Nick Bollea asks fans to pray for injured friend

08/29/2007 at 02:29 PM ET

by auditioning contributor Alyk:

Nick Bollea, son of wrestling super-star Hulk Hogan, released a statement regarding Sunday’s car accident in Clearwater, FL, which left his passenger, John Graziano, 22, in critical condition.Nick, 17, posted the statement on his Myspace blog, asked friends and fans to pray for his injured friend, a Marine who recently returned from Iraq.

I want to thank everyone who has sent their support to me. Right now I would like to ask all of you to focus your prayers on my friend John.

On Sunday, Nick lost control of his speeding Toyota Supra, eventually crashing into a palm tree. Nick and John were airlifted to a local hospital, where Nick was released the following day.A police spokesperson said the incident remains under investigation, with no charges filed at this time, although they do suspect Nick was driving at an “excessive speed” at the time of the crash.

Prior to this incident, Nick received three traffic citations in the past year. According to TMZ, Nick was cited once for driving 115 mph in a 70 mph zone, another time for driving 57 in a 30 mph zone, and driving 106 in a 70 mph zone.

Source: People and TMZ

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Anna on

It was also reported on the Tampa (TBO) news this morning, a video of him receiving a citation last week of going 75 in a 45 zone!

He deliberately continues to drive recklessly. Most states, 15mph over the speed limit is “reckless driving” and his license should have been suspended by now.

Did Daddy buy his way out of trouble? Just like he bought his way in to it by giving him that over-suped up car that he let his underage 14 year old son drive on the streets of Tampa/St Pete without a license or permit?!

I’d like to see him take some manly steps forward, admit to racing on the street (as eyewitness accounts have confirmed to the police conducting the investigation), admit culpability in the seriously injuring his friend and apologize for his actions!

But will he do that? Doubt it, that’s why Daddy is making a point of having that attorney hired tuit suit!

I used to respect the Hogans and the fact that they were trying to do right by their kids and give them opportunities. But I think their daughter dresses like a corner streetwalker at her concerts and their son has proven where his head is at, repeatedly. I’m done with them all. They’ve made a horrible mess of it all. Good luck trying to salvage it.

erika on

i totally agree anna.


Campbell on

I certainly hope that the Hogans nip this behavior pronto. To save their sons’ life and others’. I know as a parent of 2 adult children that our knee-jerk reaction is to “protect” our kids, but if the Hogans are really on top of this they will allow Nick to reap the full consequences of his actions NOW. and, absolutely NO driving. He should be chauffered by his mommy in a “regular” car everywhere he needs to go for a very long time. If that puts a cramp in mommy’s lifestyle then so be it. Priorities…. or, he should be forced to use public transportation. He MUST be forced to feel the sting of this on every level. PSA’s, fines (that HE pays), long term driver’s license revocation, etc. His parents have this one opportunity to truly affect the type of young man they choose to raise and “release” to the world. Come on Hogans… We are all watching, don’t let us, or more importantly your son, down!!

Christy on

I wish I could post what I’m really thinking about all of them,grrrrrr

I hope his friend will be okay.

smuffy on

I’m really mad that I stopped watching hogan knows best now.

Brittney on

I hope that his friend will be okay and what I say I hope everyone understands. Maybe this is the wake-up call he needed and he won’t continue on with this behavior.

Kim on

Why is he even still driving ??? After 3-4 high speeding offences he would for sure be disqualified here in Australia. There are rules now for provisional drivers here (aged 16/17 usually here in Australia) that if you do it once your licence is automatically cancelled for three months I think. I’m not sure why he’s beeen allowed to keep the licence after all that.

Frost on

Wow. Yeah, those citation speeds are really ridiculous. I can understand speeding but those speeds that he’s going? Over 100? That’s ridiculous, and it’s ridiculous his license isn’t taken away.

Nothing will probably happen until he kills someone.

Vickycopsy on

How come Nick’s last name is not Hogan?

Sarah’s note: Hulk Hogan is a stage name. Terry Bollea is his real name.

preesi on

To be fair Nick does have a Race Car driving licence… We really have no idea if the car malfunctioned of not…

Anna on

Preesi – with mulitiple eye witnesses who saw him and a Viper reving engines at a traffic light, in preparation to race, there is not much question as to then intent of his actions. One of the witnesses was a former street racer who lost his license for 5 years because of his actions. He KNEW what he was looking at!

This is another case of an over-indulged young man who took reckless action with his life and the life of his supposed “friend”. A Marine who just returned from service in Iraq no less!

And BECAUSE he has earned his racing license, is all the more reason he has an appropriate outlet for his “need for speed”. But street racing on public streets, putting others lives in jeapordy because you can is no reason to do it.

I think he should lose his driving license for 5 years and he should lose his racing license for the same amount of time. He should have to make restitution out of his own pocket, not Daddy’s!, to his friends medical expenses (Bayflight is NOT cheap!), to the city for the Fire Department and Police officers who reported to the scene, for the destruction that was caused by his accident, even having to replant the flowers and grass that were destroyed with his own hands!

There’s so much more that he should have to do as well, but what’s the point? He’ll get a ticket, he’ll pay it and it’ll all just go away. But he’s damaged the name that his father spent so many years building forever. What a waste of so much.

Mary-Helen on

This kid needs to lose his license. I hate to say it but I think both Brooke and Nick act like spoiled brats and Hogan & Linda need to reign them in. If Nick faces some stiff charges from this, help him with a lawyer who will get him the appropriate time for the charge but don’t let him off the hook.

I say, take away his license and his racing license and don’t give either back until he completes a whole bunch of Driver’s Ed courses.

Shannon on

We all really dont know what happened and need to say prayers for both the Garzianos and the Hogans. Both Families are going through a lot and need a lot of Support. Should Nick be speeding? NO but we all have done it before and we all have done it many times! Just because you havent been caught or have been in a serious accident doesnt make you innocent! I hope John comes out of this accident ok and I am sure Nick is going through a lot and will be for many months to come! Unless you are friends with the families do not be hypocrites!

Patricia M on

My prayers are with you Nick, and with your friend John. Please know that prayers are heard, God be with you through this tragic time. Linda, Terry, Brooke, my prayers are with you and I pray for Nicks friend. There is power in prayer and I believe God will be with you throught this and will comfort you. He is our source and our strength always!
God Bless you