Rumor: Charlotte Church stumped for girl names

08/30/2007 at 08:16 AM ET

by auditioning contributor Alyk:

Charlotte Church, 21, and fiancé Gavin Henson, 25, are apparently struggling to come up with a name for their first child, due the third week of September. The couple, who chose to not find out the gender of the baby, originally planned to use “Ava” for a girl’s name; however, British television star Myleene Klass dashed those plans when she named her own daughter Ava Bailey two weeks ago.

They are struggling to find a girl’s name. She’s gutted Myleene got there first.

A friend of the couple said they plan to name the baby ‘Lucius‘ if it’s a boy, but they don’t know what they’ll do if it’s a girl.

Source: The Sun

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pink.lioness on

oh come on – it’s not like Ava’s the ONLY girl’s name out there

Angela, CBB Sports Contributor on

I don’t understand what the big deal is. There are plenty of other people out there who are named Ava.

Jenn on

Other children out there having a certain named never stopped anyone before! Ava is a very popular name; does Charlotte not realize that?

Lara on

How about Octavia? It’s Roman (like Lucius), it goes well with either Henson or Church, and they could use the nickname Ava without their daughter having exactly the same name as Myleene Klass’s daughter.

gabriella on

Anther ava. It’s a pretty name, but it’s losing it’s appeal with being so overused lately IMO.

Jessica L. on

Naming your child shouldn’t be a competition. If this is true, obviously it might not be, then Charlotte and her beau should choose whatever name means the most to them. If that is Ava, popular or not, then so be it.

Anna Mila on

Ava must be the most popular name this year. It seems like every single person who has a girl has named her Ava this summer. It’s a nice name, but its getting a little redundant.

kat on

I like the name Ava but it is so popular right now i wouldn’t name my daughter that. But on the other hand if Charlotte likes that name she should go for it! Are Myleene and Charlotte good or best friends? Does it matter if she named her daughter the same? It is probably tabloid BS anyways….

c on

Why should she care that Myleene already “took” that name? Just because she’s in the tv bizz too? Dunno why she won’t name her child Ava if she really wants to, kind of silly that she won’t because the name was “taken”

Jessica on

I agree… Ava is getting pretty old. I never really liked it to begin with, but now I really don’t like it!

Ara on

I never understood the whole “You can’t use the same name as me!” mentality, to be honest. No baby name will ever be 100% original. Heck, my sister is named Tracy, and so is my first cousin. Granted, that could be why my parents went with Arabella for me.

This sort of reminds me of the near fistfight that occurred with some ladies from work. They had their babies within a day or two of each other, and both chose Matthew for their sons. Oh, I have *never* seen two people so upset before.

Lucinda on

I’m planning on using Lucius for my son! And please, not another Ava!

mary on

A lot of people have “got to” Ava already, Charlotte. It’s a trendy name. Who cares – if you like it, use it.

Devon on

Perhaps they are friends, or perhaps it’s because Myleene’s baby and Charlotte’s baby are going to be born around the same time.

I personally wouldn’t want to name my child a name that has been used by someone in the same area and/or same business that is well known for the sake of people thinking I just copied them. Also, I wouldn’t want to name my child with a name that is so freaking popular. My husband really likes the name Ava and I told him flat out no because of all the Ava’s being born. His name is Michael and he hated the fact that there were like 6 other Michael’s in his class. Perhaps that is another reason why Charlotte doesn’t want to go that route.

Aleah on

I don’t see what’s the big deal. Naming your baby is not a contest.

J on

Doesn’t Reece Witherspoon have a daughter named Ava? Maybe she shoudl pipe up and throw a complaint in that she started the Ava naming…lol!

Is there a first-time mom title equivalent to “bridezilla” yet?

KW on

I had to laugh — uh oh, not another Ava! If Charlotte likes the name so much, why not use it as a middle name?

My daughter’s middle name is the same as my best friend’s daughter’s first name (Emily) I loved the name, but felt it was too popular. Our daughter is older by 2 years, and I wasn’t the least bit offended when my friend used the name.

Heather on

When I see Lucius, I think of Lucius Malfoy. Sorry, a Harry Potter nut….

Lynn on

Yeah, that isn’t really a good reason to reject the name Ava. Plus Bam Margera’s niece is named Ava and a bunch of other little girls. It is kind of silly. I still like Charlotte a lot.

Clair on

If she likes the name she should use it, but i know some people that get really annoyed that their name is so popular. My friends brother is called Reece and when he started school there were 4 other Reece’s in his class. Granted some were spelt differently
but all pronounced the same.
So i understand where she’s coming from Ava has become really popular.

meg on

personally i think this is BS. Charlotte herself has said very little about her pregnancy to the press. anything in mags over here seems to be her mother telling the story, so im inclined to think its bull.

the bit about wanting another name now, i can understand, the papers over here would soon have it in them that she used the same name as Myleene. they will find any bull over here and run with it. as long as it sells their papers they really dont care

Renee on

I feel for little girls who are named Ava. There has to be at least three or four of them in a classroom at this rate.So there will be Ava B. ,Ava L, etc. My class had a bunch of Jennifers since that was the IT name in the 80’s and we knew them by their last names which depending on the last name was just as confusing at times.

stephanie on

Well, Narcissa is still available 😀

echoroc on

i thought they broke up? ava is played out. Myleene is the worst name on the planet. i’m having a boy — he might be named Silas. if it were a girl she was going to be Francesca so i could call her Frannie.

unique baby names on

They can use the same name – Myleene Klass is not a family member, so there should not be a problem.