Denise Richards out with Sam and Lola

08/30/2007 at 07:18 AM ET

Actress Denise Richards, 36, was spotted out with her daughters Sam, 3, and Lola Rose, 2, on Wednesday. More photos at Splash News Online and x17 Online.


Photos by INF.

Splendidlittlesseashell18strptanksdLola is wearing a Splendid Littles Seashell Pink Stripe Tank Dress ($48; 3T-7 only).

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levnette on

omg!! lola is adorable..

kellikelly on

why is it whenever she is out and about so are the pap’s. she must have them on speedail. i hate to say it but, this is emotional abuse if you think about it. kid’s need to have some quality time with there parent’s. most of the celeb’s would like to keep there kid’s out of pap’s lense’s. charlie sheen is right she starve’s for attention. case and point, she befreined charlie’s fiance, she probably thought brooke would say negative’s and damaging info about charlie. then she got alittle nervous when her x got engaged. then she wanted to borrow alittle baby batter to have his 3rd baby so she is in contact for life with charlie.i think people can change(depend’s on the crime) but, he paid the price, he is now in a hit comedy and engaged to a very nice person and denise is lonely. she thought charlie would chase her and try an win her back. i feel sorry for her to have to call the pap’s to come and take her picture’s. goes to show how a has been get’s noticed. sheen will get more time with his girl’s and denise will grow old a lonely old maid, last laugh is on denise. maybe you can pay someone to be your freind, nah, that won’t work you will sleep with there man.well, hope paying all the money with the matchmaker’s pay’s off.

Hannah on

Those two little girls just want their Mommy.

They are both so gorgeous.

Before anyone flips, yes they are showing their underwear slightly, however Denise is carrying both of them (which they seem to want) and furthermore she’s not posing for a camera.

sil on

I’m wondering why Lola is not wearing shoes…

I think that Denise loves to be photographed with the girls, she is always smiling at the paparazzi….or maybe is just my idea 🙂

Anyway, beautiful girls!

Hannah on

I just wanted to add, they don’t seem to be as scared looking as the last pictures with Charlie

Just to comment to Sil, I think it’s important that Denise smiles and stays happy for the cameras when the children are with her, because if she didn’t the children might get upset. Which is why it upsets me to hear people knock her for that

When there are pictures of Denise out on her own she very rarely smiles for the cameras and generally seems quite upset when she sees them, which is why I say that and which is why I believe that it isn’t fair to berate her for trying to keep the girls content.

Bravo to her for staying strong and getting on with her life.

Lola on

If I ever have a daughter I will name her Lola Rose too.

mrsb on

Lola is a doll and Sam looks so much like her daddy.

Also, I agree both girls seems so clingy and they just want their mama.

I didn’t even notice their underwear until you mentioned it…they’re just little girls, I don’t think it matters in the slightest.

sil on


I don’t think that not posing for the camera will make the girls upset….I’m not saying that she has to get angry or yell at the paparazzi, It just seams to me that she enjoys being photographed, but as I said before, is just my idea, I don’t know her, I just can make a comment of what I see in the pictures…

gabriella on

Both those girls seem like mommy girls, they are too cute. They both take after denise a lot, sam looks a bit like charlie but her hair color and eyes are denise and lola looks just like denise to me. Pretty girls, and denise is pretty too.

Robyn on

It may be me but they both look unhappy most of the time and are without shoes and sucking their thumbs. It may be my imagination but they just don’t seem like happy children.

Lisa on

Enjoy seeing Denise out with the girls. She seems to be a handson mom. Love seeing her out with the girls. They are so cute.

tink1217 on

beautiful girls! Lola’s hair has gotten so long lately! Its gorgeous!!! They seem to really love their mamma!!

ix on

Well, if I knew that my photo was gonna be put out for everyone to see and comment on, I’d smile too. But as this is Denise, she’s gonna end up being judged no matter what she does. If she wasn’t smiling, people would be saying that she always looks so unhappy when she’s with her children. I don’t understand why she gets so much critisism. Anyway, beautiful girls!!!

cats on

Again, Denise probably called and told the paps her whereabouts just to get a pic of her and the girls. As previously mentioned, I’m very suspicious of Denise and her relationship with the paps.

I’ve never seen her wear a cross. I’m sure she wanted the paps to get a picture of her wearing it!

Monika on

little lola is so cute, it would be nice to see them smiling more.

LL on

What an adorable family they are!

editorjax on

Like a previous poster said, I, too, am suspicious of Denise’s relationship with the paps. I wouldn’t be surprised if she called them to let them know her whereabouts. The irony is that aside from her divorce/ongoing feud with Charlie, she isn’t even that much of a celeb these days.

I think it does seem like she is posing, even in a “candid” way. And I don’t think the girls look any happier with her than they do with Charlie and Brooke. At least he doesn’t carry them everywhere.

Rachel on

Well said editorjax.

preesi on

Honestly? For ME, it speaks VOLUMES to me that Brooke Shields invited Charlie to her childrens party and NOT Denise.

Kate2 on

I think it’s really odd that Denise is photographed so much considering she’s not that famous. I can’t even name anything she’s ever been in.

Heather on

I am not a fan of Denise (never have been). Is it me or do the potos of Denise with the kids always seem to be taken **at that perfect moment**? Just too posed and too frequent for me.

