Giveaway: Win the Bumble Bags diaper bag off of Naomi Watts' back!

08/29/2007 at 02:40 PM ET

Update: The winner is CBB Reader Conileigh who is pregnant with her third baby.  She writes,

My children are 9 and 14, and oh how times have changed. We used tohave uncomfy, plastic-y, pastel-y, crinkly diaper bags, not even close tocouture or fashionable (let’s not even start talking about thematernity clothes).

I can’t WAIT to get a trendy diaper bag!  Pretty please let this one be it!

If you didn’t win and still want the bag, please take advantage of the 15% off and free shipping offered by Layla Grayce – use coupon code cbblog (expires 10/1/07).

Naomi_watts_bumble_bags_cropped_cbbBumble Bags continues to be the diaper bag of choice to celeb moms such as Tori Spelling and Nelly Furtado and now add Naomi Watts to the list of mega moms who have caught the "bumble buzz"! Bumble Bags are enduring style for the adventure.  Stain resistant yetultra soft and oozing femininity, Bumble Bags is definitely a must havefor both you and new mom Naomi.

Why not add yourself to the list of stylish moms who carry the Bumble? In fact – you can win the bag off Naomi’s back!  One very lucky Celebrity Baby Blog reader will soon be able to tote the same bag as Naomi, the Jessica messenger/backpack in Butter Cup Bliss.   

Bumble_bags_jessica_buttercup_cbbI love the Jessica bag because it is so versatile.  It converts from shoulder bag to messenger bag to backpack plus has stroller straps. Another great feature of the bag is its water- and stain-resistant fabric, but it’s super soft. If you do need to clean it, you can throw it in the washing machine. A detachable fold out changing pad, side cell phone pocket, side bottle pocket, twofront pockets, two inside pockets and two elastic bottle straps round out the features.  (I like it so much I use it as a laptop bag sometimes and get asked about it.)

Win the diaper bag off of Naomi’s back.
  To enter, post a comment telling us how many diaper bags you have and which is your favorite and why. (Giveaway closes August 28, 2007 9 am EST.)

Exclusively for Celebrity Baby Blog Readers: Save 15% off the purchase of a Bumble Bags diaper bag plus free shipping at when you use coupon code cbblog (expires 10/1/07).

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New Mama on

I have one very practical but plain diaper bag from Land’s End.

Yesenia on

I have about 5 or at least 5 of all different styles, backpack, messenger bag, tote bag, etc. I am not happy with any single of them!

Denise on

I have two diaper bags. One is the Enfamil (free from the hospital) and the second one is from Pottery Barn (baby shower gift).

aBookworm on

I have just the one – bought in a hurry, and used constantly, I’ve forgotten which one it is. I do know it’s time to get a new one and this will be just the ticket!

elisabeth on

Oh the diaper bags…..
started with the Roots diaper bag for my first child and then went nuts from there.
I have a coach denim diaper bag, and the gold one.
3 Bugaboo back pack diaper bags red, navy and black ( I use these as overnight bags as well)
I have a petunia pickle bottom in spring roll, and a fleurville mothership bag in blue and chocolate.
I got a storksac gigi for my birthday this year in Brown and I use a skip hop duo in charcole for my double stroller.
I have a pronto mini changer in denim for the days I do not want to carry a diaper bag.
I have a babystyle sling and stroll diaper bag and last but not least my oioi.
I blame my diaper bag and stroller sickness on CBB. I seem to want to try everything I see. They all have a different great function and are used for different reason. If it helps justify my insanity I have not had a real purse in 6 years. I double my diaper bags as one. And before you go judging. Think of what a great person I was to go out with . I could fit everything but the kitchen sink in by bags and always had a wet wipe when things got messy. I do think this is why I have back and shoulder problems now . But until my last child is grown I will be prepared and tote my bags. And I will continue to add to my collection.

Twyla on

Diaper Bags Diaper Bags, a girl can’t have too many!
Kate Spade, Diaper Dude (husband) and Graco pattern to match stroller.

Natalie on

I have one diaper bag, it is black and I cannot remember the name. But I would love, love, love to win this bag!!!!!

Suzy on

As I’m about to become a new Mom, I don’t have a diaper bag yet. Most diaper bags look to be too bulky. This is one of the first I’ve seen that is just perfect. If I were to win this bag, it would be a great start to my new adventure!

danielle on

right now i have only 1, a baby kaed. it is really nice, i like the little attached pacifier bag it comes with but i am due in 2 weeks with my second boy and sure could use another!

Mimi on

I have about 4 or 5 diaper bags and none of them are quite right…either they don’t have enough compartments – a MUST! – or they aren’t machine washable…the prfect diaper bag absolutely requires both of those features to be my favorite. Plus it has to look cute too!

girlymama on

I think I have 4. I started with a Vera Bradley one, but I got tired of carrying something that was so obviously a diaper bag! Now I have a really big purse along with a couple that I made myself.
This giveaway one is adorable!!

