Susan Sarandon would never allow sons to fight in war in Iraq

08/31/2007 at 11:31 PM ET
A long detractor of the war in Iraq, Susan Sarandon will find herself smack dab in the middle when she plays the mother of a soldier in her next film In the Valley of Elah. In real life though, the actress says she would never let her and Tim Robbins‘ sons Jack Henry, 18, and Miles Guthrie, 15, go into battle.
This war? I wouldn’t want anybody’s son to go off to this war.
Source: OK!

How do you feel about your kids going off to war? Would you allow them?

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Brooks on

At 18 years old, no mother gets to “allow” her son or daughter to go to go into battle. The child decides on their own.

Principesa on

Reason #451 to love Susan Sarandon.

Amen, sister. Amen.

Lauren on

I think the title and implication of this article is misleading and a poor choice of words. Susan says she wouldn’t want her sons to fight in the war, which is perfectly understandable and completely different from her now “allowing” them to go. It’s really not her or any parents’ decision whether their kids choose to fight in a war or not and the thought that a parent would feel that she/he could allow them to go or not is ridiculous. I’m so sick of these Cindy Sheehan types who make total spectacles of themselves disgracing their children and the choices they made to make their living defending their country so people like Cindy have the freedom to shoot their mouths off. Our soldiers deserve far more respect than they currently receive.

Lisa on

Saying that she will not let them go to war is basically saying she wouldn’t allow them to join the military! When they are of legal age she has NO say over them. If they want to join the military that is their decision and she SHOULD be proud of that fact. That they want to stand up for this country. It just goes to show how uneducated hollywood is. What is she going to do if they join the military? Disown them? Ya, what a great mom she is. And if they join the military, she can’t stop them from being deployed. The military doesn’t care if you’re a semi famous person’s child. I’m sure she’s filled her sons’ head with lies & told them how bad the military is. This kind of thing disgusts me. These men fight for your right, for your freedom & people’s right to bad mouth the military. It’s a shame people actually believe the crap the media shows & would actually tell their children not to join the military. But then again, not everyone has that pride in their country. Thank God we do have men who are willing to stand up & mothers who don’t stop their children from joining the military.

Kresta on

I have 2 sons aged 26 and 23. I live in New Zealand and they are both working in Britain at the moment. I also have a daughter aged 20 and there is no way I would ever give my blessing for them to fight in any war. It would break my heart and I would not be proud. I watched the news recently with the American family who lost 2 sons who were soldiers and I cried for that family. I can only imagine the grief they must be going through. As a mother, I can’t see the sense in carefully raising a child only to lose that child as a young adult in an ugly war.

Kat on

I believe that serving in the armed forces is a decision that my children can and should make on their own when they come of age.

Now… I do insist that they do it responsibly… not just make a rash decision… but even if they did so… I would stand behind them living up to what they took on.

My FIL was an enlisted Navy man and was a cheif on his ship… my oldest bil served in the army… my grandfather fought in world war II… my father tried to enlist and was 4F.

My husband’s shoulder and knee prevent him from serving his country.

But I believe that if your country needs you, you should serve, though obviously I’d prefer it to be voluntary, I do believe that when there WAS a draft, it was needed.

If one or both of my sons wanted to serve his country, I would be proud of him taking on such a responsibility.

Krissy on

well if her son is 18… it’s not quite her choice. and its not just people’s “sons” going into the war; daughters are going to.
“allowing” your kids to go to war isn’t exactly the way to put it; and that phrase should be phrased just a tad bit differently.
as far as kids going off to war, I’m lucky enough to know that my mom supported my decision to enlist. I’m sure if I ever got shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan than my mom would still support me.

Erin on

She keeps giving me reasons to absolutely love and respect her.

bethany on

Brooks –

i really think you misunderstood what susan meant. of course its the individuals decision its just that she obviously is very against the war…but what a ridiculous war it is, what a waste of our children 😦 xoxoxo

S on

Brooks, ITA with you! At 18 you can’t say that you won’t “allow” them to do it if that’s what they decide. You can frown upon it all you want. But you can’t force them not to.

Loralee on

I agree with Brooks. As a country with a voluntary arms service it is the decision of the adult child. My cousin is serving proudly and even though his mom may not agree with his decision she supports him and his decision.

katie on

no mother would WANT her child to go off to war, but if my DD (or if I have a future DS) joined the military and was called to fight, I’d support her/him. When you chose to join the military, war is part of the job and when you promise to do a job, I feel that you can’t pick and chose which parts you want to do.

Maria on

You took the words right out of my mouth, Brooks!!

Grayson's Girl on

I’m not a proponent for the war AT ALL but if the child is 18 the word “allow” is no longer in the parental vocabulary. I would hope that no matter what her personal views on the war are, she’d support her boys in whatever decisions they made including that one.

Kim on

I agree with her. When you join the Army, you never know where you get shipped off to or how soon you will and plus when you go to war you have a 50% chance of living an a 50% chance of dieing. Too risky I say, plus we don’t need to be over than in the first place.

tink1217 on

what if they WANT to serve their country??? She cannot very well “not allow” them to do it. They are adults by that point. Although I do not agree with this war, and I would beg my son to reconsider if he wanted to go into the military, it would be out of my hands and I would support his decision.

