Watts-Schreiber family at LAX airport

08/28/2007 at 06:20 PM ET

Actors Liev Schreiber, 39, and Naomi Watts, 38, were spotted with son Alexander Pete, 5 weeks tomorrow, family members and their nanny at LAX earlier today. No word on where they’re traveling to.

Photos by Bauer Griffin.
Bc_58_mLiev wears Alexander in a Maya Wrap lightly padded ring sling in olive($56) — and he’s wearing it (mostly) correctly. All we can suggest is to get the rings up a bit higher and tighter to have the baby a bit closer. Nice improvement Liev!

Popup4aquabrownAlexander is wrapped in an aden + anais cotton muslin swaddling wrap from their aqua/brown muslin collection (4 for $44).

Exclusively for CBB readers: Enter code rj003 for $5 off your aden + anais purchase.


Click below for three more photos!


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katie on

He is a cutie. Mom and Dad look tired!!!
Love the wrap and blanket!

Mon on

I love this family. They are gorgeous!!

Lynn on

Wouldn’t it be easier to just hold your baby??

Sarah’s note: For some people, I’m sure, if they can’t get the hang of carriers. In my experience though, pouches/slings have been great for times when I want both my hands free (like airport check-in!)

ella on

LOVE to see daddy slinging! what a great family!

Luciana on

I agree with Ella, I love to see daddy slinging.. Alexander is so cute..
Even looking tired, Naomi and Liev look so happy..

Michelle on

Yeah He’s wearing it correctly. Too cute!

http://blacktennispros.blogspot.com on

What a metrosexual kind of guy!

syd on

this family is so cute – but they do like they have a case of the “I have a newborn” eyes – too tired to really open them up all the way! But I do love seeing them smile in that last photo!

Ok – but I have one question. Maybe its a social class thing, I don’t know, and I’m not insulting them or anything – but does anyone else find it odd that SO many hollywood couples hire nannies for their ONE child? Maybe its because they are new parents and feel inexperienced? I mean, its the two of them traveling together, do they need a nanny? I guess I just always felt that when my babies were small, and my husband was with me, it was sooo much easier than when I was alone and I was just so thankful for that, a nanny never even crossed my mind!

Sarah’s note: Naomi and Liev seem to use theirs mostly for diaper bag and car seat transport! haha. In all the pics so far either Liev or Naomi has been carrying Alexander and Naomi is nursing so I assume no one else is feeding him yet (although perhaps!) so it is funny to me. Who knows what happens at the house though — the nanny is probably teaching them some good tricks and helping them out a lot.

Alysia on

Actually, many families that can afford to hire a nanny do. I personally think that there are many advantages to having a nanny and if I am able to afford one when I have a child, I would definitely have one. It is much easier having one person that your child is bonded to instead of having a day care or different family members. In addition nannies are often able to travel with the family, allowing the parents some much needed sleep or time alone. I have been a nanny, and the parents loved being able to have an emergency back up person that they knew loved and was as connected with their child as they are. While some folks would never have a nanny, I would never take my child to a daycare if I had a choice. In terms of celebrity couples, I can see the advantage in having someone you can depend on when you are both forced to deal with public performances, business meetings, or other required outings. Especially when both parents are actors, I can see the appeal b/c even if try not to there may be times when you guys are both needed in different places at different times.

gabriella on

I’m not surprised they have a nanny, very few celebrities don’t now because of their acting jobs and stuff. Seeing SAHM with nannies is more rare mainly because it costs a pretty penny, but almost all working actors or rich people have nannies from the start, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t raising their kids IMO. Anyway cute pics.

Alex on

He is quickly becoming one of my favorites!! He’s so blonde already!

Leigh on

Ok, is it just me or does Liev look the tiniest bit like Steven Spielberg in the 2nd pic (side profile)?

Tracy on

Now, I do not have any kids but I live with my nephew and niece but I would be afraid that the sling would come apart and the baby would fall.

On the other hand, I have been told I worry too much about things that concern babies and older people so maybe they are right.


Sarah’ note: It might happen if you’re wearing it totally incorrectly and don’t have the rings tight. Even then, I don’t think the fabric would come out of BOTH rings…I have never had any issues though.

Colleen on

That really bothers me when people make comments about families with one child employing nannies. Both of these parents are actors with great careers. That is their job, how they put food on the table, gas in the car, and toys in the baby’s room. If they don’t have a nanny, who do you think watches the baby when they are working on a film role? Or giving an interview? Or posing for a photoshoot?

