Jennie Garth and daughters make a difference

08/29/2007 at 08:25 PM ET

While the announcement that Jennie Garth, 35, was going to be featured in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars was being made, the actress was busy building a new playground with daughters Luca Bella, 10, (right) and Lola Ray, 4. The playground is for the families in the Villa Hermosa Community of South Los Angeles. From the looks of it, the girls were enjoying the volunteer work.

Jennie and her husband, actor Peter Facinelli, 33, also have a younger daughter, Fiona Eve, 11 months tomorrow.

Photos by Mark Mainz for Getty Images.

Two more photos below.


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gabriella on

Luca looks like peter, while lola is more jennie IMO.

Karen on

I love these photos. Not only is it wonderful that Jennie is out giving her time to a cause instead of just giving them money, but she is also bringing her kids along and getting them involved. She seems to be a great mother!

I have to say though if I didn’t know who she was I would’ve thought she was a nanny, or maybe an older sister since the girls look so much like her. She does not look old enough to have children of those ages. She looks 25 not 35!

Erika on

Oh My… Luca Looks Like Her Mama! WOW!

Dorothee on

Jennie looks great: still young & fresh and slim after 3 babies!

valerie on

She seems like such a wonderful mother! It’s so refreshing to see. Wish we could see more of this type of parenting rather than Britney Spears pictures or those like her which are depressing to see!

Kate on

Jennie is so stinkin’ pretty! I’ve always envied her. She’s so naturally pretty too. I think Lola looks exactly like her. Luca is her dad. I hope she pops out another one!

heather on

Both daughters are beautiful!

michelle on

I love her and cant wait to see her on DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!

anon on

Does anyone know what sneakers Luca has on? I’d like to get a pair – love that shade of purple.

Jacquie on

I completely agree with you Gabriella, Luca is the spitting image of her gorgeous dad! 🙂 And little Lola looks exactly like her Mommy. Has anyone seen pictures of Fiona?

Sarah’s note: We posted one about 3 weeks ago. If you type ‘Jennie Garth’ in the search box at the top right, the post should be the first result.

Karen on

Anon, Luca’s shoes are made by nike, you can see the swoosh in the last two photos. Jacquie, CBB had pics a few weeks ago of all three girls at the airport.

ebeth on

i believe the shoes are the nike free model

Lorus on

I LOVE the picture of Jennie holding Lola. I still occasionally hold my 6.5yo daughter if she wants a lift or a cuddle. I carried her quite often when she was 4 and loved it.
Jennie seems like such a loving Mama.

Annoyomus on

I can’t help but notice that nobody has asked where Fiona is, nor does anyone seem upset that she was not with her mother and sisters. Yet when Brad and Angelina go somewhere and bring their three adopted kids along but not Shiloh, everyone immeditly jumps all over them! Talk about a double standard!

gigi on

peter is not luca’s biological father, but she does in fact look exactly like her real father! and lola looks like a perfect mix of peter and jennie………looking forward to seeing them on “dancing with the stars”.

ZOE on


Steph on

Well may be Fiona is at home with Peter?
And what’s a double standard at this? *lol* Jennie was alone there, without her hubby, so it’s not a BIG question where Fiona could be? And… Baby Fiona is much to young to help them at the playground, isn’t she?

Love the pics, Jen looks great and her girls are really beautiful.

Emeline on

These pics is just beautiful. Jennie and her girls are so beautiful.
I found this wonderful Jennie give more of time to a just causes and others.
Jennie is a wonderful mom.