Gwyneth Paltrow spending time in Spain filming cooking show

08/30/2007 at 02:33 PM ET

by auditioning contributor Jamey:

Gpaltrowmoses051207_10_cbbGwyneth Paltrow, 34, is apparently taking two months away from her Coldplay husband, Chris Martin, 30, and children Apple, 3, and Moses, 16 months, to tour Spain with chef Mario Batali. While in Spain, she will be filmed as she travels to various locations sampling and cooking local delicacies.PBS will then broadcast Gwyneth’s travels in a cooking show. Gwyneth states:

I eat all that [Spanish] stuff. The crazy fish things, the eels, I love it all.

This is a change of pace from the type of work Gwyneth has done in the past. The Running with Scissors actress spent summers in Spain as a child and the show will pay homage to her time spent there.

Although traveling for two months sounds like a lot, CBB reader KN points out that Spain is not that far away from Britain, where Chris is from and where the family spends half the year. So although the Daily Mail article makes it sound like Gwyneth will be gone — she’ll probably just be going back and forth a few times a week.

Source:  The Daily Mail

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JJ on

Does anyone know what shoes Moses is wearing in that picture? Thanks!

Sarah’s note: They are Vincent shoes in their Smith style.

Jessica L. on

Where did it say that she wouldn’t be bringing her family with her? I personally don’t care either way, she’ll do what she feels is right. Though I have a hard time believing that they won’t at least visit her at one point. I am curious however to see if there is any kind of double standard here regarding Gwyneth versus that track star (whose name escapes me at the moment) who left her son for one week.

Sarah’s note: In the article. Click the source link for it.

Kelly on

3 months! I can barely make it through one work-day away from my 3-year-old daughter! I can’t even fathom 3 months ago! Wow! Poor babies. They’ll surely miss mama.

Sarah’s note: Two!

KN Sato on

Spain is not that far away from Britain. I highly doubt Gwyneth would spend more than a few days at a time away from her family.

Sarah’s note: Good point! Sounds like maybe the story is being sensationalized a bit…I’m going to make some post adjustments.

Kate2 on

“I am curious however to see if there is any kind of double standard here regarding Gwyneth versus that track star (whose name escapes me at the moment) who left her son for one week.”

Good point Jessica L. I notice there are a lot of double standards going around about this. Jennifer Garner is leaving Violet for awhile to go promote a movie and no one criticized her for it. And I notice people aren’t outraged about Gwyneth. But so many people were up in arms about Jana leaving her child for 7 days. I guess it’s now okay for certain celebrities to do this, but not others.

Tara on

I seriously doubt she would spend 2 weeks let alone 2 months away from her family.

That Moses is so adorable.

Gwyneth has the most beautiful children.

Clair on

a plane ride to Spain from Britain is between 1-2 hours away so they’ll probably go visit.

Campbell on

If anyone believes that GP won’t be in close contact one way or another, and won’t see her children OFTEN, then I have a swamp for sale! lol 🙂

lulusass on

No one is outraged that she is leaving her children for two months???? I am sure this story has been sensationalised but still…Jana saw that the best interests of her child was to leave him in the arms of loving family for one week. I personally don’t see the problem with that, she clearly loves him enough to make those sacrifices. Kira Sedgewick has moved half way across the country to pursue her dream. She is away from her children for much longer and personally I don’t see the difference. Her children are in their teens they are incredibly important years that you need your Mum but no one has crucified her. I know this post is not about Jana but these women are loving mothers and are not abusing their children it is not our place to crucify them.

PSB on

There’s no way she’s not going to see her kids for 2 months. She’ll probably organize her shows to be filmed within a few days and then fly back mid-week to be with her kids every week. Lots of people work this way. In fact, she the reason she probably chose to even film this show is because it’s not a far flight from where she lives (and I believe she spent a year of high school in Spain).

That said, I can’t imagine there’s a person I’d be LESS interested in seeing do a cooking show. I find her so pretentious and not very relatable. Also, I heard something about this show incorporating Gwyneth’s vegan macrobiotic recipes into it. I really hope that was a misprint – yuck – I would not find that too appetizing (and I don’t eat red meat!)

Lauren on

I agree that I highly doubt Gwyneth would leave her kids for two months with little to no breaks. She took such a long hiatus to be with them that I can’t imagine her going away for so long. I’m sure she’ll arrange to see them often.

And I do agree that the whole Jana situation was odd and got out of hand. If the issue really was her leaving her baby with the grandparents for a week, ragging on her was out of line IMO, especially since moms like Jen do the exact same thing and no one says word one.

Dawna on

Had to peek in here and see all the outrage about Gwyneth “abandoning” her children for not one, but two months! What a surprise to see hardly anything considering the drama about Jana Rawlinson post. You know what, Gwyneth isn’t the only mum to go off for work.

It sounds like she is looking forward to this “gastronomic” tour of Spain, and mind you, it is not like she needs to work! She’s doing something she wants to do, and a happy mum makes for happy children!

Oh, and the children will be with their daddy who can easily pack them up and take a 2-hour plane trip from London to wherever Gwyneth is in Spain.

Kat on

We don’t criticize them like we did in the other case because the children aren’t newborns.

I did feel much better about the track star (whose name I forget now) doing that after the mother and mil explained the situation, but I still don’t like a baby who should be bonding and (hopefully) nursing being left at such an age, though I do understand the lifespan of her career.

With Jen and Gwyneth, the children are still being cared for by a parent (with the help of a nanny in Ben’s case and probably Grandma Blythe in Chris’s)… but more important, they are older. They can be prepared for it. They can video chat or talk to Mommy over the phone and still connect with her in other ways.

It’s very different.

I also agree that it is likely that Gwyneth will not just stay in Spain the whole trip. Those countries are very close and I can see her coming home every weekend or more often.