Update: Mood 'somber' after birth of John Moynahan, sources say

08/30/2007 at 03:00 PM ET

Update: We hear from a source, whom we consider trustworthy, that what’s been written in the NYDN ‘isn’t true at all.’

Apparently — and this is someone whose info to CBB has always been reliable — Tom most definitely visited with Bridget in the hospital and they spent time alone. Yes, it’s a bittersweet and difficult time for both, as is to be expected, but the situation is nowhere as negative as some media outlets are making it out to be.

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Update 2:30 pm: RUMORS: The gossip continues. Today’s New York Daily News reportsthat despite a statement from Bridget’s publicist making it sound likeTom was in the room during John’s birth, that may not have been thecase — instead, he may have been at the hospital during the birth, butnot in the room.

[Tom] was only allowed to come[in] after the baby was born [and see John] for a short time. Bridgetwould not see him herself. The woman would not see him, period. And shegave the baby her last name. [Tom] is waiting to find out when he cansee the little guy again. Bridget is not giving him any slack on thisat all.

When asked, Bridget’s publicist wouldnot specify if Tom was in the room when John was born, only confirmingthat Bridget and Tom were ‘together‘ at the hospital.

Bridget and Tom are on speaking terms and have the best interests of the child at heart.

Meanwhile, Lainey Gossip supposedly clears up rumors that Gisele may have been the cause of the original split, as some still believe.

Tom Brady did not leave Bridget for Bundchen –- sources on both sideshave made that clear.

Originally posted August 29th: Contrary to the cheerful statement issued yesterday with regard to the birth of her son John Edward Thomas Moynahan, 1-week today, sources close to new mom Bridget Moynahan and her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady say that Bridget’s hospital suite in the hours and days after John’s birth was anything but happy.  According to US Weekly "the mood was very somber." 

The cause of the strife?  Depends on who you ask.  Bridget, says one source, "is very bitter."  Still, another source insists the actress "wants nothing to do with Tom." US Weekly reports that that point was apparently driven hometo the New England Patriots quarterback, who became visibly upset as heleft the maternity ward at 9:45 p.m. last Wednesday. Bridget’sfather was overheardmaking a telephone call and telling the person on the line that although Tom "fell in love with the baby" the estranged couple nonetheless "had trouble sorting things out." 

Theparents tried to give advice but it became grating. Tom was seen cryingat one point because he didn’t want to leave the baby and he knows it’sgoing to be a tough situation.

Seconds an eyewitness,

I felt so bad for him because he was upset.

Despite any lingering sadness, Tom and girlfriend Gisele Bundchen were spotted out in Boston this afternoon after enjoying lunch.

Bridget, 36, and Tom, 30, announced their split in December; John is the first child for them both. 

Source:  US Weekly

Thanks to CBB readers Rachel, Anne, Jennifer, and Stacy.


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Sue on

I don’t know…he doesn’t look that sad to me: http://cache.boston.com/bonzai-fba/Globe_Photo/2007/08/29/1188423239_6909-1.jpg

Candace on

So sad….I hope, for the babies sake, they can work out a win-win situation for all of them. It looks like it’s going to be tough though….Best of luck to them!

Colleen on

Sounds like a tough situation. I hope they can work out custody arrangements like adults. Bridget should get over her bitterness and act like an adult- think about what is important for her child. Hard to tell from everything we’ve heard, but it seems like Bridget doesn’t want Tom around. Maybe he figured since she doesn’t want him around, that he might as well go to Boston and practice with his team. Just because he’s upset about not seeing the baby doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to go out with his girlfriend and smile. Maybe she took him out on the town to cheer him up!

Anna on

This is the reason that God wants us married before we have “sexual relations.” I hope for the best for all involved.

emmalee on

This is all reads like gossip. The only facts that can be discerned are that:
the baby was born
Tom was present and then departed
Tom had lunch with his girlfriend.

Everything else is from unnamed sources and that makes me feel uneasy. I’m sure it was a bittersweet (tension between parents + joy of baby’s birth) experience for both parents.

Sarah’s note: It is gossip, but some of it is from a source who hasn’t given us wrong info yet in 3 years. We’ll have to wait and see if anything more comes out in the press and if anything is confirmed or not.

Dancer on

I think Bridget is acting like a child. It was her decision to have her ex-boyfriend’s child, and as far as I have seen, he hasn’t acted like a cad like Eddie Murphy. More and more, it seems like she didn’t incorporate Tom’s last name into the child’s name (could have been Brady-Moynahan) as an insult. I only see trouble ahead.

Carriec on

All of this may be true, but almost everything is in the heat of the moment right now – everyone’s tired, everyone’s emotional – that’s the way it is, even with couples who are hopelessly in love, once the baby is born. Heck, even married couples who planned for a baby have trouble “sorting things out” when the bundle of joy arrives. I’ll just hope for all of them that when some sleep has been had, and some of the inevitable hurdles of caring for a newborn have been crossed, there can be a meeting of the minds to figure things out with an arrangement that might incorporate everyone.

Kelly on

Yes, Anna. Being married is a rock-solid guarantee that things will never go wrong between a couple and that they will always be a loving family.

It must be nice to live in your perfect little world where everything is so black and white.

Anon on

As I’ve said before: This is so hard to believe. Tom was at the birth, saw Bridget go through a C-section, saw her give birth to HIS child and HE was upset. Wouldn’t that have been the time to put HIS feelings aside and stand by the mother of his JUST DELIVERED baby? It’s always all about Tom.

kily18 on

I would like to see them together again, that would be wonderful for both and of course, for the baby too.

Steph on

“It was her decision to have her ex-boyfriend’s child”

For many, the decision to have a child is not a choice, but a fact of life. Perhaps she, like many other women, did not approach this pregnancy with the idea that a decision had to be made. Rather, she is likely trying to make the best out of an awkward, bittersweet situation with too many angles for outsiders to even begin to understand.

Lara on

Was it an “insult” that the baby has Thomas and Edward as his middle names? Is it an “insult” to most women that the children they bear and do at least half the childcare for do not have their last names? It fascinates me that most people say last names aren’t important, until it’s the man’s last name that’s left out. Then there’s an uproar.

Maybe Tom Brady was sad because there was pressure on him to leave the baby and get back to football? There have been reports that he wanted paternity leave but it doesn’t look as though that’s been granted.

voice of reason on

Dancer – I don’t believe she has to incorporate the father’s surname at all. Hell I dont’ believe it should be automatic that a child get’s the father’s surname (or as part of the name) whether the parents are together or not!

Sue – He’s allowed to smile and enjoy himself regardless of the situation. We don’t know the full story, but what we do know is he and his ex are no longer together and she chose in the event of getting pregnant, to continue with the pregnancy (her choice of course but with the knowledge that with that choice comes responsibility and that she will be a single mother and there will be hard times due to it being around the time of the break up).

Renee on

I would bad for Tom if he hadn’t left Bridget for a supermodel. How can anyone say she shouldn’t be bitter? How many of us have been left while pregnant for a supermodel? Also at the begining he wasn’t involved very much with her until a few months before the baby was born. She has every right to be bitter, she is only human afterall.Also Tom didn’t have to go play, he could have taken time off. Other players do it, why didn’t he? He is just looking for pity

Cait on

Lara – I’m very inclined to agree with you about that. I think he probably was upset he had to leave so soon. As a resident of New England, and a fan of the Patriots, I know that Tom’s fate as our QB is shaky at best right now. He had a bad pre-season start and if he was to get the requested time off, should the other QB do better than Tom did, Matt would get the starting QB spot.

He’s between a rock and a hard place right now. People can say what they’d like about him, but the truth is, he’s stuck. And it sucks for all involved, unfortunately.

kasey on

Give me a break! LOOK at this photo from the Boston Globe today, with Tom smirking and smiling and making out with Gisele very publicly in front of a major Boston hotel. Does he look upset? Give me a break. This junior high behavior, just a week after Bridget gave birth to his son, is designed to hurt Bridget – not to try to make amends.