Christine on

I not a fan of denise especially what after she dated richie since he basically date her friend exhusband but i have to question her relationship with the paps because to me they seem less photographed when they are with charlie but when they are with her they are paparazzi a lot and she not even really that famous because i can’t think of anything she known for beside her relationship with charlie.

Campbell on

I DO have a strong opinion about DR but it really isn’t necessary to give it in this post. lol. To ME… SMILING doesn’t necessarily equate ENJOYING.(or, it could in this case) She could be responding to something someone said, just trying to get through the moment, etc…. who knows. It is amusing to me how every inch of a photo can be picked and critiqued so. YOWSA, tough room!LOL. I didn’t notice the undies till it was pointed out either. Having had 2 girls I know from experience that in a little dress, sometimes they give an undie-shot!! hehe, so cute. They are such darling little girls. With Sam being the pic of CS and little Lola Rose looking like her momma.

Lilybett on

I like her less and less as time goes on.

Renee on

Do any of us know Denise personally? Yeah that’s what I thought, none of us do.So how can we say she posing for the camera when none of us know her. How do you know that she just smiles cause just vaules the fact that the paps aren’t chasing them down like they are dogs. If you are nice to the paps, they will be nice to you. It’s a game every celebs plays.I don’t get how any of us could judge someone on how good of a mother she is by some random pics.

Joan on

Is this going to be the next copycat thing in hollywierd?. Another bony woman, struggling to lift two children, who have should be perfecting their walking skills.

First Brad, then Angelina, now Denise. Please ladies, stop this nonsense.

Kate2 on

“I don’t get how any of us could judge someone on how good of a mother she is by some random pics.”

Renee: None of us were judging what kind of mother Denise is based on these picture. I didn’t even see any comments in this thread stated any kind of opinion on her as a mother – instead there were posts made about how odd it is that she isn’t that famous and yet there are constant pictures of her. There is nothing about that statement that is a judgment of her as a mother.

Mary-Helen on

I think Denise is a wonderful mother. As for this whole “Brooke invited Charlie not Denise” stuff, that doesn’t speak any volumes @ all. Maybe Brooke and Charlie know each other better. Blah.

Denise is a fine mother who has been persecuted by the general population for the crimes of standing up to an abusive husband and dating a decent man who was dumped by someone she was friends with. I personally don’t see the big deal. My husband once dated a friend of mine off and on for about a year. Does that mean I stole him too? You can’t steal someone from a marriage that someone else initiated it’s end.

Denise is classy, unlike that man she was married to.

Lauren on

Who would want a picture that tons of people are going to see where you are with your children BUT you are not smiling, for the most part you want pictures where you are smiling, it makes you look prettier.

Annoyomus on

editorjax- As another poster pointed out, the girls seem to WANT to be carried. Also, Sam is walking in the first picture. That said, I don’t know why people always get so upset about celebs carrying their children.

Angelina Jolie also tends to be criticized for holding her kids, and recently I have seen Jen and Ben getting some critcism for carrying Violet all the time.

The fact of the matter is, celebrities have to deal with things that we don’t, and one of them is the paparazzi. I can see why Angelina, Jen and Ben, Denise, and other celeb parents would want to carry their young kids when out in public. It would probably be very easy for a little kid to get lost with all those paps around, and the paps could potential trample a kid as well.

Also, most of these kids that we see being carried are still toddlers! I mean, for goodness sake, Violet isn’t even two yet, and Lola and Zahara are both just a little over two! To be honest, I don’t even see many kids of “regular” parents that are that age walking very much!

S. on

i think sam’s shoes are havianas

Sarita on

Hannah it seems like you are too much a fan of Denise to be objective. I don’t think the girls look scared when they are with Charlie at all.

The paperazzi pics of Denise are never candid like the ones we for example see of Naomi and Liev. Also I don’t mind about her carrying her daughters, they are her daughters, but I don’t think it is because they could easily get lost because of the paperazzi. I think the paps being present will prevent them from getting lost if anything.

ix on

Woo, go Annoyomus! lol

Kat on

if you look at all the pics on the sources listed, there is a pic of Lola wearing flip flops, too… and walking holding the hands of Denise and the Nanny.

She seems to carry them when they want and let them walk when they want… very flexible.

kathy on

Anyone know what kind of purse she is carrying?

mamabear812 on

I feel so bad for those little girls! Especially Sam, she always looks so sad and slighty afraid.

Always having paparazzi in front of them, snapping away their cameras in the girls’ little faces.

No wonder BOTH girls suck their thumbs! It’s for comfort – same as a pacifier. The girls are coping as best they could.

I blame Denise, she seems to always be parading the children in front of the paparazzi. A good mother would at least try to shield the kids or at least soothe them with words – not Denise – she’s smiles pretty for the cameras!

Has on

I hardly ever have my 2 1/2 year old daughter walk because the second I set her down, she takes off. She refuses to hold my hand when we’re out, and throws a tantrum if I try to force her. So to get my errands done, I either carry her or have her in a stroller.

I really don’t see what the big deal is about carrying your children as long as it doesn’t kill your back!

Anon on

Cats: Denise has worn crosses in pictures many times – before her marriage to Charlie and before her daughters were born.