Helena Bonham Carter out and about

09/01/2007 at 05:11 PM ET

BonhamcarterActress Helena Bonham Carter, who is due with her second child in December, was photographed out and about in London.

Fashion expert Karen Kay says of Helena’s style,

Outside movies, Helena has never been known for a polished sense ofstyle and could politely be described as an English eccentric. Dressing through pregnancy was always going to throw up some interesting concoctions.

The 41-year-old and her fiance, director Tim Burton, also have a son, Billy, 3 1/2.

Source: The Daily Mail

What was your style during your pregnancy? Did you keep up with fashions or wear whatever was most comfortable?

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Sophie on

You know, you CAN look fashionable and be comfortable at the same time.

Ashley on

I think she looks adorable!!

Ans on

I love Helena and her unique sense of style! She looks great, in my opinion.
Loving the striped witch’s socks!

Heidi on

Fashionable-comfortable…it’s all in the eye of the beholder!

Grayson's Girl on

She’s always been quirky and she and Tim are unconventional people. I wouldn’t necessarily follow her style but on and for her it’s adorable!

syd on

She is so unique and beautiful, I love her style. Besides, its not like everyone has to follow some pre-set book on fashion – we should embrace people of all sizes, shapes, hair styles, clothing styles… who’s this big bad fashion cop out there deciding what’s fashionable and what’s not? I don’t particularly like following the fashion industry too closely, most models are stick skinny and most designers design for size 2 models/celebrities… that’s NOT normal to me!

Traci on

Quirky…deffinately quirky…

But I think it fits her personality. I’ve never thought of her as someone who would run around in some over the top Dolce and Gabana frock, chasing after an almost-four year old.

Marilyn on

Yeah, the Witchy-Poo socks are really cute. I think the only normal thing I’ve seen her wear is the recent picture of her in a bathing suit, but I like her and her son Billy is very cute. She looks big to me to be due in December, but maybe the shirt is a little tight-fitting making her look farther along.

http://blacktennispros.blogspot.com on

I ain’t sayin’ a word, not a single word! Good Lawd! (That’s two)

Jessica L. on

I love this woman.

Mel on

If only I was brave enough to wear that! I think she looks great.

Violet's Auntie on

I went for comfort and only comfort. Helena looks fine. I love her knee highs.

Scarlett Brewer on

I think it might be okay from the knee up..lol..but the boots and the socks are just hideous! Lol. It’s almost like she is going out of her way to look like she just through on some mis-matched clothes from a thrift store! She is cute though. I’ve always liked her.

mrsb on

Love her!

ht on

LOL! She cracks me up, but I love how she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Hea on

I love her style! She looks great!

Aaron Boatwright on

I love that she doesn’t give a rip what anyone thinks. She very much marches to the beat of her own drum, and more power to her!

Monica on

I love her as an actress but she really cracks me up with her clothes. She’s definitely a confident woman!

CandiceC on

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this lady. She is just so…goofy. In the most terrific way.

CandiceC on

Oh, and I think the outfit’s brilliant. It is something I would wear (minus those boots. Eeek) and I’m not even pregnant!

Veroncia on

I definetely went for cute and comfy while preggie. I work in a professional setting, so looking nice and put together was a must for me.

As for HBC’s style, I think she looks a hot mess. Just my humble apinion.

PSB on

Her style is hilarious but I love that she doesn’t care. Seems like she and Tim are made for each other. She’s not exactly the same little girl she was in “A Room With a View” – doubt she’s do one of those corset movies again…unless the corset was made of striped, black plastic wrap!

Campbell on

Her “style” has always cracked me up! I get a laugh when I see pics of her and Tim cracks me up too. Their hair!!
Always a breath of fresh air so see true uniqueness.

ang on

and people gave tori a hard time lol……

gabriella on

Well that sure is an interesting outfit lol. Defintley not something I would ever wear pregnant or not.

tink1217 on

she is definitely unique! Very unique!

Tracy on

I don’t care what anyone says about her fashion choices, this woman always makes me smile! She is gifted and beautiful and can make even the most INSANE outfits look fun!

Joanne on

I think Helena is fantastic, she’s always been herself no matter what people say about her and in this age where everyone is fake in life, she is a breath of fresh air. And if having a unique style is the worst thing that shes ever done, (unlike many other stars, not mentioning any names) then there is nothing wrong with that, in fact she’s an inspiration!!