Bridget Moynahan 'very pleased' Tom Brady was present for birth; reveals name

08/28/2007 at 02:20 PM ET

The guessing game can end:  Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady have named their son John Edward Thomas Moynahan. This incorporates Tom’s first and middle names of Thomas Edward, but uses Bridget’s last name. And, contrary to earlier reports, it seems as though Tom was able to witness John being born via c-section last Wednesday in Los Angeles after all. 

According to a statement from her publicist, Bridget is "very pleased" that Tom was able to skip practice in Massachusetts and make the cross-country flight in order to "be there for the birth and spend a few days with their new child." 

[Bridget] is thankful for a healthy baby and is excited about being a mother. Both mother and baby are at home, happy and healthy.

John, 1-week tomorrow, is the first child for Bridget and Tom, who announced their split in December.

Source:  People; Boston Globe


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Andi on

Not a big fan of John

But it is a nice normal name

I bet he is so cute.


dana on

isn’t the baby going to have Tom’s last name too?

Rhian on

Great, but i must say i am not too keen on the name ‘John’ but im sure he is one handsome little fella if he looks anything like daddy!!

Adam on

I think she made a mistake in not giving their son his last name. It just is not right to do that. Sorry, I know their relationship is anything but traditional, but that is just wrong!

Corky on

At least they chose a common name instead of something like Wilder but, why name him after a presidential canidate? Thats what it looks like anyway..Also, why isnt the kids last name Brady?

Melissa on

Yeah a normal name! I am glad he made it there for the birth. I know they are not together anymore but i wonder why the baby does not have Brady as a last name. He is the father. I hope they are able to stay on good terms and raise the baby together.

Lauren on

Not a fan of the babies name. All 3 can be shortened. John Ed Tom (Johnathan Edward Thomas). I am also not a fan of 2 middle names. Oh well, to each his own! I am sure that he is beautiful though. I am glad that Tom made it for the c-section. It seemed like she’d been pregnant forever 🙂

Lara on

That’s wonderful! It’s so good to see a woman give her own last name to the baby she’s going to do most of the work of raising.

John is a very good first name. It’s a classic that’s become much less popular than people think (it’s only 20th on this year’s Social Security list). Edward and Thomas as middle names are a nice way to honor his father.

Noelle on

I find it odd that they’re not using Tom’s last name. It’s not like he’s not present in the childs life. I would be offended if I were Tom.

Ada on

Good for her!!!

But OUCH… By giving the baby the name “Moynahan” but not “Brady” or even “Moynahan-Brady” is a pretty good indicator of her feelings on topic, is it not?

More power to her, in my opinion. Regardless of the situation concerning their break-up, he was minimally involved in her pregnancy and moved on after their long relationship unbelievably quickly.

No one could blame her for taking most of the credit for this beautiful baby!

melissa on

awesome congratulations bridget. Just one question…how come the last name is not Brady but Moynahan???

Xan on

Hmm. They can call him: Jet.

Cookie on

WOW!!!I am surpised she did not give him Tom’s last name or both last names! I am not judging anyone, but if the father is present in it’s child’s life..why not give them the dad’s last name?

Stacey on

Congrats to them! I wonder why the baby is not taking on Tom’s last name of Brady? Seems kind of odd…

Francie on

I love the fact that they gave him her last name. I wish more people would do that. No logical reason why the kids should have the man’s last name, especially when the parents aren’t married.

Lynn on

I was hoping they would make the babys middle name Brady & hers for the last name. I wonder how he feels about the baby not having his last name?? It’s great he was able to be there though.

cdneal on

Wow! That name is a mouthful!

Glad mother and son are doing well.

Megan on

Aww I love that name! It’s a very strong name and no doubt he is a gorgeous boy…can’t wait to see pics of him =)) Oh and let me add that I LOVE that his last name is Moynahan!

Welcome to the world John!

Karen on

she did as i would have done…gave the baby her name…i don’t think she will press for support either…although he may offer……

FC on

Great to finally know that Tom did make it for the birth and got to spend some quality time with his son, John. And I see John has his dad’s first and middle name for his middle name, too, (just switched around) and his mother’s last name. I don’t know why, but I pictured the baby possibly having his dad’s name, not that it was written in stone or anything.

But I’m just glad Tom was there and everything is going fairly well. 🙂

Kim on

Very interesting that the baby has her last name.

gabriella on

I love the name, John is one of my favorite boy names, and I’m so happy Tom was there for the birth. Wonder why the baby’s last name isn’t brady, it’s not like Tom is denying the baby, so I thought the baby’s name would end with brady. Anyway can’t wait to see pics of the new little guy.

Fynn on

I’m surprised “Brady” isn’t part of John’s name. I’m just wondering how he will feel when he’s grown and he only has his dad’s first name as part of his name. It makes me wonder if Tom and Bridget have already agreed on a custody arrangement in which Tom will have a minimal parenting role. Just wondering–the name really does surprise me.

KellyGirl on

I am surprised his last name isn’t Brady or at least hyphenated. I don’t know why I felt like Tom would insist on that.

Heather on

I wonder if she will call him “Jet” as a nickname!

Nicky on

Congrats to Tom and Bridget on their new baby. It kind of irritates me that the baby is carrying Bridget’s name and not Tom’s; he’ll be playing an active role in his child’s life, and I guess I’m just traditional. JMO!

Hillary on

I find it interesting that the baby’s last name will be Moynahan, not Brady, but as long as they are happy and getting along, I guess that’s what’s important! I’m glad that Tom was able to be there for the birth of his son!