Katie on

I have four “official” diaper bags:
Vera Bradley
Skip Hop Duo
Fleurville Sling Tote
Random cute floral bag

My Fleurville gets the most use these days…just the right size. But, I also use my Longchample Pliage bag as a quick and easy diaper bag…throw in a diaper, some wipes and a sippy cup and you are set!

Stephanie Cahill on

I have 4 diaper bags – a Vera Bradley baby bag, an Eddie Bauer backpack diaper bag, a Fleurville sling tote and the Skip Hop Duo. The last two are my favorites right now, I just bought them last week! I like them because they have a lot of compartments, they hang easily from my stroller, and they are not too bulky. The Jessica bag would be a great complement to my current collection, I don’t have anything light-colored or in a messenger bag style. I have one baby and will probably get several more bags as we add to our family 🙂

Stacie on

I have 4 diaper bags. All were gifts of some sort. My favorite is actually one that was handmade with my daughter’s initials on it. It’s my favorite b/c someone made it for me, but it’s not realy practical for everyday use. I don’t actually have a good one for everyday use. I’d Loooooove a new one.

jennifer on

I have a black skip hop duo, which I like, but it is not quite perfect. This Bumble bag looks functional and pretty. I would love to have it!

Traci on

I have two “official” diaper bags … one Coach bag (looks great, but not practical) and a Skip Hop Duo Double. The Skip Hop is great because it hooks on to the double stroller (for my twins) and leaves the basket free!

MartyPants on

I have two: SkipHop Double Duo and a Baby Kaed Jaipur. I love each for unique reasons.

The Skip Hop is practical, functional and stylish. The Baby Kaed is beautiful and doesn’t look like a diaper bag, which is it best feature.

GIngi on

I started off with an Eddie Bauer diaper bag that at the time I really liked. Not very stylish but it did the job. Then, as luck would have it, I came across a Fleurville Mothership diaper bag in blue. In my city we have a store called “Last Chance.” At one time it was the only store of it’s kind in the country and they carry Nordstrom merchandise that for whatever reason hasn’t sold. It’s a step below The Rack but there are designer bargins to be found! The Flerviller bag had the changing pad and was marker down to $30. Not bad since at the time it retailed for $150. I LOVED the Fleurville bag!

Tracey on

I have 3 diaper bags: a Oioi gray dot messenger bag, a black Diaper Dude, and a black Sidekick diaper bag with baby carrier. For everyday, we use the Diaper Dude since it’s smaller than the Oioi and has great outside pockets to carry crackers and cookies, a milk cup, and extra pacifiers. Plus it fits to the body so well.

Elizabeth on

I have a Lands End do it all diaper bag, a Diaper Dude, Pottery Barn tote diaper bag and Vera Bradley.

My favorite Diaper bag is my Vera Bradley because I can fit all of my son’s things into it as well as mine! I like only having to carry one bag.

Kelly on

I have 5 diaper bags (free Similac one from the hospital, Vera Bradley, Gap, Baby Trend, and a Reece Li). My favorite right now is the Reece Li since it looks more like a purse rather than a diaper bag.

Amy on

I started out with a Kate Spade diaper bag but once my husband got home from Iraq (son was 2 months old) he told me it was too girly. Went through 4 more diaper bags (and another deployment) before finding a simple JJ Cole one that works well for our 2 year old. Now that my husband is out of the Marine Corp we are trying to have baby #2 so this bag would be a perfect pre-baby gift for me!

Caryn on

I have 3 diaper bags:

2 Petunia Pickle Bottom Bags
1 Skip Hop Duo

I LOVE the PPB bags, particularly the red one I have because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag. Everyone comments on how pretty and stylish it is!

Christina on

I have one diaper bag that I cannot stand. In fact, I don’t use it any longer but with plans to expand our family soon it would be nice to see what else it out there. I actually basically stopped using the bag not long after my son was born and just started buying larger purses (they were in style!) and stuffing everything in there…

We registered (and received) for a gender neutral Eddie Bauer bag before my son was born in 2005 – it is navy blue with tan suede on it. It is actually not a bad bag for traveling because it is suitcase like but OMG it is unattractive and impractical for regular life.

I want something cute and fun for baby number two!

Angie on

I’ve got one bag and it was a gift so unfortunately it isn’t quite the style I prefer… kind of big and bulky. This one looks so pretty and not too big!

