Angelina Jolie and kids at Central Park Zoo

08/30/2007 at 09:56 PM ET

Actress Angelina Jolie, 32, took children Maddox, 6 (not pictured, Pax, 3 1/2, Zahara, 2 1/2, and Shiloh, 15 months, to the Central Park Zoo earlier today, where they fed the animals. Shiloh lived up to her nickname and was a little shy — she was afraid of the goats! Check out even more photos at Just Jared.

Photos by Pacific Coast News.

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Mon on

she looks so much like brad, its really suprising actualy.

levnette on

awww.. adorable!!

mrsb on

Shiloh looks so sweet! The pictures are beautiful, I love seeing her with her mummy! I love this family! =)

Anna on

Cute pics!!! Shiloh is so blonde, she looks like Brad…Cute kids

Rye on

You can tell she is going to be a gorgeous woman when she grows up! Just like her mama! Also, this is the first time I have seen Angelina showing candid happiness with Shiloh…so, I am very happy about these images!

Kelly on

So cute it’s too much to take!!!!!!! Shiloh gets cuter and cuter! Question – I see a man handling Pax and another handling Z, do they have male nannies, or are they bodyguards, or a combo of the two? I couldn’t imagine anyone trying to handle 4 small children by herself in such a crowded area, much less a celebrity.

Air on

Shiloh looks just like Brad and Angelina’s dad, John Voight. Her only Angelina feature in my view, are those big pouty lips. What a doll.

FC on

I just saw a few of these on another board! Love them! And Shi is so cute. I just love her little pout. She just seems to go blonder and blonder every time I see her. But Angie’s smiles in the photos are what make them even better. I love how she always has a look of love on her face, in her eyes, when she’s around her children and no outside thing could get her down, ruin the moment. πŸ™‚

Chloe on

Simply adorable. Who could ever have thought that Angie didn’t love Shiloh? She clearly dotes on all her kids. She seems to enjoy experiencing the wonder of the world through their eyes. Love the second pictures, of Pax and Mom checking out the animals together. Angie looks really relaxed and happy here. Shiloh’s face is really maturing, becoming more of a toddler and less of a baby. Beautiful.

Natasha on

OMG can you believe how she favors Shiloh? KIDDING….LOL, but thats gonna be the next story.

She looks like such a great mother to all of them. Shiloh is such a copy of Daddy.

Erika on

Who are the dudes holding Zahara and Pax? I get the feeling that her life is like a reality show- where you think you’re seeing a simple day, a mom with her 4 kids, but really, there’s a whole crew behind the scenes helping her, and she’s posing calmly for the pics as if she’s doing it all on her own (you know she KNOWS the cameras are there).

Sarah’s note: The bodyguards. It’s pretty clear in all the photos that they’re helping her. We just crop them out. πŸ˜‰ We do it in most pics where there’s a bodyguard or nanny in the background to make the pic closer up on the baby.

Megan on

Ok seriously she is all Brad with lips…LOL I love it–she’s so freakin gorgeous it’s not even funny…her profile is striking…love these pictures of all the kid with mom =)) Gorgeous gorgeous family!

karin on

Justjared has a pic of shiloh smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

levnette on

megan, i think you’re FUNNY!! πŸ™‚

Just me on

Shi is adorable and the one where her hand is covering her mouth is so cute. I wish we could see more pictures of the Z, Pax, and Maddox.

Someone on the jjb message board brought up a very good point about another blog putting up these pictures of Shiloh:

“I love how there’s basically no mention of any of the other kids. And people try to make out that Angelina has a messed-up attitude to Shiloh?”

I just love how that person said that!

Atleast CBB keeps it fair. Thanks!

Linlin on

Love this woman, just love to see she is out and about with her kids. Just too adorable!

Grayson's Girl on

It’s so cute how in some shots Shiloh is the spitting image of Brad and then in others she looks exactly like Angelina. She such a gorgeous child. I feel badly for Brad and the boys, between Zahara and Shiloh they’re going to have their hands full watching out for the boys! Those little girls are going to grow up to be KNOCK OUTS.

On a side note, how fantastic is Angie going from Iraq and doing her UN job there then coming straight home and being a regular mom strolling through the zoo with her four babies? The woman is developing super human Mom powers I tell ya!

ht on

Too cute. I hope this finally puts to rest the negative comments about Angie leaving Shiloh out of everything. Clearly woman loves all of her children to bits.

Chloe on

Here’s the story of a fan who bumped into Angie and the kids at the zoo:

Gives you an idea of what it’s really like for them, Erika πŸ™‚ She describes the kids as quiet, and there are no nannies hiding behind the scenes. Just the bodyguards (and we can probably all agree they are necessary for a family of this level of celebrity.

Annoyomus on

Not meaning to be nit-picky, but….How come the kids’ middle names aren’t listed like they usually are?

Sarah’s note: You always seem to have so many questions about the way we run the site…please send an email for any future questions so I can answer them more fully.

