Update: Mexican pop star Cristian Castro reconciles with pregnant wife

08/31/2007 at 07:06 AM ET

by auditioning contributor Alyk:

Cover_christiancastro_300Update: Despite filing for divorce earlier this week, Cristian tells People en Espanol that he and Valeria have reconciled and that he will ‘always lie to the press‘ about his personal life.

We need to understand each other better. We need to provide each otherwith what we need; she needs something and so do I, and if we don’tknow how to give each other what we need, it won’t work.

I don’t want thepress to know about my personal life. I’m not here to share it; I’mhere to sing. I will always lie to the press. Always expect lies aboutmy personal life. Wereconciled and we’re working hard on our marriage. All I want is for itto work, and if it works now, I think it will work forever.

Originally posted August 29th: Grammy-nominated Mexican pop star Cristian Castro has split from his wife of three years, Valeria Liberman. Valeria, a practicing attorney, is currently five months pregnant with the couple’s second child.Cristian, 32, confirmed the news with People en Espanol in their upcoming October issue, saying he just wanted to be free. Although Valeria told the magazine only days before the split that Cristian was an attentive father and passionate husband, the singer has since left the family’s Miami home and moved back to his native Mexico.

I want to be free. I believe that always one must be happy in life; if one cannot be well, then one must move.

The couple also have a two-year-old daughter, Simone, who will stay with Valeria in Miami. Cristian claimed he intends on keeping an apartment nearby so he can stay close to Simone.

I want to be a good dad and a fun dad who will always be with them. It’s important for me to have close friendships with my children. [Simone] definitely won’t be lacking the love, respect and ambition to succeed in her life that perhaps I lacked to succeed in my own.

Source: People en Espanol

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Grace on

What a schmuck.

Elizabeth on

WOW! I sure hope his 2-year-old daughter never hears these comments. Free indeed! Maybe you should have thought of that before you married and brought children into the world.

meghan on

now – if he wants to be “free” due to an unhealthy marriage – i can understand… but to me it sounds like he just wants to be free to do whatever he likes – and well – once you make the decision to have children – your life isn’t always free… get used to it.

Rhian on

what a comment to make! you know this makes me angry because it reminds me so much of my ex he left when our daughter was one years old (she is now three) he said he wanted to be ‘free’ and felt he was too young for the responsability! and he promised that he would always be a big part of our daughters life…now my daughter is lucky if she see’s her ‘daddy’ once every 3/4 months for an hour this makes me angry i hope his wife is okay this must be hard esp as she is preggers.

Xan on

Man, I lost a bet on this one! I now owe my grandma five bucks…

He was on Spanish tv just this past Monday and was asked why his wife hadn’t accompanied him (this question no doubt prodded by recent rumors of a split). He said that she couldn’t leave the country (Mexico)to go to the interview in Miami because she was trying to make residency (she is Argentinian). Which now I see makes no sense as they actually reside in Miami to begin with…

Point is, I’m pretty shocked, but at the same time, he’s also alienated from almost his entire extended family. His mother, a famous singer and actress, and his grandmother don’t speak to him. In fact, they’ve never even met Simone! And, he divorced his first wife after less than a year of marriage after allegations that he used to beat her.

Anna on

What a cop out answer.

You were “free” enough to fall in love. You were “free” enough to create children and you were “free” enough to marry this woman.

You should be “MAN” enough to stay in your commitments and be there to raise your children WITH your wife.

Your wife and children will now be “Free” to have their lives go on, hopefully for the better, without YOU.

Charity on

I am apalled. That poor woman. I only hope she finds a real man who will love Simone and this baby as his own and show them that they can be ‘free’ and enjoy life in a committed relationship.

I guess it’s all about him, right?

Devon on

If he didn’t want to be married to her anymore, fine. You don’t have to stay married against your will. However, to use the words “I want to be free,” that’s horrible.

If he didn’t think he was up to the task of marriage and having children, then he should have said so in the first place.

