Matt Damon and wife Luciana not adding to their family any time soon

08/29/2007 at 09:45 AM ET

Although rumors have been swirling lately with the news that Luciana Damon is pregnant again, a friend of actor Matt Damon, 36, say that the stories just aren’t true.

Just because Isabella is 1 people seem to think it’s time for them to have another one. But they aren’t.

Matt and Luciana have daughters Isabella, 14 months, and 9-year-old Alexia, from Luciana’s first marriage.

Source: Boston Herald

Did people think it was ‘time’ for you and your partner to have another baby after your child reached a certain age?


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sil on

yes… everbody is asking me and my husband when are we having a second child, since my daughter is 2 1/2 yrs old…they think it’s time! But we will wait until next year.

christina on

Goodness yes!! People starting asking us “when are you going to have another baby?” when our first child was not even three MONTHS old!!!

It was particularly odd, too, because most everyone who asked *knew* that we had trouble getting pregnant and that we were overjoyed to have one healthy child. I guess they thought that because we’d gotten pregnant one time that we’d not have any more problems in the future??

Some folks (co-workers, church members, etc.) kept up with it for years, always asking, no matter what we told them. Even if we said, “we’re not having any more. We’ve been very blessed to have the one we do have. Stop asking us that.”

Now we have two children and people are asking us if we’ll have a third… and our 2nd baby is just 2 months old

I’m always surprised at the number of people who think it’s perfectly acceptable to ask a virtual stranger, “when are you going to get pregnant?”

Mimi on

Yes! My daughter will be one in November, and I’m already getting the questions! I feel sad, though, because people don’t know that my daughter will be an only child, as my husband and I (mostly my husband) have decided to only have one child. I don’t want to bum everyone out and tell them not to hold their breath for another baby! (Plus, never say never, right?)

J.M. on

People actually ask me about the little girl I watch full time about when her parents are going to have another? Are you going to watch it? Or they’ll come out and ask her. They’ll also make comments like, “oh she can’t be an only child it’s not fair!” or “she’s spoiled she needs a sibling!”

Her mother had a hard time with the birth and complications are even riskier the second time around so she’s putting much thought into it before she does it. But I also have a friend who has a 3 yr. old who gets asked all the time and you can tell it hurts her to answer (she had trouble conceiving her son and has been trying for 2 years again). Some people truly don’t know the circumstances so you have to forgive their ignorance however people who do know should keep their mouths shut for it only makes it harder on the parent when they truly DO want another child.

I see nothing wrong with people deciding to have only one child it’s their personal choice.

katie on

oh yes! It started when she was 1 and heated up when she was 2 (DD is now 3)…I said we’d get around to having another eventually, and the response is always “but its beter for her if they’re close in age”… well, for us, its better to wait-we can’t afford another child right now, don’t have the room in the house, and frankly, we’re enjoying the way our family is at the moment-mom, dad, little girl, and kitty cat!

Devon on

I don’t have any children yet, but I recently was married and the baby question came up at the rehearsal. My mother-in-law was asking when we were going to be giving her grandchildren! I’m 24 and my husband is 22 for crying out loud. We’re not thinking about babies yet. I didn’t know what to say to her, so my mum piped up “well, I don’t need grandchildren for a while, so don’t you two worry and take as much time as you need.” That shut my MIL up for a while.

Evie on

I think it started at about 4 months here. 4 years later and it’s worse than ever.

melanie on

Our youngest child is 6 (today) and people asked for about 3-4 years. Eventually they assumed we wouldn’t have any more and stopped asking. Now we are expecting in March. 🙂

christina on

I agree with JM that some people may be ignorant of people’s circumstances, but I still think it’s rude to ask someone why they’re not pregnant or when they’re going to become pregnant. IMO, it’s just nobody’s business.

Funny how folks don’t think much about asking about your sex life, but those same folks would bristle if you asked their salary.