Update: Teenaged son of Hulk Hogan involved in serious car crash

08/27/2007 at 10:19 AM ET

Update:  A hospital spokesperson says that Nick is "no longer a patient" at Bayfront Medical Center, and police have clarified that Nick’s injuries were not life-threatening. Nick’s mother Linda has released a statement.

My son Nick and a friend were involved in a car accident last night.Nick suffered minor injuries and has been treated and released from thehospital. At this time, his friend, John Graziano remains hospitalized.Nick is currently at the hospital with John and his family. His soleconcern is for the well being of his friend. On behalf of my family, weask that your thoughts and prayers be with John and his loved ones.

Originally posted at 7:22 a.m.: Nick Bollea, the 17-year-old son of pro wrestler and reality-tv star Hulk Hogan (aka Terry Bollea), had to be extracted from his "totally destroyed" car yesterday following a serious traffic accident, according to Clearwater, Fla. police.  The teenager — who is listed in serious condition at a local hospital — is being treated for "life-threatening" injuries. 

According to law enforcement officials, Bollea was driving his Toyota Supra through downtown Clearwater Sunday night "at a high rate of speed" when his rear tires struck a raised median.  The vehicle fishtailed before slamming into a 25-foot palm tree, leaving Nick and an unnamed passenger trapped inside; Rescuers utilized the ‘jaws of life’ to remove them both, and they were subsequently flown by hospital to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg.  Says a police spokesperson:

His car inexplicably left the road, and it was totally destroyed upon impact…We don’t know exactly what happened, but we are investigating.

Nick is currently employed as a professional drift-car driver for Dodge, receiving his Formula-D license in 2006. Hulk and his wife Linda also have a daughter, Brooke, 19.  Both Nick and Brooke are featured in the Hogan family’s VH1 reality-tv show Hogan Knows Best

Source:  People

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Nicolie on

Scary! I really hope the boys are ok.

I hate to say it because it sounds so stereotypical, but teenage boys do some stupid crap sometimes. This sounds bad, but sometimes they literally need the life scared out of them to change their ways.

My thoughts are with the Hogans and the family of the passenger as well.

Bridget on

I really hope Nick and his passenger will be ok. It so sad he’s so young I mean I’m young too 21 but he’s only 17 still a teen. I hope he makes a full recovery and is still able to be a drift car drive for dodge he worked hard for on the show.

heather on

I love this family and their show, you can clearly see how much Hulk and Linda love their children. Hulk is so protective of them and he got a phone call no parent EVER wants to receive. Regardless of Nick possibly driving too fast this is an incredibly scary and sad situation, we’ve all done foolish things so I hope the focus doesn’t get pulled away from the fact that he’s fighting for his life to his choice of driving speed. That’s not what matters here. I will be praying for this close knit familiy that Nick pulls through and that they lean on each other and I will also be praying for the passenger and his family. I was truly, truly, shocked and saddened to see this report this morning. =(

shanesgirl on

I just saw on several of the wrestling sites i go to that according to the webpage/blog for the “bubba the love sponge” show (bubba is a freind of hulk hogan’s) that nick is out of the hospital and is at home recovering, the passenger is still critical.

Leticia on

Its sad that this accident happen, but this young man is a race car driver, he should had known that drag racing is illegal and dangerous. My prayers go out to both families affected by this.

Campbell on

I actually came here to see any info on Nick. I am SOOOO relieved by your update!

erika on

luckily he didnt kill some other family doing this stupid stunt..sorry to be harsh but im tired of teenage kids racing. i dont want to be the next one they slam into.

tink1217 on

did they say he was actually drag racing? Just wondering. I know he was speeding. I am glad Nick is ok and I hope the passenger pulls through. I have watched Hulk Hogan’s show and he is such a great guy and seems to be such an amazing dad.

Shelby on

My brother drives a supra and knows the Hulk family very personally. Yes most 17 year old kids do not have $115,000 cars but Nick is responible and Hulk is very protective. Nick has worked very hard on that car and his career and while yes some may not approve it is his dream and what a priveleage he can live it out. We have all been 17 and done stupid things or driven our cars too fast. It was never stated that he was drag racing, although he was probably going faster than he should have been, those cars are very difficult to drive. Accidents happen and we are unsure of the coniditions associated with this incident. Currently all I care about is that everyone is safe because nothing else matters except that Nick and his passenger recover. My thoughts and prayers are with this family.

Shelby on

For those interested there are pictures of the crash, very intense..amazing they could survive this…


gabriella on

Thank god nick is ok, I really hope the friend is ok too and not brain dead like they are saying he might be. The hogan family are sweet, both hulk and linda seem to adore their kids. I hope nick learns a lesson though. A lot of teens speed and the sad thing is, usually it’s the other person in the car that gets badly hurt or worse dies.

tink1217 on

shelby, thanks for sharing that.

angelbaby33 on

Other websites have uncovered numerous speeding incidents over the past through months involving Nick driving well over 100 mph. I have also seen a video of him squealing away from the Ivy restaurant with his mom watching on. For someone who has had a reported 4 points added to his driving record for speeding, it doesn’t look like he had any car driving priveleges revoked! I am very sad for all of the families involved but hopefully this is a wake-up call for people who drive unsafely. (As a side note, I just realized that people will probably not learn! In a period of 3 years, my sister who at the time was 16-19 yeras old lost three different co-workers and friends due to street racing and speeding and not one person seemed to learn from it. My sister said that some of the kids even seemed to speed as they left the funeral of one of the kids. I just don’t understand it!)

pam woodhouse on

Sorry Heather, but I think buying a 17 year old teen boy a sports car is an accident just waiting to happen.

Terri Wright on

We love to watch the Hogan’s show. We will be praying for the Hogan’s and the other family involved.

shirley on

I am truly glad he is okay, (I have been a fan since I was a child) and I pray for John as well but I do hope that Nick will learn from this and keep his speed down.

Theresa on

It was an ACCIDENT! My prayers are with both of their families. At a time like this, they need prayers; not crticism. We are all human. So what if they have more money, you wouldn’t have even known about the accident if Nick wasn’t famous. Cut the young man some slack. Hope you both recover soon.

Rebecca on

God Bless the Hogan family and John Graziano
and family. My prayers are with you all.


Joshua on

I just want to say that I have followed Hogans career since the 1984 when I was old enough to understand wrestling,and I know that the Bolea’s are responsible and accidents happen,a person gets in the middle of a rush,especially such a powerfull car and forget about what could happen,people just let this be a lesson learned and stop critisizing. My thoughts and prayers go to all involved and wishes for a speedy recovery. God Bless, Joshua in Iowa

Lyndsey on

To the Hogans; Me and my boyfriend love watching yalls shows and really adore how family means everything to yall. Yall are sweet people and my prayers and thoughts go out to yall and the other family. Accidents happen no matter how to try to avoid them. WE LOVE YALL!!!!