Sharon Stone and sons at LAX

08/26/2007 at 06:10 PM ET

Actress Sharon Stone, 49, was spotted at LAX with a nanny and her three sons — Roan Joseph, 7, Laird Vonne, 2, and Quinn Kelly, 14 months.


Photos by Flynet.

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Natasha on

along with angelina jolie, this actress adopted three kids. Strange how she doesn’t get half the media attention….I guess its obvious why.

denisse on

this kids are so cute!!!
the second one laird is so cute i think he is the cutest, roan looks so big and quinn is like the second time i see him but he is so cute

gabriella on

They really are beautiful boys, and they look so much like her. The middle one is a cutie pie, they all are.

Anonymous on

“along with angelina jolie, this actress adopted three kids. Strange how she doesn’t get half the media attention….I guess its obvious why.”

You think it’s because they are all blond hair and blue eyes? It’s definitely an interesting discussion and probably true…but then again Angelina has her own blond haired blue eyed baby who gets more attention than the multi-racial adopted ones, who tend to be cast aside. The media is strange…

happy on

Sharon Stone children are so adorable. They are so behaved and look very pleasant. Roan looks so much like sharon. Laird, what a cutie! Quinn is beautiful. One thing I can say about Sharon. She truly protect her children from the media. She doesn’t use them to get attention. Good for her!!

Karrie on

She doesn’t get that much media attention because she’s not in demand. I wonder too if her kids all came from the same parents because they all look exactly alike. Does anybody know?

gabriella on

Happy I gotta agree with you, sharon does protect her kids from the media and doesn’t use them for attention. I think that’s why when she adopted 3 children, it didn’t seem like she was doing it for attention and she wasn’t giving interview after interview about it or in magazines posing for pics. So to me that is the difference between sharon and say like angelina jolie, who someone mentioned in anther post. Even when sharon has movies to promote, I really don’t notice her talking nonstop to the media about her kids. Same thing with Lauren holly who also adopted 3 boys, and same thing when meg ryan adopted daisy. It’s defintley possible to be a celebrity mom, and keep your children private if you want, and Sharon is one of them IMO.

gabriella on

Karrie I heard that sharon’s two youngest boys, are bio boys in regard to your question.

taryn on

she doesn’t get as much attention because she was hot in the 1990’s, and now she’s a celeb with a career that’s fading gently at the edges. (She’s made her money, it probably doesn’t matter to her). Those kids are lovely little boys.

Sabina on

People (not on here, not as yet anyway) criticise Sharon for only adopting blond-haired, blue-eyed babies, but I think it’s only natural to be inclined to adopt children who resemble you, and in Sharon’s case, all three boys obviously do. Do we actually know how she went about the adoption process?
To do a blind adoption where you agree to adopt the first child who is matched to you by another party is a wonderful thing, as is purposefully adopting a child of another race or from a less economically affluent country, like Angelina and Brad have done. But frankly I think all adoption is wonderful, I think splitting hairs about it just makes things harder for would-be adopter parents.
Even taking what some would call the ‘easy route’ and adopting a blond-haired blue-eyed white baby is a long, difficult and usually costly process that can involve a lot of heartache and worry before you can even call the child your own by law. on

Sharon Stone’s boys are soooo good looking. I think that it’s interesting that at her age and being single that she decides to raise these kids, but, to each his own.

Renee on

I agree with the reason we don’t see her kids as often as Angelina is because she isn’t as famous as Angelina is right now and neither is Lauren Holly.I would say they are b-list celebs while Brand and Angie are A-list in the eyes of the media.I do think it’s kind of odd that she only adopted blue eyed and blonde sons which makes me wonder did she refuse other kids for that reason.After seeing so many celebs with children of different races who they does make me wonder

happy on

Sharon was ask about the reason why her kids are blond hair and blue eyes on EXTRA T.V. She said, she never asked for gender or color. What ever child is available, that is what she got. So, it was meant to be.

great on

I’m happy to see a celebrity who just adopts. It makes me think about those other celebrities who adopts bi-racial babes. As if to say, here’s my black baby, don’t you love me for what I’ve done? Jolie makes it appoint to do that. Sorry, she’s so fake to me. I’m happy to see Sharon doesn’t follow in those foot steps. I too want to adopt, but I want a child who looks like my husband and I. I guess that is a bad thing to some. Those three boys are just too cute! Laird would suit us fine. I want a boy just like him.

lac on

“Sharon was ask about the reason why her kids are blond hair and blue eyes on EXTRA T.V. She said, she never asked for gender or color. What ever child is available, that is what she got. So, it was meant to be.”

If this is true than she is very lucky because there are so many people who want a child that look like hers.

The boys are beautiful.