And Bridget had just had a c-section, after being in labor. Can you imagine how she must have been feeling? And then the man who failed to stand buy her for 9 months (and so publicly humiliated her with another woman) traipses in with a bouquet and expects to get a warm welcome? Who among us would not be angry and upset? He is LUCKY she let him in the room and gave her son Thomas for a middle name. He has behaved like a sperm donor from day one. IF Bridget is being a little unfriendly, she certainly has good cause. It’s up to Tom to bend over backwards to Bridget…certainly NOT the other way around. Just TRY for a minute to put yourself in Bridget’s shoes. She has been a SWEETHEART under the circumstances!


angelbaby33 on

The baby’s middle name is Thomas, doesn’t that count for something? Also, if she is going to have the baby most of the time and they aren’t getting married or anything, why would she want her child to have a different last name than her? As for being upset, who knows what is going on between them. Maybe she wanted to get back together but he didn’t want to because of Giselle. Maybe Giselle called Tom’s cell phone every 5 minutes while he was at the hospital. Who knows the reason that she was upset if she even was. Give the poor girl a break!

ang on

i was so confused by this story for the longest time, i was like, did they get back together or something???what happened to gisele?? now i get it…

i don’t live in US so im not that familiar with these celebs.gisele used to be with leo dicaprio-that’s all i got. good luck to them and god help that child.

Jen on

If this is true then I feel terribly for all involved. Tom should be given a chance to be a father to his child, regardless of his behavior in the past. Bridget has every right to be feel hurt by Tom also, but the emotional welfare of John now trumps any bad feelings she may have. It sounds as if Tom grew up when he saw his son but he and Bridget need to deal with the events of the past 9 months in order to move on. I hope it happens. John deserves both his parents acting like the adults who loved eachother enough to conceive him.I hope for his sake, that happens

Jen on


Tom was granted dispensation by the team. In fact, Bob Kraft, owner of the Patriots made his personal jet available to Tom for any travel. He chose to leave. He has a very strong work ethic and by the sounds of it things weren’t too comfortable in LA

PinkRoses on

Sadly, the split came right after Tom freaked out about the pregnancy and, um, split! I can understand how she felt abandoned. He hasn’t shown much interest in the pregnancy, but wants to waltz in and glory hound it all over the place when he has a son. Sorry, but he’s not a nice guy and he’s not been a nice guy in other relationships before Bridget. I wouldn’t want him as a role model for a young son, but you can’t deny the paternity. It’s sad that they weren’t in a serious and loving enough relationship to make a go of it when the pregnancy happened…Tom’s not the most mature of men. But, the baby is the one who stands to lose the most and that is the true travesty.

millie on

I find it interesting that Giselle, who started dating Tom even before the pregnancy was announced, is not even mentioned here. Women everywhere crucified Angelina for much, much less, without having a child involved in the situation. I would not blame Bridget for feeling emotional, particularly right after birth. I hope that, eventually, Tom will be able to have a good relationship with little John but he’s not the victim here and I’m not inclined to feel sorry for him. He could at least be a bit more discreet with Giselle for a while–I’m not surprised Bridget is bitter.

Grayson's Girl on

I’m sorry but it grates on me when I see statements like “she chose to have her ex-boyfriend’s baby” in that context. I’m VERY pro-choice, but I’m also pro-common sense. That statement stops short of saying a child’s life or death should be dependent on whether his father is ready, willing, and able regardless of the mother. If Tom was sad, then I feel badly for him but just as Bridget “chose” to continue her pregnancy, Tom “chose” to be there for the conception. This is a difficult situation, and it’s bound to cause everyone involved some grief. Tom has been able to distance himself during the pregnancy because there was no tangible presence of the child. He had every right to date whomever and whenever her wanted as they had separated but do you think it made Bridget all warm and fuzzy seeing pics of him and Giselle? She had to deal with that though and move on because it was a consequence of her choice. Whatever’s going on now, however Tom feels about it, is a consequence of HIS choice. For the baby’s sake hopefully they can come to some sort of agreement and be amicable, but everyone has had and will have their turn in the uncomfortable chair. This just looks like Tom’s round.

Cindy on

I actually felt a little sorry for Tom Brady upon hearing he was in tears. Now? Not so much. The photos of him grinding Gisele into his groin area and shoving his tongue down her throat(all with the accompanying smirk on his face)while the paps clicked away, not to mention on the day his son turned one-week-old, put an end to my naive thoughts for good. I’m thinking perhaps the “welling up”, as it were, was for his parents sake, since they were right beside him at the time. Then he had their sympathy. Tommy Boy showed up for the birth, “tried” to work things out, gushed over the baby enough to fool even BM’s dad, and then trotted gleefully back to his life that includes the underwear model. He’s all about working the angles. Look at his face in the photos…yeh, he looks wrecked.

PSB on

The woman just had a baby!! Do any of you remember what it was like after you had your first? I had an unplanned c-section and was very depressed about it and ended up having PPD. For all we know Bridget has PPD too.

Either way, she’s in physical pain and her hormones are in flux and she is entitled to act crazy or sensitive for a little while. Even though she loves the baby, it had got to be tough imagining that you are going to be the only one taking this baby home. I just think people need to give her a break. I think people attacking her right now are really insensitive!

Tom Brady needs to back off and just spend time with John and fetch water for Bridget when she needs it. His job as a dad right now is to be supportive and think about his child’s mother’s needs. He get go back to hating her after she’s settled into the her home with the baby.

Josie Kay on

Ok first of all…why would Bridget give the baby HIS last name? As it was stated above, She chose to continue her pregnancy, she CHOSE to be a single mother and she CHOSE to let him be there for the birth.

If she was as heartless as some of you are making her out to be she WOULD NOT have allowed the man in the delivery room or to even be around that baby boy without a court order.

I don’t remember her chasing after him, trying to use the baby to get him back or anything. She has been on the West Coast for the majority of her pregnancy and he’s been off overseas on vacation, etc..with his gf. Hell I don’t remember her bad mouthing that man one time. If she did, I didn’t read it.

I DID not let my son’s bio father near me, he has never met my son or paid a dime of child support due to circumstances that were deplorable on his part when I got pregnant. I would have the right to bad mouth//trash/whatever I wanted to and I did go through that period but you know what…Bridget KNEW the man that got her pregnant…I didn’t.

I had my son, I was a single parent until I met my husband, who is currently deployed to Iraq for the 3rd time. So I know all too well the stress of being a single parent even though I am married and emotions to get heated, things get said. When you are pregnant or lose a child, as I did in my 2nd trimester things that would never come out of your mouth do. You get pissed off at the world and Bridget probably was in pain, dealing with the stress of having given birth not to mention she had the c-section after being in labor..It hurts like hell…everything gets jumbled up and thrown around and I personally wouldn’t want the entire world looking at me under a microscope.

All I can say is CONGRAT’S to them BOTH on the birth of THEIR son. As far as Tom goes..I would watch out because G’s relationships since Leo and she broke up don’t have a long shelf life.

Kathy on

If I was Bridget I would not want to have anything to do with him eaither. He is shacked up with his supermodel girlfriend who has publicly stated that “she is happy to be a stepmum”
That made me so sick, to hear that she had said such an innapropriate comment. She certainly is not the stepmum. I would not want her anywhere near my baby. You can bet that Bridget feels exactly the same way. I have said it before and I will say it again, Giselle should have removed herself from this relationship the second she learned Bridget was pregnant. My god, she had not even been dating him for two months when the pregnancy was announced. Any decent woman, decent person would have done so. Find a man without a pregnant ex. And yes, I am going to compare Giselle Bundchen to Britney Spears!! They did the same thing. BOTH OF THEM KNEW their boyfriend’s exes were pregnant and instead of doing THE RIGHT thing and walking away they just kept dating them. I think the bloggers that want to rationalize that Bridget has no right to be angry are just plain crazy. She knows he will spend very little time with the child because he is too busy with his career and working on his relationship with his current girlfriend. Any of you that have children and careers know how hard it is to create a balance between family and work and let’s throw into the “responsibilties” keeping your current girlfriend entertained and happy by many dinners out on the town, world travel and other activities “she enjoys”.
His priorities during the ENTIRE pregnancy were disgusting. He was in the off season for many months of the pregnancy and had plenty of time to try to be a present support for Bridget. He chose not too and instead prioritized his girlfriend above his unborn child.
Tom simply has not, and will not be there for this child because it is inconvenient and will get in the way of his “fun” personal life.

I do feel sorry for the baby. Yes Bridget will probably be a spectacular MOM but as the child grows they learn and are hurt. More than likely Tom will have other children that he will live with and will hug and kiss them before bed each night and wake up in the mornign to see them too. John will not have that and trust me HE WILL be hurt by it. Knowing your half siblings have a present father but he could not be present for you. Time will tell. But, yes it is a very sad situation and if Tom Brady was in fact crying….he should have been!! He has made a big mess of his life all for a little supermodel nookie.

Sarah’s note: That stepmum quote originated in a British tabloid and is untrue.

Annoyomus on

ITA with Grayson’s Girl (except for the fact that I am definently NOT pro-choice)! A mother shouldn’t considering killing her innocent child just because the child’s father isn’t ready, willing, or able to be there for the mother.