His name is very traditional – maybe John’s got a career in politics after he’s done with football!

Mel on


Now lets watch the flood gates open about the baby not having Tom’s last name.

I love the name(s) all are normal…nice classic american baby boy names.

Jen on

Baby doesn’t have Tom’s last name WTF? on

I think that’s great!

cats on

It breaks my heart that John doesn’t have Brady as his last name. I think it’s a big mistake. I’m sure John would have been proud to have Brady as his last name seeing his Dad is one of the top QBs in the NFL.

Hopefully John will be able to change it later in life.

Leticia on

That’s a very nice name, very mature. I see she didn’t add Tom’s last name only her’s. There’s nothing wrong with that hey she was going at it all alone. I wish the new family all the best.

Heather on

Hmmm…interesting that it is Moynahan and not Brady. I think that if she is going to be the primary custodial parent and responible for his general well-being, then why not?!?!?

Lucy on

I don’t know why but I found it odd that they didn’t give John the Brady name too… like Moynahan Brady or Brady Moynahan. I guess it doesn’t matter. John is still their son either way, and I’m not making this comment in any judgmental way. I guess I’m wondering if they were still together the baby would probably have the Brady name, right? What do you all think? I just picture this little guy six years down the road wearing his Daddy’s jersey with Brady on the back… but he doesn’t bear his father’s name. Oh well.. all that matters is that their son has finally arrived.

Catherine on

I love the name that they chose for him.
John is such a nice sturdy and timeless name.
I know Tom’s middle name is Edward

All I can say is Yay! for healthy babies, thats all anybody can ask for.

meghan on

i really like the way she named her son… i think it’s good that she left the last name as her own – but still added tom’s name into the mix.

Elizabeth on

What a fine name for a baby. I hope they release a picture soon.

They seem to be on good terms, and hopefully they will stay that way for the sake of their child. How wonderful that Tom was able to make it for the birth and that Bridget was pleased that he did.

I think it is nice that she incorporated Tom’s name into their son’s name, but she kept his last name the same as hers.

lisa on

So he has mom’s last name? Brady’s full name is Thomas Edward Brady, so I guess the baby’s middle names are a nod to the father.

Campbell on

He can wear a jersey bearing his MOTHER”S name. YES!!!!

Mary on

I was a little taken aback by her not using Tom’s last name, and then it struck me. She will be raising him for the most part, and she wants to have the same last name as her son. I can see that. It is obvious that he left her for Giselle, so whether she has hard feelings or not, I am glad she did this.

Lucy on

That would be weird for the baby to were an NFL jersey with his mother’s name… what does she have to do with football?

Mousie on

The names are traditional Irish-American – my dad was named John Edward and always called Jack.

I don’t know why his last name is considered more important than hers. He was there at the conception and the birth, that’s it.

Megan on

I don’t see the big deal with the name…they aren’t married and is there some kind of RULE that says he has to have Tom’s last name? They obviously came up with this name together and I am sure he’s fine with it. It’s not some kind of slam or mean spirited action toward Tom, I think it’s sweet and appropriate to have mom’s last name…there’s nothing that says he HAS to have a certain last name. I like that they gave him Moynahan.

brannon on

I also gave my son my last name. Good for her – why should a baby automatically get the last name of its father? I think it’s great that he has his fathers middle name but see no reason why he shouldn’t get his mother’s last. Congratulations 🙂

ally on

I like the name and I don’t see the big deal that his last name is Moynahan and not Brady. John may have Bridget’s last name but he got both Tom’s first and middle name as his two middle names so I’d say both parents are well represented in the name.

Valou on

Why is it that it’s never a big deal when the baby only has the father’s last name but when it’s the other way around, people are criticizing! I find it completely normal that the baby has Bridget’s last name, she gave a nod to Tom in the baby’s middle names and that’s that!

Good for them if this is the way they chose to name their child!

Grayson's Girl on

ITA with Heather and Meghan. The baby does have Tom’s name in his name, two of them in fact. Having his mother’s last name doesn’t make him any less Tom’s son. He’ll no more suffer from not carrying Tom’s name than he would suffer from not sharing his mother’s. What if she were the more famous one? Would John die of shame and embarrassment because his mother’s last name was on a huge playbill or Billboard and he didn’t have it? Bridget and Tom aren’t married, Bridget and Tom are his parents, Bridget and Tom obviously agreed on his name since they both had to sign his birth certificate.

I share a last name with my father btw, and he’s amazing and I love him so my response isn’t coming from some deep bitter place lol. I also have the experience of growing up with friends who carried their mother’s maiden name and they aren’t emotionally scared or deficient because of it. I’ve never liked this whole propriety idea of having to erase my identity because I marry, why in the world am I forced to take his last name and give my children his last name in order to be considered “legal” or whatever other such notion is attached. If you choose to do so then sure, do what’s right for you, but I don’t think choosing NOT to means the world has gone to hell in a handbasket either.

Sam on

I’m very surprised that the last name is not Brady, but I realized that he HAS made statements to the effect that Bridget got pregnant against his wishes or something like that. If I remember, the press against her was very negative and she was made out to look like a trapper. So I don’t think anything’s wrong with her giving the kid her last name since she’ll be raising him anyway. Plus, to me the whole business with women and the kids taking the man’s last name is so overrated. Most of the time women all over the world are doing most of the work.

Sophie on

I think that it’s fair that she is using her last name. She is going to be the primary care giver and doing most of the hands on hard work – so why not. She has given acknowledgement to the father with the middle names. Congratulations to both parents on using a nice normal name, I hope that everyone is going well.

