Jamie and Lynne Spears go for a walk with grandsons

08/27/2007 at 06:33 AM ET

x17 Online has photos of Britney Spears‘ parents Jamie and Lynne taking their grandsons, Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months, out for a walk while spending the weekend with them at ex-husband Kevin Federine’s house. The grandparents are currently watching the boys while Kevin films an episode of One Tree Hill in North Carolina.

Ptru12908416_alternate3_dtThe boys ride in Step 2 push around buggies ($40; also available in pink).

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amandajoan on

We LOVE our step 2 bush buggy. We bought it for our then 10 month old boy, after seeing the post about Dannielynn having one. We don’t even use our stroller anymore-because he loves sitting in this one so much more!! It’s perfect for the summer!

KiraGrrl on

They look so clean and content in those pictures….most pictures I see of them they kind of look nervous. Probably by all the camera flashs….

My sister has those little cars for her twins! they are great!

Alyssa on

Wow they look so nice. Their hair is not all in their face and they just look really nice and cleaned up. =)

Ashley P. on

It’s really great to see the boys with their grandparents and having so much fun. Plus…they’re strapped in to their little buggies! Yay!

gabriella on

Such cute boys, and it’s nice the grandparents can see them. Lynne looks so happy with her grandkids, nice kevin allows them to see the kids, since britney doesn’t right now. Grandparents just adore their grandkids, and it’s a special bond.

Rachel K on

I love that these are the first photos I’ve seen of these sweet boys in forever that they’ve only been with family and not surrounded by mommy’s bodyguards and ‘assistants/friends’. It’s also the first time I think I’ve seen them doing a real kid activity in ages. They look so happy and so do the grandparents.

Does anyone know if the custody battle has already occured or if Britney gave up custody? I know I’ve heard some specualtion since all of the pictures of her partying and out in public recently have only been of her that she had already lost or given up custody? I was wondering after seeing these pics as well because I thought she’d filed to keep her mother away from her children?
Who knows… it’s been a mess from the start.

editorjax on

I don’t get the backlash toward Lynne and Jamie coming to take care of the boys on x17; I think it’s a lot better than having a nanny take care of them while Kevin is out of town. I don’t see it as a betrayal of Britney whatsoever, but more as two grandparents who love their grandsons and want to help take care of them and show them that they love them. It’s not Lynne and Jamie’s fault that their 25-year-old daughter can’t get her act together.

madison on

Oh, X17 says nothing against Britney, and if there is a side to take – they are 100% on her side in every way, shape or form. From what I can see, she talks to their photographers and videographers, wears an X17 hat once in a while etc. Must be a little arrangement they have worked out. Oh well, so many people are against her – she needs a supporter or two!

Heather on

Its so great that Jaime and Lynn have a good relationship with Kevin and help him with the care of Sean Preston and Jayden. Lets hope in the near future they can have a good relationship with Britney too. It would benefit the boys a lot to have their grandparents in their lives more.

J.M. on

It’s nice to see the grandparents with the kids for once! I was worried about whether Lynn got to see her grandkids. The boys look happy and healthy in these pics! I don’t think a grandparent should be denied access to their child at all. Lynn is no more of a threat to them boys then Britney is. She needs to grow up and realize you only get one mother!

And my niece has that buggy in pink and I agree, it’s awesome!

Kate2 on

J.M. – I agree for the most part that a grandparent shouldn’t be denied access to their grandchildren (especially in cases where someone just got mad at their parents and cut the grandparents out of the children’s lives out of anger or spite). But I do think there are cases where cutting the grandparents out of the children’s lives is a good idea for the well-being of the children. I’m not saying that in reference to this situation, just in general.

Lorus on

Oh, I bet Britney is boiling about this!

I think it’s great that Kevin is allowing them access to see their grandchildren. Just because there is a feud between Lynn and Britney doesn’t mean that the boys should suffer not seeing their Grandparents.

PSB on

I thought Jamie and Lynn were divorced, no? If so, they are absolutely terrific and mature for putting their differences aside to spend time with their grandsons together. Good for them!

terri on

X17 is nothing but a Britney Spears publicity machine so don’t listen to what they say. I know it isn’t the popular opinion, but if Kevin allows Britney’s parents to see the kids then I give him props. Nice to see Lynne and Jamie sharing time together despite being divorced. Not everyone can be so civil.