Tonight, I am rushing to get pics up and comments through so I can go to bed, and I just didn’t put the names. πŸ˜‰

Bex on

She has her Mom’s forehead and lips but everything else is Brad. She’s a beautiful baby. The other kids are beautiful too.

haha on

lol, in one of the pictures on justjared, it looks like one goat is trying to snack on Angelina’s purse and the other goat is trying to eat Shiloh’s little foot. Too cute!

ht on


Thanks for that link! For some reason when you posted it, part of the link url got cut off so it displayed ‘page not found’. Anywhoo here’s the link in full:

I had to chuckle that this:
“FYI: the anti-Angelina faction will be unhappy…The Chosen One was actually with her mother! “

Nicole on

Shiloh is such a cutie! And so are the other kids; Maddox looks so grown up now!

I love how Shiloh was a little shy with the goats, and that they tried to eat Angie’s purse!

And the only people who are ever with Angelina and Brad are their bodyguards or Holly, Angie’s assistant from before Maddox was adopted. The bodyguards carry the kids often, especially when they’re going to/leaving places because a lot of times they’re walking right AT the paparazzi as they take pics, and I’d want someone holding my young kids during that.

Brandi on

I love that they are always out with the kids. Seems like they have been doing a little bit of one-on-one time with each kid, which is great. I look forward to seeing each of their kids grow up.

Annoyomus on

ht- ITA! When I saw that Shiloh was in these pictures, I actually felt relieved, because I knew that people couldn’t jump on her for excluding Shiloh this time!

Susan on

It isn’t so much that Shiloh’s lips are pouty like Angie’s, her upper lip is just really short and doesn’t reach down to her lower lip. If that doesn’t change as she matures, it will be hard for her to hold her mouth closed.

Esme on

These pictures of Shiloh and Mom are fantastic. However, it irks me just a little that the paps only seem to focus in on Shiloh. And why would anyone think that Angie loves Shiloh the least. It’s obvious Shi is her pride and joy. I mean, out of all the children, Angie only breastfed Shiloh. And in almost every picture taken of the entire family, Angie is always holding her. I don’t think I’ve seen her hold Pax when they are all together. Ever. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful family!

gabriella on

Shiloh is beautiful, she has brad’s eyes and complexion but her nose and lips are totally Angelina’s. She is a cutie

Emma on

I am so glad to finally see good pictures of Angelina with Shilow because I have always got the feeling that she hadn’t really bonded with her but these cute pictures put an end to that theory.

Kaley on

These are the cutest pictures ever. I would love to baby-sit Shiloh or Zahara or any of them for that matter.

Kat on

A beautiful family! The kid’s are all cuties! Shi was definitely blessed by her Mom’s lips! πŸ™‚

Judy on

It’s so interesting to watch these kids becoming distinct personalities now. Shiloh seems calm and quiet and laid back. Madd is the big brother, serious and responsible, but he has a mischievous side to him as well. Pax looks like he’s a lovable little devil, all boy, very energetic and into everything. And Lady Z is something else! Such a little diva that child is. She has enough personality for four kids all by her little self.

Shiloh seems to be more like Madd, and Z looks like she has bonded with Pax.

Angelina and Brad appear to be doing a wonderful job raising these children. The kids all look so loved and secure. I’d imagine with the four of them, there is never a dull moment in that house!

SJ on

I really, really wish, these kids were made to walk. Pax and Zahara are always carried around and it is not good for their development.

Shiloh, I can understand, especially if she is not steady on her feet, but I dont get bowled over when I see Brad carrying Pax and Zahara at the same time, to me it is making the children, especially Zee, very lazy.

kiki on

ahhhhhhhhhhh πŸ™‚ i luv da whole family look at shiloh shez so adorable ……..

isacutie on

I remember this one interview where Angie said when she looks at Shiloh, she sees Brad. No wonder, she looks so like him. Although I have noticed that in some pictures, it is Angie I see on her face rather than Brad.

Iona on

wow, Angie is such a great mom and awesome person. Her children seem so loved and happy. what a great life the Jolie-Pitts have.

lena on

all of the kids are cute, and i agree with bex, shiloh does have her mom’s big forehead, lol, That’s why I like AJ, I can relate to having a big forehead, : -)

Becky on

I am releived to see Angie interacting with Shiloh, rather than just carrying her. This is honestly the first time I’ve really seen her interact with this child, and it’s definately reassuring that Shiloh gets to do fun activities with the rest of the children.

Xan on

They are all gorgeous! Mom, Dad, and babies:)

mel on

I am not trying to be mean but I hate to disagree with the rest of you, I don’t think Shiloh is a cute baby. I think she is the least cute baby of all the celebrity babies compared to Isabell Damon, Violet afflect, Suri Cruise, kingston and August Hermann. Those are cute babies and you notice it right away. With Shiloh I think one has to look too hard to see the cuteness, at the moment all you notice is the kid’s lips. I think people just say that Shiloh is cute because her mom is Angelina and her dad is brad Pitt. Maybe she will grow into an exotic looking girl like scarlett Johanson.

brookefan on

How cute is that little pinky of Paz’s on Angelina’s arm??? These are very uplifitn pictures!! THANK you.

