Brad Pitt takes Maddox, Pax and Zahara to park on Upper West Side

08/27/2007 at 02:45 AM ET

Actor Brad Pitt, 43, took three of his children to a park on the UWS on Sunday afternoon. With him were Maddox Chivan, 6, Pax Thien, 3 1/2, and Zahara Marley, 2 1/2. The photographers kept their distance — as Brad asked last week. More pictures at Just Jared — including gorgeous ones of Pax and Zahara smiling!

Click here to watch Brad retrieve Zahara when she gets too nervous to go down the slide.

Photos by Flynet; Splash News; INF; Ramey.

WorldpeaceburnoutPax is wearing Lollipop Zen’s World Peace Burnout tee in vintage black, available at Vintage Weave in Los Angeles ($36). Also available in pink and white.

101791_14Zahara is wearing Stride Rite Guppy stage 3 sandals in brown ($39).

Click below for more photos.


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Elizabeth on

People can complain about Ange & Brad adopting but loook at these beautiful children…look at how happy they always are.

That picture of Brad holding Z and her clinging to him is just priceless, she must adore him!
& Pax…ugh what a beautiful smile!
Mad sure is getting big, he’s grown up soo much.

KD Griffin on

I never get enough of this family. How did Pax get wet?

khrisyghayle on

love them …

Renee on

Such an adorable family! People complain about so many pictures of them but they are in high demand! It’s like that with any high demand family such as Reese Witherspoon, etc. Pictures of them with their family is worth more than pics of less famous celebrities.Sadly that’s the way the media works.

katie on

This family makes me smile, smile, smile! Look at those happy children who would have been living in orphanages, in Z’s case may not have even made it – she was very ill when she was adopted!
Adoption is wonderful. This family is wonderful!
These are the most hands on, amazing parents! They make my heart smile!!!

ix on

Is that a Liverpool FC shirt on Maddox?!

Taryn on

Lol, Shannon you don’t have to have the answers to everything. It’s ok to say “We don’t know how he got wet” looking back through old interviews from months ago, and finding a quote that applied to the child when he was first adopted (because he will very likely be over that novelty by now) is reaching a bit much. If you can’t factually answer a question – it’s ok to just say so.

Ari on

These children are beautiful. What a wonderful family. They sure keep themselves busy though. Next year will be crazy with Angelina and Brad’s many movies being released.

Nausicaa on

Just look at the smile on Pax!! What a beauty! I’ve never seen him smile like that. A child’s smile like that makes my heart soar! I just want to squish him like a little doll.

Autumn on

It looks like Pax and some of the other kids mazy have gotten wet from the open hydrant someone must’ve opened for the neighborhood kids. (Or maybe it’s a fountain?) In the bottom pic you can see water spraying around the kids & Brad, and even another little boy without a shirt.

(If Pax spontaneously jumped in a fountain, it’d be hilarious, although I’d say he’s was probably more likely to follow other neighborbood kids because of how he was raised in the orphange. Maybe they did things like that there? I don’t know? lol)

elisabeth on

ha ha can you tell they are in NY? that park is surrounded by Bugaboo strollers:o)

Adore1 on

Hey, where are cries about Shiloh NOT being with them… I guess because it’s Brad, the arm chair moms are not out in full force. With Brad all things are forgiven, but not so much with Angie.

Anyway, beautiful pics…He was meant to be a Brad. He waited FOREVER BUT everything always works out in the end.

Molly on

I love that the children’s toes are touching in the first picture, and that Pax is smiling!
Very, very sweet.

Natalie S. on

I’m sure they’ve been posted before but this is the first time I’ve seen a clear picture of Pax smiling. I loved seeing the pictures whre Z was feeding Pax, it was so adorable. What a gorgeous family!

Natasha on

Awwwwwwwwww look at Pax’s SMILE! How CUTE!

Shannon on

Who’s the other guy in alot of those pictures? The bodyguard?

ma74 on

They all look so adorable!!!They are beautiful kids and they seem to have so much fun

lol on

I love this family so much. They are the ultimate hands on parents. You never see them out with teams of nannies, they are simply the best.

Malya's Mommy on

Yeah shannon its their bodygaurd i also love the fact that brads so hands on he’s even hotter when he’s on daddy duty. Here’s the cutest video of zahara scared to come down the slide and brad had to go get her LOl.

Corky on

One thing I always notice about the kids besides how happy they are is that they pretty much wear the same shoes and not one of them has been seen in crocs like every other kid in the world. Thats so cool!

erica on

pax sure is a cutie pie! look at that gorgeous smile!

gabriella on

Too bad no shiloh, was hoping to see her.

Dorkiee on

oh, i love Daddy Brad. Daddy’s who dote on kids are so sexy lol.

Those kids looks so happy, and they are all so cute.

That video of Brad going to get Z was adorable.. bless her.

Campbell on

Adore1… talk about trying to pick a fight. This is the first full on Pax smiling pic PRECIOUS!!!!

plantain on

I love that Just Jared is asking “where’s shiloh?”… duh, if it’s the middle of the day.. she’s probably at home napping!

Heather on

These pictures made me smile, because I just think about how incredibly happy they seem and how different their lives would be had Brad and Angie not adopted them. Especially with Pax; it wasn’t too long ago that we heard stories about him being sad and scared to leave his orphanage to go live with a strange family, and now look at him! God bless this family.

