have four at the moment. Small peanuts compared to the Duggars. But anyway, I know Brad said they’re ready but he didn’t make a claim that that their readiness was right now. It could be they know, and the next child will be down the line, when the time comes.Just said they’re ready. Nothing wrong with being ready, knowing so. Just like them, the Duggars, and anyone else, it’s their family and if they know and want to have more, so be it.

If my grandmother, who had five fairly close together, and raised them on her own, can do it I’m sure it’s not that hard to do with two people who have the means and the help, if needed. All depends on the family and its cohesiveness.

That’s just my opinion…

ht on

No one is a better authority on whether Angelina and Brad are ready to add to their famiy but Angelina and Brad. The parents appear to be very hands-on and I concur with Lauren that every single child in that family looks to be very happy and well loved.

Jenn on

They almost never have Shiloh with them anywhere – I’m always amazed when I see a pic of one of them carrying that poor child somewhere. Angelina’s made it known how she feels about her biological daughter and it’s very sad. It seems they “collect” children when the spotlight dims on them. I think they need to spend more time with the kids they have, letting Pax settle in more tightly to his role in the family and just pay more attention to Shiloh at all.

Lara on

If they’re sticking to the plan of making sure each kid has someone in the family who looks like them, the next one would be a little girl from Ethiopia.

Chloe on

I’m going go out on a limb and say I don’t think they’ll likely adopt again before Shiloh is two years old. Even if they’ve already put in an application for another child, it will take at least a year to go through (as Pax’s adoption did).

By then, they’ll have a 2, 3, 4 and 7 year old, plus the new child of unknown age. Maddox and Pax will be in school most of the year, and Zahara (and possibly Shiloh) will be in nursery school. I don’t think it’s at all impossible for them to add another little one to the brood 🙂 Especially since only one parent works at a time, there is always either mom or dad at home.

Poppy on

I think they are more singled out for how quickly they expand their family.

sil on

yesterday I saw in tv part of an interview of Brad in Venezia, he said Angie is his great love and best friend, sooooo sweet! 🙂 I’m not Angelina’s fan, but is nice to see that they love each other so much.
They have a great family, but I also think maybe is better to wait a little before having another child…

amelie on

I think baby #5 is already on its way. The last time Angie looked this thin was when she had morning sickness with Shiloh.

Evie on

Chloe made a good point, it could take a while to add to their family. Also he said they’re ready, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen right away.

Still I think it’s nice that they want more children. The ones the have now all seem very happy.

pua on

I agree with Renee–if they were having biological children at this same rate, no one would question Brad & Angelina or accuse them of acquiring kids like LV bags. It’s a double standard.

ivey on

Rosie O’Donnel expanded her family quickly through adoption, Mia Farrow adopted like ten children as a single parent, I think all this hate is stemming from not wanting Brad and Angie to be happy than the fact of the family being just fine as is.

LaurenT on

Sadie- Commenting on the fact that they have four children already and the others will feel ‘neglected’, seems to be singling them out- to me. In addition, given that both parents have adopted previously (and have a little experience in what a foreign adoptee might require). I think it’s extremely presumptuous to assume that they haven’t already taken into consideration the issues at hand. Particularly when both of them have spoken publicly about making sure that each of their children have individual quality time and feel safe and loved (and we’ve seen them practicing what they preach). They’ve said that as long as they feel they can still provide that attention they will continue to add to their family. They’ve commented on wanting to be sure Pax is settled and adjusted. Given their own admissions of their issues (which was more than they should have had to explain), the fact that they say their are ready, seems to say they have met all of the previously set forth thresholds. Maybe if there was some reason to assume that they were unaware of the needs and issues surrounding their own family (health, job, time), I could better understand the need to question their intentions and fore-thought in “making sure their family is built in a way that is comfortable for the four they already have”. I guess I see them as having that covered.

lizzie on

I find it interesting how Brad’s actual quote in this interview was that it was “the most fun I’ve ever had and also the biggest pain in the ass I’ve ever experienced”, yet a lot of websites are reporting it and cutting off the pain in the ass bit. After the excessive reporting of Angelina agreeing with a reporter that newborns were like “blobs”, this just seems like there’s a bit of a double standard going on here. It’s as if anything that Angelina says will get picked at and dissected, but things Brad says that might draw criticism are just ignored and not reported. I personally think what he said was funny, but you can bet if it was Angelina who said it she’d be persecuted.


I don’t see the problem with adding another child. Unlike regular parents, it’s not like they’re doing all the grunt work themselves. They have a team of nannies, body guards, personal assistants, to help them raise these children. Raising a large family when you’re genuinely doing it on your own is hard work. When you have a small army of people helping you? Not so much.

KarenK on

I think all this hate is stemming from not wanting Brad and Angie to be happy than the fact of the family being just fine as is.
Posted by: ivey at Sep 3, 2007 1:16:12 PM

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner. Give the little lady a prize! Ivey, truer words have never been spoken. For some this is about hate. They can’t stand that this family *gasp* loves each other, spends almost every minute together, defies all the tabloid rumors, that Brad and Angie are hands on parents and don’t have teams of nannies to hand their children off too (no matter what some wish to believe -see above). This beautiful family continues to make it work and I’m rooting for them. 🙂

Linlin on

As a foreginer, I don’t know how to feel like you Americans or westerner about other parents having a big family, especially the real feelings behind about a well-known Hollywood couple wanting to have a big family while assuming most of their family members may come from adopting.

However I smell your bitterness and jearlous obviously overwhelming there. Hmmm… do you Americans also tell your neighbors how to raise their kids? Interesting. So much so democracy you all claim you own.

Unless you tell me that this couple owes your American public. Wait a minute, they do owe you one: a soap opera.