I am guessing that Bridgett, like many women, didn’t see continuing her pregnancy as a “choice”. Like Steph pointed out, she probably saw it as a fact of life. I know that, if I were in her shoes, terminating the pregnancy would not even be an option. In fact, it wouldn’t even be something I’d think about. If anything, I would give my baby up for adoption if I felt I really couldn’t handle being a single parent.

To the commenters who say that Tom can’t possibly be sad because of what he has been seen doing with Giselle and because he looks happy….It is very possible to be sad but not show it. It is also possible to be sad about one thing, but still be happy about other things. He could very well be sad about the situation with John, but still appear happy with Giselle. Just because a person is sad doesn’t mean they are going to be crying or frowning 24/7!

I am also bothered by the comment about the fact that Tom “can going back to hating her once she is settled in her home with the baby”. How do we know that Tom hates Bridget? Hate is a very strong word, and you don’t have to hate someone just because you’re not together with them!

Anyway, we don’t know the details of the break-up, how Tom and Bridgett feel about each other now, what exactly went on in the hospital, etc. Personally, I think we need to stop bashing Tom and Bridgett when we don’t know all the facts!

Walms on

Cait – I’m not sure what you are talking about, because anyone who actually pays attention to the Patriots would know that the only way Tom could ever lose his starting job is if he got injured. Matt Cassell could throw ten touchdowns in the final preseason game, but he will still be the backup when the regular season starts. The idea that Tom’s position as the starter is shaky is ludicrous. (Not to mention, I’ve watched all the preseason games, and he played well, so what you said is also incorrect in that respect.)

In any case, if Tom was upset about having to leave the baby, it was likely due to his own need to get back to the team. It is well-known that he is one of the hardest-working, most committed players on the team. Even having requested time off, it’s unlikely he would miss a game if he could help it, even if the team gave him permission.

shawny swan on

I feel bad for the baby,he will be the one to suffer thru his parents childish ways.This is what happens when you dont take precautions and have relations before marriage.I believe they both are not acting like adults.I think the baby should have his last name not hers.I hope that when the dust settles they both grow up and make this baby a priority,doubtful but I pray they will put whats best for the baby first not their selfih selves.

PSB on


I meant that IF there are problems right now, it is tom’s duty as a father to be selfless right now. Supporting the mother of your child so she can properly care for your newborn should be at the top of his list –whatever it takes. Once the dust has settled, he can feel whatever way about her that he does. I don’t know if he hates/loves Bridget, just saying that whatever his feeling are, he needs to put them aside for the baby’s sake until everybody adjusts to having John in their lives.

may on

i actually believe that bridget told tom she were pregnant after their break-up and although she acts like one, she isn’t kid so why on earth should have been fallowing her every step during pregnancy? it’s enough that he wants to be a part of baby’s life so insulting him for having a girlfriend and a job instead letting him to doesn’t do any good for baby john

gabriella on

I believe this, I have a feeling these two have a rocky road ahead of them. Hopefully things work out for the sake of their son.

sigh on

Get the hell over it, Bridget.

Ada on

“This is the reason that God wants us married before we have “sexual relations.” I hope for the best for all involved.”

Yes, Anna… I suppose that all marriages in the world you live in are wonderful and last forever. And that all the dirty nasty “sexual relations” that take place before marriage are the sole reasons for adultery, abandonment, abuse and divorce… am I right??

Traci on

Who leaves their girlfriend when she’s pg? He can cry all he wants, but he can change this if he wants. He’s choosing Giselle over the baby. PERIOD.

Brittany on

I would like to know how Tom is sopposed to support her as his childs mother when, from what it sounds like, she doesn’t even want him around. Is he supposed to wait in the wings until she says it’s ok for him to be a father to his child and be in his child’s life. Now if he did that he would be called a deadbeat dad. It is not about what Bridget wants, yes she is the mother and she will be caring for the child and she says what goes and what doesn’t. But it isn’t about her, it is about the baby and what is best for him and if she thinks that that includes denying John’s father access to him when he is more than willing to be there for him, then she has a harsh reality coming. John comes first, not her feelings of bitterness towards Tom. Afterall, Tom is making an effort to rectify the past nine months. just hope that Bridget sees this sooner than later.

Jim on

He’s made his bed, let him sleep in it.
Leaving a woman while she’s pregnant with your child, and publicly dating a model to emphasize the humiliation, way to go daddy.

Bridget went through it alone. He chose not to be in her life. That baby is her child, and yes it should carry her name.
In ten years time, that baby is going to realize what a cad his father is.

Lola on

If all this is true or whatever I feel like it’s none of my business and it should be kept private between them.

tink1217 on

I haven’t been in her situation in completely the same way but my ex husband left me when I was 5 months pregnant with our 2nd child for…a stripper. Not a supermodel, but it devastated me. I wanted nothing to do with him and I hoped to keep him away when I had our son. But, things change, people say thing they don’t mean and aren’t sincere. He weaseled his way back into my life and promised to leave his girlfriend and be with his family again. what did he do when our son was born??? He invited his girlfriend to the hospital to see OUR baby. I didn’t even know until a few days later. And, the woman just gave birth, she is allowed to be and feel however she wants. This is a very difficult situation and emotions run high. Tom was dating Gisele within a very very short time after splitting from Bridget and hearing about the pregnancy. I still think the pregnancy is why he decided to call it quits.

Women don’t always think straight within days of giving birth and PPD is a real possibility here. Give the woman a break.

Brittany on

Has anyone considered that maybe Bridget didn’t want him around her during the pregnancy and that that’s why he wasn’t seen with her a lot. For all we know, he could have been involved in ways we didn’t see. And if he knew about the pregnancy before they broke up then why was he so shocked when she broke the news to the press? Chances are neither of them knew. Was he supposed to run right back to her so that they could be one big happy family? It’s no fun to be in an unhappy relationship. Now if they were married, then they would have made a commitment to try and make it work, but even then it is unfair to both people in the relationship to stay together. Being that they were already broken up, I think they did the right thing by staying apart. I do think it stinks that he moved on so quickly after the breakup, but that in itself says a lot about the quality of their relationship towards the end. Whether Brady is John’s last name or not doesn’t matter for he is Tom’s son and no one can take that away, he has every right in the world to be in his son’s life whether Bridget is ready for it or not. In my mind, he has done nothing to deserve not seeing his son. He’s not a drug addict, an alcoholic, an abuser, etc. All that he has done is move on and find happiness with someone else…please someone…call CPS. Give him a break!

Michelle on

Cait-wth are you babbling about? Matt Cassell??!! Surely you jest? Tom Brady is certainly not in any “danger” from his backups, it is almost amusing to think anyone could even believe that. Unless he pulls a Drew and gets badly injured, the man IS the Patriots QB. It is laughable to think what would happen if Tom Brady was made a backup. Other teams would be scrambling to grab him, and Belichick would be being rushed to the insane asylum in a hurry.
Now, that said…None of us knows who broke up with whom. We just dont. From the sounds of several recent articles, Bridget is the one who is not wanting the relationship. For whatever reason, they didn’t work out. She got pregnant at the VERY VERY end of their relationship, obviously. (The pregnancy that wouldn’t end for Pete’s sake!) Maybe she knew she was when they broke up, maybe she intended to be, but it doesn’t sound like he left her because she was pregnant, unless they found out literally within the first 3-4 weeks. Which is VERY doubtful.
Listen, the guy went there to be with his son. You don’t think he is emotional about this? This is his SON. His first son. Despite not being with Mom anymore, there is no doubt in my mind he wishes things were different. I would bet he would be the first to tell you about birth control. But the baby is here now, and he deserves two parents who love him, and he HAS that. Who are we to tear them down, make accusations about him “leaving her for a supermodel”. maybe he just LEFT her, ya know? And maybe she left HIM.
In any event, baby John is going to grow up and know who his daddy is. Not just a rich football player, but a man with class and integrity and decency. Someday, and I speak from experience, this little boy will make his own judgements. Hopefully, BOTH of his parents will live up to who he will believe them to be.

CeeCee on

I live here in Boston and my firmly held OPINION is that Brig is getting what she deserves… I, for one, totally see this as a very “planned” pregnancy… they had been together 3+ yrs- it was NO secret that Brig wanted to settle down, start a fam, Tom DID NOT want that at this point in his life, she “saw, felt” the end was near and I believe DELIBERATELY got pregnant… if that is the case, I can’t feel “sorry” or “boo-hoo” her situation now, she’s getting exactly what she wanted- minus the guy! Just concentrate on baby John Brig- it’s what you wanted, after-all!

