Shanna Moakler talks stretch marks, C-sections and message boards

08/26/2007 at 05:03 PM ET

In a post on her MySpace page Friday, actress Shanna Moakler offered further words of support for new moms fretting over their postpartum bodies, and also gave readers an extensive listing of her favorite products for babies.  Shanna — who herself is mom to 20-month-old Alabama and 3 1/2-year old Landon with estranged husband Travis Barker, as well as 8-year-old Atiana, from a previous relationship with boxer Oscar de la Hoya — also shared that she joined an expecting club at shortly after learning she was "preggers."

I LOVE it there! They have a great registry, moms leave opinions about the products and you can join a community and a birth club! Mine was the BRRRR BABIES! Who I love by the way! Its amazing to have women going through the same things you are, and even when things don’t go as planned to have a support system in place!

Shanna has had three C-sections; Although the first surgery was necessitated by Atiana’s breech position in the womb, the next two deliveries were happily by choice.  Says Shanna:

It’s just what feels right to ME!

No matter what her starting point, Shanna says with each pregnancy her weight tops off at 160 lbs;  The former Miss USA also added that it is difficult for her to shed any of the extra weight until 9-months postpartum, and that even then, it takes her two years to return to pre-pregnancy size. 

I don’t beat myself up about it….because I had a BABY!! I didn’t eat entire pies or pig out on junk…I gave life and no one can or should make a woman feel bad about her body when she just had a baby. I think it’s vile when people pick on women after giving birth and highly unrealistic to expect women to get right back to their pre-pregnancy shape in 3 months…Yes it does happen….but it’s rare in my eyes. Like I have said before, most Hollywood moms that you see have A LOT of help!!

Click ‘continue reading’ for Shanna’s complete list of baby faves and her tips for treating stretch marks and a sagging tummy.

On plastic surgery, exercise and tackling the dreaded postpartum belly:  I do try everything I can to get back (healthy of course!), I have yet to have any plastic surgery..but I would love to one day have another baby and I can promise you I’m gonna get it all done after that one! lol! But for now…after giving birth I get a postpartum corset and I wear it for like 2 months straight! It helps and C-section mamas it’s a must have! I do exercise 3 times a week (cardio,weights) and I do power yoga on the off days. I have my food delivered so its portioned correctly and I allow myself every Sunday to eat whatever I want! And yes I too fall off the wagon on this schedule…But I do the best I can do…. and I’m lucky…My papa likes my body just the way it is!

On stretch marks:  Yes I have them! They aren’t that bad, but they are there…it really to me is about heredity and gaining weight gradually…Woman you’re gonna get fat or gain at LEAST 20lbs…(and to me those are the lucky ones) its better to gain it at a pace then just POP and get horrible stretch marks, they say there really is no lotion or oil that can help but I do it everyday anyway!! (Palmer’s cocoa oil) and of course you can get your marks lasered..and it does help..but they will never go away 😦
I highly advise getting pregnancy massages as much as possible and if you are on a budget then put that daddy to work!

Favorite pregnancy/baby books:  Loved reading so many books! First I kept a favorite pregnancy journal and I have the same one for 3 of my kids is "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris Ph.D., she has fun facts about the growth of the baby and places to track your weight and belly…I loved comparing where I was at with all 3 of my kids! Also Conception, Pregnancy and Birth by Dr. Miriam Stoppard. This was my bible and it has amazing illustrations! The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Pregnancy & Baby Care is also nice and the Mayo Clinic book and of course The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine, and the new best seller Rockstar Momma by Skye Hoppus!