Stephanie on

I am a really traditional person usually, but I completely agree with her decision to give the baby her last name – seems that she will be the primary caregiver, and I would want to share a last name with my child. It’s pretty obvious he left her for Gisele, and she needed to do what she thinks is best for her new baby. I love the whole name though, he does share names with his father as well, and my own son’s name is John (we call him Jack)!

Katie on

I’m glad that the baby’s last name is Moynahan, too. I think if his dad wasn’t a famous athlete, or the baby was a girl, there would not be such loyalty to the last name Brady. I would be sad if a child that I gave birth to and raised had a different last name than me, so I am 100% on Bridget’s side. The Moynahan name gets extra points over Brady for Tom moving on while Bridget was still carrying his child.
On another note, does anyone else think it odd that after SUCH a long pregnancy they still didn’t have the name thing straightened out?!

Principesa on

I don’t understand why some readers are surprised the kid doesn’t have Brady as his last name. The kid’s parents aren’t married.

Props to Bridget for making pregnancy look so fine and for giving her son her terrific last name.

Lynn on

I also thought maybe they would have given the baby Brady as a first name & hers as the last name.

Has on

THEY are the ones who decided the baby’s name, not just Bridget. And besides, Bridget is the one who decided to keep the baby, not Tom. I think it is wonderful that she and the baby have the same last name so as to avoid confusion come school registration, etc.

My fiance has his mother’s maiden name as well (Although his father’s last name is listed on the birth certificate) and he did not “suffer” for being raised without being recognized by his father’s last name.

And Katie, my guess is she really didn’t talk to him much until the end of the pregnancy when he went “Oh, this is really happening, I had better do something if I want to be involved” as opposed to his original opposition to it. She probably already had a name picked out that he didn’t agree with, or wanted to wait until after the baby was born to see what name fit.

Kathy Hass on

Why would she give the baby Tom’s last name. They’re not married and they’re not together. The baby is healthy. Get over it just because he plays football doesn’t mean the baby has to have his last name too.

meghan on

wow – after checking back – i am really shocked at how many people are upset that he didn’t get the last name brady along with thomas and edward… why does the child have to have his father’s last name? what dictates that? they are not married… yes he is the father – but a last name means very little in the grand scheme of things… the child has his first and middle name – isn’t that enough?

Zara on

I’m quite shocked by how Victorian some people’s attitudes are!!!

Even if she and Tom were together, the parents should be entitled to give the baby whatever surname they please, but the fact that Bridget will be the primary caregiver – it makes perfect sense to me that she should want to give the baby her surname. She’s incorporated Tom’s name into both of the baby’s middle names, which seems very generous to me.

amanda on

my son’s father and i split when i was 4 months pregnant – he left me for someone else – and my son has my last name. not out of bitterness, my ex and i are actually really good friends, but because as the primary caregiver it makes life heaps easier to share the same last name for many reasons. my son has my ex’s last name as his middle name so he is totally represented and a part of my son’s life. stop being so judgemental. also, for those who keep insisting that ;john’ would want to wear a jersey with his dad’s last name, how come you are assuming he will be a jock – maybe he’ll be an artist or scholarly sort. he’s barely a week old and already has his lfe planned out by you all. he’s his own person, not a mini brady. i think his name is lovely and bridget is doing most of the work so props to her for using her name.

MOM2boys on

I think Bridget has been very classy throughout her entire pregnancy. I am sure she thought about this, and I think it is great that she gave her son her last name.

She is a more gracious woman than I would have been with the naming. I would have named the tyke Peyton.

Jas on

The name is rather long but hey it’s their baby. Glad he was able to make it for the birth and was by Bridget’s side. In reference to baby John not having his father’s name…big deal. No offense but they are not married and I don’t see why the child should automatically get the father’s last name. What about the mother? I personally feel its a personal decision between the parents and that the father’s name should not automatically be attached to the baby’s name.

Katie on

Well done to her for chosing what was right for her and her son. I don’t buy the tradition that a child must have the father’s last name. My BIL changed his name to his wife’s when they got married as she was the last person in her family. Another friend has two sons, son one has her husbands surname son two her’s! There is no right and wrong!
Well done for sticking to your ground.

Stacey on

I think it’s more than generous enough that she has honoured Tom via John’s middle names.

caroline on

I think it is great she didn’t call him Thomas Edward Brady III, which leave the family name for Tom to use in future with the son he wanted. Her baby – her name.

Di on

Bridget obviously is under no legal obligation to give her son his father’s last name but it would have been nice. Mother and baby have a connection that begins before the child is born. Giving the baby the father’s last name is a way for the father to connect to the baby. I do not know any father who would not have insisted that the child have his last name. I was thinking about Larry Birkhead and the first thing he did when the DNA test proved he was the father was to add his last name on to dannielynn’s name.
By John not having his father’s last name it gives off the impression that he is somehow illegitimate which he is certainly not. The fact that Bridget and Tom are not married should not mean that his son is any less deserving of his name. Shar Jackson and Melanie Brown both gave their kids their father’s last name in addition to their own even though they both were not married to them and even though they were both dumped by the father while pregnant. I take pride in having my father’s last name and I think John will be missing out on something by not having his father’s last name.

Maya on

Bridget has just created herself a family. She’s the mother and hence will have primary custodial rights. I think it would have been much weirder for her son to have a different last name than her. God, some people are really stuck in the middle ages. Why does the kid automatically get the father’s last name? Why does a woman have to change her last name to that of her husband’s? Also, why do some people assume her son will want to change his last name to that of his father’s when he grows up? His mother chose to have him under harsh circumstances. Any kid would be proud to have such a mom and share her name. Welcome to the 21st century y’all!