Luci on

I can speak to this situation because I lived it. I was 21 years old when I had my first child, a boy. I was in love with his father, my college sweetheart. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew he was not ready to be a father – hell, in the front of my mind I knew as well. Our relationship was very, very rocky at the end. He’d gone away on a vacation/reunion with his parents and cheated on me while he was away. I should have broken up with him then. In any event, he wasn’t ideal father material and if I would have been honest with myself, I wouldn’t have expected much. I contend that by not using contraception, I CHOSE to have the child – he was irresponsible, but I WAS TOO. I really hope Bridget wasn’t expecting him to stay with her or come back to her because of the baby. I hope for her sake that it doesn’t take her 13 or 14 years to overcome what seems to be anger, disappointment, etc… I hope she can forgive him and let go of hopes for a romantic relationship and instead let him co-parent with her. It took me a long time to forgive my son’s father for “abandoning me” and not being there for our son. If I would have been honest with myself it would have saved me (and my son) a lot of heartache and pain. I believe I had everything I needed to raise my son within myself with the help of God, the Creator, the Universe – whatever philosophy you choose – but I was so focused at first on the love I had for his father/disappointment and then on the anger and bitterness because he walked away. I was angry and bitter for over 12 years. No longer in love with him, but just bitter. I shudder to think of the impact that it had on my child.


I live here in Boston and my firmly held OPINION is that Brig is getting what she deserves… I, for one, totally see this as a very “planned” pregnancy… they had been together 3+ yrs- it was NO secret that Brig wanted to settle down, start a fam, Tom DID NOT want that at this point in his life, she “saw, felt” the end was near and I believe DELIBERATELY got pregnant… if that is the case, I can’t feel “sorry” or “boo-hoo” her situation now, she’s getting exactly what she wanted- minus the guy! Just concentrate on baby John Brig- it’s what you wanted, after-all!
Oh please, even if BM did scheme this pregnancy right down to planning a secret ovulation chart and replacing her birth control pills with Tic-Tacs she didn’t get pregnant on her own. Also if BM saw the “end was near” as you put it so did Brady and assuming he knew the relationship was faltering and he wanted out then he’s just as much at fault for continuing to sleep with her. I just hate this silly, one sided idea that a woman can “trap” a man with pregnancy. No woman magically gets pregnant on her own and every man over the age of 13 knows that sex can lead to pregnancy. I figure if you’re man or woman enough to have an intimate relationship with someone then you should be man or woman enough to deal with the consequences.

As for BM and TB, assuming this gossip is true, I hope they’re able to work out their differences, because there’s a baby involved and his needs should come first and foremost. Hopefully they’ll be able to put their personal feelings aside and do what is best for their son.

Kristin on

Tom’s too busy having fun with his girlfriend while Bridget’s gone through the pregnancy, delivery, and everything else that follows, all by herself. Postpartum depression? Early problems with breastfeeding? Late night bottle feedings? Healing from a MAJOR surgery? That’s right, no one knows. No one knows what happened and no one knows what WILL happen. She carried this baby and she birthed this baby, c-section or not, and she has the right to do as she pleases.

Diana on

I totally don’t agree that she left Tom’s name out as an insult, why include his first and middle name then?? I totally don’t blame her for wanting her child to have her last name, I know I would if I wasn’t married and didn’t intend on getting married (plus as an actress I would guess even if she did get married she would keep her name so it makes even more sense to me for her to give her child her last name.

Bridget Supporter on

Even if Bridget got pregnant on purpose, even if she really does not want Tom Brady around, even if she is a horrible woman, it is his responsibility and moral obligation to do EVERYTHING in his power to be there for his son, even while he is still in the uterus. If he was a better man and if his child was indeed his first priority, he would have dropped Gisele and ran to Bridget’s side. He was never obligated to resume their relationship, let alone marry her. But he was obligated to help her, support her and let her know that their baby was his number one priority. Even if she did not want him near her during the pregnancy, he should have insisted and done whatever it took to be a part of that pregnancy. Real parents drop everything to be there for their children, they make sacrifices and rearrange their lives in order for their children to know they are loved and have everything they deserve. Real fathers don’t put women in front of their children. Real fathers battle in court to have proper visitation rights. Real fathers quit their jobs and move closer to their children when their mothers move them to a different state. Tom Brady wants to have it all but he can’t. He can’t be the best quarterback, a charming boyfriend and a great father all at once.

Tara on

Oh dear. This looks like it might get nasty.
I don’t have a problem with Tom and his girlfriend’s pictures. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some time with his girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about his new son. If anything, he’s probably trying to relax a bit before everybody gets too het up about the situation.
I do hope that Bridget, even if she has reasons to be, does not remain bitter towards him. The baby will not benefit from two parents who are unable to put aside their feelings to raise him. Tom should take responsibility for his son and Briget should be willing to let him. There’s no point debating whether he was right to leave her and events/behaviour that followed, it’s been done. The focus should be the baby.

Angie on

I’m simply amazed that Ms.Moynahan has shown class and dignity throughout her whole pregnancy. She had to go this alone, and if Tom Brady is truly involved as a MAN and a father, he would have made sure to be there, not ignoring her and flaunting his new girlfriend. I am a mother, luckily married very happily to my daughters father and I plan to stay that way. But, as a mother, your child must always come first. I think that BM is looking at the big picture here, in making sure that her innocent son is not hurt the way she is. Babies are so lovely and sweet, but I’m sure she has to look into the future and see, will Tom be there when he is sick and up all night, or his first day of school, etc. Yes, women can be quite petty and withhold a child to spite the ex, but I think honestly that Bridgette is looking at this and going, ok, I was alone and I need to know I can do this alone. It’s a sad situation, but people define themselves by the very actions they do, and missing out on a pregnancy and only showing interest at the birth is enough for any mommy to rightly question how the future will be for her child and what she must do to make sure that child has a loving upbringing.

CeeCee on

I wasn’t saying anything “mean”… Gosh- I certainly know it takes “two”- but I also know that a man will take it no matter what the circumstance- whether he knows that there is a breakup right around the corner, etc… and us women have the emotional side to it thinking, oh- everything is fine/ok- after all he is still sleeping with me, etc… I truly feel that whether or not Brig did anything purposefully (of course no one will ever know that side of it), their relationship ended so ABRUPTLY & with TB hooking up with Gisele so soon afterwards- it leads one to believe that something MAJOR happened between the two of them… it’s not as if this was a six-month dalliance- this was a 3+ year committed relationship… no one will ever know what truly happened, I just don’t see a guy who is truly “in love” with someone, breaking it off with that person and then instantly finding love again with someone else… guys go through hurt as well. To me this reads as if TB felt like he was betrayed by Brig (due to the pregnancy) and therefore he felt that he could move on rather quickly and show/prove to her, that even though she was preggers that did not mean he was going to stick by her through a sense of loyalty… as for being a daddy to baby John- obviously only time will tell on that one…

050707 on

These posts drive me nuts it amazes me how we all know what has gone on in the lives of Tom and Bridgette. I mean yeah I remember all those quote from her stating how much of an ahole he was and I remember all those quotes from him stating how he has had no interaction with her during all these months. I mean seriously we all read these tabloids for entertainment but to truly contrive how these people are based off of them is pretty sad.
As for Tom having to return, well yeah what professional player do you know that was given weeks off for the birth of their child, there are countless stories of them being their for the births and then returning the next day…it’s not just Tom and yeah his girlfriend was in Boston I mean the horror of it all, I forget that married couples that have children are so happy and their children are so well adjusted. Evidently none of you have grown up in an unhappy home with a married couple that clearly should not be married. Who knows what they have done over the last 9 months and what they have decided if she was so miserable with Tom why did she give the baby his full first and middle name? Seems odd if she was so “scorned”…I think everyone loves the drama so they continue to create it…

Karen on

im wondering ..who called him..to tell him she was having the baby…does he have people…watching…and telling him when things happen…because it seems like if she had wanted to…she could have went and had the baby…and let him learn about it afterwards……also…the baby has her last name….but she didn’t have to name him …the two names that are his dad’s…if she is that spiteful…why give the baby any of his names…..as for last names…i know of a couple…that the husband didn’t like his name…and took his wife’s……..when your older..you can change you name to anything you want..as long as you tell “uncle sam”…im sure she is smart enough to realize…that saying he is the father…she has to give him visitation rights…..if she doesn’t want to deal with him…her lawyer will…and the courts will decide a arrangement……

Maria on

First of all even if Tom was as sad and upset as some report say, that doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to smile. come on people! Did it every occur to you that maybe he and Gisele were talking about the baby, and that is what he was smiling about? No matter what has happened with Tom and Bridget and what may happy, the both have a right to try and be happy no matter what. Give them a break!

meela on

Bravo Bridget!

