Speculation swirling over Rita Cosby book, Dannielynn Birkhead

09/01/2007 at 07:21 AM ET

The fallout from the fee dispute between Larry Birkhead and his ex-attorney Debra Opri continues, and it may have a role in the upcoming tell-all being planned by another one of Larry’s former allies — OK! Magazine. 

According to TMZ the book Blond Ambition:  The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole’s Death, penned by Rita Cosby, will make some rather startling claims — reportedly supported by documents — about the legal manner in which Larry arrived at fatherhood.  Specifically, Rita alleges that Larry purchased daughter Dannielynn Birkhead from Anna Nicole’s partner Howard K. Stern, who at one time claimed to be the child’s father.  Larry, for his part, claims that Cosby was supplied the "confidential" documentation as "payback" for referring Larry to Debra and that the allegations are completely false.  Says Larry,

If that’s what’s in her book, then she’ll be sued. And on top of that, there will be other individuals sued over confidential information in my custody case.  OK! is on notice those allegations are false, and if they print them as truth, they will be sued as well.  I’ll go after any media outlet that prints those lies from that book.

The book ($16.79) is not available until Tuesday, but can be pre-ordered here.  Dannielynn will turn 1-year-old on Sept. 7. 

Source:  TMZ 


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Dawn on

How could Larry have purchased her?!? I mean, he’s the biological father, so wouldn’t he be granted custody? This whole story/situation is just so bizarre.
At any rate, Dannielynn is a beautiful little girl who surely would have made her mother proud.

Rachel K on

I think this whole thing is ridiculous. Yeah, I can see if Howard Stern had just all of a sudden said “Yeah, she’s Larry’s” and given him the custody it would have been fishy but he IS her father, it was proven in court by a DNA test. If he handed Howard some money to encourage him to allow the testing to happen… in a time when it seemed it might never occur, well then all I have to say is parents have done worse to protect the well-being of their children!

And as for the photo shoots… yeah, he’s done a few, but he probably has absurd legal fees because of the absurdly long and drawn out trial that never should have occured. I’m sure it will all die down here soon. I honestly see a lot less of him in the magazines then some other stars.

http://blacktennispros.blogspot.com on

Is this the same “humble” guy who swore that he wanted to raise this child “out” of the limelight. I see him on television and magazine covers every week.

Jessica L on

I think it’s all b.s. How do you “purchase” a child anyway? DNA tests don’t lie, Larry is that baby girl’s father. Can you blame him for wanting to sue someone who said he “purchased” his own child like she was just a bag of potatoes at the supermarket? Rita Cosby has issues.

Koo on

I was really happy when Larry was able to get his daughter, she is simply beautiful and has already been through a lot!
However, I think this whole messy situation with OK has happened because Larry put them in the public eye. He said he wanted a peaceful, quiet life away from the camera with his daughter, I don’t think that is what he has done. While I don’t think he deserves this, and I am sure it is stressful, sadly this is what celebrities face today especially those that ‘invite’ the media!

Lee on

Even IF Larry gave Howard money for Dannielynn, she is his child. HIS. If someone was holding my child hostage because they thought there was money to be made, and I knew a legal battle could take a long time, your darn straight I’d do anything it took just to get my baby back, even if it meant caving into the wishes of a greedy mad man.
The baby is Larrys, DNA proved it. he has her, he takes amazing care of her. Why will the media not let them alone.

Megan on

honestly I am sickened by this whole thing–does anyone care that Dannielyn is a little girl–a little girl who didn’t ask to be brought into this world, who didn’t get to choose the people around her, and didn’t CHOOSE to be put in the middle of this…she is a LITTLE GIRL…a PRECIOUS little girl who simply deserves the best out of life–everything her mother never got to have.

SHAME on everyone for this…shame on Rita Cosby, his skeevy lawyer and OK for profiting on all of this–and by that I don’t mean pictures or whatever–I mean personally attacking Larry through his daughter…what on earth will Dannielyn thing when she gets older and reads all of this–it’s SICK…and that’s not to say that Larry hasn’t contributed to it with all the media stuff…but seriously this is NOT ABOUT THEM ANYMORE…this is about a little girl who deserves a normal life–not to be plastered all over every magazine and every show and be involved in every controversy…

Honestly despite it all–I do believe Larry loves his daughter with his life–but now is the time to end this insanity and get completely out of the media spotlight–Dannnielyn deserves that much–no more photoshoots and no more publicity…let that little girl have the life she deserves…

I doubt half of this is true, but regardless, it’s time for that to happen–as much as we all love seeing Dannielyn progress and grow–I think we’d all love even more to know that she’s safe and happy growing up OUT of the spotlight so that she doesn’t someday end up like her mom…

God bless Dannielyn and hopefully she can have the life she deserves and Larry will do the right thing…my heart goes out to that little girl…she deserves that life…

ivey on

He may have greased howards palms to not contest custody and drag it through the courts, for many years regardless of paternity. I think thats definately possible.

I definatly found it strange that they went from hating each other to complimenting each other in the press. During her transition from living with Howard to living with Larry.


Campbell on

Rita Cosby has ALWAYS irked me. For heavens sake, poor Dannielynn. You know what… Larry was proven the father thru DNA… if he was reduced to some underhanded means to get his child (remembering what the circumstances were we Anna was alive in the Bahamas) SO BE IT. Rita’s out to make a buck.