Heather on

when my sister was having her daughter, she wasn’t sure if the father was going to commit to being in the baby’s life so she told him.

“Until I can see for myself that you’re going to have a part in raising her, she’ll have my name and after that in a year or two and you’re still in the picture, we can discuss giving her your name”

She made sure that before she gave her daughter his name he was going to be around because she wasn’t going to give her the name of a stranger if he wasn’t going to be in her life.

It ended up working out and she has his last name now and even though they broked up right after she got pregnant, he is in his child’s lfe.

Niki on

ITA with Bridget for giving John her last name. My son has my last name and his father and I did not get married. My son is a happy 12 year old and it’s not bothering him to have a different last name then his dad.

Besides, we all know the comments Tom made and how that Giselle is…..and John is better off with Bridget.

But anyhow, CONGRATS to Bridget and WELCOME baby John.

Elaine on

I just want to point out that Mary-Louise Parker did the exact same thing with her son — his name is William in honor of his father Billy Crudup, and his last name is Parker.

Personally I think it’s a nice compromise.

barb on

Seriously, you’re making an analogy to Larry Birkhead? That baby originally had Howard K. Stern’s last name, and she obviously wasn’t related to him at all. Of course her name should have been changed. That case has nothing to do with this one.

And as for not knowing “any father who would not have insisted that the child have his last name”, wow. A man does not have the right to tell a woman what she should or should not do, regardless of whether he is the father or not. I don’t know about Bridget, but any man who “insists” I do something is a man who will not get what he wants.

Kathy on

The fact that she specifically chose not to give the baby the last name Brady or hyphen it or just Moynahan Brady I believe is a clear indication that there are going to be huge problems to come. I think it is a sign, a snub and a public indication that she is pissed about his conduct and relationship with Giselle throughout the pregnancy. Because of this, he was not given his Dad’s family name. I am sure Tom Brady’s family is not at all happy about it either that the baby was not given the family name. It makes me sad, but if I was in her shoes I would likely do the same thing. Why should he get the benefit and honor of having his name given to the child when he has not been around the whole pregnancy he was too busy screwing Giselle. I think there are going to be MAJOR MAJOR problems between these too over this baby. I am sure Bridget will not want Giselle present if Tom has visits with their son. I know it is complete speculation but I imagine that Bridget would have wanted to try to make their relationship work and give it a go at becoming a family even if not necessarily marrying eachother but trying to make the relationship work and see what happens. Tom’s continued relationship with Giselle who he had hardly been dating at all not even two months when the pregnancy was announced could have certainly called it off with Gi and concentrated on his family to be. I think his behavior was very selfish and indulgent and just plain tacky. I have already posted what I think about Giselle so I will not go on about that again. Does anyone else agree with me that there are going to be huge problems to come between these two???

Keis on

Lovely name. And for all of you complaining about him not having Brady’s name, he already has ‘Thomas’. I have my mom’s last name, I never saw any problem with that.

Andria on

It’s funny to me that so many people on here are critical on the non-traditional nature of the last name choice, being that clearly the whole relationship in not traditional in the least.

Nicki on

I totally agree with her decision to give the baby her last name (though I probably would have used Brady as a middle name). Many single mothers I know who DIDN’T give their babies their name wish that they had, because in dealing with doctors, schools, etc… it’s just much easier. Plus, she will most likely be the primary care-giver… she deserves the “credit” so-to-speak. I DON’T think the baby should have Tom’s name just because it’s “tradition”.

Karen on


lj on

I’m very happy both mom and baby are doing great and everyone’s healthy.

Why are some so surprised the baby’s last name is Moynahan?

We all know he did not want this child. His actions clearly said it all.

I would have been very surprised if they decided on Brady as a last name. I think the name is perfect. They did good.

Isn’t Tom supposed to be getting married in the winter?? His future kids can have Brady as a last name.

Renee on

Who cares what his last name is? I know kids who have their mom’s last name and their parents are married.Not every woman takes their husband’s name when they get married.This is 2007 not 1950.Forget tradition and embrace new things. I respect that Tom Brady is man enough to accept that his son won’t have his last name.

Emily on

John Moynahan.

I really like it! I like that she didn’t feel the need to give him a unique name to make him special. An actual breath of fresh air!
I too am completely shocked to say the least he doesn’t have his father’s surname. But it does add to my growing suspicions of a bitter break-up.
Not to put pressure but I can’t wait to see Bridget in her next project, she is such a talented actress!

halifaxhoney on

I think that it’s great that the baby has her last name I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. It’s not like Bridget and Tom are still together, in that case it might be a little different. The baby’s name is traditional but I really like it.

jocquelyn huggins on

Was is it that everyone thinks she was the only one involved in naming the baby??? Their have been reports that they have been talking the last couple of months, maybe they decided this together. And who cares what his family may think, they are not raising the baby. They would love that little boy no matter what his name is!

Veroncia on

In most states if the parents are not married, the child is given the last name of the mother unless the father signs the paternity papers at the hospital.

If the father signs the papers later (within 6-12 months after birth), or DNA tests prove he is the child’s father, then the last name can be changed if the mother agrees.

This is how it is in TN, and in most states. My daughter has my last name, and there was no way in the world I was going to change it three months after her birth because her father was too stupid to do the right thing in the beginning.

