Rumor: Britney Spears being investigated for child abuse; ex-manager attempting to avoid subpoena?

08/27/2007 at 12:57 PM ET


TMZ is reporting that the Los Angeles County Department ofChildren and Family Services is conducting an active investigation of Britney Spears.  An unscheduled hearing was held today at Superior Court attended by lawyers for Britney, Kevin Federline, and the dependent minor children (aka Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline).

The complaints do not involve physical mistreatment. Rather, the allegations include poor dental hygiene and inappropriate eating and sleeping habits for the boys.

TMZ is assuming that Britney is being investigated for possible child abuse but I wonder if it’s possible that Children and Family Services is involved because of the custody battle. 

Speaking of which, People reports that Britney’s ex-manager, Larry Rudolph, is avoiding attempts by Kevin’s lawyers to subpoena him. Ryan Seacrest remarked on his KIIS radio show earlier this morning that Larry ‘wants it publicly known‘ that he is avoiding being served.

Here is a guy who was with her from the beginning, watched her rise tomassive success, was her dear friend and confidante, then was fired andnow doesn’t want to have to speak in court, because he wants to beloyal to her. There’s another chapter to this.

He said he’s doing his best to hide from Kevin’s process server. He’s actually on the run. They are trying to track himdown and serve him with a subpoena and they want him to appear andtestify in the custody battle. [He] doesn’t want to be served because he said it won’t be good forBritney.

After all they have been through he is stillloyal to her, and he doesn’t want to have to go under oath and talkabout certain things that might hurt her.

Additionally, on Friday the SPCA attempted to make contact with Britney after receiving reports that her Yorkie puppy, London, was spotted in a cast or had a broken leg that was otherwise left untreated, but Britney was out of town. However, Britney was cleared earlier today after the SPCA received written confirmation from a vet that the dog was treated.

Do you have any insight?

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tink1217 on

i really hope this is not true. I was hoping britney could get herself together and keep those beautiful boys. I guess we will know soon enough.

Kristin on

These pictures might have been part of the problem:

And might give a little insight to why the meeting was called. Smoking that close to the kids is not smart. But, not much Britney has done lately is smart I am sorry to say.

Natasha on

Do people have nothing better to do? How could anyone honestly believe she would hurt her children? She was brought up better than that.

Just leave her alone.

natasha on

Honestly this isn’t meant to be mean or insulting but anyone who smokes around their kids in this fashion is obviously not concerned about anything but getting their nicotine fix. The one pic…she might as well just shove the cigarette in the poor child’s mouth.

devilsadvocate on

Natasha – how she was brought up isn’t the issue. People believe that she can hurt her children based on her recent erratic behavior and the choices she’s made. While I don’t have an opinion one way or another as to whether she’s actually hurt her boys, her actions alone could be considered abuse and neglect. Plenty of people who don’t treat their children right were brought up in decent homes.

Rachel K on

*sigh* Those photos of her Kristin… those just made me cringe. I don’t much approve of any parent smoking around their child, I’ll give that she was outside but that cigarette is RIGHT in his face in that first photo!

As far as the Department being called in, that could be for any number of reasons not the least of which is simply the custody battle. Of course, all of those individuals Kevin’s lawyer called up in the past few weeks should have been interviewed at the hearing that was supposed to have already happened, so depending on what came out of that could be why they were called in as well. I guess we’ll have to wait an see.

And Natasha… as for Britney being raised better than that. I don’t think anyone is saying that Britney is a horrible person or that she was raised to be a horrible person… but mental illness can do a lot of things to a person and you don’t have to physically hurt your children to ‘abuse’ them. Neglect is also a form of abuse and that can come in the form of not bathing your children or feeding them properly or keeping them in safe situations, etc…

gabriella on

Yea I don’t like when people smoke around children either, just gross and unhealthy IMO. As for britney her boys are gorgeous and I’ve always been a fan of her’s but lately it’s one thing after anther with her. Hope she gets her life together, because things don’t seem so great lately for her.