I’m so glad that she used her last name!!!!

Brittany on

Bridget Supporter…

It seems to me that Tom may be doing everything in his power, within reason, to be with his son. Bridget is the one who moved from New York to LA knowing that Tom was the father and knowing that he is unable, due to his contract with the Patriots, to live on the West Coast. So it also seems to me that she is doing what she can to make it as difficult as can be for him to be around her and the baby. All too often in the world, a mother get granted custody of the child just because she is the mother and then she spends the whole time making demands and running around everywhere expecting the father to follow her around wherever she goes. Tom is has every right to continue with his career…I am sure that Bridget will continue her career at some point in time. Soon enough I am sure that we see her with nanny just like everyone else in Hollywood. Meanwhile, here’s Tom trying to be a bigger part of John’s life and she’s pulling the spite card. I hope that she gets over herself soon and does all that she can to involve her childs’ father in her childs’ life. IT IS NOT ABOUT HER…IT IS ABOUT JOHN!

Stephanie on

it is wonderful to live in world when both parents are married to eachother. i believe there is less drama than when a parent is not activly involve (atleast in this case).

J-Lin on

CeeCee – Are you Tom’s publicist? I don’t remember him filing any rape report with the police so he was a willing participant. Everyone knows there are consequences to their actions. Even if he wanted to prove to Bridget things were over, grinding on a supermodel wasn’t the way to do it. He has showed no class throughout this situation.

Fynn on

Someone said Tom has acted like a sperm donor. It seems possible to me that this is not his fault but in fact is how Bridget treated him at the end of their relationship. With modern contraception, it seems unlikely a bright 36-year-old woman would get pregnant unless she wanted to. And if she knew the father wasn’t ready yet–then who betrayed who?

terri on

I’m sure their relationship is complicated right now. There are probably a lot of hard feelings and hurt involved. I’m sure that because they love their son so much they will strive to work past their problems and be supportive parents.

tina on

first of all, no one knows if or why he missed the birth. Also, no one knows the relationship between those two. Also, no one knows if she purposely allowed herself to become pregnant or not. all we know is that we see photos and make assumptions. Everyone is putting their personal spin on everything. it’s silly to keep saying he should flaunt this or flaunt that, you don’t know him. And putting a child first and being happy are not diametrically opposed, you can do both.

Monika on

It is hard to go thru a pregnancy alone, then have someone you have animosity for, show up for the delivery and for a small amount of time everything is ok. its hard enough having a baby with a solid relationship, imagine goign thru it when things arent great.

may on

i remembered cbb article about some actress not having baby fever and i believe that’s what’s exactly gotten into bridget. it’s just plain stupid to use man as a sperm donor and not to let him be with his baby and have his last name.
about tom and gisele – seems that some commenters along with bridget just don’t like happy people. come on, wemen, men are not responsible for all your problems! do you really believe that if women decides to have a baby man should agree with hers every decision and follow her every step during pregnancy?

Karen on

The timing of their annoucement that they split suggests that he/she might not have known that she was pregnant. Are they supposed to reconcile just because she is pregnant? There was obviously a reason that the relationship didn’t work out in the first place. I for one believe that she got pregnant to try and salvage a failing relationship.

That is neither here not there now. John should be number one. Denying your son a father just because you are bitter is downright cruel. Both to the father as well as the child. He wants to be in his son’s life.

The only innocent one is all of this is the baby. He said/she said and finger pointing solves nothing.

Dancer on

I reiterate again, Bridget chose to have the kid, and she chose to let Brady have a role in the kid’s life by being at the hospital, whether or not he was actually allowed into the delivery room. She needs to stop acting so churlish. If she is still so bitter about Brady leaving her, then she should have completely shut him out.

People who say that he should have stayed with her because of the baby should know that there is nothing deader than dead love. He would just have started resenting her and the baby doesn’t deserve two unhappy parents. She should get on with her life like Melanie Brown did, and find another man who can love her.

I have to say, I am liking Bridget less and less. She looked like a sourpuss throughout her pregnancy, unlike Mel B, who kept smiling despite far more severe problems with Eddie Murphy. I didn’t know who Brady was before this brouhaha, but I was impressed by the classy way he behaved, unlike the baby daddies of Mel B or Elizabeth Hurley.

tink1217 on

fynn, speaking of birth control…how do you explain my situation??? I got pregnant with my daughter while taking birth control pills. I never missed a day. But, lo and behold…I have an 18 yr old daughter! IT HAPPENS!!! Just because a woman says she wants to settle down and start a family with the man she loves and thinks loves her doesn’t mean she traps him by getting pregnant. I think its really shameful so many people are so quick to believe the worst in each other.

Bottom line…Tom had the entire off season to visit with Bridget during her pregnancy. If he wanted to be involved he would have been and maybe things wouldn’t be so emotional right now. But, no…he spent most of his time with Gisele. I would be pissed too if I were Bridget and I think he would be the last person on the planet I would want to see.

But, he is the baby’s father and does deserve to know his son. Hopefully they can reach some kind of agreement. I suspect Gisele and her feelings will come into play with how much time Tom does spend with his son. She strikes me as the type to throw a fit if her “guy” spends any time with anyone other than her…and a baby will be even worse. Hopefully they can all get along eventually and things will smooth out over the next few weeks.

Maria on

I think it’s not that easy being seperated from the pregnant woman and being there for her during the pregnancy. I am sure there was a lot of bitterness between the couple. However now that the baby is being born they should put aside their feelings and concentrate on the kid.
As long as Tom will pay child support he has certain rights as a father. There is nothing Bridget can do about that. It’s not easy at the beginning as the infant will have to stay close to the mother, but eventually Tom will be able to have him overnight etc.
I also wondered about her move to LA. Was it deliberate or maybe just making sense for her because she is closer to friends and family or maybe because her career is there.

Hea on

I said in the previous thread that I couldn’t believe she allowed him to be there during the birth. I am not surprised she didn’t allow him. I wouldn’t have.

Karrie on

It may be catty to say but I think that Gisele is far from being one of the most beautiful women in the world. I think that Bridget is far more pretty but that is just me. Would all this be easier if he had started dating a homely girl? Why does the fact that she is a “supermodel” always come up?

lizzie on

If this is true then I think she’s being incredibly childish and selfish. That baby is as much Tom Brady’s as he is hers. If she’s upset about him not being around during her pregnancy, what did she really expect? From what I remember earlier on in the pregnancy, she used to be based in New York, but then decided to move to LA for the birth. Knowing that he trains in Boston, this seems to me like it was deliberately excluding him. How did she expect him to be more involved when she was the one who moved across the country? I think she needs to put aside her bitterness and do what’s best for the baby.

tink1217 on

Karrie, I think Bridget is far prettier than Gisele will ever be, but that is just me too!

Caro on

First of all: I can’t see what’s wrong in Tom’s behaviour regarding the pics with Giselle. Tom and Bridget are no longer a coouple, period. They announced (in fact, Bridget did it) their split long ago, they parted ways completely, Tom has had a girlfriend for months now…I don’t understand why some of you guys think Tom shouldn’t be seen with Giselle now, that these pics mean a lack of respect to Bridget. Tom’s relationship with Giselle has nothing to do with Bridget’s maternity, just because Tom is now ‘only’ her baby’s father.

Second, I just don’t know if these baby was desired by both of them. I figured not, since they were about to separate when he was conceived. But we all know that when a woman (especially at Bridget’s age, she is no inexperienced) does not want to be pregnant, she won’t be. I know it’s a just a speculation, but I guess little John was the result of Bridget’s UNILATERAL decision to have a baby. Tom must now be trying to do things right, unlike Eddie Murphie.

Karen on


DaisyFly on

I’m absolutely amazed at some of the comments here.

Sure. Bash Gissele for being a supermodel. How dare she!

Sure. Bash Tom for having a girlfriend. How dare he!

Sure. Praise Bridget for calling the father of her son an @$$hole. What a GOOD mother!


Those of you whom are upset because Tom supposedly wasn’t at Bridget’s beck and call during her pregnancy all fail to see the failed logic in your argument. Tell me why a woman, who calls the father of her child something like that, would WANT him around to begin with? If she’s so upset because he’s dating a supermodel, why would she want him around her to begin with? Ever think about that?

