Ben and Violet Affleck visit animals at Brentwod Country Mart

08/27/2007 at 01:32 PM ET

Actor Ben Affleck, 35, and daughter Violet Anne, 20 months, were spotted visiting some farm animals at the Brentwood Country Mart. Each Sunday, Giddy Up Ranch brings animals to the property from 10 am – 2 pm.

Photos by Ramey.
Aadz7r8yoy1hgspkf02siqufiuwpoqwzjsuViolet wears Naturino’s 7477 pink glitter t-strap ($55).

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michelle on

I cant stand how cute they are. You can tell Jen is gone and Ben is doing her hair. πŸ™‚ She looks so fricken cute. They are so great together. They look like they are having tons of fun and Violet is a little apprehensive about the animals. I hope they had a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

gabriella on

Ben is my personal favorite celebrity dad. He seems so real and down to earth, just like his wife jen. And Violet is a doll.

estelle on

Violet’s hair is too cute. Ben needs a little more practice doing his daughter’s hair while Jen is out of town. LOL

Denise on

Aww, it’s so obvious Daddy did her hair. That’s precious. I love her shoes.

Megan on

OMG seriously–this is like off the charts of the cuteness meter…first of all, this may sound odd but I am excited for Jen to be promoting her movie cuz it gives us some FABULOUS daddy/Violet moments and this one is at the top of the list…

Maybe it’s just me but does it look like Ben is having just as much, or more fun than Violet is…LMFAO I LOVE IT…and come on you can’t comment on this without noticing that daddy has been doing Violet’s hair–and ya gotta give him credit for the attempt…and who knows maybe the one piggy look will catch on! I LOVE that he did her hair…it is just too cute…

Ben and Jen are a perfect match, they are both just so incredibly down to earth, hands on, and in love with their daughter–and I will say it again…there is something about daddy’s and their little girls…

LOVE THESE pics and I cannot wait to see more of Ben and Violet–my FAVORITE family…


I don’t think there is anything else you can ever say about a Violet picture…she’s just too adorable for words πŸ™‚

Abbie on

The first thing I thought when I saw these photos was “that is a Daddy-done hairstyle if I’ve ever seen one!” So cute – I was an only girl and when my dad did my hair he always did a side pony-tail! This is just too cute for words!!


she is just like my favorite celebrity baby she is always smilling and they seems 2 have the perfect family
they r realy sooo down 2 earth

Autumn on

Adorable pics indeed. They both look like they’re having fun seeing the animals, etc.

Still though at that time, 10am-2pm roughly on a Sunday, he should’ve had little Violet in Sunday School! πŸ˜‰ (Or don’t people do that anymore?)

lizzie on

Autumn, not everyone’s religious so, no, not everyone takes their children to Sunday school. It doesn’t make them bad parents πŸ˜‰

Cara on

just imagining daddy ben sitting there doing his baby girls hair……awwwwww….so precious. gives me a big goofy grin just thinking about it. some of my absolute most favorite childhood memories was of my dad working so hard to fix my hair. quite special. πŸ™‚

Robyn on

Ok, two year olds don’t go to sunday school. It starts at three when they are old enough to follow directions and sit for periods of time. Please don’t judge him on that, she is just old enough to go to daycare at a church, she will not be two until December for goodness sakes.

Nicky on

To Autumn, I don’t recall Ben and Jennifer ever indicating that they were deeply involved with the church — I don’t see why they’d have little Violet in Sunday School anyway, she’s too young!

I don’t see anything of Ben Affleck in that little girl. She’s all her mother!

gina on

Oh Violet is just too cute!!!! every time i see this child i smile!!! her hair is a beautiful shade of blonde.I want to pinch her adorable dimples!!! on

I guess everyone else saw the first thing that I saw in those picture, DADDY HAIRDO! My girlfriends would call me at work and tell me if they saw my daughter with my husband if she had a wicked hairdo.

Autumn on

No offense to meant them, I never heard either that they went to church anymore, if they ever did…the Sunday School comment was just the first thing that popped in my head when I’d read the farmer’s market was on a Sunday morning.

This might be a controversial question, and off topic as far as Ben & Jen, but anyway when was the last time any of you attended a church service? What do you usually do on Sundays, work? Sleep in? Go out like Ben & Jen, and most other celebs? (I’m just curious.)

I just think it’s rather unfortunate that in most congregations across the US, church attendance by people aged 18-40 is very low. The only exception is maybe Mars Hill in Seattle, and other churches of a similar type of worship style, but they’re the exceptions.

Wow on

I just think it’s rather unfortunate that in most congregations across the US, church attendance by people aged 18-40 is very low.

I think it’s rather unfortunate that you think other people’s religious activity, or lack thereof, is any of your business. I can think of at least a thousand other things I would rather do than go to church, and why that fact should be “unfortunate” to you kind of baffles me.

I have no idea about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s religious leanings, but as a general rule, I don’t know why it should be surprising that a celebrity wouldn’t attend church. It is well known that most Hollywood types are not religious.

Renee on

Who cares about anyone’s religious views? It’s no one’s business.Also, not everyone is a christian and even though they are it doesn’t mean they have to go to church every sunday to be a good christian.Anyhow, back to the main topic, Violet’s hairdo looks so cute! It reminds me of the 80’s LOL

gargoylegurl on

I can’t believe religion has even been mentioned in this post! What started out with fun comments about Violet and Ben, has suddenly taken a completely unnecessary and off-topic turn.

It’s comments like the one above that often put people off organized religion. It’s a private matter. In my opinion, Ben, Jen & Violet’s religious beliefs are none of our business!

Kat on

TOO CUTE! I LOVE her side pony tail! So cute πŸ™‚

sil on

sorry…but I’m really curious…what is a Sunday School???

DWS on

It seems I remember they had Violet christened or something back in WV? Who knows. Not everyone needs to go to church to be good people. And yes, 2 is young. She’ll be in daycare so really, what is she learning?

But off the religion thing, that one pony tail is too hilarious. It looks like something my husband would do. He always puts barretts in upside down or backwards. She probably wouldn’t sit still for him so it ended up lop sided!! I have issues with that at times with my 16 month old!

lizzie on

Autumn, I’m an atheist, so I don’t tend to spend my Sundays in church. From what I know about Ben Affleck he’s “officially” Catholic, but I don’t think he practises it. I’m not sure about Jennifer. The point is, it’s a personal thing, and the fact that their child is not in Sunday School is really none of our business and is certainly not “unfortunate”.

PSB on

Funny – I always thought Ben was raised Jewish! Who knows? I don’t really care which religion they follow (if any), as long as we get more pictures of Ben and Violet with the daddy-orchestrated hairstyle. Cuteness!

Carrie on

Those shoes are $55?! YIKES! I have a 8-month old so he really isnt in “shoes” yet, but do they usually cost that much?!

Patti on

They are awesome parents. Glad to see they got rid of the pacifer. Good for them. They seem like wonderful old fashion parents. Violet is in for a great life with those two as mommy and daddy.

Adila on

Ben is a good father for cute Violet πŸ™‚

lizbeth on

hola ben te amo y tu hija esta presiosa cuidala besitos para los dos