Candice on

Good Lord! That cigarette is, like, two inches from that poor baby’s face! Ugh, that makes me sick.

jenny on

Britney is a perfect example of a woman who thought motherhood would turn her life around, give her life meaning. Sadly, she seems to have had no idea how all consuming it is (and rightly should be) and is woefully unprepared to be a mother in any kind of consistent way. Money doesn’t buy happiness and it certainly cannot buy a stable mother for those two boys.

natasha on

Larry Rudolph deserves to go to bed without dinner for this. He is making it known that he is MIA so he won’t be served??? So he is openly admitting that he knows things that would make Britney look bad??? Good to hear that he is concerned about the welfare of two innocent children.

Young Mommy on

I personally think that most people tend to be on their best behavior in public and if she is acting so outrageously in public I think there is a good possibility that her private life would horrify us. Does that mean she is abusive? I have no idea but IMO she is nowhere close to being a good or even passable mother. The way she acts around her children and the fact that she parties and rarely seems to be with them (preferring to party all night at clubs) makes me sick.

I am a young mother (24) with two children under 2. While I may not be famous I am similar to britney in that I did not have much of a childhood, I married young (though only once), and I have had children young and very close together. I also suffer from depression. So how is it that I can do it and she can’t. You would thing with all that money she could at least find a good and responsible nanny to take cart of them.

Why can’t more celeb moms be like Jennifer Garner or Liv Tyler. Yes they are a bit older than Britney but they are wonderful mothers.

ivey on

I have to say I feel sorry for Britney her parents forced her into show biz at an early age, she made them millions of dollors and when she starts to unravell, they support her x-husband instead of her.

I’ve heard of tough love, but think this is a bit excessive.

I don’t understand why they don’t put the entire family in counseling, instead of years of this nonsense.

Principesa on

At this day and age, she should know better than to smoke that close to her kids.

Blame it on being country all you like Brit, but your conduct of late has shown the entire world you are out of control and in free-fall.

I think her kids deserve someone who is going to step up and place the interests of the children first and foremost.

Lindsay on

Maybe Her manager should stop being loyal to Britney and start being loyal to her 2 babies. They are the ones who should be protected, not Britney’s image.

Principesa on

Also, I would never place loyalty to a friend over the well-being and welfare of a child.

tink1217 on

I have no real opinion of the whole thing yet, but the smoking that close to SP is not good, of course, but the naked SP…that is an invasion of privacy if ever there was one. I used to let my toddlers run around in the backyard by the little blow up kiddie pool naked. They loved it!! There is nothing wrong with it in your own home. Those pics are a shining example of what is wrong in this world today as far as the paparazzi go. Although I am curious about celebs and their children and families, I do not need to see them in their own homes and I think its wrong to share photos like that. It is one thing for Britney to arrange a photoshoot at home or interview. But those pics didn’t need to be taken.

That said, I really hope all this is just a rumor. I honestly doubt Britney has abused her children and I hope its not true. The only thing is that the smoking does need to be addressed. Gee, I wonder of KFed smokes around them…not just cigarettes either.

xxxx on

Amazing! Do any of you what is going on? All you poster’s know it all and can easily comment on her. What about when Kevin Federline was smoking around Britney when she was pregnant. Get a life people and quit projection. Innocent until proven otherwise.
All of you who post neg.comments are mother Theresa?, Right!

Reagysmom on

I would never deliberately stick up for Britney as quite frankly, i dont like her. This said i just had a look at the shots with the cigarette. I dont actually think the cigarette was lit guys! Just my opinion and i do need glasses.
My partner smokes and sometimes he has to pass the kids with an unlit cigarette to go outside and smoke. Maybe this was the same type of scenario? Just a suggestion!

preesi on

Okay Ive said this to Danielle and Sarah in private email but Ill say it here, if this may HELP shed light on things.
Britney has always been a Wheeziana Country Girl. Nothing wrong with that. But we all must think of the TIMING of when she jumped off the deep end and when this all started.
She seemed to be fine after Jayden was born and very happy and Lucid after she split with Kevin, right?
BUT, do a bit of Googling and RIGHT before she shaved her head and started SERIOUSLY losing it, there were allegations that she had been RAPED or SEXUALLY assaulted in Miami.
NOTHING has been PROVEN, BUT [TO ME] she seems like she is suffering from the aftermath of a very traumatic event. And especially a traumatic event that she either did not report or refuses to deal with.
Her statement after she shaved her head was “I DONT WANT ANYONE TO TOUCH ME!”
Her FACE doesnt even look the same as it did prior to the shaving incident! All the LIGHT is out of her eyes!
She needs to get help to deal with whatever started this and THEN she can be a Mommy.