Those of you whom are upset because Tom is dating someone, why should he choose to remain single? Why should he HAVE to? Would it be more acceptable for him to simply refrain from having a relationship with someone until Bridget said it was okay? I highly doubt any one of you would find it acceptable if the shoe was on the other foot.

Those of you whom are upset because Gissele is a supermodel seriously need to get a grip. If she were portly, you’d complain about that. If she were ungainly, you’d complain about that. And honestly, even if the comment about her looking forward to being a “stepmum” were true, would you rather she have said she hates children?


No one here knows the reason for the breakup. It could have been any number of things, and everything that everyone HERE has come up with is pure speculation at best. At worst, it’s merely a way for some of you to justify your rancor due to your own personal experiences, and if so, shame on you for pushing that upon someone else…ESPECIALLY after talking about adult behavior.

J on

Personally, I think Bridget looked glowing and gorgeous when she was pregnant. The article made it sound like she was chopped meat compared to the supermodels. Very untrue in my book.

Anyway, if she did not want Tom in th delivery room with her that is her choice. Or it could very well have been the doctor’s due to the way the baby was lying and how there were sudden complications apparently.

Anyway, I wish them the best for their baby. 🙂

sigh on

Obviously John Moynahan is way more mature than *Bridget* Moynahan. That’s sad.

nico on

tom is going to be in his child’s life whether she likes it or not, her feelings towards him don’t matter. He is over her and she hates that and is bitter but should not confuse that bitterness with her child’s best interest. If she tries to use this child as a pawn, she could lose custody. I think Tom is being nice right now and letting Bridget get her way, but that is only going to continue for so long. Then he is going to get his attorneys involved and she won’t be calling the shots anymore, the custody judge will

Campbell on

Poor BM sounds like she’s been dealing with a very common side effect of fluctuating hormones.

Devon on

I agree Tink! Just because someone is on The Pill, doesn’t mean they can’t get pregnant. It happened to a girlfriend of mine.

Also, Tom has had all spring and summer to spend time with Bridget and where was he? Not with her and his unborn child. It doesn’t mean they have to be living together or even in the same city but he does have the means to travel often so it’s not like he couldn’t be there.

This is really between Bridget, Tom and their son. Bridget has every right to be upset if Tom was an absentee father, because he is still a father even though the baby is still in utero, and Tom should understand that. Hopefully they work out whatever is bothering them and give John the best life he deserves.

Has on

Yes, because every woman who gets pregnant went “I want to get pregnant. Egg, allow the sperm to infiltrate your barrier.” The egg then says “Alright, I’ll make sure to yell to the sperm to let them know where I am so they can find me easily.”

Puh-lease! I have known so many women who get pregnant not only using condoms, but ALSO the pill. They were trying very hard NOT to get pregnant, and still did. So, sorry, just because a woman gets pregnant doesn’t mean she wanted to. And just because she kept the baby doesn’t mean she was trying to “trap” him. Everyone knows a baby does not make a relationship.

Lara on

“That baby is as much Tom Brady’s as he is hers.”

And “that baby” is as much Bridget Moynahan’s as it is Tom Brady’s. So why should the baby have his last name rather than hers? Why should John have to spend the next eighteen years explaining to his friends, teachers, and doctors why his last name is different from the only parent of his they’re likely to meet?

Also, several posts have said that she gave the baby her own name out of spite. Yet, through two threads and dozens of posts, nobody has explained how she gave the baby two of Tom Brady’s names (Thomas and Edward) to “spite” him.

Personally, I think the baby’s full name was a very well-thought-out way to honor his father while still being practical for everyday use considering which parent he’s going to live with.

Devon on

I was thinking the same thing Lara. I don’t know how Bridget has shown spite towards Tom when his first two names are in John’s name. That’s actually quite respectable and John will know that his father’s name Thomas Edward, is in his name.

Side note, Thomas Edward is my grandfather’s name. Love it.

lisa buckley-vedder on

Interesting comments….as far as the baby’s name…she can’t give him the name Brady, legally. They are not married. Unless if Tom adopts the baby only then can the baby have the last name Brady. Until then, the only choice for a last name is hers. As it should be.

Sam on

Why did I have a feeling this was gonna get ugly? Bridget should call up Heidi Klum and take some lessons in moving on. It does absolutely no good for parents to be bickering through their publicists and through the tabloids. Right now, they both look selfish and immature.

I hope she can move on as Tom has done. She was shown in photos smiling and waving as if she hadn’t a care in the world. Yes, it hurts, it’s happened to me, it happens in divorce, it happens. I think it’s time to move on. He said that he was NOT ready for a family and it shows. Look at all the points and counterpoints they’re making through the press! Bridget is NOT over him and I think the life changes with giving birth to a child whose father was once the love of your life hurts. But she’ll get through it, I think, with flying colors.

Let Tom prove himself to be a factor and a father in his child’s life. Let Bridget have her space to raise the child she wanted. It’s clear they have a lot of animosity towards one another and I thought that the baby would turn the tide. Obviously not.

Danielle on

Ugh, here we go.

1. No need to get into a nasty pro-choice/life debate, we’re waaay past that point. That said, IMO, if a woman can choose if she wants to be a parent w/o a man’s intervention, than so should he. No questions or judgements asked.

2. Just because TB’s new girlfriend is a well known professional model, with money, fame and freedom, doesn’t make her a homewrecker.

3. Just because TB didn’t force a relationship with BM after the breakup but during the pregnancy doesn’t make him a cad. They weren’t in a relationship anymore. Tough, but it happens.

4. Yes, women CAN trap men with a pregnancy. As adults we’re all well aware of reproduction 101 and what could happen. Since the dawn of time, this has not stopped couples from participating in sex for a myriad of reasons, mainly pleasure, and they’re still not being ready to be parents. Many long term, monogamous couples agree to use birth control options other than a condom. That means, fair or not, its the woman’s responsibility to use regularly. If a woman is deliberately irresponsible with her end of contraception, while her partner trusts that she’s using it to avoid a situation like pregnancy…that IS entrapment.

5. That said, the abover is not necessarily the case btwn this former couple.

6. TB has yet to demonstrate that he is a dead beat dad. The child is a newborn. His life/relationship with him has just begun.

7. If BM holds on to personal bitterness, it will be to the detriment of her new son and the potential relationship with his father.

Lynn on

I have to agree with CeeCee’s first post.

Fynn on

Even when men are in loving supportive relationships with their baby mamas, it’s a little hard for the guy to support and be with his baby except that he can lavish the attention he’d like to give his baby on his baby mama. But when the relationship between the adults is fractured … I just think it’s unfair to insist that since Tom wasn’t attentive to Bridget during the pregnancy that now he doesn’t get to be with his son as much as he wants. Tom’s relationship with Bridget and Tom’s relationship with John are two different things, and it’s unfair for Bridget to interfere with Tom’s relationship with his son, no matter how she feels about him (or his current girlfriend).

And yes, I know it’s POSSIBLE to get pregnant while one is practicing contraception–that accidents do happen–but given that Bridget’s and Tom’s contraception didn’t fail during the 3+ years they were together, only when their relationship–and chances for Bridget to become a mom–were on the verge of ending … Hmmm.

DaisyFly on

Interesting comments….as far as the baby’s name…she can’t give him the name Brady, legally. They are not married. Unless if Tom adopts the baby only then can the baby have the last name Brady. Until then, the only choice for a last name is hers. As it should be.
Posted by: lisa buckley-vedder at Aug 30, 2007 4:01:36 PM


Excuse me, but that is incorrect. A child can have the last name of whomever the parent providing the information so chooses. That means if the mother’s last name is Smith, and the father’s last name is Jones, the mother can give her child the last name of Peters if she so chooses.

And if that’s not enough for you, take a look at one of CBB’s most popular babies: Suri Cruise. Mother’s name: Katie Holmes. Father’s name: Thomas Mapother.

breezy on

as the mother she does not have to give HER child HIS name, if she’s a only child and wants her son to carry on her family name then she should just as I did with my son, he knows who his father is and they have a relationship which is what’s most important

teenyz on

Agreed DaisyFly. My husband and I weren’t married yet when our oldest was born. Baby still was allowed to have daddy’s last name. The hospital just had him sign a paternity affidavit before we filled out birth certificate.

Principesa on


The plot gets thicker and thicker.

No one could ever make this stuff up, right?

lizzie on

Lara, you quoted me saying that the baby is as much Tom’s as Bridget’s, but then went on to discuss the name, which you’ll notice I didn’t mention in my post. I actually think that it was right for Bridget to give John her surname, and have been quite surprised by some of the people on here who seemed to be outraged by it.

