David Beckham speaks about the possibility of more little ones

08/31/2007 at 12:32 PM ET

David Beckham of the Los Angeles Galaxy spoke on air with Ryan Seacrest today and the conversation eventually turned towards whether the star and his wife, Victoria "Posh" Beckham, will have more children. The 32-year-old said,

At some point…When we first met, we never even spoke about how manykids we wanted. It was just lucky that we both actually wanted aroundthe same number. We both want four or five kids…we’re very familyoriented.

The couple currently have three sons, Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 2, and would love to add a little girl to the mix.  David is going to work his hardest to make sure that happens, saying,

That’s one thing I’ll be trying . . . changing my diet and wearing tight pants!

Source: US Magazine

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editorjax on

You know, for two people so much in the public eye and such hot commodities, David and Victoria are great parents. They seem to want to give their kids as normal a life as possible and they do seem very family-oriented. It’s refreshing.

Posh_Fan on

LMAO!! I see he’s finally getting Victoria’s sense of humor! :p I would love for them to have a girl, how cute will that be?

Grayson's Girl on

I’d love for him and Victoria to have the little girl they’ve been wanting. From all appearances they’re great parents and those little boys are happy. Plus after seeing Brooklyn playing Suri Cruise I think he’d make an adorable big brother to a little sister.

Can you imagine the hotness of David Beckham doting on a little girl?! There’s just too much potential cuteness and hotness rolled into that package!

Natasha on

As much as I love for them to have a girl, why does everyone assume after 3 boys that they’re so desperate a girl? Like any interview with the Beckhams about babies they ask so do you want a girl?

And if they don’t get a girl, I’m sure they’ll love another boy just as much as their other boys.

Miranda on

Natasha.. Victoria has said many times that she wants a girl and now David too. I myself could not imagen having only boys. Ofc I love my two sons (aged 5 and 2) as much as my two daughters (aged 4 and 6 months), but if they were all boys… You know, there’s just this really great feeling having a little girl you can dress up in adorable little outfits! I’m not surprised at all that Victoria wants a girl, being such a fashion freak herself.

Jessica L. on

Like Miranda said, both Victoria and David have made it clear they would love to have a daughter. There’s nothing wrong with having a desire for a baby girl after having three boys. Of course they would love a fourth son if that is what’s in the cards. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them!

Natasha on

Miranda I understand that, I just mean just because they only have boys doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be happy with another one.

When articles are written about it, they make it seem like they’re so desperate for a girl. Like David made a joke about tight pants and whatnot, but I’m sure they aren’t as “desperate” as people make them out to be.

gabriella on

Yea of course they would love a girl after 3 boys, most people would so that they can experience what it’s like to have a daughter. But of course you take whatever god gives you, and consider yourself lucky you can have children in general. Victoria is a very girly type woman, but I just have a gut feeling if she has 1 or 2 more kids, it will be more boys, I just don’t picture them with any girls.

m on

ahem,quick question..doesnt wearing tight pants actually have a negative affect on trying to concieve??

http://blacktennispros.blogspot.com on

After his recent kick in the testicles during game play, let’s hope that’s possible.

Erika on

The tight pants are to conceive a GIRL…there’s loads of info on “girl diet” vs. “boy diet” etc. on the internet an din books. So that’s why he mentioned changing his diet. Although tight pants make you less likely to conceive, if you DO conceive, then it will more likely be a girl (so the theory goes). My question is- if they want a girl so badly, why not do MicroSort or some selection technique like that where they KNOW they’ll get a girl? Maybe they think it’s too unnatural?

Gender disappointment is a huge thing- doesn’t mean that you don’t love your kids, just that you long for a girl or boy. My best friend has 2 boys and is going through that. She wants a girl so badly it is in her thoughts 24/7. I have a little girl, which makes it tough on my best friend to see that…but luckily she can be an auntie to my girl, which does help somewhat.

Posh and Becks seem to be great parents, and cool people to boot! I hope they have more kids and when they do, that they are blessed with a little girl!

lulusass on

I wonder how many more children Victoria can have??? I believe she has had all c-sections and I am assuming she has had cosmetic surgery after each subsequent birth, I know in Australia Doctor’s are reluctant to perform more than three c-sections.

gabriella on

Lulusass I’ve heard most doctors don’t like to perform more than 3 c-sections, 4 at most is what I have always heard. I know 2 different ladies that had 3 sections for all 3 kids, and doctors didn’t recommand anymore, not that they were planning on anyway. If anything I think victoria will have 1 more child, and not more than that. It seems a lot of celebrities have had c-sections, but most of them don’t end up having more than 3 kids anyway most of the time.

stephanie on


The tabloids have been saying that she’s dying / too skinny to get pregnant since she had Brooklyn, and she’s given birth to two healthy babies since then.

Posh_Fan on

Erika, David was going about wearing tight pants and changing his diet. Even if they always said they would love a girl, both Victoria and David stated many times that they are not desperate enough to do crazy things to make sure the baby is a girl or not. They love their boys very much and Victoria said even if a little girl would be nice, she wouldn’t mind having another boy.

Kat on

they probably think of it the way I did when we went to try for our girl… anything I could do to put the odds in my favor was good… as long as it was natural…
diet, shettles method, chinese conception chart, that kind of thing… fine.

microsorting just seems so unnatural to me.

I am glad it’s there for those who want it, but it’s not for me or my family.

the chinese conception chart predicted both our first two, which were boys… which we didn’t care what we had.

When it came time to have #3, I knew I wanted a little girl, but that if I had a 3rd boy, I’d love him the same… so I knew my chances… but we used the chinese conception chart and shettles method to increase our odds… and it worked.

If it hadn’t, I would have been fine.

We most likely are having no more kids… and I knew that if I only ever had 3 boys, I’d be happy and content… I just wanted to try my best to have that little girl I dreamt of.

Quite honestly, if we did have more kids, I would love more boys… girls… whatever.

I just wanted at least one of each…. and I got that… plus I got to have 3 kids… I wanted at least 3…. so I’m lucky.

They said they want at least 4 or 5… so they want a big family and don’t care what they have… they’re just trying to increase the odds of having the gender they don’t have.

On another note… my great-aunt had 4 boys. She loved all of them. She didn’t keep trying for a girl, though she would have been thrilled to have one… and said that after 4, she was afraid to have another and wind up with a girl as she didn’t think she’d know what to do with it…

So God gives you what is meant to be. While he also gives you the knowledge to help increase your odds… nothing is fool-proof.