Jen on

She wouldn’t want anyone’s sons to go off to ANY war, or just thins one. Seeing as how she likes to pipe up about THIS war and all. 😦

Katie on

The comment doesn’t really suprise me since I know how far leaning left Susan Sarandon is. Look I wasn’t for the war in Iraq either. I could understand wanting your child to be safe, but if they’re 18 it’s their decision. Not the parents.

Katie on

Not only would I allow my child to go off to war, I would be PROUD of my child for choosing to do so.

Rachel K on

I’m confused… did Susan say she would never let her sons fight in ANY war or did she say that she would never want or let her sons to fight in THIS war??

Just wondering because there’s a big difference between the title of this post and that quote. Of course I haven’t seen the entire article and this is why I’m curious. Perhaps she would be proud to have her son fighting if it weren’t this war.

Anyway I don’t blame her. I don’t know too many mothers of soldiers who WANT their sons over there… but because they are of age, it’s not their choice. Nor would it be Susan’s if her older son made that choice.

Megan on

Exactly, Brooks. And I cringe when a parent says “Oh, my kid will only grow up to be this religion / take that job / live life my way.” Because then they spend the adult years having to put up with “*sigh* You could’ve been a doctor and married someone worthy of us…”

s on

I hate this war, is a waste of lifes n money…How that president can sleep at night? i’ll never understand..And he said his a christian…

K&M on

Having 4 sons and having served in the military myself (hubby too), its definitely not my first choice for them. If they were old enough and enlisted, they would almost definitely spend time in Iraq, depending on their MOS (job.)

However, if they are 18, I don’t really get a say in the matter as they are legally old enough to decide for themselves whether or not they serve.

If I couldn’t dissuade them, I would be right there in the recruiter’s office picking out an MOS that it least likely to go to Iraq or Afghanistan AND GETTING IT IN WRITING.

AshM on

I am with Principesa on this one! Also, it is important to note that Susan herself did not say the word “allow” (as far as I can tell it was just the person interviewing her who said it). Susan said she would not *want* anyone’s son to go off to this war.

If I had a son I would do my best to keep him from going but if it was something he felt strongly about then of course I would have to support him.

j&w on

The word “allows” doesn’t come from Sarandon, it comes from OK. I agree with Principesa, she’s a strong, consistent woman as well as a wonderful actor. I’m sure she’s a fantastic mum.

Stephanie on

Is the full quote available somewhere?

Rachel K on

I’m not sure why my last comment didn’t go through, but I went to OK and read the article and I have to wonder if Susan isn’t being misquoted in all of this.

There’s a BIG difference in saying “I would NEVER allow my child to fight in a war” and in saying “I would never WANT my child to fight in THIS war”
I’m betting the reporter asked would you ever let your sons fight in a war or something of that nature and she responded with the quote above.

Harley on

You know, everyone is entitled to their opinions but, I’m sick of hearing what Hollywood people think. I’d be scared as all can if my son/daughter were to go off to war BUT, I’d support them and I’d be proud as can be of them. I come from a military family, I’m used to it. Heck, my boyfriend just deployed 3 weeks ago and I couldn’t be more proud. My father has been deployed numerous times and my mom even served. At 18, my children will make their own decisions in life and if they want to go off to war, then that is their choice. It is MY job as a parent to support my children.

Savannah on

I love her, but it is a bit ironic that her son Miles’ name means “soldier.”

karen on

i would want my kids to make their own decisions, but with my anti-war self as their mom i’d be surprised if they chose to go to war. i can’t believe susan & tim’s boys are 18 & 15! i remember when she was pregnant w/ them!

mills on

Why would any mother in the right mind want to have her children USED in a sensless war started under false pretenses? It breaks my heart to see families who lost their children, spouses and loved ones over there and for what? Was it WMD? I guess not. Was it “spreading democracy”? or “fighting ‘them’ (who are “them” btw?) over there so we don’t have to fight them here”? Feel free to use the most recent propaganda, whatever works for you and makes you feel better about the carnage going on “over there”. I can understand why families who have kids over there feel the need to justify their sacrifice with some noble purpose but the bumper sticker patriotism and blind devotion to our glorious leader doesn’t cut it for me. Is “I come from a military family” and therefore “I have to support them” must mean supporting this war for profit? Supporting the troops should mean RESPECTING their sacrifices, lives and families enough to stop this insanity! If all you do is to repeat Fox’s talking points, ALL of our kids, whether they want it or not, will be soon involved in some form of military adventure somewhere in the world. Many young soldiers don’t “choose” to join the army.. many of them are ASSAULTED by recruiters day and night, at school and at home. Do you have a senior at home? Constant phone calls, sometimes up to 10 a day! They follow them in school and in the mall. It’s insane. Sadly, many kids feel they have no other choice but to join the army since college costs are out of control. I would NEVER support if my son decided to fight in THIS war and I would do everything in my power to persuade him not to. I don’t understand mothers who use their kids’ age (it’s ONLY 18, after all!) to say “oh, well.. it’s his decision” and that’s it. Worse yet, many of them fall for the trap of false patriotism and feel they should not interfere. It’s sad and it only helps to perpetuate this war. Cindy Sheehan had to courage to state the obvious: we were all DUPED and we’re paying with the lives of our kids. The real crime would be to let more kids be cannnon fodder in a war that has nothing to do with defending this country, justice or democracy. I support Susan Sarandon 100%. It’s good to see a few HW people with functioning brains and courage to state the obvious.

Plum on

Another reason to dislike Sarandon.

Thanks, Sarandon, for your blatant disrespect of my sons.