FC on

Liev looks so proud to be sporting his son in a sling. I just think that’s adorable. And it’s funny that if I hadn’t seen Alexander’s face in the one shot, I would’ve thought it was just some sort of padded arm rest/bag type thing. He’s so little when his father is wearing him in the sling. But he looks like a cute little pea in the pod 🙂

BB on

That’s so adorable…she carried him for 9 months, now it’s daddy’s turn! 🙂 They seem to really be enjoying being parents.

daphneesmith on

Ohhh, he looks like a little pea in a pod!!!

luce on

how would you wear one of these _incorrectly_ ? surely as long as it’s comfy and the baby’s not falling out it’s fine? He doesn’t look bothered that the rings aren’t higher, lol!

Sarah’s note: There’s lots of ways that would make the sling either uncomfortable or unsafe if not worn correctly. Having it up against your neck hurts, having it too low or too loose so the baby bounces as you walk or is swung away from your body if you bend over is not safe or comfy…Danielle and I both have a bunch of experience with babywearing, so if a celeb is wearing it incorrectly or could make a minor adjustment, we always make a note under the sling info for readers who may want to try it or who are just looking at the pics going ‘that looks wrong/funny.’ Liev is doing very well! 🙂

Violet's Auntie on

I hope Liev and Naomi get away, as far away from the aggressive papz. He appears to be a very involved father.

Dawna on

The picture of Liev standing there with his hands on his hips and the baby snuggled in his wrap is so cute. Naomi looks like she’s lost quite a bit of weight after being pregnant for so long!

Miapocca on

They are probably going home to meet Grandparents and the godmother, who may be Nicole Kidman…

I think Noami had some fertility treaments done here so the child was born here, but its time to breath in some home AIR

Mimi on

I think this is my favorite new family! Both parents look so happy, and Alexander is very cute! I’m happy for them. Naomi looks great, by the way!

D A on

Hee hee. Being the mother of three – I know from personal experience the tired eyes and messy hair. Congrats Naomi and Liev. You’ll never sleep the same again.

millia on

Naomi has several movies to film very soon (starting in September)and she’s heading for the Toronto Film Festival where she’ll promote her latest production, Eastern Promises. She took almost a year off to relax and get pregnant.. now she’s back to work, probably way too early after the baby but you can’t always time those things perfectly. I’m very glad she has a nanny with her. How else could she do all this AND take care of a newborn? It’s enough that she breastfeeds, which surely keeps her up at night. They don’t seem to have anyone else on staff. They both look exhausted but happy.

Michelle on

Liev looks totally cute wearing his baby! I have a question about slings that I don’t know where else to ask. I have a 4 1/2 week old son (born July 30) and I got a Jolly Jumper sling at my shower, I have put baby in it and it looks totally uncomfortable for him and me and nothing like the picture on the package!!! I can’t figure out how to correctly wear it and I have not seen a celeb wearing this sling. Any advice would be great!! Thanks, love CBB by the way. Liev and Naomi’s son is the same age as mine 🙂

Sarah’s note: I’ll email you. 🙂

Julie on

If they are going to Australia to meet the grandparents, then little Alexander got a passport awfully fast! Does anyone know how you can get one that young?

Evie on

He’s so cute, he more I see slings — here and IRL — the more I’m considering using one when/if I have another.

Alexa on

I think they are going to NYC where Liev has a home and all his family is. I doubt they are going to Australia because Naomi has no family that lives there or owns a home. Plus I think the fertility thing was just a rumor.

Kat on

If you have ever worn a belt with rings like that, you know that it stays tight very easily.

the rings tighten and get closer together as you pull on the fabric… it’s threaded over and under one, then under and over the other and back through the first.

Think of it like a slip knot…. you can move it up and down, but as you pull, it tightens.

I’d like to see Alexander Pete sitting higher, but since Liev has that bag slung across, the position is good.

Otherwise, baby should be up over the parent’s heart.

Slings are very secure and are definitely easier than carrying your baby as they don’t strain your joints… it spreads the weight throughout your back and helps you more easily balance the weight of baby.

And you’re not worrying too much… you’re just asking questions… which is always good.

One other benefit to a sling is that you can discretely nurse baby one-handed or no-handed (and why I love wrap slings… with all that fabric holding each part of baby, almost anyone can feed no-handed (unless you have a nipple shield that likes to slip because your nipples never go erect… only flat or inverted like mine… then you need one hand to keep it on while baby nurses)