Julia A on

That video is so cute. I think Madd briefly put an arm around Zahara before he went down the slide himself. He seems like such a sweet big brother.

lola on

OH, how i love little Z! i was not completely sold on her in the beginning, probably for the same reason angelina got flack about calling shiloh a ‘blob.’ she never seemed aware of her surroundings, which was probably a result of being ill and in an orphanage. but WOW!!! here’s the most personality out of the bunch! i love seeing new pics of her. her facial expressions totally make my day. more Z! more Z! LOVE her! 🙂

Erika on

I am sorry but this is far too cute. I love this family and I wish them all the best. I hope to have a blended family one day too!

Liz on

Adore1, I completely agree. The double standard is very obvious. If Angie takes the kids out and Shiloh is not seen, there is big deal about it. If Brad takes them out and Shiloh is not there, nothing is said. As always, Angelina has to be the one attacked.

Oh I was wondering if CBB posted this picture before. It’s a picture of Shiloh giving Angie a kiss on the cheek. The link:

Leigh on

I love the pic where Maddox and Zahara both have their tongues out! Too cute! And Pax’s smile sure is to die for! I love watching Brad with his kids. He wanted kids for so long (I still think about him tearing up in that interview talking about how badly he wanted kids when he was still with Jennifer) and now he’s got 4 in less than 3 years. Good things come to those who wait I guess!

Adore1 on

Adore1… talk about trying to pick a fight. This is the first full on Pax smiling pic PRECIOUS!!!!

Posted by: Campbell at Aug 27, 2007 4:02:03 PM


Yeah, i love it…Its picking a fight when its Brad, but every single picture with Angie, its okay to bash her… what’s the difference between Sat’s pics and today… All the kids were having fun with Angie and Shiloh wasn’t there. But nary a word about that on this thread. Thank God she’s a strong woman. U all should remember if it wasn’t for Angie, Brad wouldn’t be a DAD, he desperately wanted to be…

Judy on

Little Pax has a smile that would light up the darkest room all by itself. Madd is becoming quite a little man. And Miss Thang is too much! That child is definitely Daddy’s little princess!

As for Shi, I am sick and tired of people endlessly questioning her parents’ motives. If they take her with them, they’re using her for a photo op. If they leave her home, they’re neglecting her. Shiloh is only 15 months old. There will be time enough for her to participate in activities with her older siblings. The parents love and cherish all four of their children. The same hypocrites who claim Brad and Angelina are neglecting Shiloh are the haters who wished she had never been born to begin with.

FC on

Pax has a gorgeous smile! He’s so cute, just like Zahara and Maddox. And Zahara is the biggest daddy’s girl, though she seems to waver between being daddy and mama’s girl. ;)But, I just have a weakness for girls, and even boys, being attached to their fathers for some reason.

But that video, it was so sweet when Brad climbed up the slide and went down it with her since she was too scared to go by herself. Aww!

Keep the photos coming, I say.

Bex on

Cute pictures. That’s the first time I’ve seen Pax smile. He is a cutie. Zahara and Maddox are adorable too. I like that Pax is wearing a shirt with a peace sign since Pax means peace. So cute!

J.M. on


It’s nice that Brad and Angie try to give their kids a normal lifestyle as much as they possibly can. The kids seem happy even being surrounded by all those strange photographers it doesn’t seem to phase them! I love Z, I def. think she’s my most favorite adopted celeb baby! Maddox is one handsome dude. And Pax just seems to fit right in as if he’s been there all his life! Brad is a natural daddy and was meant for the job. I used to hate the fact that he and Angie were together but the more you see them the more you can’t help but think it was meant to be!

Megan on

Anyone know what Zahara is wearing, its so adorable!

Zara on

They are such a gorgeous family!!!!! Zahara and Maddox look very cheeky, but super-cute, and Pax is just adorable – he’s got such a beautiful little smile! Oh, I love them all!

nona on

I noticed in a couple of the pics at JustJared that Maddox might be missing a front tooth or two! It’s hard to see such a tiny detail, but he’s at the right age, so I’m thinking it could be. That would be cute, maybe that’s why he’s sticking his tongue out — through the empty space.

On a side note, having been adopted, I don’t think it’s some noble, valiant cause. It happens for as many reasons and can go as wrong as any family situation (and is more likely to, in my opinion and experience.) Hopefully the Jolie-Pitts are always happy. And everyone else in the world.

Judy on

J.M.: “Brad is a natural daddy and was meant for the job. I used to hate the fact that he and Angie were together but the more you see them the more you can’t help but think it was meant to be!”

I think Angelina has fulfilled Brad in ways he could never have imagined. He’s a born parent. And the kids seem to adore him, especially Lady Z. What a little diva that child is.

Jen on

I just wanted to say that I think Zahara is GORGEOUS! I love that beautiful girl I don’t know why but she is just stunning to me 🙂 A beautiful family in all for sure 🙂

esmeralda on

I love them!!! Does anyone know what kind of shirt Z is wearing and where I can get it from???

romie on

I love the little dance that Z does in the video just before she attempts to go down the slide.

Leigh on

This pic of Brad and Z is just too cute for words! So ridiculously sweet it’s not even fair!

terri on

“OH, how i love little Z! i was not completely sold on her in the beginning, probably for the same reason angelina got flack about calling shiloh a ‘blob.'”

Not sold on her? I don’t understand what that means. What’s there to be sold on? It’s not as if you know or adopted her.

Tommy on

what a dad, always spending time with his kids and making sure they are as comfortable as dad when going out! That actually looks like a lollipop zen t-shirt that pax is wearing! looks so comfy! sure is, check em’ out!