Michelle on

I LOVE my Bumble Bag. I have this bag and the car seat cover to match. It’s the only bag that I’ve ever had success with and that my dh will carry.

amanda on

I started out with a Graco diaper bag, a hand-me-down from my sister, but the straps are made of this really hard plastic/polyester and used to dig into my shoulders leaving marks and irritated skin. I figured I would have to compromise style for comfort and found my husband’s old backpack in one of our storage closets and it has been used ever since. It’s very reliable, a little beat up, but very comfortable…but not CHIC, CUTE or STYLISH, whatsoever! I would love a beautiful diaper bag, like the Bumble Bag, that I can proudly show off, while mall cruising with my lil boy =)

Lauren on

I have the diaper dudes in Camo, and its really nifty. My only complaint is that the large pocket where you fit most of your needs is a little small. It also doesnt sit upright when you set it down. All in all, its a pretty good diaper bag. We got it because it was boyish for our little one, but I do love the cute blue/brown bumble bag- that works for a little boy as well 🙂

Heather Duncan on

I have 6 diaper bags, And I hate them all. With my first child, I received 3. One was a backpack diaper bag from Lands End. It is nice enough for a day trip but it is heavy and not very pretty. Then My Mom bought is a HUGE lands End diaper bag that holds everything in about 500 pockets and compartments but you can’t find a darn thing. It is all navy blue, very dark inside, very big and TOO many places for things to hide. Then I got a black leather one from babiesrus for a shower gift. The problem with this one is that there is just one compartment and I have to go digging when I need something in there. No extra places to put diapers, bottles, etc.

Now that I am pregnant with my 2nd child, I am already on the search for a new bag. We don’t have the money to go out and buy these top rated bags used by celebs, so we are out searching the stores and websites looking for the perfect bag. Cute, stylish, with just enough compartments, but not too many. Room for a cellphone and keys, and everything else you need, but not so heavy. We have bought 3 so far. After trying them out, I cant stand any of them. I have passed a few onto friends who need smaller/bigger/more compartments, less compartments. Our big Lands End one we use as my sons swim class bag to carry his towel, wet clothes, etc. It is perfect for that, carrying it for one hour a week. I think the diaper bag search is going to continue forever……

MMM on

Wow elisabeth, that’s a lot of diaper bags, quite an expensive collection!!! Which is your favorite?

I had a Nicole Miller diaper bag that was too big for my Zooper Waltz under storage. The strap also broke. Now I use a Pottery Barn classic tote diaper bag or just stick things in my purse. I like that the Pottery Barn canvas bag can be washed in the washer. That is a big plus for me.

Sarah on

i have 2 (and a half?). i have a backpack, a skiphop dash, and skiphop pronto. i have always wanted the bumble bag!

Maggie on

I have three diaper bags, but usually rely on an oversized coach tote that can fit what I need for a typical day. For longer trips, I have a great one from Target, and I’m not sure what line my other is from…

Kelly on

I have just one diaper bag, a khaki-colored corduroy one from Motherhood Maternity. I do get compliments on it, and my husband and I can share it. It was also on sale, so I got a great deal on it. However, the straps are fraying already, a pocket is ripping, and I’m bored of it! I think I would rather have splurged and gotten something I really loved!

ab on

I don’t have any diaper bags! My youngest is almost 5 so we’ve been without any for a couple of years! But, with a new baby due in January — we are back in the market for a great bag. I love both the appearance and versatility of this one — and would love to win it!

Amy Newton on

I have one off-brand Snoopy diaper bag with a broken strap. I could really use a new one, but we can’t afford a great one right now since my husband is out of work, so this one would be truly appreciated!

AZ on

My baby isn’t due ’till next month. So, I have not had occasion to use my one diaper bag yet. It is a Bucket Tote Bag by Kalencom. Not having done much in the way of research for baby products at the time, I was swayed by the chocolate colour, my fave for clothing and accessories. I probably could’ve gotten something better for what I paid, but I hope this bag will serve me well. It’s big and roomy, and I don’t see any need to return it. I probably will buy a small, cheaper bag once the baby arrives and/or a backpack bag to keep my hands free. But I want to see what my needs are once the baby is here before I make those decisions. My husband also has a Diaper Dude that he can’t wait to use:-) I hope he likes changing diapers, too. This bag is really nice. Who wouldn’t want to win it?

Leah on

I believe I suffer from some form of Diaper Bag Envy, and may possibly need some intervention. I have been through at least 4 in my 9 months of being a Mommy.

The free one from the hospital was awful and ripped very soon after we had it. (It was from one of the formula makers but I took it even though I was breastfeeding! Who doesn’t like free stuff?)

The Catani bag from Babies R Us was so cute, but we registered for it and really had NO clue how small it was and how much stuff we REALLY needed to have for an infant when we were out.

I had another brand of Babies R Us bag that was TOO big and akward. Not comfortable on the shoulder and even though the size was big, it wasn’t a functional bag.

