No "silly workouts" for Charlotte Church

08/28/2007 at 02:53 PM ET

By Jamey, auditioning contributor

74404128_cbbCharlotte Church won’t be in any hurry to hit the gym after her baby is born, according to Charlotte’s mother. Her mother, Maria, 42, says that Charlotte’s priority will be spending time with the new baby rather than working out.

Maria reportedly explained to Reveal magazine,

Charl isn’t into the celebrity gym thing at all. Celebrities who have babies seem to be stick thin again within weeks – they must spend every waking hour in the gym.

She’s determined to get the weight off but she’ll do it gradually. It usually takes most women six months to a year and that is the goal she has set herself.

Being with her new baby is far more important to Charl than some silly workout.

Charlotte, 21, who is expecting her first child with Welsh rugby ace boyfriend Gavin Hanson due the third week of September, chose not to find out the sex of the child before birth, and are planning a waterbirth at home.

Source:  Reveal magazine

Photo by MJKim for Getty Images.

Did you have specific weight loss plans in mind for after your baby was born?

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Mandy on

I’m with Charlotte on this one. As a mother of two boys, I gave myself 9 months to loose the weight. I didn’t go overboard. I took a lot of walks with them and ate normally. I think it’s crazy to kill yourself to be bathing suit ready within weeks. You just had a baby! Enjoy it!!

katie on

Well done Charlotte for having the right priorities and at such a young age too!

My weight loss plan? Breastfeed, makes me burn calories and I eat right knowing it means my baby gets the right nutrients!!

Candace Evans on

My 2nd baby is now 13 weeks old and I have lost 43 pounds of my baby weight so far (I gained WAY too much with this one!!!). I have a goal to lose 19 more pounds, but I don’t have a specific time frame. I started Weight Watchers when I was 4 weeks postpartum and it has been perfect for me. I don’t ever feel starved. With the way Weight Watchers works I am eating what my body needs to function normally without over eating. I have gradually worked in moderate exercise (20 minutes TOPS is all I have!! I have a 2 year old and 13 week old! 🙂 I don’t feel like this is pushing myself too much at all. I’m just having more control with my food choices and portions. It’s been nice to get out of my maternity clothes (FINALLY!!) and to not have to buy a whole new wardrobe (We are POOR college students right now :). Plus, it just makes me feel better about myself and a happy mom = happy kiddos! 🙂

lily on

I think this is so wonderful. I think it’s sad when mother’s are more focused on themselves than the important bond with their baby. I understand that it is important for new mother’s to feel comfortable and confident with themselves; however, this trend to get back into shape right-a-way is detering from the fact that the child needs you first…and your body will come back! In regards to this, I think of Jillian Reynolds who over emphasized the fact that she would get back into shape in 6 weeks! Where are your priorities?

Anna on

You know it IS possible to bond with your child and still work out. After all, newborns sleep a LOT. So, if a woman has the energy to work out while her baby is napping, then why not? Please don’t be so judgmental of others. Working out and wanting to get your body back doesn’t equal missing time with your baby or having your priorities wrong. Why not live and let live?

meg on

i love charlotte. she has always been so grounded. she didnt care that she was always beng followed when out in town. she still acted as a normal teenager falling out of clubs drunk. which i respect. she is the same age as me, and all my friends were doing the same.

i’m glad she is thinking of her baby and not herself at this time. i’m sure Gavin will help her get back in shape when she is ready.

Xan on

Mmm. Dunno about Charlotte’s advice. I mean, she wasn’t exactly the picture of fitness before her baby either (not commenting on her weight, just her overall level of excercise!). So, I’m actually not surprised by her advice.

I think I will work hard on my body after I have my kids. I work hard on it now because I’m fearful of inheriting certain family illnesses like high cholesterol and heart disease. I also know that one actually gains more energy by maintaining a certain level of physical fitness, which can only be good when caring for a newborn, right?

I agree that weightloss should ALWAYS be secondary to caring for one’s baby. But, if one cares for one’s body as they should, the weight will come off and this will benefit both mother and child.

gabriella on

Anna I agree with you, it’s defintley possible to workout and still spend time with your baby. Just because you get back into shape quickly, desn’t mean your not focused on your baby. And I gotta agree with xan no offense to charlotte but she wasn’t actually in shape before the baby, so I’m not surprised working out isn’t important to her. Some people are more into health and fitness than others, but it’s easier for someone like charlotte who probably doesn’t work out in general much to say she won’t after the baby. But to me that doesn’t mean she is a better mom than say jillian, jamie pressly, keri russell, etc.

lily on

Anna, of course it is possible to do both. And, yes, newborns do sleep a lot. So of course you’re right…while your baby is sleeping (all of 2-4 hours) why don’t you go run around the block. That baby won’t wake up! I have a daughter and she is now 4 months and I am spending my days stimulating her. We go for walks and play with her toys. I often read to her. But if working out is more important…well, by all means! And to those who are commenting about her weight before…I think that is my point exaclty…way too much focus on weight…again I ask…where are your priorities?

Marie on

Breastfeed, breastfeed and BREASTFEED!!!
It worked too; I lost all my pregnancy weight (32lbs) AND another 20 by the time I was about 10 weeks post.

Xan on

Relax! No one is advocating neglecting children, and in fact, I believe fitness and health were key terms used in pro-workout arguments, not weight.

It is undeniable that exercise is an important, in fact–mandatory, part of human wellness. It’s not impossible to watch an exercise video in your own home while your baby naps. They are pause-able!:) I know there are other things to be done in the home as well, but working out actually increases energy and may even help facilitate these tasks.