Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai not expecting

08/30/2007 at 10:20 AM ET

Rumors have been swirling since actors Abhishek Bachchan, 31, and Aishwarya Rai, 33, were married this past April that they are expecting. However, the Bollywood actor states,

That’s incorrect, there’s no such good news. When there is, I will tell you.

Source: The Post Chronicle


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Posh_Fan on

DAMN ITTT!! I just ADORE ADORE ADOER Aishwarya! She’s so gorgeous.

But oh well, it means more movies and a concert from her :p

J.J. on

My God! These rumors about Ash being pregnant have been going on for the past two months, and the media still insists that it’s true. They are posting all these crazy things, like for example in one article it was said that they were expecting twin daughters this February. That actually happened in the movie “Guru”, not in real life!! Ash and Abhi are too busy to start a family. They have a whole list of projects and films they need to complete in the next two years, so don’t expect any baby news for a LONG time.

Posh_Fan on

I agree J.J. Aishwarya is just finish shooting for Jodha Akbar and Pink Panther, then she’ll start shooting for Sarkar 2, after that, she’s going on a World Tour, after that she has two other movies to start shooting for. She’s very professional. I don’t think she’ll go get pregnant when she has so many commitments.

J.J. on

Exactly, Posh. Aishwarya has many commitments and there’s no way she can manage a baby when she’s too busy. After, she and Abhi completed all their tasks, then they’ll start their family, so I’m guessing they will have their first little one sometime in 2009, 2010, or 2011. I hope they have two kids – a boy and a girl (although I see them having a daughter first, then a son).

Posh_Fan on

I think theres a chance she might get pregnant end of next year. She’s not getting any younger. She’s going to be 34 this November!

I want her to have a daughter who looks just like her but with Abhi’s personality!

PSB on

People should leave her alone. For all they know she was pregnant and had a miscarriage (didn’t that happen to Demi Moore?) or is having trouble or is not even interested in being a mother right now.

Look, the woman is stunning, and we’d all like to see her procreate – but she JUST got married! The press needs to let her enjoy the honeymoon period a bit. I’m going to feel slightly bad for her when/if she does get pregnant, because she will never get a day’s peace from the press then.

emily on

I’m totally not surprised that they keep dwelling on this. It is completely normal for Indian couples to try to start families immediately after marriage. But I was just talking to my friend last night about this, and she warned me that many people wouldn’t want to see Ash’s films anymore once she is a mother. She said the fantasy to many men is over after that. (don’t knock me, I’m just repeating it 🙂 She said Kajol was the exception in Bollywood.

I am always so happy when I see Bollywood news on here! Thanks for that!

TAJs on


Sandra on

Marriage and jump into babies with no space
for the marrying couple – very conservative

maz on

its been quite a long time since this was posted but i couldnt get the email to work but she is indeed expecting. my mum was watching Zee TV and she was heavily pregnant even though her stomach was covered by her sari. She is probably going to give birth by February- March time just from what i could guess from the tv.

Sash on

U no wat!I dnt care wat happens, coz watevr is goin on is between Ash n her ppl, its none of our bussiness…Yeh I lyk knowing abt them, but their personal lives r their bussiness n I dont thnk that they want 2 always hav ppl comin between that n sayin…
Coz thats BullSh**
So watevr happens, hapens ok!


Rose on

Bollywood power couple Abhishek & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan become residents of Sanctuary Falls in Dubai

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”We saw Sanctuary Falls project and the facilities and just knew we had to be part of it. I don’t think we chose a place, I believe a place chooses you,” said Abhishek. “Dubai is special to us not just as a place where we enjoy great warmth and generosity in terms of love and acceptance from people, but it’s become a remarkable city and one that’s so close to home.”

Describing Dubai as a special place, Aishwarya recalled the premiere of her film ‘Provoked’ in the presence of Amitabh Bachchan during the 2006 IIFA awards. “I always have fond memories of Dubai and I’m looking forward to enjoying more special moments during weekend getaways.”

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adelina on

hi wats up

Maryam Khan on

Rai is baby. Bachchan is will happy love kid and baby. Baby is sweet beauiful cute. Maybe Bachchan want kiss Rai will shocked happy. Best Happy Day.
Thank you

sumit on

why peoples r interested in the personal life.

why they r not concerning for poor n needy.

celibrity r earning for there own we just entertain not to interect there personals metter.