(I hope this gets posted!)

tink1217 on

Reagysmom, you may be right, that cigarette doesn’t look lit. I am usually one who tries to give Brit the benefit of the doubt, but with smoking, it should be a no brainer. I HOPE its not lit. But, if it is…she just did light it. It is too long to have been smoked for very long. I used to smoke. That is a new cigarette either not lit or just lit.

I was reading on TMZ that all this new publicity is the brainchild of KFed’s lawyer. I am really starting to wonder if this is a ploy for money and if Brit’s mom is behind some of it so she can see the boys more since KFed seems to be up her parents butts lately.

I know Britney has done some things that are not smart. I was the first to say I hope she gets her act together. I still hope she does and that lots of this is just rumors and speculation. I would hate to think she really does neglect her children. They always look very happy with their mamma and very content. I hope when the truth comes out it is in Brit’s favor. I hate to see a child taken from their mother needlessly…for the gain of another. But, if there is truly a problem, well…Britney should pay. And I am sure she will.

Has on

That is exactly why Britney does what she does-everyone covers for her. If she never has to take responsibility for her actions, how is she ever going to be able to take care of herself and her sons?

TwinMom on

First, I have to hand it to Danielle for not making the same “assumptions” that TMZ did. 🙂 They’re always bad for that!

As for the smoking issue, as another poster said, maybe the cigarette was not lit. Don’t jump on her for that. Also, there was a picture posted on here a while back that showed Liev Schrieber walking with a very pregnant Naomi Watts, with a lit cigarette in hand. That’s not much different than smoking around your kids…

I wish the press and public would stop jumping on Britney for every single perceived mistake. That girl can’t seem to do anything right. If I was her, I would be in a psych hospital or suicidal by now from all the negative pressure and personal attacks. I know people love to attack celebrities when they’re already down just to feel better about themselves, but it’s just not right.

melissa on

i would seriously hope that if i ever became famous i would not have the world up my butt checking my every move… all those photos are are a moment in her day.. thats it.. and they are taken at random and of course they are going to chose the ones that portray her as the worst mom in the world…. yes i think she could stand some improvement in the parenting dept. but i have to tell you there are times that all of us have lost our cool, done something that maybe was not the smartest at the time and we should be glad we dont have a camara crew hanging around us all the time…

and for what it is worth, i am really not a hugh fan of hers, but i have to say the public flogging of her recently is beyond crazy… and IMHO i believe her exhusband is looking to expand his bank account not becuz he really is the better parent.

Renee on

Britney needs to grow up.I understand people make mistakes but she keeps making the same ones over and over again.They had photos of her going out everynight since Kevin has filed for custody of the boys.I guess she doesn’t realize that doing that makes his case look even better.Also, she has pushed aside alot of people that were close to her and the smoking is just horrible around kids.I think she should have waited to have kids.People tried to tell her to live more before having kids since she spent most of her teen years on tour but she didn’t listen.Just because you can have a baby doesn’t mean you are mature enough to take care of one better yet two

Young Mommy on

I made a comment before but I have no idea why you didn’t post it. I don’t think it was mean I was being honest about how I feel. It seems that most of the comments that are coming through are from people who support her or who are brushing it off.

People be honest… If you saw a mom in your neighborhood acting like she does you would be a lot harsher. I don’t care if she is famous. Bad and neglectful parenting is that plain and simple. Get out of the club clean yourself up and stay home with you kids at least some of the time.

Sarah’s note: Danielle was going to be putting through comments here but I don’t think she did yet. I put yours through for you.

Young Mommy on

Oh, and the cigarette is lit. If you look closely at the pic with naked SP you can see the smoke and the gray ash.

Lauren on

Oh my freaking God. I swear, Britney could throw Sean and Jayden against the wall and people would defend her and say Kevin’s making things up for publicity, her parents are plotting against her, etc. Instead of wondering why Britney’s parents, Larry, etc. are on Kevin’s side and thinking maybe she’s the one pushing them away, they decide to jump to the conclusion that they’re in the wrong and poor widdwe Britney is the victim. Has is exactly right-until people stop enabling and making excuses for her, she will never change or get better. She will only go downhill-and her defenders will blame everyone around her for her downfall. The lack of personal responsibility here is unbelievable.