In saying that the baby is as much Tom’s as Bridget’s, I was referring to the fact that he will have as much right to be a part of John’s life as Bridget has, and if these rumours are true I feel that Bridget is being selfish and putting her own feelings above the wellbeing of her son.

However, these are just rumours, and I hope that they’re not true and that they are both being mature about the situation. And I really wish that people would stop bringing Gisele into this. No matter how many times it is printed that Tom and Bridget split up before he got together with Gisele, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the posts declaring that he “left Bridget for that supermodel”.

lizzielui on

We hear from a source, whom we consider trustworthy, that what’s been written in the NYDN ‘isn’t true at all.’

Apparently — and this is someone whose info to CBB has always been reliable — Tom most definitely visited with Bridget in the hospital and they spent time alone. Yes, it’s a bittersweet and difficult time for both, as is to be expected, but the situation is nowhere as negative as some media outlets are making it out to be.


The above statement is a perfect example as to why people should not believe everything they read in the tabloids. All of these arguments on this site over the alleged friction between Bridget and Tom, Tom not being in the delivery room, the baby’s name, whether Tom left Bridget for Gisele… just RIDICULOUS. No one knows what really happened except the parties involved, yet some of you are taking sides and passing judgments as if you were right there with them every step of the way. Sheesh!

emmalee on

“We hear from a source whom we consider trustworthy that what’s been written in the NYDN ‘isn’t true.’ Apparently — and this is someone whose info to CBB has always been reliable — Tom most definitely visited in the hospital and spent time alone with Bridget. Yes, it’s a bittersweet and difficult time for both, as is to be expected, but the situation is nowhere as negative as some media outlets are making it out to be.”

And thus I stand by my earlier comment that the previous rumors should not have been posted here. The posting of the rumors of tension between little John’s parents has led to a series of enflamed posts attacking – sometimes quite viciously – the adults involved without having a firm footing in facts. Please be more judicious in posting rumors in the future.

Sarah’s note: Whenever we post rumors, they will always be marked clearly as such and people can choose to believe what they want. I think we’ve been as clear as we can possibly be in dispelling what we know not to be true, marking everything else that we’re not sure about, and saying when we’ve used sources of our own. We do still want to make sure the latest updates we hear and see are posted and will of course always make corrections and retract as more information comes out. If course, no one knows the exact situation except for Tom and Bridget, and I, personally, feel it’s not my place to judge. I think we need to wait a few months and let things settle.

If people want to react strongly one way or another, it’s their own prerogative and they’ll be the ones being very right (and happy about it) or very wrong and end up eating their words or looking silly in the end. We just saw this happen to some posters on the Jana Rawlinson post last week, who, once given more information from Jana’s mom and MIL, ended up having a totally different opinion of the situation once more information was known. And then they’ll be everyone in the middle. With a situation like this, it tends to be a very polarizing topic — despite everyone’s best intentions, everyone has an opinion.

That’s part of the reason we try to keep staff editorializing off the site — people can develop their own opinions without our input. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes, not so much, as has been seen here, as people tend to jump to conclusions.

I don’t think we’re ever going to know the full story here, given how private Bridget and Tom have both been. We’ll still post what’s reported, but will continue to be very clear on exactly what it is we’re posting, and hopefully readers can use that before making snap judgments.

Elizabeth on

I have to say, I was very disgusted when I saw the pictures from Boston of Tom and Giselle smooching it up. Tom is certainly not acting like someone who is missing his newborn son all that much.

Even if Bridget was being very cold to him, he still needs to stick around and show her that he is going to be involved in his son’s life, and really make an effort to smooth things about between them for the sake of their child, no matter what happened during the pregnancy.

Giselle can have him. Bridget is way too good for him.

Lara on

Hi Devon, I like those names too, especially Edward.

Hi Lizzie. I think we agree that Tom Brady should get to spend time with the baby. We just seem to differ on what we believe happened. I believe that Tom was allowed time with the baby at the hospital and that Bridget will allow him reasonable visitation. If you look at the few facts that we know (and disregard the rumors), she seems to have acted graciously so far.

I didn’t say anything about Gisele. She doesn’t really have anything to do with the baby, so I’m not interested in her.

tink1217 on

well fynn, count me a miracle then…I was with the same guy for 2 years, living together and taking the pill for two years straight…none missed, no slip ups. I STILL got pregnant. It DOES happen.

S.I. on

I don’t think the latest refute by an UNNAMED source means ANYTHING. The facts are that these two are having problems, CBB is publishing these problems and CBB’s readers are responding to it. Sarah, I disagree with your expressions that people can just “eat” their words or “look silly”. CBB is publishing these reports, fanning the flames and then excusing yourselves from accountability. I don’t think THAT’S fair. Your readers are just responding to what YOU publish, so I don’t really understand what those comments are about.

If people are not willing to go on record, why should anybody believe them (these so-called trusted sources that are now refuting what was originally printed)? People are saying “don’t believe rumors from the tabs” but why should that keep anybody from commenting on it?

The whole reason these two are playing it out in the public is because they want to win in the court of public opinion – or else they would keep their mouths closed and stop talking through their handlers.

Gimme a break, this is a celebrity baby site, there will always be speculation on the personal lives of celebs. They love it , that’s why they pose for photos, hire publicists and release statements. It’s why we’re all here reading everyday.

madison on

I think 2 things –

1. None of us know what happened wth the break-up, the conception, the new relationship etc. We only know that Tom & Bridget were dating, they broke up and now there is a baby from that union.

2. None of us know what is happening now with Tom and Bridget, Tom and the baby, Tom and Giselle, Bridget & Giselle….the list goes on.

So I’ll stick to saying – congrats to them on a healthy baby. And I hope they work out a co-parenting plan that’s beneficial to mother, father and baby.

Jenni on

The timing of their annoucement that they split suggests that he/she might not have known that she was pregnant. Are they supposed to reconcile just because she is pregnant? There was obviously a reason that the relationship didn’t work out in the first place. I for one believe that she got pregnant to try and salvage a failing relationship.

I think the fundamental problem with this thinking is that no one wants to be selfless. Everyone can say, ‘they shouldn’t have stayed together…a loveless relationship isn’t a good environment for a baby.’ But that is just not true. It is up to the adults to make sure that child doesn’t know they are in a ‘loveless’ relationship. Adults can be civil, even friendly and not be in a romantic relationship. You have to want to do the right thing for your child.
TB should have gotten back into some type of relationship with BM as soon as they found out she was pregnant. Even if that means just agreeing to be friends and raise thier child together. I can’t say for certain he didn’t try, but HE is the one who started dating someone else right away.
I won’t even address the, ‘she GOT HERSELF pregnant’ business…that’s just too ridiculous.
And, to the person who said becuase they were in a long term relationship something ‘big’ must have happened for them to break-up, I think the complete opposite is true. Usually in long-term relationship things sort of slowly disintegrate over time. I doubt anything BIG happened here. Probably all the extraneous circumstances(their careers, etc.) just finally became too much.

Renee on

Give these two a break. They can’t get anyhthing resolved when so much of the public is gossiping about them.

Jen on

Well said, Lizzielui!

The theories, the gossip, the media attention is now getting ridiculous. I hope that both parties dont start listening to rumors and get caught up in it as well. 😦

Tricia on

Wow, amazing how a couple of unsubstantiated remarks have taken on a life of their own. I tend to agree with whoever it was above that said we only know a couple of facts for sure, and the rest is just speculation. However, I was just talking to my mom in N.E. who listens to all the local sports shows, and it’s apparently common knowledge up in the Northeast that Robert Kraft made his private plane available to Tom Brady on last Thursday night, and that he flew right out after the game and spent more time with his son. Got to admit I haven’t heard that anywhere else–maybe Tom was able to “fly under the radar”, so to speak.

It’s so easy to pass judgement based on a couple of impressions, without really having the facts at hand. I think Sarah’s right . . .

Ivy on

This is why individuals should be married before having children.

Monika on

I think everyone should take a step back, this isnt happening to any of us. some have been in the situation, some have not, but its their problem. we are just outsiders looking in. i dont think bashing either parent is a good idea.

kasey on

“Lainey Gossip clears up rumors”.
Sarah – Who is Lainey Gossip and why should what she says be believed? This is just MORE rumor and speculation. She has no evidence one way or another. Also, she seems a little nasty.

Sarah’s note: She’s a columnist in Canada — and yes, she can be nasty. It IS rumor and speculation, that’s why it’s marked as Rumor: the gossip continues. I will add another ‘supposedly’ and some CAPS in there and clean it up a little so it’s even clearer since people are missing or skimming the rumor sentence I guess?