I now have a Skip Hop Dash and *love* it, but I am finding it may also be too small for all day trips. It is very functional for running out to the store.

I would *love* the Bumble Bag because it seems to have the features I would need and because it’s extremely stylish. It would only feed my Diaper Bag Envy problem, but I assure you, that I will stay on the wagon after this. 🙂

carrie on

I don’t have any diaper bags. I have a 4 month old daughter and I usually just tote her stuff around in an extra backpack I have. It has enough space for all her stuff because we travel quite often and I have to pack quite a bit, so a larger bag is a must.

Laurie on

I have 2 diaper bags at present. A Lands End and an Amy Coe from Target. I LOVE the Amy Coe bag. It looks more like a regular purse. It doesnt scream DIAPER BAG! But my husband prefers the Lands End, because it looks more like a back pack.

Kristin on

I just had my first baby in April. I received the new Bugaboo diaper bag in the hot pink. I wanted the Bumble bag the whole pregnancy, but got this one instead. It’s just fine, and does the job! My goal is to definitely get a Bumble bag when I can! They are just adorable!

Ashlee Fort on

I cannot wait to buy the Pink Paisley Jessica bag… I’ve had my eye on it for WEEKS! Definitely the best & cutest trendy bag on the market!

Katie on

I have one, a plain small black one that I really don’t care for. It’s a little too small.

Christine on

I don’t have that many but the ones that I own, I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

1. Black Oi Oi quilted backpack
2. Olive Skip Hop Dash (this is technically my husband’s!)
3. Black Jaipur Baby Kaed

My favorite in terms of size and looks is the Jaipur because it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and organized. And I don’t feel like I’m toting baby diapers and sippy cups in there (even though I am!). The Skip Hop is great when I have my Bugaboo with me since it easily attaches to it. The Oi Oi backpack is great for when I’m travelling and need my two hands. At the airport, I wore my then 8-month-old in a sling and my Oi Oi backpack. It was heaven!

Katie on

I have one, a plain small black one that I really don’t care for. It’s a little too small.

Angela on

I have one diaper bag by Wendy Bellisimo which I love because it’s really big and fits all my stuff,plus my baby’s things. But I sometimes wish I had a smaller but CUTE diaper bag for short trips.

Andrea on

I have none! My husband and I ae just starting to talk baby. I would love this bag for the future as I think it is the most beautiful fabric and colour!

momof2girlies on

I have 2 diaper bags at this time, a graco to match the stroller and an off brand “girlie” bag. I can’t say I am fond of either, they wear out quickly, but being a stay at home mom of two, I make do! I can always read the comments to find out a great brand and head to Ebay in search of a great deal! Good luck to all!!

Jada on

I have several but mostly use a Skip Hop Expo. I love the fact that no matter which stroller I use (yes, I’m a stroller freak too!) it fits easily over/on the handles.

ABIGAIL Dalgleish on

I only have 1 diaper bag. I got it at Babies’R’Us and it’s worked really well thus far. It’s a cute black bag with pink piping and the lining is black with white polka dots. It’s super cute. The only problem is that it’s now falling apart.

Nutmeg on

I have one ugly, too big diaper bag (its a columbia shoulder bag).

It gets the job done, but, frankly I hate it.

I LOVE this bag, though.

Heather on

We have 3 diaper bags for our baby girl, Addie, who is now 16 months. We have an Eddie Bauer backpack that I call the “manbag”. It’s the one my husband totes around- very rugged looking. I also have an asian print backpack style diaper bag. My favorite bag, though, is our Jessica bag from Bumble Bags in blue latte! I love it because it’s sturdy, functional, and so stylish! I get compliments on it all the time! I love the fold out changing pad and the side pockets. Most of all, I love the adorable print!

Angela on

I have two bags: a plain black backpack diaper bag that does not have name and a brown Carter’s. My son is 2 but I take care of my SIL’s baby and we will soon have another as well. I always purchased plain bags so that my husband would help carry them, but they are so boring and I would like a little color in my life.

Kristin on

I just have one gender neutral diaper bag so far, I’m pregnant with our first and we haven’t found out the sex yet. So I guess you could say it’s my favorite because it’s all I’ve got! LOL. Hopefully I’ll be able to find others online, my husband is Air Force and we’re stationed in Germany. It’s not too easy to find cute American style things over here and since we’re so far from friends and family we won’t be getting a baby shower, I would *love* to win one of these fantastic bags!

Leticia on

I have one diaper bag its a Skip Hop plain black bag that i attached to the stroller. I have been wanting to buy a new one but the ones that i like are too pricey and how of my reach. But i love my diaper bag it fits everything i pack in there and my boyfriend doesn’t have to worry about it looking girly for him to carry.

