Dueling statements issued by Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards

08/29/2007 at 04:17 PM ET

After expressing his displeasure Saturday with the current custodial arrangement in place between he and ex-wife Denise Richards — specifically a provision which requires supervision of his visits with the couple’s daughters Sam, 3 and Lola Rose, 2 — Charlie Sheen shows no signs of stopping the war of words anytime soon.  In a statement issued yesterday, Charlie said:

Until I’m granted the ability to hire my own nanny, [Denise Richards] is required to provide one and I was terribly insulted that she felt her ‘assistant’ was a suitable replacement. If it’s unfortunate that I’m speaking, it’s ‘unfortunate’ that an incredibly loving and responsible father and his terrifically capable fiancé are being subjected to these transparent and unnecessary sanctions, that have nothing to do with responsible co-parenting and everything to do with punishment and control. As long as I am forced to live under these conditions with my children, people are going to hear about it.

Denise promptly fired back, criticizing Charlie for airing the issue publicly instead of privately.   

I was disappointed to learn of my ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s current statement regarding our personal affairs. this was and should still be a private matter that we as responsible parents settled privately. I stand by that agreement and I will continue to do what is best for our children while attempting to keep this family situation a private matter.

Sam and Lola are the ex-couple’s only children; Charlie is currently engaged to actress Brooke Mueller.

Source:  US Weekly


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Devon on

Denise, if it is to remain a private matter then why don’t you stop talking about it? Someone in this situation should be the bigger person and stop talking. Highly doubt it would be Denise since it seems as though she loves the publicity.

When one person speaks, then the other retaliates, it just breeds more retaliations from the otherside. No one wins.

agtdonut on

Denise is disappointed by Charlie going to the press so she goes to the press?!? Way to be logical. Pot – Kettle – Black. I feel terrible for their children.

Elizabeth on

Uh-oh. It is going to get even uglier. I feel for their babies.

Beth on

In no way is Denise to blame here! When Charlie shoots off his mouth like this, Denise is well within her rights to respond. I thought her response was restrained, mature, and appropriate.

If Charlie is unhappy with their custody agreement, he needs to take it back to court. He was court-ordered to have supervised visitation only. Courts never lay that down lightly.

My ex had supervised-only visitation for years. The only way to move on to something different is to earn it. Clearly, the family court in charge of this case doesn’t feel Charlie has, yet.

Devon on

Beth, Denise said that she wanted this to remain private. For it to remain private both parties need to stop talking. Period.

If she really feels as though Charlie is in the wrong, and wants to be the better person, no response from her would paint her as the classier individual who is seeking the best interest of her children (which I don’t doubt at all). If Charlie continued to issue statements, even when Denise has kept mum about the subject, it would definitely favour in Denise’s direction.

cats on

I don’t think well of Denise. She’s constantly parading the kids around the paps to get the flattering shots of her being mother of the year. Charlie doesn’t seem to do this. Yes, they were recently at an event where there were just alot of paps. Denise seems to almost call the paps to tell them that she’ll be at the park. I’m very suspicious of her.

Megan on

Honestly…nobody is in the right here…it’s easy to blame one side or another but honestly, if EITHER of them really wanted to do what was best for their girls–they would shut up and work with the COURTS and do what is in the best interest of their girls–that doesn’t include “making statements” to the press, doing interviews in ET, and constantly commenting on it and bashing one another like they both do.

Sam and Lola are what’s important here, NOT Charlie and Denise and whatever was the demise of their marriage. They both obviously love their girls but it’s time to start proving it now–by being the ADULTS…these girls didn’t ask to be put in the middle of this–they put them there…so now it’s time to rectify some mistakes…BOTH OF THEM HAVE MADE…

Time for Charlie and Denise to grow up and start thinking of their girls first. JMHO I hope for Sam and Lola’s sake that this can all be resolved–those girls deserve better than this mess…time for mom and dad to start proving how much they love them…

ang on

uhhh, what exactly did charlie do to make him an unfit parent????

private matter???? ha.how long have u been a celeb for,dear? u wanna be famous and have a private life?do what other celebs do and keep it under ya lid. or move to russia.

tink1217 on

the parent police are out in force again huh! when a celeb says they want something to remain private and they issue a statement defending themselves how is that wrong? Just think…Britney hasn’t issued any statement about anything that is going on so people keep speculating and bad mouthing. Denise issued a statement AFTER Charlie made his…seemingly to defend herself and ask that the matter remains private. This kind of thing is human nature. One says something, the other defends. Its just what happens.

I have always liked Denise as a mom. I still do. I liked Charlie for awhile, now I just don’t know. He bothers me. I can’t put my finger on it, but he does. His visits are supervised for a reason. Whatever it may be there is still a reason.

Once again, we are not inside these people’s homes.

Mary-Helen on

The courts ordered supervised visits for a reason…obviously Charlie is not doing what is in the best interests of his daughter. He can whine all he wants but if he has a problem with it, peut-etre he should take it up with the courts. Then there is his document proving that Denise wanted more children by him, but no one has seen it, not even the courts?

Charlie has never been known as stable and funny he is only launching this campaign after Denise tried to make nice for the sake of the kids. He wants to paint her as the devil to look good in front of his fiancee. Remember, one of the reasons they split was because Charlie was hitting Denise and because he lashed out because Denise got the girls vacinated and Charlie thinks the government puts mind control drugs in them.

Renee on

Denise is just defending herself.I think most of us would do the same things.If she didn’t say anything, the same people complaining about her saying something would say she doesn’t care cause she didn’t say anything.I feel bad for some celebs cause they are always wrong in the eyes of the public even when the public would act the same way

gabriella on

Denise made a statement, after charlie did it first, to say her side of it. Anyway hope they can resolve the issues for the sake of sam and lola, who are both still very young and precious. Getting divorced and custody agreements are hard enough, but I could imagine how hard it must be in the public eye. As with shanna and travis barker when they first annouced their breakup last year, a lot of bad stuff are said back and forth, in the long run what counts is the children.

Noodle on

It amazes me that women continue to line up for “bad boys” like ol’ Charlie. Why would any gal volunteer to enter a relationship with so much baggage? Gosh, who needs it? Life can be difficult enough without all this extra drama. Those poor little girls are from a broken family. Now, supposedly, Charlie and his fiance want to have more? Hello??? Any time Charlie spends with Brooke
and any time Denise spends with any men she dates is time away from their primary responsibilty which is raising those sweet little girls. What a disaster……….

WOW on

I, too, would be frustrated if I had to have a relative stranger with me at all times. Why do they even need a nanny? Surely the time he spends with the kids are designated ‘kid times’.

Berjoui on

Many of you seem to be forgetting that Denise is not Mom of the Year material. Didn’t she steal her best friend’s husband?

Mary-Helen on

I would hardly call dating someone 6 months after said friend dumped him by serving him with court papers minutes after he appeared on Ryan Secreast “stealing”. Heather Locklear just wanted to regain the public sympathy she had lost after her coldly dumping a man who adored her.

Denise’s relationship with Richie did not affect her abilities as a mother. While it was a poor choice in mate, he wasn’t a drunk, or a pedophile or anything like that.

Charlie’s supervised visits were decided in court. He should take it to court.