'Suffering' Foxy Brown denied release from jail

08/28/2007 at 01:28 PM ET

Efforts by Foxy Brown, 27 — who is 3-months pregnant with her first child — to obtain an early release from jail have been unsuccessful, after Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Laura Ward yesterday rejected the rapper’s complaint against the New York Corrections Department. 

The lawsuit levies allegations that the decision last week by Judge Melissa Jackson to jail Foxy for alleged probation violations was arbitrary and unlawful.  Foxy is currently housed at Rikers Island, where — according to her lawsuit — she is "suffering greatly."

A hearing on the probation issue is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 7.

Source:  NY Post

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Becky on

Well i’m sorry but she should have thought about how she would be ‘suffering greatly’ in jail before she broke the law! Why should the judge be lenient on her just because shes a celebrity!

These celebrities who are supposed to be role models for the youth of today are teaching kids bad morals. E.g if you do something bad don’t worry because if you throw enough money at the problem
on it will go away!

If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime!!!!!

dee on

I know foxy violated her probation so her punishment is a little more harsh. But, i don’t understand how someone like paris and nicole who committed more life threatning crimes like drunk driving (which could have killed someone), get off so easily? I don’t think any of them should get such easy time, but it just seems a bit strange that the more famous socialite’s get out of jail free card. Just sayin…

Amanda on

She should have committed her crime in L.A., so like Paris & Nicole, she would have already been released by now!

http://blacktennispros.blogspot.com on

Paris Hilton syndrome – allergic to jail.

Karen on

Doesn’t every suffer greatly in jail? Isn’t that kind of the point? If jail was such a great place to be it would hardly be a punishment. Hopefully now she will learn her lesson, as I hope Paris and Nicole have.

Nicole on

Good. From what I’ve read about her, she hits people and acts as though she is above any rules. I hope nothing happens to her child…But, I think it’s good she’s “suffering.” Maybe she’ll think twice before she acts a fool again.

gabriella on

Nicole I totally agree with you. She doesn’t sound like a very nice person, she needs to learn a lesson IMO.

Nikki on

It wasn’t the first time Foxy violated her probation, it was the the third or fourth from what they say on the news here in NY. I don’t have any sympathy for her. Thinking your above the law is going to come back to you, and it finally did for her.

Mary on

i guess she didnt think about how she would be suffering greatly in prison whilst pregnant when she was violating her probation.

semi off topic, but who is the father of her baby? i must have missed that bit of info.

Sarah’s note: She hasn’t said.

lilkunta on

I believe it is unfair. Just as dee posted, paris/nicole/lindsay all did more serious things ( driving drunk, driving hi on cocaine/vicodin) but all got off easy: paris did do 20 days, but nic was in jail for just 1 hr , & lindsay 2 will serve just 1 hr !

If Inga (her real name) was in CA I wonder would she have gotten off easier?

Melissa on

She is supposed to get married in September. I don’t know to whom but i would guess he is the father.

She should of thought how misearble she would be in jail when she was hitting people and violating her probation!

melanie on

omg you all are so cold hearted! i disagree totally that any pregnant woman should be in prison except due to very serious circumstances. house arrest would serve the same purpose. she doesn’t have access to good food or good medical care and she’s in a dangerous environment. i don’t think it fair for the baby. i think the justice system is so crazy in this country sometimes!

Rebecca on

What’s to keep women from getting pregnant to avoid going to jail? When will these women ever serve the time for their crime? After the baby is born? When the child is 5 years old? After the child has gone off to college? Never? Having her pregnant in jail is least likely to effect the baby than any of the other options (well, except for never going to jail.) To sit there and say that women who are pregnant shouldn’t be in jail is complete crap. Pregnancy is not an illness. Though there are times during pregnancy that can make a woman ill, most women are just as healthy, if not healthier (because they are extra vigilant of their health during pregnancy) than when they’re not pregnant.

Leila on

Melanie, I agree with most of what you said. People are being a bit cold. Foxy Brown’s behavior is bad, but it’s not on the level of more serious crimes. Why not make her negotiate taking advanced anger management classes and doing her jail time a few months after she gives birth?

But what is really going on here is that people don’t care about her baby. What is affecting Foxy is affecting the baby. If she is not getting enough good sleep on the jail’s beds and if she’s not getting the right nutrition, then the baby will suffer. So, yes, Foxy should have thought about all of this before. But the people commenting need to be thinking about her baby as well.

Leila on

Rebecca: Correction. Pregnancy is not an illness, but it is a medical condition for which proper medical supervision and extra self-care is needed.