Maria on

I started off with a plain black one from Babies R Us, then upgraded to a SkipHop.

Now I have (and love) a Kate Spade letter scramble diaper bag that was a gift from my husband….I lusted after one for weeks until he surprised me with it for my birthday. Trying to make me happy, he bought the ‘extra large’ one- bigger is supposedly better, right? I love, love, love the look of it but it is almost too big for running errands. Still, I can envision myself sing it long after we’re through with the diaper stage as a great tote.

Angela on

I have about 6 bags! Kinda like strollers, there always seems to be something better????? My favorite one is the Gap backpack. It is big, not bulky, and the hubs loves it so he carries it!

Michelle on

I have one diaper bag. It is a Skip Hop Duo. I guess it is my favorite, since I have no other.

Vanessa on

Baby is due in October and I do not yet have a diaper bag. Would like a cute and functional one though. Too many in the store are a big black chunk or have some kind of characters on them (which I hate).

Rebecca on

I have 2 diaper bags, a beat up Graco that a friend gave us when we had our daughter 2 1/2 years ago and a Lesportsac Tokidoki backpack (not technically a diaper bag) that my mother-in-law bought me for when the new baby (due in mid-October) is born.

Samana on

I have two diaper bags (for now 😉 and I love them both! I have a Baby Kaed in denim and I really like the pacifier pouch and two wet bags it comes with. I also have a Fleurville Sling Tote in mixed ogo and get complimeted on it all of the time. It is fun and functional…lots of pockets and a removable insulated bottle compartment. The Bumble Bag looks really nice!

scrappinseminole on

I have a few bags – one is a small no-name WInnie-the-Pooh that we used to transport bottles, food, etc., to daycare for my first child, one is a hige Land’s End bag that was great, very waterproof and easy to clean, but it really holds too much and has too many compartments – it would be good for a w/e trip or something. I have a hospital bag that I have never used and the one I use the most is the new one we bought for my newborn. It is a sling and I LOVE it! Perfect size for all the necessities, has a cell-phone pocket right up by your ear so you can actually hear it go off and best of all it is unisex and not baby-looking at all. My husband or I can use it easily and it even fits my wallett and some water so I don’t have to bring my purse on top of everything else. Not sure of the name but we did get it w/in the past few months at BRU.

Alice on

I have 1 “official” diaper bag, from babies r us, from when my DD was born 3 years ago. This time around with my DS, I am still using the same bag, and occassionally just a tote bag to stuff everything in it. I guess I like the one I have, cause I’m basically stuck with it, there’s so much we haven’t been able to get this time around, for our baby boy.

Alison on

I have a Lands End small bag for short trips, a backpack that came free with my Zooper stroller, and a black quilted bag from Target that’s lovely but falling apart.


Anna N. on

i have 3 bags, one that i’ve never used, a Columbia baby backpack that was manly enough for my husband to carry, and my lovely seagreen Fleurville sling tote. but there are things i wish were better about my Fleurville…

Lisa on

I have two diaper bags. My daughters is a pink camo Wendy Bellissimo. My sons is a cheapy from WalMart (gasp!). Definately the Wendy Bellissimo is my favorite. I love the fabric, and the number of pockets. It’s so stylish!!

Crystal on

I have a couple of diaper bags…I have a back pack which is too large for me but my husband likes it. I also have a messenger style bag that is barely holding together these days. I love the style of this bag.

Wendy Foster on

I have four bags–none of which are popular name brands–all are from local boutiques, and a backpack. My favorite is the backpack (purchased from because it has different compartments for everything! I think the bag Naomi Watts is carrying is gorgeous!

Rose on

I have 3 diaper bags. 2 backpack style (small and large) and a small shoulder bag that only fits diapers and wipes – for those quick trips out and back. I like my large backpack diaper bag but sometimes can be too big. Great for my husband though.

Jennifer on

I dont have a diaper bag yet..I am about to burst(6 weeks) with my second-a boy this time-and have yet to find something I like. I gave away my first diaper bag (Graco) to a friend a few years back as we werent sure when number 2 was going to be…and now we live in a SMALL town with a Walmart being our biggest store:P This Jessica bag is a nice mix of pretty for Mom and blue tones for baby..would love to have it! Thanks for your time!

Suzanne on


I have an Eddie Bauer one that I use mostly, but it is too big to put under the jog stroller. I have the one that Similac gave me as well, it is just the right size to fit under the stroller, but daddy has been hogging it lately (it’s been in his truck for a while now)! It would be nice to have a stylish one!

Angie on

i am due in march and therefore dont have any diaper bags as of yet. i have checked out some eddie bauer ones and they look nice and i also like the ones that are asian looking.

