Kerry Lucas pregnant after losing baby son

09/01/2007 at 07:02 PM ET

Model Kerry Lucas and her husband, Wes Legrand, may never recover following the tragic death of their son last December, but The couple is excited to announce that they are currently expecting.

The 4 ½ months pregnant Australian said,

This is our second pregnancy and my baby boy will always be with us in spirit. He is my little angel and always will be. Being positive about the situation is important for the baby, keeping yourself active and taking care of your body and mind.

The couple’s first child, Leonardo, accidentally drowned when he was 5 months old after his stroller rolled into the water.  To read more about his accident, click here. Losing her son was one of the hardest things she has been through, Kerry says, but she claims,

I have always been a positive person and that has what has got me through this. In everyday life you have your ups and downs, but you have to move forward and take it day by day.

As for the sex of the baby, The couple is planning on waiting until the birth for that answer.  Kerry said,

We don’t know the sex of the baby just yet, and we probably won’t until the birth. We want it to be a surprise, but if the old wives’ tales are correct, then it might be a girl.

The couple isn’t the only ones excited about the upcoming birth.  Kerry’s mom, Bev Lucas, is right there with them.

My mum is overwhelmed and excited about the arrival of the new baby. She has been my rock through this difficult time.

Source: Adelaide Now

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Grayson's Girl on

Congrats to her and her family! After such a horrific loss I’m happy for them that they’re able to find a way to move on while carrying their son and his memory with them. Many blessings and much joy to them!

tatum on

I am so glad to hear that they are moving on.

Alicia on

God Bless all of them. What strength that couple has!

Renee on

Good for her! I wish her tons of luck with the new little one and I hope better days will come her way. After reading past comments about her loss and what people said, it makes my heart ache even more for her

Nausicaa on

Now that is the very definition of “bittersweet.” Congrats to them.

Robin M. on

I remember reading about her son last year. It made me so sad and it still does. I wish her the best.

Susan on

I clicked the link but they never really said why he couldn’t be rescued. Didn’t mum or a bystander jump in after him? CBB editor, do you know more? My heart is breaking that this woman had to go thru the pain of watching her child drown. Thanks.

Sarah’s note: Susan, I was away this weekend but added some additional links to the article for you (and others) to read more. The area where Kerry was jogging is known for it’s high rate of child abductions, and that was initially her first thought. Also, she was away from the water, but on a bit of an incline. She forgot to lock the brake, and the stroller glided away, but the splash was silenced by tall grass along the waters edge, and the stroller was not heard or seen until later. All instances of crime were ruled out. It was such a tragic set of circumstances.

Charity on

Congratulations! I’m sure her heart will always ache for Leonardo but I’m excited to hear she and her husband are expecting again. I wish them the best.

Faith on

I remember when she lost her son – it was one of those stories that never left me. I’m happy that she is expecting again.

emma on

Susan – from what i recall Kerry initially thought her son had been kidnapped so didn’t automatically go running to the waters edge. I think it was emergency services who found the baby in the water. They carried out tests a few days later and every time the stoller would roll off down the hill and into the water.

I wish Kerry well, i don’t know how she has been able to move on, i guess you just have too but gosh it must’ve been so so hard!

DivaStar on

You never move on from the death of a child, but time does it make it easier. I had to bury my first baby who died in my arms at 6 months, and also when I was 6 months pregnant I delivered my son on the toilet he didnt make it, you never get over it. I now have a beautiful 11yr old. Congradulations to Kerry and her family.

Terralynn Verge on

I agree you NEVER move just have to push yourself to keep is always everyday there in the back of your mind as you compare the obvious gap where your child should be..I look at my other 2 boys..and think about how my youngest son should be standing there beside them everyday..But you keep going because you have to..Not because it ever gets easier..All My support to her during this difficult time..It is indeed bittersweet..terralynn

CentralCaliGrrrl on

DivaStar-so terribly sorry for your losses, but I’m very glad you’re doing ok, as well as your beautiful miracle child. Continue to stay the strong, sweet person you are. And congrats to Kerry and her family-they deserve the best!

Jose on

If this would of happened to a poor or middle class person they would be in jail. Accidents dont happen they’re made. Accidents can be prevented.