LaurieF on

Nice to see so many perfect mothers out here to judge those beneath them. Oh and next time you see a mom walking down the street smoking with her children, why don’t you be brave and go up and correct her?? Betcha won’t. It’s easy to throw rocks at someone via the internet.

ab on

unless they are involved due to the high profile nature of this situation, from what I know, it is not common protocol for dcs to be involved in custody disputes. The court would appoint attorneys that would represent the rights and interest of the boys seperate from the parents, not just bring in dcs. There is such a case overload for dcs as is — in that area especially — their involvement is indicative of something in regards to the safety of the children.

preesi on

Sarah/Danielle? There has GOT to be a way I can phrase what I wanted to post so it will be acceptable!

Audrey Hepburn on

I really hate it when people say Oh My Freaking God.

I read somewhere else that since Britney never learned how to take care of herself, she can’t take care of others – like 2 little innocent boys.

Maybe KFed is not really right, either. I only pray that they can be placed in the right home.

morgan on

Im right there with you Lauren! There are a whole lot of Britney-superfans out there. Maybe THAT is why she keeps doing the things she does. Maybe everyone in her life (fans, friends, paid staff, assistants ect) never hold her accountable. She needs to GROW UP. Everyone makes mistakes but come on! I would never let a child see me smoke to give them the idea that its ok. Its an unhealthy bad habit and i stronly belive smoking in front of a child is just bad parenting plain in simple.

I dont think her children should be taken away from her or subjected to a long court battle. I think Britney should get herself together and everything will work its self out.

tink1217 on

i just wonder why no one except me, unless i missed something, has said anything about the terrible invasion of privacy in her own home by the paparazzi??? Seriously. Much worse goes on in other homes that is never seen. No, Britney should not be smoking around her boys. This is true. But aside from that…what is wrong with those pics??? absolutely nothing.when brit does not have the kids should she stay home all the time? not if she doesn’t want to. she isn’t hurting the boys by going out while they are with KFed. Should she be jailed for a speeding ticket? No, everyone gets one once in awhile. Nobody is perfect. I just think there is more going on here than we know. I’m not saying she is right and she is wrong for smoking in front of the kids. But, KFed is not the best parent either. Only since Brit went to rehab has anybody looked at him as anything more than a gold digging thug who smokes pot. Sure he stepped up and watched the boys while Brit got herself together in rehab. But he did have help…grandma Lynne. And a nanny, I am sure. He still goes out, parties in Vegas. There is such a double standard here.

Once and for all…Brit has made mistakes. She needs to see a psychiatrist on a regular basis, stop smoking around the kids, and lay lower for awhile(not disappear completely into a hermit). But she still needs to be able to live life too…without someone in her face 24/7.

Jane on

I used to have a very low opinion of Kevin Federline (to be honest, I still do) and I can’t abide Britney, although I feel sorry for her. But my opinions, and everybody else’s, are not what’s important. The welfare of Sean and Jayden is what’s important, and what should be everyone’s first consideration, not their own personal agenda, or what they perceive as disloyalty or criticism.

shelley on

i think smoking around kids is wrong but the cigarette shes holding doesnt look lit. i also think its rediculus to think she would abuse her children when you see them together you can see how much they adore each other. also sean preston has a nappy on you can see it on
also larry isnt coming out and saying that hes on the run so he doesnt need to tell the world what a bad person britney is. i dont think he would just sit by and let her hurt her children. maybe he doesnt want to talk because after all britney is just out of rehab and she feels let down by everyone. maybe hes just thinking of her and how it must be hurting her when she hears all these accusations.

Lauren on

“There is such a double standard here.”

Exactly. Britney can be falling out of clubs and cars flashing her privates and it’s a-ok because she’s young, she’s under a lot of stress, the boys aren’t with her, etc. etc. But Kevin goes out and he’s a deadbeat gold digger who doesn’t care about his family. Britney goes through nannies like most people go through seasonal wardrobes, yet when Kevin has the kids it’s automatically assumed that he “must” have a nanny and the grandparents (maternal, no less) helping him, which is unacceptable even though he took care of them while their mentally disturbed mother flew through the revolving doors of rehab. Britney can smoke in her childrens’ faces, and when there is proof to show that she does this, the conversation switches to the horrendous privacy invasion and the smoking Kevin “must” be doiung around the kids. In other words, Britney is once again excused from responsibility. I don’t know why I’m even surprised anymore.