Leslie on

I have several diaper bags – a plain old LandsEnd one that is great and indestructible, a Baby Kaed Sanya and a Baby Kaed City Mom. The City Mom is my favorite so far, but a tad small for use at times.

Ashley P. on

I have “collected” numerous diaper bags since my son was born and he his now 2 years old. I have a Kathy van Zeeland bag that I used mostly when he was a newborn, a mini Eddie Bauer bag for quick trips, a Pottery Barn Kids tote that is perfect for the beach or pool, and right now I am loving my Skip Hop diaper bag. I love the organization, but it’s not large enough to use when baby #2 arrives at the beginning of 2008. The Bumble Bags are gorgeous and would be perfect for me when I have a toddler and a newborn. I love the fold-out changing pad and there are plenty of pockets for both bottles and sippy cups!

Paulina on

I have two…a really cute one from Gap and a Skip Hop Duo. I love the Skip Hop one since it’s very practical, with the stroller straps. The Gap one is a cute pink and green pattern, but not very practical, so I use it as a beach bag for the most part. I would like add another one to my collection that is a little bit larger than the Skip Hop one since we travel a lot and end up bringing way too many bags.

Shannon on

I have a one of those plastic type bags that tore within the first three months and I also have a SkipHop bag, the Dash. The SkipHop bag has been a great investment for me. Any diaper bag that clips onto your stroller is well worth it.

rjo on

i’m still looking for one. getting ready for my newborn!

Amy on

I only have one diaper bag. I bought it at Target off the clearance rack. It is heavy canvas outside with a small pocket in the middle. I like that the inside is a washable fabric. I keep my daughter’s baby supplies inside as well as my son’s snacks. So it’s nice to be able to just wipe the inside when it needs it.

Katherine on

My baby is not born yet therefore I do not have any diaper bags yet, but I love the style and the colors of the Bumble Bags.

Jodi on

I dont own any diaper bags, but yet I have two kids in diapers. Usually I just put some diapers and wipes in my purse and hope for the best. I would love to win this beautiful bag!!

Mollie on

I have a Petunia Picklebottom shoulder bag in Garden Roll, and I love it. It is huge enough to carry all my daughter’s stuff and I get SO many compliments on it! I love the Bumble Bags though, almost bought one instead of the PPB.

Catherine on

I’m due with my first child but have plenty of experience with diaper bags—I’m my 11 month old nephew’s caretaker. I love his Skip Hop because there are so many pockets and while I do like the way StorkSak looks, it can feel bulky when packed full!

rachel on

2-kathy van zeeland and lands end little tripper.I love the little tripper cuz it’s compact and has good pockets

Charlene on

Right now I don’t have any, but I’ve been coveting a Petunia PickleBottom for ages. I don’t know if they’re very practical but I love them.
I prefer the price of Bumble Bags and they have similar styles to PPB – I actually saw some styles of BB’s in a store and the colours are so vibrant and beautiful – very stylish. So, really, I’d be happy with a practical and stylish diaper bag, no matter the brand!

Jean on

I have two diaper bags I use (skip hop duo (NOT the double duo, I’m a light packer) when I’m out with 5 kids under 4, and my eddie bauer backpack bag for just my two kids (daddy friendly!). I also have a few cheapo hospital formula bags (blergh) that I keep in cars as backup/emergency bags and one “diaper” bag from the gap I keep packed with swim supplies to grab at a moment’s notice.

cleighe on

I am pregnant with baby number three. My children are 9 and 14, and oh how times have changed. We used to have uncomfy, plasticy, pastely, crinkly diaper bags, not even close to couture or fashionable (let’s not even start talking about the maternity cloths).

I can’t WAIT to get a trendy diaper bag! Pretty please let this one be it!

Bethanie on

I have one diaper bag – the enfamil one from the hospital. Would love to win this one though – so cute!

Terrell on

I own two diaper bags. one is from the hospital i gave birth at made by Enfamil. and the other diaper bag was once my sisters. the diper bag that i love the most is the one my sister once owned because it has more room to put baby bottles in it.

Sara Krug on

i have a Skip Hop in orange which has been great because my husband doesn’t mind carrying it – and that’s a weight off my shoulders! I also have a Juicy Couture tote which is not a diaper bag but which I’ve used as one. I’ve tried to use other ‘regular’ bags but I can’t beat the Skip Hop because of all the compartments in it plus the fact that I can attach it to my stroller. But it feels so practical sometimes and I long for a bag as pretty as Naomi’s!!!!

Bitchy Mom on

I have 2 official diaper bags and 1 messenger bag from Target that I occasionally use as a diaper bag.