Maternity and baby must-haves: Car seats — Britax (after they leave their infant seat of course!)
Baby bottles — Dr. Browns
Diaper disposal — I like the Diaper Dekor
Bedding — I like all Bellini baby bedding (they have really thick bumpers and I find the babies love to cuddle in them and feel secure)
Maternity clothes — GAP, Babystyle, and Childish
Swaddle blankets —  ALL swaddle blankets by Swaddle Designs! They are AMAZING!
I love the Close and Secure sleeper,
Strollers — I [have] 3! Actually 4 now with a double stroller..but I buy a full size I like ones with all the bells and whistles…cup holder, diaper bag holder, fold easy, Evenflo is my favorite. For a medium size I like the Pliko and the Zippy, for a light weight I go for Combi and for a double I like Phil & Ted (I can’t stand the Bugaboo!)
Swings — All Fisher Price! The baby papasan or aquatic themed swing
Also the Jumperoo is a MUST HAVE!
Bottle warmer — I like AVENT bottle warmer and bottle sterilizer
Pacifiers — Nubi
Playmats — The Gymini
Highchair — I like the Peg Perego Prima Papa
Baby carrier — I tried so many kinds! I always go back to the Baby Bjorn.
I also like Gerber baby shampoos, washes andlotions.
Baby food — I had an awesome company called Bohemian Baby deliver, it wasn’t expensive and it was all organic!
Baby clothes 00 Don’t waste any money on baby clothes, if you have a doesn’t matter what you registered for…. you’re gonna get clothes!! People love to buy baby clothes! I love the Baby Gap! They truly have the best prices and really are cute!! Also Childish makes super cool kids clothes! I love Pediped shoes for my babies — they are by far the BEST! and At Home pajamas are the best!
Diaper bags — Diaper Dudes rock!
Blankets- I LOVE..Little Giraffe blankets!!
I love all Sassy toy product for teethers and stimulation
Everyone must own a Boppy!
Pottery Barn Kids actually makes great baskets to hold all your babies
needed items, diapers (I like Huggies Supreme), Desitin Creamy, teething drops and I highly advise Camilia teething drops and colic drops! They are amazing!!
The best BURP cloths I find is getting a large package of disposable cloth diapers without padding and use them, I used them for everything and the more you wash them the softer they become!

Added Shanna: 

WOW! thats all I can think of now..I can promise you I have truly tried and tested almost everything out there! lol!

Source:  Shanna Moakler’s MySpace

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tink1217 on

I like alot of the same things she does! I told myself if I ever was lucky enough to have another baby I would get exactly what I wanted this time.I was very young (19) when I had my first and didn’t have loads of money to buy all kinds of things so this time, if possible, I am gonna do some serious shopping!!! Fisher price does make amazing swings(the Papasan is so plush and soft). And a lightweight stroller my choice would be Combi. So durable and lightweight and fully functional even for a newborn. A full size stroller for me would be a Peg Perego Venezia with the reversible handle. For baby bath and lotions…Johnsons has always been my favorite. Even when my kids were babies. Clothes…oh my there are so many clothing brands I love including Baby Gap…so cute and so affordable, but for little girls I do really love Juicy Couture. And I love all the cute little “rocker style” onesies you can find now online at places like Unbuttoned Maternity.

Shanna is one of my favorite celeb moms. She is gorgeous, so sweet, and seems so comfortable in her own skin. No matter what the size. And she is “real” sounding. Like someone I would actually want to hang out with!

Erika on

is shanna pregnant again?

gabriella on

Erika I was wondering if she was pregnant again too, because of all the pregnancy and baby talk she is doing. If she isn’t yet, I can almost bet she will have anther baby with travis, in between their on and off again relationship lol. I like her though, she seems nice and she is very pretty.

Kaley on

It seems like Shanna and Travis are “on” again, she says “my papa likes my body the way that it is!” Mama and papa are their nicknames for each other. I really hope they can make it work and have another baby, I like them together.

elisa on

all rhode island girls are down to earth and open about there life..we are not afraid to express ourselfs and help people out and give out the most helpful info. 🙂 shanna gives the best info to her fans !

Megan on

“Bedding — I like all Bellini baby bedding (they have really thick bumpers and I find the babies love to cuddle in them and feel secure)”

Eh…Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that unsafe ? I was under the impression a mesh bumper or none at all was better [if the bars aren’t big enough for baby’s head to get stuck in]

gabriella on

I wanted to add, love how honest shanna is. Like how she says she hasn’t had any plastic surgery because she is hoping to have one more child in the future, but after that she is doing it all lol. At least she is being honest, and I love the stuff she sugguested. Gap kids does have the cutest stuff, and gerber lotions and shampoos I love too. And I love how she says she hates the bugaboo lol. I mean I personally like the bugaboo, but it’s cool how she isn’t like every other celebrity to want that stroller lol. A lot of the stuff she listed like fisher price swings and the baby bjorn is bascially stuff that everyday moms get at baby showers and stuff. So to be such a rich lady, she is pretty modest.

Lissette on

I like reading what she recommends. I’m surprised she says she doesnt like the Bugaboo.

emily on

She sounds so down to earth. I always think it’s so brave of celebrities to admit their weight or size. And I love that she said it’s unrealistic to expect women to lose the weight in 3 months!

momof2 on

um megan, bumpers are unsafe if they are too thick, or tied incorrectly, or left in the crib when your child is training for miss/mr acrobat usa. there are times when it is useful to have them however- my daughter got her leg caught between the bars of my crib & she needed xrays because she all of a sudden wouldn’t walk one morning. They found a fracture and since then i am kind of wary without bumpers. by all means if it works for someone else not to have them i believe it is better without them. i also found the mesh bumpers to be extremely unuseful. but again thats just my 2 cents