My husband’s father did the same thing to his wife and children and my husband has never really forgiven him for doing so. Now they have a better relationship, since it’s been almost 20 years, but my husband and my SIL have both told me how much they missed out on. Their mother didn’t have much money and their step-mother (who their father left their mother for) didn’t want children so my hubby and SIL were SOL.


jane on

Actually, the flip side of this is-
she should be glad to get rid of him! He’s shown his true colors and is selfish, so who wants him around as a husband and father. Lucky that this came sooner than later. My advice- let him go and keep him far away…
find someone else, or just stay on your own.

FC on

He wanted to be free? Hmmm… Yeah, he was free before he got married and had children. Maybe he should’ve stayed single, but he’s never going to be free. He still has two children who will need him.

Regardless, that’s just a cruddy thing to say, and yes, completely a cop out. If there’s ever another time he doesn’t want to be free and nobody is offering to take him, that’ll be the day he gets a taste of his own medicine and see what it’s like to be on the receiving end of such crap.

momo on

When I read this I was sort of shocked! Its a pretty sad statement and I wish his wife and two children the best without that bad influence. How sad that he wants to be free and just get up and leave his family, especially during his wifes pregnancy.

Hilda on

What an arrogant s.o.b.! He couldn’t have worded it worse. He should have used condoms if he so wanted to be “free”. My bet is that he’ll end up falling in love with someone that has kids. It almost always ends this way.

Gabbie13 on

Ok, I just couldn’t let this one go without commenting…..

WOW! What a comment!!! I agree I sure hope his children never hear that one day. What if his wife felt that she needed to feel free? Is he going to step up and take care of THEIR children like she is taking on the responsibility of doing since he feels he needs to be “free”?

I hope for the sake of her and the two children that this is an opportunity for her to find a man who loves her and her children and can give her the life she deserves.

Principesa on

And, should have felt free to wear a condom as well.

Leticia on

Its Ironic how this guy sings all these love songs ect and look at him he wants to be free give me break i feel sorry for his wife and young daughter its a shame what us women have to go through with these inmature men out there.

Leigh on

He believes “one must always be happy in life” – sorry, but that’s just not the way life works! And not the way marriage works either, which is why you say “in good times and in bad” instead of “until I decide I want to be free”. Marriage is HARD! Being a parent is HARD! But being an adult means that you deal with your responsibilities, not just walk away when life gets too rough.

Kiddo on

he sings nothing but love songs! and in my opinion he should never sing another love song again!! if he wants to be “free” and leave his pregnant wife, than why sing about love? i dont get it

Isabella on

I completely agree with everyone’s comments. I find it disapointing that he would act this way since he himself never had a father. His father wanted nothing to do with him. Their relationship is “distant” at best. You would think that he of all people would know how important it is to be sure that you are ready to have kids and that you are ready to invest the time necesarry to be a good father. He turned around and did exactly what his father did to him and that’s a shame not just for the kids but for him! He obviously needs to grow up and realize that you can’t just pick up and run when life is not “fun”! Hopefully this is all premature and he will be there for his kids!

angela on

what. a. loser.

seriously. how disgusting can a person be? ick.

Hilda on

I already posted, but, I’m so pissed off at this guy that I just had to post again. What a COWARD. Keyshia Castle Hughes showed lots more maturity at 17 than he at 32. Antonio Puerta, the athlete that died of a heart attack at the age of 22, did not even get to know his baby. There a couples that can’t have children of their own. He knows the pain of knowing his dad didn’t want him & being on the outs with his mom. How dare he say he wants to be free.

melanie on

he’s not just leaving his wife, he’s leaving his baies too. why move to another country? what a selfish person.

maria on

It’s obvious he is a VERY unhappy and unstable person. Look at his own family/track record…father never in the picture/alienated from his mother/already has 1 failed marriage. Why stick around if he is bringing everyone down around him? How can you be a GOOD father and a GOOD husband and make people happy if you yourself are not?? I am in no way defending his actions but I do believe he needs to release the “demons” he has inside. Hopefully he will continue to be a part of his kids’ lives and everyone involved will be happier.