J.M. on

I don’t know what happened yesterday when I tried to post so I’ll do it again.

the cigarette is lit.

Wasn’t Britney at a resort when those photos were taken? As I agree it’s in invasion of her privacy it’s also fair game. And nothing is being shown. But I agree it’s tasteless however why does it shock anyone anymore?

I was never a Brit or a KFED fan but it seems as though Brit has alienated herself from everyone. Clearly she needs help. And I don’t think grandparents should be denied access to their grandkids unless they are a threat. I don’t think this is the case. But we don’t know the whole story. All I know is until Britney ADMITS she needs help the girl isn’t going to get it. And it’s ashame.

I def. think she thought being a mom would be all fun and games but reality check, it’s not! Some people are mature enough to handle it at 24. Britney has proven that perhaps she’s not.

Laur on

I have worked in the dependency court system in LA and I can tell you that DCFS would not get involved in a custody case unless there were allegations of child abuse or neglect; they have no involvement in ordinary family court proceedings. I can also tell you that parents who neglect their children because they have substance abuse and/or mental health problems account for most of the cases in dependency court; a relatively small number involve actual abuse. There do not have to be any allegations that Britney injured her kids for DCFS to get involved.

Campbell on

It is all so sad for the boys. I’ve said it before: The most dangerous quality Britney seems to have is her inability to reflect and adjust. In other words, what makes her dangerous to herself and her children is that she DOES NOT “GET IT”. There is absolutely no reason in the world why she shouldn’t be exhausting all avenues for help. I’m an optimist, I believe people can overcome their circumstances. We were not meant to go thru this life without help. Please reach out Britney and do whatever it takes for however long it takes! You CAN do it.

tink1217 on

it is being reported that the allegations of child abuse involve poor eating and sleeping habits and dental care. Does DCFS get involved with everyone who forgets to brush their kids teeth once or twice or let them stay up til midnight? Seriously…of course we don’t know except for what the tabloids say. I know John Travolta and Kelly Preston have said their kids are up til 3AM and sleep all day. Nobody is investigating them (don’t even get me started on Jett’s autism). And, the “anonymous” caller to DCFS is most likely KFed. Former nannies that are coming out of the woodwork have probably been promised thousands by KFed if he gets the boys.

Britney has problems, YES! I just hope none of these things are true and I am secretly rooting for her. The more KFed does in this underhanded way the more I can’t stand him.

However, if the boys are truly in danger (which aside from smoking around them, I don’t think they are), then something should be done. I just don’t know if KFed is the answer.

Annoyomus on

Tink1217 and TwinMom, ITA with your posts! Yes, Britney has made a lot of mistakes, and yes she obviously has issues, but that doesn’t neccesarily mean that she is a horrible mother to those boys or that they should be taken away from her (and yes, I am aware that she probably would be given visatation if K-Fed gets them).
The truth is, we don’t know what goes on in her life behind closed doors, other than what we’ve heard from tabloids, K-Fed and his lawyers, and a few other non-reliable sources.

Also, keep in mind that this article DID mention that the SPCA recieved written confirmation from a vet that Britney had her dog treated for his/her injured leg. In otherwords, Britney obviously knows how to take care of a dog and when to take a dog to the vet. Therefore, it’s possible that she also knows how to care for two little boys.

I am not saying she always does a great job taking care of the boys. I know she has made mistakes. However, that doesn’t mean she is a horrible mother!

As for the cigarette thing…I, too, am unsure whether or not it was lit. Even if it was, there’s no need to jump all over her. I do not approve of smoking at all, and I hate seeing parents smoking in front of their children. However, Britney is certainly not the only parent that does so!

That said, I agree with the posters who have pointed out that K-Fed might very well smoke around the boys as well. Unless I am remembering wrong, he has admitted that he smokes pot on a regular basis.