1. Wendy Bellissimo – my favorite one because it has so many pockets and because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

2. Target – I like how many pockets it has and the style, but dislike the shoulder strap.

3. Big Lots – It’s a classic black and nice and small for quick trips. Doesn’t hold much at all which makes it imprctical for everyday use.

Anna on

I only had one sporty duffel bag by Franco Sarto that I used exclusively as my diaper bag. I never found a cute diaper bag with my 1st baby & now that #2 is on the horizon, I would LOVE to have this stylish bag that is actually for diapers & baby stuff! ( :

Karol on

Believe it or not , but I really dig the diaper bag that I got at the hospital when I delivered my baby. I like it because of all the pockets it has. Would prefer though the Messenger Bumble bag

Candy on

Just one good old dependable diaper babg by Rag Baby. I like it because no matter what gets in it or on it, you can throw it into the washer and dryer and it’s ready to go!

Leslie on

I returned a weird, but expensive gift, a unicorn rocking horse to Nordstrom, and with that store credit, I got a Fleurville pink & brown Mothership bag. I used that for awhile, but I knew my husband would not be too happy carrying around a giant pink bag, so I put together the “free” Enfamil formula bag that we got from the hospital. I guess I got really lazy and ended up toting that around for months until the bag started falling apart and I had to throw it out. I had a Seatbelt bag that I received as a birthday gift a couple of years ago that I never used, so I turned that into my diaper bag. They actually make a diaper bag, but this was just a school bag. I did not go back to the Pink Fleurville because it would always slide off my shoulder, so it didn’t work well for me. I would like to win this one because the Seatbelt bag isn’t big enough and its certainly not as cute or versatile as the Bumble Bag in your giveaway.

Christina on

I have one diaper bag from Babies R Us but my husband picked it out and I hate it!

Monika on

LOL…this is great! I have zip, zilch, zero diaper bags as of right now, and I’m due in 3 months! Why you might ask…because they’re all so darn cute and honestly I can’t decide which one I would love. My favorites include Fleurville’s Mothership, OiOi’s Messenger, Bumble Bags Jessica, and Petunia Pickle Bottom’s Backpack.

Lori Gary on

I have a few free diaper bags. I have one that I got from target that is okay, not big enough. I am a foster mom so I always need a few diaper bags to go with the babies when they leave. I really need to splurge and purchase a very nice bag since I use them daily with at least 2 babies.

Jet'set on

I NEED something that attaches to the Bug This would be soo perfect!!!
I’ve had:
-yucky- enfamil bag from hospital, that has NEVER been used and still has the tags…
-Asian brocade bag from JCP that I received from my mom at the baby shower. It was really cute but fell apart in 5 mo…
-Eddie Bauer that dad likes!
-Vintage Flower Design- that I bought myself for my birthday- and spent WAY too much money, I love it but it’s not the perfect bag for me now…

Brittney on

Well I have two diaper bags. One is simple brown that goes with everything but not very convenient and another that is ridiculously large and unfashionable. I have been wanting a Bumble bag for ages and would love to have this fabulous bag for my baby and me.

Sarah on

I have a practical Eddie Bauer Organized diaper bag. I love it because of the multiple compartments and lots of room to hold everything!! It is also very durable and holds up to anything. My husband doesn’t mind carrying it either!

elisabeth on


Yes it is a lot yet I get use out of all of them. My Husband sweats when I check out CBB as he knows I am looking at diaper bags and strollers :o)
Answer to your question I actually use all of them. I love the old style Bugaboo back pack one. It is great for when you have a baby carrier because it velcros closed in the front so you can take it on and off easily. It is just enough room and has 2 bottle holders. My oldest is actually using the red one for school this year grade 1 she LOVES how it goes on and off. It has 2 little velcros at the top to attach to strollers too. Great on the Bugaboo, Maclaren and mountain buggy. The coach are nice as they look like purses. So I use these for malls etc..
The oi oi was great for baby a little bulky now a swim bag. The PPB is nice but the material damages and gets dirty easy. Fleurvile I do not love as it is bulky and slips down the stroller handle. Easy to clean though. Skip hop is nice but thin so hard to fit lots of stuff in.
So I would say so far the old Bugaboo backpack is the best from baby to toddler for a day to day. do not like the new style too much. Strange shape and hard to hold.

melanie on

We don’t have any diaper bags right now. 😦 We are due with our fourth child in March and we haven’t made that purchase just yet. Our youngest will be 6 in 2 days, so we have given away all of our baby goods. I do like this bag. It’s very pretty.

Denise Briggs on

I have 3 diaper bags and my favourite is my Cocoa Paisley tote because it is very trendy and defines the modern mother I am !!

Dana on

I have 2 diaper bags: Skip Hop in red to match our stroller, and a Carter’s bag that is chocolate/pink. I honestly love the Skip Hop because it is very functional & is great to use also as a purse. However, the Bumble Bag is so cute & such a step up in style for Mom’s that need have cute accessories to cover up our stained clothes!

