Princes William and Harry remember their mother, Princess Diana on the 10 year anniversary of her death

08/31/2007 at 03:18 PM ET

Prince Harry, 22, Prince William, 25, and their royal family and friends gathered to remember Princess Diana who passed away in a tragic car accident 10 years ago. Prince Harry, who was 12 when Princess Diana died, said at the memorial service,

To lose a parent so suddenly at such a young age, as others have experienced, is indescribably shocking and sad. To us, just two loving children, she was quite simply the best mother in the world. When she was alive, we completely took for granted her unrivaled love of life, laughter, fun and folly. She was our guardian, friend and protector. She never once allowed her unfaltering love us to go unspoken or undemonstrated.

It was an event which changed our lives forever, as it must have done for everyone who lost someone that night. But what is far more important to us now and into the future is that we remember our mother as she would wish to be remembered, as she was: fun-loving, generous, down to earth and entirely genuine.

The memorial was held at the Guards’ Chapel near Buckingham Palace. Both Harry and William were responsible for organizing the service and for them it was a tribute to a mother they loved and adored.

Source: Access Hollywood


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Megan on

You know these boys are just a testament to the woman and the mother Diana was…she loved those boys with everything in her and they knew it every single day. Her life was cut incredibly too short but I also think it’s given them a sense of the real woman she is and they will love and honor that for the rest of their lives until they see her again…

AMAZING boys…because of an AMAZING mother…Diane would be (and is from heaven) so proud of them today…

Rhian on

Awww this is lovely, everything he said is true he is very lucky to have had such an amazing mother and im sure the whole nation will keep Diana’s memory alive.

Lola on

I watched the service live on TV (I live in the UK) and it was really touching. Harry sat with the Spencer family and William sat with the Royal family, which I thought was a lovely thing for them to do. It brought tears to my eyes watching it. I think it was a wonderful way to remember their mother and was very good of them to share it with the nation. She was obviously a very good mother and is very much missed by all who knew her.

nona on

That is quite touching. I’m very sorry for the princes’ loss. I’m glad they have such good memories, and that they remember the love their mother had for them.

I seem to recall someone once saying I kind of resembled Princess Diana. She died on my birthday. I love Great Britain, and I wonder if anyone would celebrate my birthday if I moved there.

Posh_Fan on

Princess Di would have been one proud Mummy if she was still alive.

Tami W on

I just recently lost my dad, and I’m in my 40’s and I know how devastating that is. I can’t imagine what it was like losing your mother at the ages those two were at the time.
I do think that Princess Diana would be extremely proud of the men that her boys have turned out to be. Sure there have been a few bumps, but that happens to everyone.

Cindy on

I was in Canada on an end-of-summer vaca when I learned of Princess Diana’s tragic death. I’ll never forget the looks of frozen sadness on the faces of her beloved boys, staring out at me from the front page of a newspaper. In life, she took such great joy in being a mother. I will always admire that about her. Even after ten years I still well up on the anniversary of her untimely death. I like to believe she is smiling down on her sons. What a tribute to her as a mother Prince Harry’s words were.

gabriella on

Princess di would have been proud of her sons. I feel bad for them, they are my age and lost their mom so young. They seem to have a good head on their shoulders though.

Erin on

I lost my mom just seven months later to breast cancer. I was 13. She cried when the Princess died and I’ll never forget that night. Of course I don’t know these men, but to lose a mother at the age we did is a rare thing that only those who have experienced it can truly relate to. She must be so proud of her boys. Harry spoke so eloquently.

“She never once allowed her unfaltering love for us to go unspoken or undemonstrated.” – The sentence everyone should live by.

brookefan on

Megan, your beautifully said comments reflect mine also. Thank you. And, Amen.

Nausicaa on

The entire service brought tears to my eyes. She was such a great lady and died in such a ridiculously senseless way. She deserved to be a grandmother, to die old and happy, with her sons and grandchildren around her deathbed. I was in 3rd grade when she died, and I remember seeing her all over the news and thinking it was impossible that such a young, beautiful and generous person could be dead.

But we still have the people she inspired. We have her sons and we have this generation’s humanitarians who are continuing her legacy. So she’s gone but never forgetten; deceased but never dead.

Campbell on

What greater reward as a parent than to have your children turn out as these young men seem to have grown up to be. Well done Diana(RIP), and Charles.

Anonymous on

What accident ?