Update: Italian footballer Gianluigi Buffon and girlfriend expecting first child

08/29/2007 at 03:01 PM ET

Update: Translated quotes added.

Originally posted 9:29 a.m.:  Italian footballer Juventus F.C. goalkeeper Gianluigi ‘Gigi’ Buffon, 29, and his fiancée, Czech model Alena Seredova, 29, are expecting their first child together — a boy — in December. Italian Vanity Fair recently sat down with the couple, who say that the decision to have a child seemed to be a natural progression of their relationship.  Says Alena,

Women are too quick to say they have the right man by their side…but every night they take their [birth control] pill.  It takes courage & strength to make such an important life-changing decision … that of having a baby together.  I stopped being scared when we moved in together and I came to understand just how much Gigi really loves me.

The couple have six or seven names in mind for the baby, and Alena says they’re ideally searching for a name that can be pronounced the same way in Czech and Italian.  When it comes to their aspirations for their unborn son, Gigi says that he is keeping it simple: 

I don’t care if my son becomes a doctor, all I want is a happy son. I want him to feel free to choose.

As for Alena’s recent move to Torino, Italy to be with Gigi, Alena acknowledges that it may prove fatal to her modeling career — but she says she doesn’t mind.

I turned my back on that ‘world’ a long time ago. It’s not for me. And my decision to retire from that lifestyle will remain so, I am going to be a mother now.

Gigi scoffed at rumors that his mom did not approve of Alena initially because of her Eastern European heritage, telling the interviewer "in my house we are not racists."

When there is a grandchild on the way, and by surprise moreover, there is a lot of happiness but also a feeling of separation after the birth of a new family.  I believe that if your son is happy, with a girl that loves him, anything else doesn’t matter.

Source:  Italian Vanity Fair

Thanks to CBB reader Margherita for the original story, and CBB readers Stefania, Silvana and Francesca for translating!

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dina on

wow. she is stunning and so is he! that is going to be one beautiful baby!

sil on

I will love to help translating the interview but I don’t have the Vanity Fair magazine 😦

Sarah’s note: I have the interview. I just need people to email me so I can send it to them. 🙂

Lex on

His name isn’t “Luigi,” it’s Gianluigi Buffon

landroverdisco on

Those Eastern European models…they are just phenomenal in the looks department and have bodies to kill for! What an Adonis their son is going to be!

FC on

They’re a beautiful couple, and I have no doubt their son will be breaking hearts the moment he’s out of the womb. 😉 I think I’ll be looking forward to seeing and reading more about these two. Gianluigi sounds like he was born to be a father. I love men like him. 🙂 And Alena’s attitude toward modeling.. You go, girl!

And I’m jealous at how fabulous she looks pregnant, too. May I be blessed with that fortune as well.

Campbell on

Somebody tell me that photo is heavily airbrushed.

Elizabeth on

Is it me, or does she look a lot bigger on the cover photo than in the bikini photo? Must be the clothes. What a beautiful child they will have.

ang on

i will never look in the mirror again…. =| but congrats, of course.

Josie Kay on


I take a lot of photo’s of kids, family members, weddings…etc and from the way her bust is kinda sliding to one side I would bet my bottom dollar that she is laying down for the bikini photo and I too wish that was some serious photoshop but I think that she is truly that gorgeous inside and out and it is showing through in the picture. They might have touched it up some but she is a natural beauty! I’m just guessing that she is laying down and some crazy photographer (like me) is up on a ladder that is way too high to take the pictures!

That baby is lucky and no doubt loved already and going to be knock out gorgeous!

Erin on

I have the right man in my life and have for nearly 5 years. Taking the pill is not a sign of “not having the right man” in your life, it’s a sign of maturity – knowing when you want to and are ready to bring children into your lives.

Noelle on

They’re both gorgeous and seem like very grounded, genuine people. I think they’re going to make fantastic parents. If Buffon’s Italian teammates and their children are any indication, there are going to be some very cute father/baby photos coming! Congrats to them both!

Francesca on

Hate to disappoint… but they look even more fabulous live 🙂
My husband works in a restaurant where they often go and they do look stunning: they are also both really, really tall so it’s hard to miss them.
I’ll update you on the baby if they’ll come to the restaurant with him next year!

Principesa on

Not retiring from “that life” just yet…check out that runway pose of hers in a bikini. I find her hand position hardly natural.