I am raising her. Us having the same last name doesn’t give anyone the chance to make assumptions about our family life and the state of her father’s involvement in her life. And we all know how judgemental people are about single moms in this country. Way to go Bridget.

Elizabeth on


I would like to respectfully disagree with your comment “Giving the baby the father’s last name is a way for the father to connect to the baby.” It is not up to Bridget to name their child so Tom can connect with his son. That is Tom Brady’s job alone. Bridget certainly seems willing to have Tom involved as much as he wants to be in their son’s life (as evidenced by allowing him there during the birth), so now it is his job to take the necessary steps to be a father to his son. It takes much more than a child having your name to be father.

I also think the comparison to Bridget and Melanie Brown’s situation is pretty far off base. There is no way in h*ll that I would give my child Eddie Murphy’s name, in any way, shape, or form.

emmalee on

“I just want to point out that Mary-Louise Parker did the exact same thing with her son — his name is William in honor of his father Billy Crudup, and his last name is Parker.

Personally I think it’s a nice compromise.
Posted by: Elaine at Aug 28, 2007 8:06:28 PM”

Good example, Elaine, and I agree, it is a good compromise.

For those who commented on Melanie Brown’s daughter, her name is Iris Angel Murphy Brown, with Brown as her last name, I believe, not Murphy. Shar Jackson seemed to have stayed on good terms with Kevin except for just after he left her. Plus it makes sense that she’d give her 2nd child with him a last name to match her older child with him, so they’d share the same last name.

Michelle on

its a big deal because a the boston herald called the baby John Edward Brady, and then this announcement comes and its Moynahan. Its a definite slap in the face but I would do the same….don’t blame her at all.

Jen on

The baby has two of his names, Edward and Thomas. That doesn’t seem like bitterness. Quite the opposite, it was quite gracious of her.

Aitch on

I too am surprised that the baby’s last name is not Brady. Not that it should be, just that I bet that if Tom doesn’t care right now, I predict he will care about that in the future.
Tom Brady’s parents are so nice. I really feel sorry for them. Hopefullly they wlll get the see baby John a lot, but I know they are kind of “old fashioned.” and wish that their grandson was in an intact married couple family.

Karen on


Jessica on

I find it surprising that so many people think Bridget should have given the baby Tom’s last name. Tom has clearly not been as supportive throughout her pregnancy as he could have been. Seeing the father of my unborn child running around with a supermodel so soon after a breakup, would be stressful and upsetting to me, I’m sure it was to some point for Bridget as well. I think she has handled the whole situation beautifully, she’s a really classy lady! I also wonder if anyone has thought that maybe she didn’t give their child Tom’s last name at his request? I don’t know, but i’m sure it’s possible.

Isabel on

I have to say I was completely shocked and dare say outraged that she did not give the baby his last name. No matter what happened between them that is his child and has the right to the last name Brady. I think when the baby grows older he will undoubtedly question why he doesn’t have his father’s last name. Nevertheless I am happy she had a healthy boy!

Anais on

The way some of you are putting it makes it sound like she’s out to rob Tom of something. I loooove that she gave the baby her name, and I love the name John, it’s so classic.

Hmmm on

I think a hyphenated last name with both Brady-Moynahan would have been appropriate as he is attempting to be a part of the baby’s life. Seems like someone is trying to use the baby’s name to make a point and I hope the baby isn’t used in any more problems that might arise in the future.

Meg on

Regarding the post about Tom’s family being upset that the baby doesn’t have the “family” name: The grandparents and grandchild will have different names. Big deal. How is that any different than their daughter (if they have one) giving her child its father’s last name? People place way too much stock in names. It’s more important that the kid grows up with two loving parents and an extended family that is happy he is here, regardless of his name.

Personally, I’m married, I did not change my name, and if I had a child it would not automatically get my husband’s last name. My husband doesn’t care one bit about this either; he doesn’t have any self-important hang-ups about passing on his family name. In the end, I would most likely go with the last name that sounds the best with the first name. I think “John Moynahan” sounds a lot more interesting than “John Brady.”

Renee on

Really…it’s none of our business what they name their kid.They will be the one taking care of him and let’s be honest, Bridget will be the primary parent so it’s fitting he should have her name. I don’t get how any of you could be angry that the baby doesn’t have Tom’s last name.It’s not your baby and I doubt any of you know Tom personaly so why does it concern you what the baby’s last name is.

Lucy on

Well, I think a lot of you on here are contradicting yourselves. First you say it’s the 21st century a baby doesn’t have to take on his/her father’s surname. Then you imply that Tom Brady didn’t do right by Bridget because he moved on when their relationship ended. Well it’s like you said it’s the 21st century. Why should he have to put his life on hold because his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. Their relationship was over. Technically he couldn’t do anything to ensure that a healthy baby would come into this world since he isn’t physically carrying the child. What should he have done? Twiddled his thumbs waiting for the baby to arrive? All he can do is be a good father and play an active role in his son’s life. If Tom Brady agreed to this then fine. That’s the end of the issue, but if he didn’t I think it’s super tacky on Bridget’s part. Then again to each his own and none of us on here has a right to judge…. although all we do…

ally on

“I have to say I was completely shocked and dare say outraged that she did not give the baby his last name. No matter what happened between them that is his child and has the right to the last name Brady. I think when the baby grows older he will undoubtedly question why he doesn’t have his father’s last name”