MommyX1 on

Honestly, even if he DID pay a bunch of money to get his daughter, which I think is absurd anyways, but if he did, how would that be so bad? I just don’t see why that would be something that would be so horrible if he was doing everything a father can do to get their child. If someone had my daughter, you can bet that I would pay all kinds of money to get her back, if that’s what would work. It’s the same as parents who pay a ransom for their kids when they are kidnapped. Is that wrong? Of course not. They are doing everything in their power to get their child back.

Grayson's Girl on

Rita Cosby is no better than the National Enquirer, three different times during the case she broke “exclusives” that proved to be nothing but lies and stupidity. She’s just mad because Larry exposed her (potentially unethical) part in the Opri ordeal and she’s still stewing because Howard threw her out of the funeral reception she tried to crash.

There was no backroom deal, they can’t split money Dannielynn doesn’t have. Even if she gets the money the court will be watching her accounts so there’s no plausible way for them to split, scrape, or slide anything off her money without having to account for it to the courts no matter who the executor and guardian are. I doubt either of them are looking to do jail time any time soon.

Howard is sitting quietly in the Bahamas not bothering a soul, why people won’t just let him be I don’t know. As for Larry, I think it’s more than time he takes that child out of the lime light. If he hadn’t been venue shopping there wouldn’t be half of this drama. He loves her, we know, now let’s move on and allow her some semblance of normalcy. 1.7 million from OK! and another 1 million from NBC is more than enough to raise that baby on.

preesi on

Lets call Rita and let her know just how much this bothers Us… You know! Mess with Larry or Howard but NOT an INNOCENT baby!
People got the OJ book stopped, we can stop this.
The Rita Cosby Specials Unit wants to hear from you. If you’ve got a big scoop we should know about, give us a call at 1-877-TIP-RITA.

Renee on

So Rita Cosby is making a book about this? Forget really important things like Darfur…the whole custody thing between Howard and Larry is the most important thing in the world.I’m kind of disappointed and disgusted by this.

Shoeaddict on

That child looks so much like Larry it’s scarey. OK! is mad because Dannilynne and Larry appeared on the cover of US Weekly.

I agree that Larry needs to keep her out of the public eye but, she is his child and if that’s what he chooses to do…

WOW on

I love Dannielynn so much, she has always been my fave celeb baby 🙂 for the last 12months anyway!

Larry should have got that house by the beach and raised her in anonymity.

Aaron Boatwright on

I think Larry and Howard ended up banding together to keep Virgie from getting her, or from having a partial custody situation with her. I highly doubt any money exchanged hands. First of all, the DNA was indisputable, also..He’s wayyyyy in debt until the whole Debra Opri thing resolves, and I know that at least some of his accounts were frozen. Is he even working anymore? Debra Opri was just in the news again for some kind of skeevy thing…I wish I could remember what it was..grr. Anyway, I feel bad for the poor kid. She’s going to have to deal with a lot of crap in her life because of the hoopla surrounding her as an infant.
On a side note, she totally looks like Larry. I don’t see a lot of Anna Nicole in her right now!

Curious on

To Aaron: Debra Opri appeared in the news recently because she was involved in the Pamela Bach vs. David Hasselhoff custody battle. Opri represented Pamela Bach, who lost custody of the two teenage kids to her former husband. Pamela Bach blamed Opri for the loss and is refusing to pay her six figure legal bill or to allow her former husband, Mr. Hasselhoff to pay the bill, either. It is unclear whether or not Opri was to blame for the loss. After all, they are teens and get to have input into who they want to live with.

On the topic at hand, I find Larry Birkhead to be just like Anna Nicole was. He pimps his daughter to the media every chance he gets. If this is true about him and Howard Stern, then it shows all of the “commitment ceremony” between Howard and Anna Nicole to have been a huge lie, and it calls into question the sanity, and integrity of all 3 of them, IMO. The media was pretty hard on Virgie Arthur, but I am still not so sure that Howard Stern was not responsible for the deaths of Daniel and A.N. Smith. He is a very shady character, indeed.

tony on

well, concerning danniellynes safety, i just hope she’ll be all right. she a beautiful baby and deserves to be treated better. i know rita cosbys book is gonna have amazing information about the case and im sure that they’ll be justice found for that beautiful lil baby

Charlie on

the fact that the book is coming out, larry is afraid the truth is coming out, all we need to do now is wait until the book comes out so we can read the facts on the case

Shelly on

Not to worry look up Lin Wood he has people like Ms.Cosby for breakfast…ie Domminick Dunne no less!

gabriella on

Dannielynn is beautiful, she sure looks just like larry.

savesomething on

We were wandering the other day wy VA didn’t show anymore!
Rita cosby try to save her friend DO and play with OQ for shure Who paid for this?
So this book will attact Larry Berkhead,Howard K Stern Dannielynn and all her family.
That will be for me an book full of false reality comming from FS,GBT,PI,O”Q,VA,and all this gang
Shame on you all!

hanson on

well we know that he got her back, but the investigation is still left unsolved, i wanna read that book to find out wats goin on

Tracy on

People can be SO silly! Wow! Look at that child, she is ALL Larry! Why would he ever need to “purchase” her???

Grow up gossip magazines!

brookefan on

Deba Opri is a little scary: The list of demands she made in her fee contract, contains some very idiotic items. Larry is the dad. Anna Nicole is the mom, and all the rest is just lint!

max on

i just hope they are going to be ok. Rita Cosby is not trying to hurt them, shes just tryin to get the truth about the death of ANS