Also, right now I can’t see how he would be the better parent. I am not saying he is a horrible father or anything like that. However, in another recent post here on CBB (the one about Brit’s parents spending time with the boys), it was mentioned that, at the moment, it is K-Fed’s turn to have the boys, and he is NOT EVEN WITH THEM! He left them with Brit’s parents! Now, I don’t have anything against kids being left with their grandparents. However, how do we know that, if he gets the boys, he won’t be constantly leaving them with other people while he goes off and does other stuff?

Naughty Cal on

Now the reports are saying the abuse allegations come from Britney allegedly giving her sons alcohol to make sure they sleep.

kris on

Sometimes I have to wonder, how much is being reported about Britney the truth? It seems no matter what she does, the gossip columns have a field day. It is the gossip columns that are talking about her eratic behavior. I agree, that her smoking that closely isn’t smart, but she isn’t the first parent to do it. A lot of her mistakes, many people have made, including myself. And it seems as though the public enjoys it and everyone has an opinion and she is a bad mother. If she is being investigated, then so should her ex, he is also a smoker. He has been lucky enough not to have his picture taken or if he has and it hit the net, it hasn’t been a big of a deal because the attention is on Britney. I don’t know exactly what is going on with this child case, but kevin is a father too.. Has he taken the kids to the dentist? Can he be just as responsible? maybe she isn’t giving the kids a coke to drink, maybe she and Kevin are allowing the kids to sleep with milk formula or juice. Not every parent knows that. Bad sleeping habbits, sometimes our schedule doesn’t allow for us to be home at 8pm. I have gone places, taken my kids and put them to bed later than 8pm.. That doesn’t make you a bad parent. Bad eating habbits.. well, what if the child is a picky eater? I have one of those. I don’t feed my child candy or chips all day long but nontheless, I have a picky eater and every once in a while I allow my children to have sprite. I don’t think those make me a bad parent. I have made some of Britney’s mistakes and they were mistakes but I didn’t have cameras following me around either. And Kevin, I really doubt he’s father of the year! He party’s too, it’s only been since the divorce that now he’s trying to change his image.. how do we know he’s not saying things to Britney? Trying to intimidate her? I don’t think he ever paid child support to Shar Jackson, he couldn’t afford it, but Britney can afford to pay him.. I am not saying Britney hasn’t made some really bad mistakes, but I think things get magnified and her name has been dragged through the mud and people are quick to judge. She has yet to talk about whats been going on and I bet she really feels targeted. It’s like she isn’t allowed to make ANY mistakes and though some may say she is, but I disagree because when she has made hers not only is it caught, many ppl including the gossip columns and every day ppl are quick to judge and label her. So far, from what I have seen I don’t think it should require her to lose her children or be investigated by child abuse. I don’t think she will or should win mommy of the year award, she would def. benefit from parenting classes but we forget she is like us and though those pics are bad of her smoking that closely with her child, I’ve seen people do it too..I think this is about the money and I think she feels alone.

kris on

oh.. and as far as Britney going out every night, how do we know she has the kids? We do not know that she parties every night, we only know what the tabloids report. Kevin parties just as much. Could it be possible she parties when Kevin has the kids? I don’t think this is about making Britney take responsiblity.. I think we haven’t been given all the information.. It’s obvious that even her smallest mistakes (not including the driving on the lap) people are ruthless about it. I also think she wants to do everything herself, which is way too much because she can not trust others right now. But as far as her going out every night, Kevin parties pretty darn hard, I think he wants someone to support his party habbit. And isn’t that one of the reasons she shaved her head, because Kevin taunted her about her hair, if whoever it was did a drug trest, the marijuana he smoked infront of her, would be in her hair? I read something to that… so who knows what shady part Kevin is playing in all this.

Campbell on

Toriz on

She just needs to have her ass tossed in jail and I just wish eveyone would quit making excuess for her! Dont you know it is not about Britney anymore….but it is about the safety and lives of those beautiful and innocent boys! All of you who wish people would leave Britney alone…. she needs to leave the paparazi alone. Stop going to places to get attention… negative or postive….she needs to stop being so selfish and start being a mom! Its like she wants the world to see her at her worst to get boo hoo attention for her self. What about when she was driving in the wrong lane, at night and being on the cell. She is putting those kids in danger. IF she is doing these wacko things in public… I am afraid of what goes behind closed door. Those poor boys of hers…. NOT POOR BRITNEY!!!