Seriously? Outraged over two people that you have no real knowledge of, other than what is reported in the media (whether it is true or not)? Jeez, we have no idea what went on behind closed doors between Bridget and Tom in regards to their son’s name. Lots of couples these days (married, not married, in a relationship, not in a relationship) choose to give their child the mother’s last name. Or the father’s last name, or a combined version of the two, or whatever floats the parents of that child’s boat. Who cares? Why is the father’s last name the most important thing in the grand scheme of things? TOM AND BRIDGET HAVE A HEALTHY CHILD. I would wager to guess that is what is most important to both of them at the end of the day. It’s still his son, regardless of the baby’s last name. It’s still her son, regardless of the baby’s last name. Maybe they wanted to honor BOTH families, and this is how they chose to do so. Some of these comments are insane.

meghan on

actually – in the state of california you can give the baby any last name your choose. if you are not married then a form must be filled out to have the father’s name added to the birth certificate – but that does not affect the name…

Rachel on

I am so happy that they finally announced the name! Its so sweet that they honored the 3 past generations of the Brady family as well as the Moynahans. I thought that they would do something like that. I love the name John, and I think its so much better than Jonathan.

Lucy on

EVERYONE please get your facts straight!
Their split was announced in December (12/14/06) and I quote, “Actress Bridget Moynahan and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have split, a rep for Moynahan said in a statement on Thursday. ‘(They) amicably ended their three-year relationship several weeks ago.'” SEVERAL WEEKS AGO = they didn’t break up in December probably November. Additionally, it was reported that he started dating Gisele right before Christmas. Her rep (Moynahan) says amicably split. So if they both weren’t heartbroken or bitter. Why shouldn’t he have started to date a few weeks after they broke up?

Emily on

Does any one watch Gilmore Girls? Single mums often give their kids their last name.

Makes PTA nights easier for them – This is Ms. Moynahan, John Moynahan’s mum. EASY

I love the name and if i was a single mum my kid would get my last name too!!!

renee on

So happy for Ms. Moynahan that she had a safe delivery and that she and the baby are doing well. I’m not surprised that she chose her last name for the baby, and I think it’s a fine name. No one will have any problem identifying him or his pedigree regardless of his last name. I hope she has a speedy recovery and that her transition into motherhood is a pleasant one!

Dawna on

That is a wonderful name, and one that we can actually spell considering all the new-fangled baby names the past few years!

As for all the people that expressed outrage, if not disgust, the baby’s last name is not Brady, the way I look at this is
John is Bridget’s legacy and her only child. She is passing on her name to her child just like Tom will to his other children.

Bridget was on her own all during the pregnancy, and it is likely she will have sole custody of John while he is growing up. He is her son, first and foremost, and she made it clear with her choice of name for her son.

Tom indeed is John’s biological father, and he will play some part in John’s life, but you know what? There’s nothing written in stone that dictates all babies born must have the biological father’s last name.

Hazel on

Congrats to Bridget on the birth of her son!

I don’t understand what the fuss is about. I am a single mother and my daughter has my last name. It would be different if they were married but clearly they are not. No doubt that child will be loved and it is up to the father to step up and be involved in the child’s life (if he chooses not to – I am sure Bridget will do just fine raising her son on her own).

Kim on

When I first starting reading this, I felt bad for baby John that he wouldn’t have his dad’s last name and I was surprised so many people agreed with Bridget. Now I’m on the other side of the fence. It sounds like Tom & Bridget spent considerable time choosing his name. Obviously they felt this was best. I wonder if “John” is also a family name.

Also, given the track records of a lot of professional athletes, John may not WANT to have the last name of Brady by the time he grows up. (How’d you like the name “John VICK” right now?)

Anyways- congrats to Bridget & Tom. I bet he’s beautiful!

may on

i feel bad for baby john for not having his father’s name. it’s awful when bruised ego owercome healthy mind and just because after their divorce tom got a life instead of grieving and after bridget reveald she was pregnant didn’t come bouncing back to her baby baby will have only his mother’s name
despite that, congratulations for happy parents

Kacey on

Just because Tom is his father doesn’t automatically mean that the baby should have his last name. Bridget dealt with her entire pregnancy without Tom. He really has no right to demand such things from his child’s mother when he wasn’t even there. All Tom needs to do is be a great father to baby John. Here’s hoping he will.

TIlly on

I wouldn’t have given him Tom’s last name either.

landroverdisco on

Tom was never invested in the pregnancy or her, so it is entirely fitting the child has Bridgets last name. May, where do you draw your information from? Tom and Bridget were never married. Duh?!

Rachel on

I dont care for the name John,nor John Edward(they must be democrats lol)
If your not willing to marry the mother of your child then the father should have no say to what the kids last name is.

Jeanne on

Has anyone ever stopped to consider that maybe, just maybe, she initiated the break-up and didn’t know she was pregnant at the time? And maybe she didn’t want to get back together with him? Maybe they broke up for a good reason. Just because he didn’t immediately break up with Gisele to spend nine months sitting in L.A. waiting for the baby to be born doesn’t make him a horrible person.

And I honestly don’t get all the shock about his last name being Moynahan. They’re not married and she’s the primary caregiver, he should have her name. John Moynahan is a great strong name, and very well chosen.

Carol on

I’m surprised so many people disagree with the baby having Bridget’s last name. Many people frowned at the fact that I gave my daughter her father’s last name when she was born, and at the time, her father and I were together but not married. Now that we split up and he is no longer in her life at all, I wish I had given her my last name.

lizzie on

I have to say I’m quite shocked that some people expected the baby’s surname to be Brady, or even to be Brady-Moynahan. I just assumed it would be Moynahan. I would personally find it incredibly strange to give your baby the father’s surname if you weren’t together.

