Court-ordered observer puts a damper on family time for Charlie Sheen

08/27/2007 at 09:25 AM ET

What was intended to be a fun-filled weekend of family activities was "sullied" by Denise Richards‘ personal assistant, Charlie Sheen complained Saturday.  The assistant, whom Charlie described as a spy, tagged along with Charlie, his fiancee Brooke Mueller and his two daughters with Denise — 3-year-old Sam and 2-year-old Lola Roseper a court order which requires that Charlie’s time with the girls be supervised. 

According to the actor, "a real nanny" was unavailable so Denise sent her assistant instead. 

That is the thing I have to put a stop to. I can’t spend quality time – times I’m never going to get again – quite frankly being observed by a perfect stranger.

Denise need not worry about the level of attention being paid to Sam and Lola while they are in his care, according to Charlie, who says that when it comes to entertaining the girls he and Brooke "try to keep it interesting." 

We go to malls, to movies, to parks … We have stuff at the house that they are really excited about that isn’t double what they have at [Denise’s] so when they come to my place, it’s special…It’s a very loving, safe, comforting, supportive, nurturing environment for these children. Brooke and I are incredibly stable.

The foursome — plus Denise’s assistant — spent Saturday at an Art of Elysium benefit in Malibu, and the girls thoroughly enjoyed their time with their father, Brooke says.

They played games, loved the arts and crafts, kids band and all of the food…We stayed for quite awhile and made a day of it. We all ate too much!

Despite the unwelcome guest, Charlie also described the day as "fabulous."

We are out with the kids and supporting what matters.

An attorney for Denise said,

It is unfortunate that Charlie is discussing this matter in the pressin an attempt to discredit Denise. Unfortunately, Charlie fails todisclose what he and Denise have agreed to insofar as his visits withthe children are concerned, and the truth about why a third party isrequired for all of his visits.

Denise has acted and will continue toact in the best interests of her children and to take all reasonablesteps to protect them.

Source:  People; TMZ


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syd on

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: I just don’t trust this guy!

For one thing, the escort is court appointed, so Denise is just abiding by the arrangement. But more importantly, why is he continually talking so negatively about Denise to the press? Its weird.

It may seem like I’m biased (maybe I am), but its not like I am saying that Denise is perfect and blame free, I just think that Charlie is not to be trusted. I read all those court reports…I wouldn’t want to leave my kids with a guy who does some of the things he does.

JR on

Based on the information in the court divorce papers and the decisions handed down by the judge regarding custody and visitation, it seems like having an observer around Charlie while with the girls is an absolute necessity. It will probably only become more important as the girls get older and become more challenging. I hope the court keeps a watchful eye on the situation and protects Sam and Lola.

Campbell on

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. I know he described it as “fabulous”. But we all know that children are terribly sensitive to the moods of the adults in their lives. Just hope for S&L that there truly wan’t tension on what should have been a fun fun fun day.

Alice on

I read the article on people and Charlie kept referring to ‘my and Brooke’s weekend’ with the children, which seems odd to me. I get the sense he is always trying to push the idea that he is a respectable, stable parent when it seems to me he is the least stable, volatile and vindinctive of either parent. As if the fact that ‘Brooke’ was with him is reason enough that he is the better parent. The court decides he has to be followed, I never hear of other divorced father’s being observed, i.e. Ryan Phillippe. I think there must be something off about him.

Natasha on

They brought this upon themselves. I don’t feel bad for either parent just Sam & Lola. I’m sure they don’t understand any of it

ivey on

If he is to have supervised visitation than it should be a court appointed supervisor–shouldn’t it?

they should go to court and have someone officially appointed to the supervision I’m confused as to how it became the nannny or the assistant in the first place.

And of course he should take this up with the lawyer and not the press.

gabriella on

He should stop talking about denise to the press, that isn’t gonna make it any better. Denise IMO seems like a good mother. Charlie’s first daughter has a lot of issues I hear, as has chalrie through out his life.

Renee on

Being negeative to the press about Denise just makes him look immature and gives points to Denise.The court assigned the order for him to be supervised when with his children not Denise.

Danielle on

Charlie Sheen using the word “stable” really cracked me up.

ali on

I remember Denise was very critical (in public) about him when they divorced, and nobody blamed her.
It’s such a shame that no matter how crappy a mother is (and I am not saying Denise is), people tend to believe the mother, and her allegations. The second a man opens his mouth, he becomes persona non grata.
Come on ladies, admit it: mothers can make mistakes too (even for “children’s sake”)$$

Bren on

I agree with Natasha. I think they have both put things out there about eachother to try and discredit the other. Its sad that they are doing this during a time when the girls are going through so many new experiences. I hate how common divorce is and how it is affecting these children,especially those being raised by celebrities. Now their dirty laundry is put out there for the world to see and these kids are going to grow up hearing about it.

gargoylegurl on

It’s such a shame because they seemed like they had put all this garbage behind them. It wasn’t that long ago that there were photos of the kids with Charlie, Brooke and Denise. We will never know the real story here. I suspect they both have their good and bad points. I just wish they could grow up, move on, and play nice for the sake of their daughter’s!

DWS on

Something about Charlie rubs me REALLY the wrong way. The fact he bad mouths Denise so much just adds to the jerkiness factor that seems to pour out of him. I am assuming there is a reason the court has ordered supervised visitations? Anyhoo, these two really need to get over all of this and do what is best for these girls.

Mary Jo on

I for one have stopped watching his show. I used to enjoy it but now I cannot stand to look at him. I distinctly remember when she had custody adn visitiation taken from him in the court papers it mentioned the power and influence the Sheen/estevez family has and that she feared for herself. I think it is not merely coincidence that since taking him on her career has sank, there are nothing but bad reports about her, HE IS ON Entertainment TOnight SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT HER, and yet she doesn’t respond. In this situation he is the rat froma rat fanily. Lest I remind everyone that he is also a confirmed addict, alcohol, sex, gambling, adn drugs? I would not have my child with him unsupervised.