We are not saying Lainey should be believed, I hope it didn’t come across that way. She has gotten quite a few good scoops in the past, but I certainly take what I read from her with a grain of salt. Readers can form their own opinions, we just try to put all the gossip and news of the day in one place and outline clearly what it is.

Personally, I’m not believing anything unless I hear it from a rep or from one of my own sources that have been trustworthy in the past. No one *really* knows what’s going on except for Tom and Bridget. I’m a proponent of ‘don’t believe everything you read’ but I know not everyone is.

Like that matters on

Wow, seems that everyone is on either TB or Bridget’s back. Well, actually the guy’s current gf got off the hook easily.

No one with some decent sense will keep hooking up with a guy who would leave his pregnant partner. Doesn’t she think that it could happen to her someday, too? Karma is a vicious dog. Did anyone hear that?

lj on

Now if we could all just let Bridget & Tom raise their child, and continue living their individual lives!

Why is it that, the more these fabricated & mailcious stories pop up, we clearly show that we are the ones not letting go, and are constantly focusing on any negative reports on/or about Bridget & Tom and now Baby John. I’snt it time to celebrate happiness?

That said, I will again congratulate both Bridget and Tom on the arrival of baby John who is a happy and healthy baby. Enjoy every moment of parenting.

My warmest congratulations to both families as well!!

Annoyomus on

DaisyFly- Suri Cruise’s father’s name is, in fact, Thomas Cruise. He legally changed his last name to Cruise quite awhile ago (which is why his two older children, Bella and Conner, also have the last name Cruise).

As for all this stuff about Bridget, Tom, and John, I am glad to hear that things weren’t as bad the NYDN made them out to be!

Linda on

i still don’t know what bridget is famous for, aside from being impregnated by an NFL quarterback…

Sarah’s note: Personally, I know her from Sex and the City, Sum of All Fears with Ben Affleck, and The Recruit with Colin Farrell. And I saw a little of Six Degrees last fall, which she was on.

may on

now i bet she’ll try to get as much his money as possible – wemen usually acts like that after break-up : gets custody for only being a mother, let’s father visit only at weekends and hollydays but try to get him to pay all child’s expences while i believe mother should pay the same amount of money and spend the same length of time with baby as father

Miapocca on

I dont think Bridgette is acting like a child..

I am looking at the expereince of Heidi Klum and son Leni and then ELizabeth Hurley and son Damien. Had children with men who had littl eto do wiht the pregancy and in thos ecases did nto want any money from the man..I believe money form steve bing for damien is kept in a trust till he is of age, Hurley didnt want anything from hims just to establish partenity for the childs sake

Unfortunately in Brady case he has to play nice guy in the media to sell his pats franchise, so I doubt his sincerity..seems its a trend hin his fmaily to have children out of wedlock anyway, which is no big deal except apparently they are religious…mayeb the parents hsould have actually thought the kids how to have safe sex rather than harping on about abstinence…

I think Bridgette and him nboth wil be comfortbale with curtailed viists from his side. I dont beleive either Leni or Damien spend any significant amount of time wiht thier bilogical fathers, they are all set up with adoring step fathers who are doign a better job than the bio fathers…

Bridgette did involve him in the birth etc, but he was not overly involved in the pregnancy for whatever reason, may havebeen her wishes, She started of righ tform the bart with ..I am pregnant, this is the father and I move on..end of story..Brady had done a good good od donating the sperm, now he can move on

Its seems a litte stupid of Brady to expect that after spending 3 years with someone like Bridgette , he simply dumps her at the point where anywoman is itihcing to have kids…advice to Brady , if you ar ento ready to make a commitment, maybe try teenager and USE A CONDOM..

The funny thing is Giseele tried many years to have Leo commit to her and she finally left. Giselle want to be married like yesterday, so I dont get Brady at all..he cant just assume women who hear thier bilogical clock ticking will ignore him just to please…I sincerely believe Bridgette could have spent those 3 years with someone who was actually interesting on developing a relationship and not stagnating at the same level ..for women in thier later 20 and 30s who are interested in marriage, better not put all your bags in one basket and assume that the man is going to marry you..dont spend too much time trying to get a man to commit either…jsut move on as soon as possible when they claim they can comit t..instead of waiting 3 years ad more….

Not saying I know wha thappened,but i Hear she got pregnant and he want ready to be a dad, so it was either go it alone or get rid of the baby and stay….she made the rigt descision

Brady is pretty foolish if you ask me
Who needs a foolish Dad
In anycase I do hope he gets involved in his sons life an d Bridgette can let go of her anger and try to do what is best for her son..I doutn she needs his money anyway..he may be rich but she has enough to take care of her own,….

Congratulation to JET moynahan on having such a strong mother..

Some folks continue th trapped nonsense and I can only conclude that if they are men, they are only fmailiar with teh gold digging category and not the hard working career woman adn if they are Women they are only Gold Digger who can understan only the importance of money and no tthe needs of a woman …

poor folks..get acquainted with career women like Heidi and Hurly and Brigette and you will learn a thing or two about being a strong independent woman..they usually need a stron man who is not afraid to hang with them…Brady is a wuss thats all I can sya..he needs to hide behind the skirts of another airhead like giselle..I wonder how thier conversation goes.hahahahahah

DaisyFly on

Anonymous 12:30, his legal name is and has always remained Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. He simply dropped the “Mapother IV”, but has never legally changed it. His stage name is Tom Cruise, and he uses that legally as the entity and brand, “Tom Cruise”, much like Madonna is actually Madonna Louise Ciccone, and Terry “Hulk” Hogan is really Terrence Bollea, but their names to US are simply “Madonna” and “Hulk Hogan”. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Also, the naming of the kids “Cruise” only further proves that the parent can give the child any last name they so choose. They are not required to give them the mother’s or the father’s last name, anymore than a woman has to take her husband’s last name upon marriage.

Karen on

another rumor out….that says Bridget allowed Gisele to see the baby..do you think there is any truth in that…i know….lots of things you read…arn’t true…or they take a truth..and add a few lies…..

Linda on

thanks, sarah. i should have just checked imdb. 🙂

Leigh on

She was also in Coyote Ugly with Tyra Banks, Piper Perabo, Maria Bello, etc. Love that movie! That’s the first thing I saw her in.

RickCa on

Bridget (Kat to her friends) became pregnant during early November, when Tom was breaking up with her. Their relationship had been rocky with Tom wanting to move on and Bridget wanting the opposite. While only she knows, her pregnancy during the last month of a 3 year relationship remains suspicious at best,as to whether she deliberately caused it.
NYDN, as well as ET, were wrong in stating Tom did not see Bridget alone. Both grandparents were in the room and left Tom alone with her in an attempt to see if the couple could talk things out. Bridget was very upset and told Tom she wanted him out of her life. That is all that has been source released of an accurate nature, regarding what was stated between Tom and Bridget. He does love the son. On a side note, Gisele cancelled her Australian tour promoting her new sandal line, citing stress in her life. The cancellation coincides with the birth of the Brady/Moynahan son, coming the day after. Gisele has decided to stay close to Tom.

Miapocca on

Although this site is an interesting one..your restriction of comment for no apparent reason even when one has kept ot the guidelines is a little fraudlent. You are basically selecting posts that appeal to you and putting them up, not giving others in the forum the opportunity to know for themselves what diverse views are out there…This in my opinion is withoulding of information to present a subjective view, intepreted on my parts as fradulent.

Enjoy the weekend

sage on

I really don’t care how bridget feels about Tom. But as a mother I think it is selfish to interfere in the relationship of a father and son if Tom is there and being supportive, and loving father to his son(yes I know he may not have married him, but that is still his son).

I disagree he doesn’t have to be there for Bridget unless it concerns John. They are not togther so he can choose to be in a relationship with whoever he wants to be with just as long as that person will be a good influence on john and vice versa. I think she is doing a big disservice to her son if its true.

lj on

RickCa- And why would we want to believe your version of what took place. unless your one of the relatives.

One has to wonder, why after Tom publicly humiliating Bridget and abadoning her during the pregnancy would he want back in her life.

What he should want is to spend time with John and not being in Bridget’s life. That said ,he never wanted John in the first place. So good for him Gisele decided to stay close to him. She is rest assured now, she can have him all to herself now. I hope they have a happy life together.

Bridget is better off without him.

Karen on

On everyones minds now…who follow this…when do you think we may be seeing pictures of him…do you think Bridget will keep him hidden for awhile….and do you think….they will let a magazine have rights to pictures….i was just thinking it may be awhile before we see him….both parents see to like privacy……