Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Macht welcome a daughter

08/28/2007 at 05:09 PM ET

Jacinda Barrett, 35, and her husband, actor Gabriel Macht, 35, welcomed a daughter last week. Satine Anais Geraldine arrived on Monday, August 20th in Los Angeles. The Australian actress’ publicist reports that,

Mum and Satine are happy and healthy.

This is the first child for the couple, who were married in 2004.

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Maria on

Does anybody know where the name Satine comes from? Never heard it before but i like it.

Karrie on

I may be mistaken but I think it was Nicole Kidman’s name in Moulin Rouge. I think it is cute.

Philippa on

it sounds french, i guess. luv th name, very cuteness!

Jill on

Not to be mean but that is a horrible name. The first name is a little odd but the middle names are horrible, poor kid:(

yaosa on

Great name! I’m sure she is a beautiful baby too! Congrats to them!

daphneesmith on

Lovely! I am a fan of Jacinda’s since RW London. Congrats to her and her DH, and welcome to little Satine!

sarawara on

sa-TEEN? Is that right? Like Christine? It sounds like sateen sheets to me, like an adjective and not a name. I’ve never heard of it before, but it could be much worse.

Charity on

Awww, I still love Gabriel Macht. I bet he’s a great dad. I’m not familiar with Jacinda’s work.

Intersting name they picked, Satine. I’m sure it fits her.

Chiara on

Satine is a French name (as is Anais), though not very common.

Luciana on

I like the name Satine, but Anais, in portuguese, is sooo not nice!!

I love Gabriel and I wish all the best to his wife and baby daughter!

yaosa on

Anais is also found in the Catalan language (spoken in Spain (Barcelona and environs) and a small part of France) and it has the same meaning as Ann. Anyone still remember Christian Dior’s fragance Anais ?

mel on

I read the Satine Geraldine part together and thought- Saltine? Another celebrity food name? Oops, my bad!
Satine is a beautiful name, I love it!

Anais on

I like the name Satine, but Anais, in portuguese, is sooo not nice!!

I think I’ll stick to the French interpretation, then.

Lola on

I love the name too. Model Laetitia Casta named her child this as well but with a different spelling.

Ekaterina on

I love the name! They are such an adorable couple, I’m really happy for them! I like unusual names, it makes you more unique, like your name is just your own. I don’t think the name is too unusual. Satine and Anais are both French. Careful commenting on names from foreign countries, often they are popular and more mainstream abroad than they are here. I remember all the comments on Will Ferrell naming his kid Magnus, but it is a hugely popular name in Sweden, where his wife is from! Understandly neither of them are French, but it’s still a really cute name! Some of those also might be family names.

Ashley on

Love the name Satine!

FC on

Still weird to think of her as an actress, considering I still remember when she was on Real World: London. 🙂 But congrats to her and her husband on their daughter, Satine.

The baby’s name is different, but I like it. 🙂

MuffThumb on

I think it’s a beautiful name. I’ve always loved the name Satine, and Anais is my cousin’s name! two great choices!!

Sash on

Aww congrats to them! I’ve been a fan of Jacinda’s since I saw Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason!

Satine and Anais are such pretty names. But how is Anais pronounced?

Rebecca on

Satine in french means Gloss…. since i heard it in Moulin Rouge tho with Nicole Kidman i thought it would b a sweet and sexy and cute name to give to a girl. The best names are the ones they can carry into adulthood

karen on

cacharel made a perfume called “anais-anais.” i wonder if jacinda & gabriel are fans of writer anais nin? can’t wait to see a picture of their daughter!

Bee on

Its soo nice to see that Jacinda had a baby! Ive followed her career since The Real World London, Campfire Tales until now and think its perfect timing! Such a sweet beautiful couple, wish them all the best and im sure that Satine is a doll. …(My dogs name is Satine,lol so I love that name)

Katie on

I absolutely love Gabriel Ive been a huge fan of his forever. I love all his stuff from tv, too movies..I can’t name one thing that Gabriel has done that Ive hated. Congrats on his little girl I know he’ll make a great Dad. I’m somewhat a fan of Jacindas I mean honestly I have nothing against her..but I’m a bigger fan of Gabriel’s sorry. Again congrats to them both on Satine.

Dylan on

My daughter – born in 2003 – is also called Satine.

Although the name was used in Moulin Rouge (where I took my wife on our first date – I asked her if she fancied coming round to watch the film and took her to Paris instead) it actually derives from a Hindu goddess called Sati who was apparantly the wife of Shiva who I think killed herself when Shiva died (and some Indian women still throw themselves onto their husbands funeral pyre to kill themselves in an act called Sati).

Anyway, it’s a beautiful and very rare name (which was the point), I added an acute over the letter e on my daughters name but each to their own. Satine fits my Satine perfectly and it has a nice abbreviation too – “teenie” – which also suits her as she is so petite.

Nice to see celebs jumping on our bandwagon anyway hahah.