One issue that hasn’t been brought up is the fact that it could be a way of continuing Bridget’s family name. I don’t know anything about her background, but if she’s an only child or perhaps only has sisters, she may feel that giving her child her surname will carry on the family name. I have a few female friends who will be keeping their maiden names when they marry and will seriously consider passing on their surnames to their children.

Saying that giving a child his/her father’s name creates a bond between them is ridiculous, IMO. I don’t have my mother’s name, does that mean that I’m more closely related to my father?! Similarly, are my cousins who I share a surname with closer to me than those who have a different name? And am I not bonded to my nephews because they have a different name to me? I really don’t understand that logic. The only thing that will bond Tom to his baby is spending time with him and being involved in his upbringing. Which, incidentally, is what I think will happen. I think all sides (Bridget, Tom, Gisele) have dealt with this situation in a mature manner and hope that they will continue to do so.

Yonni on

It is sometimes easier to have the same last name, especially when the kids get to school. Trust me. My children have their fathers last name and it can be a pain. So I see why she did it. Maybe she kept her name because he would be the only child that can carry on her father’s last name. John has his father’s middle and first names, so what is the problem? Plus we don’t know them, and what they have agreed to.

niki on

There is a previous post about what legal in the state of california. You do not need legal consent from the father to put his name on the birth certificate. I know this for fact. I’m still legally married to my ex. we have been separated for 8 years. I have a daughter by an ex boyfriend and when it came time to do the birth certificate. I could not list her fathers name on it since i was married. in the state of calif if a woman is married and has a child with someone else it is assumed since you are married its your husband and your two options are to have your husbands name (not the father) or father unknown. Had i not been married at the time of her birth i could put anyones name on the birth certificate as the father. Once a divorce is complete the real father has to do a paternity test and then the birth certificate can be changed. as far as naming your baby in calif you can give your child what ever name you want even if its mickey mouse. This happened to me and I know it to be true. bottom line she can name him whatever she wants. I’m sure tom is on the birth certificate as the father.

Hollister on

it is going to be weird for the kid when he grows up. The whole situation with parents and name.
And I can’t and don’t believe that everything in this whole break-up, pregnancy and dating super-model was perfectly amicable through and through with all parties concerened. It is a little odd to time your break up and dating right when your ex is pregnant. Be realistic. There is some animosity and resentment in there somewhere!!!
Best wishes to Bridget and baby Moynahan.

Snuggly on

Congrats to them!!!

My mother always told me that if I had a child out of wedlock to give the child my last name.

John Edward Thomas…. I think its a very boring name.

summer on

I applaude Bridget for giving the baby her last name. Tom is not deserving of it. Tom was honored via the two middle names, that is more than he deserves. This could possibly be Bridget’s only child and she is going to be the primary caregiver, so it only makes sense that John has her last name. I also think she just gained much respect from people around the country for doing this. She took a stand and stood up for herself and did what she thought was right. Go Bridget!! Congratulations on baby John! John is such a great name that you never hear anymore.

Anais on

May – Tom and Bridget were never married.

And I think Tom behaved, well, less than gentlemanly during all of this, but that’s his problem. Bridget will be a great mom and I think it’s great that she’s going to be doing this all on her own!

Heather on

Wow, there are a lot of comments and I certainly haven’t read through them all. I just wanted to say that it isn’t completely unlikely that Bridget and Tom decided on their son’s entire name TOGETHER. It seems like many posters are assuming that Bridget decided on the name without Tom’s consent and/or agreement.

I must disagree with the statement that giving the child the mother’s name implies the child is illegitimate. First off, the term illegitimate is ridiculous as no child is illegitimate. Secondly, I firmly believe that a child should have the last name of the primary caregiver. It simply makes life easier.

There are a whole other host of reasons as to why this simply should not be an issue, but that would make this post even longer and I am sure other posters have already touched on them.

Congratulations to Bridget and Tom.

cats on

I was impressed with Bridget until she pulled this classless, sour grapes move.

What did Tom do that was less than gentlemanly? He hasn’t badmouthed her at all and seems to want to be an active Dad.

Here we go again.. Always Man=Bad, Mom=Good.

Ari on


What is so “sour grapes” about wanting her child, a child she will most likely be the primary parent for, to have her last name? Why does John HAVE to have Brady as his last name? Can someone explain it to me?!

morgan on

Didn’t Tom sign the birth certificate? Did it occur to anyone that MAYBE this was a joint decision? He may have even suggested it! How many of you were in the delivery room when he was begging her to give the baby his last name and she just laughed in his face and did what she wanted to to “stick it to him”? Oh yeah, NONE OF YOU!

Im almost embarrased by the reactions of some in this post.

PSB on

Guess I’ll add my voice to the chorus. I’m on the Moynahan side here. I don’t really get the point of her giving John the last name Brady. It would be incredibly hurtful and awkward for all of her son’s friends to mistakenly call her Mrs. Brady for his entire childhood. Most women change their names when they get married so they will have the same name as their children. What is the point of her purposely picking a different last name for her child? What if she gets married again and has more children? I’m sure her first child would rather have the same last name as mommy while the siblings have the same last name as step-daddy. Why add a third name in the mix? It will only make John feel excluded in the future.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I can’t believe how many old fashioned people still exist out there!

As for Tom’s conduct–look, we all have no idea what happened, but it is kind of classless IMO to run all around Europe with a super-model when your ex is suffering through her first trimester of pregnancy. Men have dumped women for sillier reasons than this, and at the very least, he could have cooled things off or been a little more discreet with Gisele. He just seems so gross! Also, what kind of woman would put herself in this situation?? She can get anybody she wants – why would she choose to enter into this scandalous situation? Says a lot about Gisele, because I would have R-U-N the other way. What is going on in her head?