After all they are just entertainers to you, aren’t they? I used to think that there is nothing worse than how we easterner treat our people in the entertainment field. Guess I’m wrong. At least we see them as human beings, respect their personal choices of the way to live their life.


Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner. Give the little lady a prize! Ivey, truer words have never been spoken. For some this is about hate. They can’t stand that this family *gasp* loves each other, spends almost every minute together, defies all the tabloid rumors, that Brad and Angie are hands on parents and don’t have teams of nannies to hand their children off too (no matter what some wish to believe -see above). This beautiful family continues to make it work and I’m rooting for them. 🙂
There’ve been photograhps of the kids with nannies. Do you think they leave the kids at home tell Maddox he’s in charge and hope for the best when they’re off doing things like red carpet premiers? Who do you imagine is looking after the kids when neither of them are at home? They absolutely have help. Don’t see why it’s such a big deal, most Hollywood parents seem to employ nannies at some point or the other.

LaurenT on

I don’t recall seeing the Jolie-Pitt children out with nannies. I’ve seen them with their parents and bodyguards (and seen why the guards were needed). But while I’m not uber-wealthy, I also have someone watch my children when I am not at home, due to work or other. I’m not seeing how that nullifies their efforts as hands-ons parents. The original implication wasn’t that they have someone look after the kids when they are out on business (as most parents do), but that they hand their children off to a ‘team’ of nannies regularly. I’ve seen no evidence of that.

KarenK on

They have a team of nannies, body guards, personal assistants, to help them raise these children.
Posted by: LAILA at Sep 3, 2007 3:14:51 PM

Where do you get your information that they have a team of nannies, bodyguards and personal assistants to help them RAISE THESE CHILDREN? How many nannies do they have? How about personal assistants? How many bodyguards do they have on call 24/7? Are you getting this info from tabloids? The same tabloids claiming Brad is about to leave Angie, run off with Shiloh and leave his three oldest behind? Or do you have some inside knowledge?

What a fabulous world you must live in where parents never employ babysitters or a nanny or get grandma to watch their kids. Or is it only a problem which then translates to “a team…to help raise these children”, when the parents are Brad and Angelina?

Campbell on

It would be interesting to know the hiring stats on the nanny profession worldwide. I’d be willing to bet that nannies hired by the “Hollywood community” make for a small segment of their overall hiring pool. Just a thought. By the way, where and WHAT is Brad’s new tattoo? Wanted to vote, but I haven’t seen the thing! LOL. If people will go back to very old pics of AJ and compare all thru her life, she has always been VERY VERY thin. Just as thin as now. Also, there are huge differences in going thru 4 pregnancies, 4 births, and adopting 3 children and going thru 1 pregnancy and 1 birth. Obviously the toll on the body is QUITE different. In terms of “adding so fast”. I certainly agree that THEY know best for their family and I for one applaude them. I find it fascinating, exciting, and even educational. I think due to previous comments that they have made they are in the long process of adopting as we speak. I too remember the comment AJ made about desiring another child that looked like Z. I was thinking how an Indian child or Chinese child would certainly add to the overall “international” look of their family. But whether they have another bio child (for some reason, not seeing that anytime soon, if ever) or adopt another 10, I wish them the greatest success and happiness as a family.

J.M. on

They’ve proven they are a loving happy wonderful family, why not another?

But I would question on whether the two will ever get hitched. Even though they said it wasn’t in the plans I think about now it could be time. Granted many people have or adopt kids unmarried (infact it seems to be the norm these days) but it would be nice to see some hollywood couples actually go for it!

Here is my prediction. A biological child in about 2 years followed by an adopted (most likely african american child) about a year later just like they did with Pax. I think it would even it all out – or that’s me just hoping;)


What a fabulous world you must live in where parents never employ babysitters or a nanny or get grandma to watch their kids. Or is it only a problem which then translates to “a team…to help raise these children”, when the parents are Brad and Angelina?
Wow, no need to work yourself into a lather. I never said parents should never have babysitters or it was a “horrible thing” to have nannies and/or babysitters, so stop putting words in my mouth. I simply pointed out that they obviously have help since they’re not going to leave the kids unattended when they’re on set or on the red carpet.

I was also saying that the Jolie-Pitts like most wealthy celebrities, have access to the kind of childcare resources that most families can only dream of. And yes I believe raising a large family becomes somewhat less of a challenge when you have constant help as the Jolie-Pitts do.

Annoyomus on

To the poster who asked how Angie and Brad can possibly handle five children with so many movies in the works/being released:

Keep in mind that Angie and Brad have confirmed that they will both be taking the year off next year. Naturally, there will be premires and promotinal events for their upcoming movies that they will need to attend next year, but they have both made it clear that they won’t actually be MAKING any movies next year. Therefore, I personally think that 2008 is a great time for them to add to their family!

ravegirl1121 on

J.M., the they would not adopt an african american. They would adopt an african. They adopt from foreign countries.

emily on

Linlin, impressive that you found a way to sneak in an American bash session on a baby blog site. But hey, no problem. Through this same democracy you are criticizing of “ours”, you’re allowed to read and post what you want.

I just can’t get over how gorgeous Zahara and Shiloh are!

Annoyomus on

Lara- While I agree that the next child Brad and Angie adopted while more than likely be an African girl, I don’t think she will neccesarily be Ethiopian. For one thing, when Angie mentioned wanting to balance out the races, she said: “…another Asian for Maddox, another African for Z?”

Therefore, I don’t think they neccesarily intend to adopt from the same countries that Mad and Z were (granted, nobody is allowed to adopt from Cambodia, where Maddox was adopted from, right now), just the same continents.

Personally, I am guessing that the next child they adopt might be from Namibia, since that is not only an African country, but also where Shiloh was born. 🙂