Sarah on

Yeah he’s mexican… latin men seem to have a hard time remembering what a commitment is. My latin boyfriend left me pregnant too. Can’t loose with the asian men girls *wink*

Karen on

I didn’t like the wanting to be free comment like the rest of you, but the comment I disliked even more was “It’s important for me to have close friendships with my children.” Anybody can be a close friend to a child, what they really need is somebody to be their father.

LaTonya on

Thats petty. Thats one heck of a bold move.

Brittany on

Wow…and to to think that Tom Brady is catching so much flack. This guy should be ashamed of himself.

Lissette on

I agree with the person who said he’s obviously very unhappy and unstable.

Erin on

Firstly, what a supreme arse to even say “I want to be FREE”….c’mon what a cop out!

Secondly, if he wanted to be “free” and leave his wife and abandon his children and seem like a schmuck to everyone who reads the story…..WHY do an interview where you land on the cover of friggin PEOPLE magazine?!?! TO me that is way more dumba** than just dumping his poor wife while she is pregnant. Not only has her husband left her but he does an interview about it?

Tracy on

He just sounds selfish…

However, if their marriage was bad then it’s a good thing he left. Children easily pick up on these things.

I hope his wife will be alright. All this stress while pregnant just cannot be good.

Tara on

Hmm, i think perhaps his comments about being free were in reference to his marriage and whilst that’s sad, many marriages breakdown, i don’t think he should be judged for it. I don’t necessarily think he as implying he wanted rid of his daughter. The two have been jumbled up by careless wording.
Very sad about splitting during a pregnancy though, i wish them both the best.

Xan on

I do sort of feel bad for him. I mean, it’s clear he has serious commitment/relationship issues. It appears that whenever he has a bond with someone it’s more than he can take and he just has to run away from it.

I’m also saddened that I didn’t notice that much love or the “doting father” feel when he spoke of little Simone on that TV show last Monday night. It seemed he tossed in a couple of cute stories at the end simply at the prodding of the hostess.

Cynthia on

¿MI CRISTIAN CASTRO? My Cristian? …..can’t be, although he is estranged from his famous mother Veronica. He and his first wife Gabi divorced, believe he married Valeria a week later. I loved this man, my first concert. Has a great voice. He does come off as a YOU-KNOW-WHAT. Free?!?! This is his family, Very upsetting.

Nina on

So, if he always lies to the press about his personal life, does this mean he’s lying about reconciling?

tink1217 on

Hope it works out for them

Hilda on

Whether or not he was lying to the press, he did not have to say he wanted to be free. He could have said so many other things, without being offensive to his family.

morgan on

This guy needs to stop talking to the press period. How about he figure out his family problems on his own instead of smearing himself and his wife and soon to be baby. Some people really dont know when to knock it off!

Anna on

If he always lies to the press about his personal life and now he states that they’re working on a reconiciliation…huh?

I think he got upset about the negative reaction he was getting and trying to save face.

His wife is better off without him.

Charity on

He’ll always lie to the press? Why should we believe he and his wife reconciled? I bet it’s only b/c people were so disgusted with his actions that he’s reconciled with her. I’ve never heard him but I’m getting a very bad vibe from this guy.

Luciana on

It looks like he’s doing all of this for publicity.


Leigh on

Even though he is apparently working on his marriage now, what’s up with him saying he will always lie to the press? Why do you have to lie? Just don’t say ANYTHING! This guy seems unbalanced to me. But whatever, I don’t know who he is and had never heard of him until I read the original post so I guess I don’t really care what he does. But by the way, if he will “always lie to the press” maybe he’s lying now about reconciling with his wife.

Sarah F. on

Sounds like he’s obvliviously honest… how sad

Toontown on

I call publicity stunt. Seriously his career is going down and unfortunately he’s using his family to get back his fame.