Natasha on

Anonymous you got what I meant. Adoption is adoption no matter who you adopt. Either way the kid is having a better life. Yet I’m sure people criticize her for adopting blue eyed blonde haired kids, because people somehow assume that children of the white race must naturally have easier lives.

I admire her for adopting just as much if not more than Angelina, because as far as I know she adopted from America, and I love that she’s helping her country 🙂 There’s NOTHING wrong with adopting from the US.

wavybrains on

Even celebrities can’t order up a particular hair and eye color when adopting. There are genetic surprises even when using donor egg/sperm or surrogates. With the majority of newborn adoption, the adopting individual is matched with a birth mother prior to the birth of the child. The birth mother selects the individual, and that individual decides whether to accept the match. The looks of the child is a surprise to all–two blonde parents doesn’t guarantee a blonde baby, after all. While celebrities like Sharon Stone and Sheryl Crow undoubtably have a much easier time getting picked by a potential birth mother, they still have to follow the law–and the law genetics 🙂 I assume Sharon’s three adoptions followed CA state law, so beyond whatever broad categories (Caucasian, healthy, etc) she specified, the good looks of her children is just a happy accident.

morgan on

Is Roan really 7?? He looks so young. I havent been around any 7 yr olds recently, maybe im just getting old!

The boys are adorable, how fun its got to be having so many brothers.

Shannon’s note: Yep! Roan was born May 2000.

sil on

I think all that matters is that this three beautiful kids now have a home and a loving mom, same as Angelina’s babies, the skin or eyes color is not important, imo. And the fact that Sharon’s sons are blue eyes/blond doesn’t mean that they where in a better situation that Angelina’s, maybe they where also in an orphanage waiting for a mom to adopt them, so I don’t see the point in why Angelina should be “better” for adopting multi-racial kids?

As Anonymous and Natasha said in their posts “Adoption is adoption no matter who you adopt”

Anyway, Sharon has a wonderful family, her kids are beautiful and Roan has grown so fast! 🙂

gene-queen on

a note: two blonde haired parents Guarantees a blonde baby. To be blonde, they both must have two recessive alleles for hair colour, e.g. bb (as opposed to Bb or BB). Thus, have no dominant genes. When two people with recessive genes procreate, bb is the only option for their offspring, if we’re taling about hair colour here.

Renee on

It just seems strange tha not only once not twice but three times that she got a blue eyed blonde boy.I do love how anytime there is a post of another celebrity that has adopted kids it tunrs into let’s bash Angelina and Brad for there being so many pics of them out with their kids but yet there aren’t too many pics of Tom and Nicole’s kids and people complain about that as well.The reason you don’t see some celebs with their kids is because the public aka the media isn’t into them at this point in time so therefore the demand for photos of them is down or doesn’t exist.

Kate2 on

sil: While I do agree with the sentiment of your post, that it doesn’t matter where a child is adopted from, I have to disagree with your statement that Sharon Stone’s children might have been adopted from an orphanage. Sharon adopted domestically, and the U.S. only has a few orphanages left, and those that I know of are filled with children who are older. If I’m not mistaken, there are no orphanages in the U.S. that have newborns in them because of the high demand in the U.S. for babies.

Rebecca on

Sheryl Crow’s adoption was double blind, the birth mom doesn’t know that Sheryl Crow is the adoptive mom, and Sheryl Crow doesn’t know who the birth mom is.

Jenne on

I’m not a geneticist and I defer to those who are, but it’s amazing what can come out. My mother is blonde with hazel eyes and my dad is a redhead with hazel eyes, yet my younger brother has dark brown hair and dark eyes. He’s a dead ringer for one of our ancestors on our mother’s side, yet also has some of the same physical quirks as our father. So I suspect it’s possible for two blondes to have a darker child.

Digression aside, those are lovely boys.

Natasha on

Yeah my mom and dad have very dark hair and dark eyes yet 2 of my brothers were born platinum blonde with blue eyes. My other brother and I had dark hair and dark eyes.

sil on

I apologize if i made a mistake about orphanages in the U.S, I live in Italy (but I’m peruvian) and I really don’t know how it works for adoption in the U.S. Thank you for explaining 🙂 it’s always interesting to learn new things from other countries.

Kate2 on

sil: I hope you don’t feel like I was insulting you by disagreeing with your post. I’ve just been researching adoption a great deal and I’ve noticed that there is a lot of false information that’s floating around, so I like to share the information I’ve been learning whenever I can.

Miapocca on

This woman is doing a great job…she travels with teh kids, yet we never see thier their photos splashed everywhere…Great JOB!!!

They look dorble, didnt realise the fmaily had grown..what are those chairs, they look extremely comfy…for the babies and for teh adults..extremely organized bunch.

Wish her the best of luck..its phil bronstien still involves on ROans life??