Katherine on

My baby is not born yet, so I don’t have any diaper bags. The Bumble Bags are so cute I would LOVE to have one.

wavybrains on

I have one diaper bag. I’m expecting my first child any day now. I got my bag last year to use as a beach bag, but it’s really a diaper bag 🙂 I’d love to start a diaper bag collection 🙂

Amy on

I have a black Coach look a like and a Pink Camo skiphop. Love my skiphop b/c it attaches to my stroller, but it is not big enough! Would love to win this pretty one!

Sonia on

I have a Graco bag that matches the stroller, and a Winnie the Pooh bag… not satisfied with the straps on either, but I do like the space of the Winnie Bag…

Michelle on

I currently have 2 – PPB Spring Roll and Not Rational Fab. I love them both.

April on

Small Eddie Bauer
Petunia Picklebottom
Timi & Leslie
White canvas tote from Target
Ergo Backpack (to use w/my Ergo carrier)
Mom About Town

So 6 baby bags right now. Some have come and gone or fallen apart. My favorite changes with the season. Summer – I tend to use the canvas Target tote bag, big and washable. Fall – Mom About Town, khaki with a batik leaf print. Winter – Timi & Leslie, big and vinyl covered, doesn’t matter if it gets dropped in slushy snow. Spring – Petunia Picklebotton, a beautiful, light spring-y print.

I think I spend way too much time (and $) on baby bags!!

bumbebee917 on

I have no diaper bags. 😦 Baby’s coming soon. I REALLY like this one!

Mae on

I have a Petunia P diaper bag that was a gift. It is the pink, carpet-bag look and though I do enjoy it, I feel a little bad toting such a girly bag around when I have a little guy. He is a Q-tip, often mistaken for a girl, so of course the pink diaper bag doesn’t help. It would be lovely to have such a beautiful bag – just enough blue for him and feminine for me!

Charla on

I don’t have a diaper bag yet, but we’re currently trying to conceive our first baby, so I’d love to win this one!

J-P on

I noticed this giveaway while discreetly reading over my wife’s shoulder and thought I share some comments on her diaper bag collection. We have 2 sons – 21 months and 4 months, so she has a lot of stuff to tote around. Since our firstborn, she’s been on a mission to find the perfect diaper bag that is pretty enough for her but isn’t too girly because we have boys. She has a bright yellow Kate Spade her sisters gave her-too narrow, a black one-she gave it away because the zipper always unzipped itself, a big brown tote bag – this bag frustrates both of us because the many compartments are flimsy and you can never find anything in it because things gets lost in the mere size of it. She is now carrying a large tan purse that she won on Ebay. It was described as a high end diaper bag but did not come with a changing pad and none of the compartments can hold a bottle. I would say this last one is her “favorite” because she’s carried it the longest. I think she feels like she has to carry it because we paid $100 for it although it hurts her shoulders and seems just as useless as her other bags. Needless to say, this Bumble diaper bag would be a great surprise and “thoughtful gesture” for my wife.

Courtney on

I have a plain black diaper bag from Babies-R-Us. It is the only one I have, so I have so I guess that makes it my favorite!!

Stephanie on

I have 6 diaperbags, and am still in search for the “perfect” bag!

Lorus on

I don’t have any but would love a Bumblebag for my Christmas 2007 baby!

Has on

I actually don’t even use a diaper bag anymore-I bought a medium sized purse to fit all essentials into. I did have a classic Pooh diaper bag from Target, but it seems to have vanished into thin air (kind of like all of the baby socks!) It had pockets for everything, a built in changing pad (with a flap for keeping wipes handy!) and insulated add-ons for bottles.

With two kids still in diapers it’s a bit difficult to fit everything into my purse, but we’ve managed so far. I’d really love an actual diaper bag, but haven’t been able to fit it into the budget.

Jill on

i have a Land’s End bag right now, but need a new one for my second baby. This one’s really cute.

diana on

Tequnically I have one diaper bag and it is from Kecci. I love the bag because at the time, I was basically the only one in town w/ a trendy bag. But it is time for a new one as this one ripped :(.

pseudotim on

Three kids and all I’ve ever had were the freebies from the hospital. The one we use is black and nondescript, which is better than the cutesy patterns on the other two, but it is showing signs of wear. It would be lovely to have something as special and beautiful as this!

Alycia on

I have 3 diaper bags. The first bag is the one that I take to my sitters house. I bought it from Toys R Us for 15 bucks. It gets a lot of wear and tear there. The second bag I bought at a flea market for 30 bucks and it is all black but very small. The third bag is a Kate Spade chocolate and pink bag that I got as a gift.