Jennifer Garner takes Violet to the public library

08/27/2007 at 05:16 PM ET

Actress Jennifer Garner, 35, (nope, she didn’t leave for Japan yet!) took daughter Violet Anne, 20 months, to the Pacific Palisades public library this morning. The pair left with a bag of books to enjoy.


Photos by Flynet.

Click below for more pics and the fashion, book, and gear roundup.


5163n1adtvl_ss500_In the bag is Clip-Clop by Nicola Smee ($10).

Img_1607Jennifer is wearing a Kula Klip ($7.99 CAD). They are available at these Canadian stores, this website, or through email.

Splendid_pink_stripedressViolet wears a colored stripe pocket dress in seashell pink by Splendid Littles ($64).

Aadz7r8yoy1hgspkf02siqufiuwpoqwzjsuViolet wears Naturino’s 7477 pink glitter t-strap ($55).

The mesh pocket of the backpack is filled with Gerber Nuk silicone fashion pacifiers ($4.50 for 2).

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Megan on

haha mommy did Vi’s hair this time…lol I love it…and how adorable is a trip to the library…it just makes me love this family even more. Violet is just too cute for words…and is it just me or do all three of them just look so HAPPY when they are together…they are always smiling and happy..just love being a family…

ADORE the Garner/Afflecks!

Katie on

Yay yay yay! I wish we saw more book-related photos of celebs and their kids. As a future reading specialist and current SMART (start making a reader today) volunteer, few things can warm my heart more than parents reading to their kids. Plus I love the way Jen always looks so present with Violet, it seems like they’re always sharing an inside joke or observation. I bet they will be very close as Violet grows up. on

Awww, she looks so cute in her lil’ lavender ensemble. She always looks she just had a bath.

Elizabeth on

Absolutely my fave family, I mean, with all of their money, Jen could easily supply Violet with a huge personal library (I’m sure she has a ton!), but I love that she chose also to go to the library. As a teacher it makes me just smile! What a wonderful mother she is!

Violet is just the cutest!

Tilly on

It’s nice to see a celebrity taking their kid to the public library instead of shopping non-stop!
Only in LA would a public library put their patrons books in a fancy shopping bag:)

Asha on

Wow, they use the LIBRARY? I just had a son and I was lamenting the cost of children’s books. I’m so using the library, too! She seems like a wonderful mom and great role model.

Violet's Auntie on

You kind of wish all parents would enrich their children’s lives with books, learning to use the public library and all the cool socialization that goes on in the kids section.

I just get the feeling that Violet will be a high-achiever AND and an athlete with those long legs.

Top on

We get our books in a fancy shopping bag too and I don’t live anywhere near LA!!

Adoring Fan on

Oh how fun. Love them.

MMM on

Matching barrettes? It looks cute on them but I know I would look like a dork wearing a baby barrette! We just went to the library today. They are fairly quick trip since my daughter is 1.5 and loves to squeal at all of the books!

gabriella on

Mother and daughter are so cute

Kat on

They are so cute! 🙂

Mabel on

Aww, those matching hairclips! Violet is adorable.. I love this family to bits and pieces!

Jane on

I love the fact that despite all their money and fame, we only ever see Jennifer, Ben and Violet doing normal things that any normal family would do. It seems like Violet is going to grow up to be very well adjusted.

daisy on

Now this is a great mother. A real mother, who spends her time taking her daughter to places like the library, unlike Ms Holmes who totters around in heels in Paris introducing her 17 month old to the Louvre.

Mass Mom on

They look very cute and I love this family, but this poor baby can’t go anywhere without her picture being snapped. She did not choose to be a celebrity; her parents did. Maybe CBB can publish a few less pictures of Violet — perhaps it would cut down the demand a bit and she could actually enjoy a day without a camera in her precious face.

Sarah’s note: We post images from the sets the agencies make available…I do agree that she’s photographed way more than most other children, so her pics do appear more often. I’m not sure we’ll adjust what’s posted though. Even if we did, they photogs still know where they live and wait outside their home for them to leave for the day, unfortunately.

fanny on

We always see Jennifer and her baby’s pics on the net, but somehow they dont show on entertainment shows and very seldom on the tabs.

I wonder how the paps make money out of them, there are probably one or two of them only following them all the time.

Sarah’s note: Because websites purchase photo agency packages which are quite a bit of money.

Charlene on

Ahh..this is my favourite photo(s) ever! As a Librarian, I cannot say how important it is to get your child reading early. It’s so great to see a celebrity supporting their local public library. Yes, they can afford all the books in the world, but they’d be missing out on interaction with other children, fabulous book recommendations from Children’s Librarians and storytime and other preschool programs (if they attend those). It’s always great seeing celebrity children with books and who doesn’t love a daily photo of Violet Affleck? Thanks for sharing another “normal family” post of the Garner/Afflecks.

PSB on

How sweet! I’ll bet Violet put a matching barrette into mommy’s hair so they could wear the same thing. I love that Jennifer goes to the library. I’ll bet that part of the reason she goes is to meet other non-celeb moms to hang out with. I go there to meet other moms to be friends with too, because when you SAHM, you don’t always have a place to meet people. It must be extra difficult to meet people when you’re famous and traveling a lot and always on guard. I’m sure she gets lonely for other mom friends too!

FC on

I love the matching hairstyles Violet and Jen are rocking. It’s cute! And they took a trip to the library. I’m always visiting mine, or bookstores. I’d say they’d be at the top of the list when it comes to Hollywood’s number of normal families, ones not all about the cash and flash of Hollywood, I’d say. Love it! 🙂

lily on

I don’t think not posting the pictures on this site will stop paparazzi from taking those pictures. And I don’t think Violet cares a lot about the paparazzi. She’s such a happy child, she’s always smiling. She almost looks like she got used to the paparazzi following them.

lily on

Do Jennifer and Ben often use a nanny? They are obviously doing a great job raising Violet and they’re one of the few parents in Hollywood spending most of their time with their children. The reason why I’m asking about the nanny is because I just saw some pictures of Naomi Watts and Liev with their baby, and in the pictures in looked like they were on their own, but in a video, you could see there were nannies with them. That’s what made me wonder if Jen and Ben are also often joined by nannies.

Evie on

They look so alike in the last picture.

The matching barettes remind me of my niece who loved her mother wearing the same colour as her.

Everyone comments on them being “normal”. The routine they have – famers markets, library visits the regular family stuff etc, could be why they photograph her so much.

shay on

omg i love gennifer garner