If Gisele and Tom were meant to be, they would have STILL been soul mates after a few months cooling off. It’s got to be embarrassing for Bridget and if anybody seems selfish and sour, it’s Tom Brady IMO.

Leigh on

Honestly, it’s just a name!!! Why all the speculation and reading between the lines and all that? I see nothing wrong with him having Bridget’s last name particularly because he has Tom’s first and middle names as part of his name so why shouldn’t he have part of Bridget’s name too? Even if she ever gets married she probably won’t change her last name since most actresses don’t, so it will be nice for her son to always have the same last name as mom since she will be with him most of the time. I think the whole thing about using the dad’s last name just because it’s tradition kinda goes out the window when you’re talking about parents who aren’t married anyway because having children outside of marriage in itself breaks “tradition”.

terri on

“That would be weird for the baby to were an NFL jersey with his mother’s name… what does she have to do with football?”

I have no idea what this comment is supposed to mean. A lot of people play in the NFL with names that have never been represented before. And maybe he’ll be an actor, not an athlete.

I like the name, though it’s a little long and commin for my tastes.

Claudia on

Good for her.She gave Tomy Boy exactly what he wanted in the first place;HIS FREEDOM!!So now he can go an makes some baby by Gisele or whoever he wants to and give them his Name.

cats on


It’s so obvious that she did this out of spite. Brady is from a very traditional family and I’m sure he was basically forced to do this.


daria on

This isn’t about whether he’s paying child support or keeping up appearances.

She will presumably be the primary caregiver. She’s going to be the one taking the kid to school, etc. Her son will probably be far more tied to her family than to his.

My parents divorced early in my life (age 3) and my mother was the primary caregiver. I am very close to my mother’s very large family. My mom is also the one who took care of me regularly in every way. I have always wanted to change my last name but felt that I couldn’t to keep up appearances and not mess with tradition. It’s not about being spiteful. My mom has since remarried and I would still like to take her maiden name. At this point, I want to get married just so I can change my last name (perhaps the worst reason to get married) and I figure that if, God forbid, I divorce, I would take my mother’s maiden name. Bridget did the right thing. It might sting or hurt his ego and even raise eyebrows but it makes a lot of sense.

Elaine on

Everyone seems to assume this is the mother’s decision – perhaps it was the father who decided this? Maybe all he wanted was his names as his son’s middle names. Everyone knows who the childs father is so I don’t think he needs to be worried about that. BTW I am in the UK and Tom Brady is completely unknown here.

Diana on

I applaud Bridget for giving the baby her last name. This is not 1950 — who says the baby has to have the father’s last name?

Bridget went through this whole pregnancy on her own, which is no small feat. Tom was basically nothing more than a sperm donor.

If he had tried to make the relationship work, rather than starting fresh with another supermodel, maybe the baby would be entitled to his last name.

Katie on

I couldn’t have put it any better myself, Diana!

Elizabeth on

Daria, I totally agree with you. I had pretty much the exact same experience. My parents divorced when I was 3 and my mom kept her married name, I guess so that she would have the same name as her child. But it always seemed stupid to me that she and I were bearing the name of a man who was not terribly involved and was generally a jerk…. I always figured that I would be saddled with my maiden name for a long time, since I didn’t plan to get married after watching my parents attempt at it, but I got lucky and met a wonderful man (who happened to have a very nice last name!) at the age of 22. We got married and I was delighted to trade in my father’s last name.
Given all this, I can’t understand the people who think the kid is going to be upset about having his mother’s last name.

Lisa on

Women – wake up! Why is Brady’s name more important than her name in this situation? And, you don’t know how involved he’s going to be.

Coming from a kid who’s last name was different from my Mom’s last name – It is no fun! You are constantly correcting people (friends, teachers, boyfriends, boyfriend’s parents….) and explaining the situation because people assume the worst without know the situation. I just wanted my Mom’s last name as she is the one I lived with and signed all the important papers in my life. Believe me, isn’t life hard enough already?

And, thank goodness for a name I can pronounce and isn’t the same zany name as the other 99 boys on the block. I’m sick and tired of these weird names coming out of the blue. Don’t you love your kid? Why do you have to name a kid somthing that is so different, but not really because now everyone is naming their kid this, a name that is usually unpronouncable and has no basis in reality? I suggest that if you are pregnant, you conscientiously spell your name every time you say it and then see what your kid will have to put up with for the rest of their life. .

Christine on

Normally I NEVER respond to blogs but I can’t agree more with the fact that she gave the baby her last name. Nobody knows the full details of what transpired between Tom and Bridget but I really haven’t liked the way Tom has handled any of this pregnancy other than being present for the birth. It seems like he moved right along after they broke up and didn’t think twice about her being pregnant. I also thinks it’s great that Bridget moved to CA and away from NY where Tom and Gisele are holed up. That whole relationship kind of disgusts me.

Lisa Smith on

Yeah, congrats to Tom…you can now move on with possible “Baby Momma number 2” with Gisele, because, after all, it’s only a child you’re raising with another woman, it’s no big deal, right? Honestly, what is it with people these days? On the other hand, in Tom’s defense, why shouldn’t he have been extended the decency of his son getting his last name? I mean, he’ll be paying out the nose for child support anyway so Bridget, I mean, the baby of course, can maintain a certain lifestyle!!! No one seems to have values or morals anymore.