Macy on

Shiloh is the cutest baby! I adore her. And the rest of them. πŸ™‚ Definitely my favorite celebrity family.

ma74 on

Shiloh is a beautiful baby.Brad and Angelina have wonderful kids.

tink1217 on

These kids are absolutely beautiful!! I love AJ and BP family! Shiloh is all Brad with Ang’s lips and forehead!! Just gorgeous!!!!



Delilah on

Shiloh is ADORABLE.

But holy macaroni I do not remember the last time I saw Angelina in anything but black.

Charity on

Shiloh is gorgeous. And I love that’s she’s a little scared/unsure of the goats. Typical shy toddler! I wish we had more pics of the other kids but I’m sure we’ll see more of them the rest of the week. There’s always pics out of this fam. πŸ˜‰

Theodora on

Shiloh never shows any emotions! Suri is so alive though! I don’t mean to compare them but they are soo different. You actually wonder if Shiloh is happy 😦

Becca on

i was watching a boi of Angelina and i noticed that shiloh looks like her mum alot but i have to say you can see Brad in her thou.

Alyssa on

Adorable pictures!

Am I the only one that doesn’t see Brad in her?! I see Angelina and Jon Voight! I rarely see Brad! Oh well lol.

Leigh on

Kaley, funny you should mention wanting to babysit the kids. I had a dream last night that Angelina hired me to help watch the kids. What a dream job! I got to watch those sweet kids and drool over their daddy at the same time! πŸ™‚

Ashley P. on

Shiloh is absolutely gorgeous! Despite anything else (like misunderstood magazine interviews), you can always tell by the way Angelina looks at her children (like we see here with Shiloh) that she really does love and adore them all!

Dela on

Awwww Shiloh is too cute!! She’s always seems to be wearing white! lol

Nausicaa on

*clutches heart and collapses of cuteness overdose*

What an ANGEL!! She’s gorgeous!! Usually she looks like Brad, but she looks so much like her mother in those pictures! Look at that smile with those lips!! Her blonde hair, blue eyes, doughy face – she looks like a cherub!! If you look up “cherub” on Google Images, you get a bunch of blonde, blue-eyed baby angels that resemble her. (Of course, her siblings are no less gorgeous for being dark; I myself am dark.) She’s SO adorable!! Look at her expressions!! And see how Angelina looks at her? See the love in her face? Who can deny her love for Shiloh now?

Natasha on

Shiloh is such a cutie! I think aisde from her maa’s lips, she looks like a combination of her grandpa Jon Voight & her daddy. If I had a baby with pouty lips like Shiloh’s, I wouldn’t be able to resist getting kisses all the time:-)

mamabear812 on

I love how the girls switch off and wear each others clothes!

If I has two girls a year apart – I would probably keep the babies’ clothes separate – Angelina’s a truly laid back mom!

I read somewhere that she really prefers to travel light – I guess packing clothes that fit both kids would enable her to do that –
Great idea!

All her kids always look so clean and fresh!

Adore1a on

Finally the arm chair moms have kinda zipped it. Couldn’t bring much negativity to these pic could they?

I wonder if folks realize how STUPID they are thinking they KNOW how a mom feels about a child because of pap pics or some story in a tab.

I’m sure by next week when she is out and about with the other kids minus Shiloh, they’ll be back to their stupidity again.

Alex on

About the sharing clothes I think that’s a lot of fun too! Maybe when the girls are older they will have one closet and share a wardrobe! :). Shiloh seems like she’s a bigger baby than Zahara was at this age too. That’s probably why they can share clothes too. They might out grow that. Aren’t Eithiopians normally really tall? I think Zahara is going to be really tall and lengthy while Shiloh will be shorter and a bit curvier…but I think it’s too soon to accurately predict any of this πŸ™‚

Kate2 on

“Shiloh never shows any emotions! Suri is so alive though! I don’t mean to compare them but they are soo different. You actually wonder if Shiloh is happy”

Why can’t there be just one Shiloh post in which she isn’t compared to Suri. Could we please just restrict the Suri comments to the Suri posts and the Shiloh comments to the Shiloh posts. And perhaps Shiloh doesn’t act the same as Suri because she’s a completely different child with a different personality. Every baby is not going to act the same, it doesn’t mean that Shiloh is unhappy. Plus, Shiloh has a ton of photographers in her face all the time (Suri does as well, but I’ve never seen the media make as big of a deal over a baby as they do over Shiloh) and the press isn’t just taking pictures of Shiloh, they’re chanting her name. That must be overwhemling for a baby.

Judy on

Shiloh is not Suri, Suri is not Shiloh, and it is stupid to keep comparing the two of them. Shiloh seems to have a very calm, placid, laid-back personality. She looks like she is receiving a lot of love and excellent care, and that is all that should matter to anyone.

carol foster on

Shiloh is a cherub, a beautiful adorable child, who looks like both of her gorgeous parents. I have to believe she will grow up confident and happy. That is what I would wish for any child in this world. I think Brad and Angelina are very sincere parents, and I think they will do a decent job with their brood. That’s my two cents worth today. Carol